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 5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade

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5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: 5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade   5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 2:15 am

Due: Saturday November 9th, at 11:59 PM EST


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5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: 5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade   5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade EmptySat Nov 09, 2013 11:34 pm

Laura Watts: “The following contest is set for one-fall!”

“Sound of Madness” begins to blare throughout the PA system.

Laura Watts: “Introducing first, from Albany, New York, he is the Hardcore Champion… SHADE!”

Shade emerges from the curtains, staring out at the ring. His championship belt secure around his waist. He looks down and then back up as he sprints towards the ring. He slides in, absorbing in the mixed reaction that mainly consists of boos, but surprisingly does have some cheers.

Laura Watts: “And his opponent…”

Shade’s theme dies down, but no other music begins playing. Shade and Laura exchange a look of confusion at one another. Razor Xtreme comes out.

Razor Xtreme: “After that brutal attack at the hands of that coward T.K., I am in no condition to compete tonight. As the General Manager of Vendetta, I am cancelling this match!”

*The crowd is extremely annoyed at this and begin to boo the General Manager.*

As Razor begins stepping back to leave, Shade grabs the microphone from Laura.

Shade: “Let me get this straight: Titty Kong gives the poor, fragile General Manager a boo-boo and… the match is off. Huh. Way to boost ratings, Razor.”

*The audience starts to cheer at Shade’s quirky response, although the General Manager doesn’t seem amused.*

Razor Xtreme: “Shade, or whichever one of your hundred personalities I’m talking to right now, you’re just lucky that T.K. hurt me earlier tonight, otherwise I’d be down in that ring, and it would not end pretty for you… FREAK!”

Shade: “Oh wow, I’m so hurt from your awful words. Not ‘freak’… anything but ‘freak’! Call me what you want. At least I’m not a coward such as yourself. As a General Manager, you haven’t impressed me in the slightest. You think you’re this big hot shot, except you’re all talk. See, when I was General Manager for 2WWF, I once put my spot on the line. And I lost. But so what? Wanna know why? RATINGS. Which means MONEY.”

Razor Xtreme: “Ha! You really want to get into this? Funny, I remember when I was considered one of the best General Managers XWA ever had. Kudos to you on being a ‘great’ 2WWF General Manager… but now, answer my question: if I’m a crappy GM and you’re such a good one, why is my company still standing?”

*Someone in the arena shouts “SHOTS FIRED!”*

Shade: “2WWF crumbled because I wasn’t General Manager. Hell, you know who was?”

Shade points to Adam Dennis on commentary.

Shade: “That man right there. He is the one who caused 2WWF to go down into the shitter. Did he tell you that in his resume? Not like you care. A failure is bound to hire another failure.”

*Some of the fans go “OOOOH!” at the response.*

Razor Xtreme: “Heh… funny. Nothing but excuses coming out of you, Shade. You can stand in that ring and talk all the crap you want, but regardless of what you say, I will remain the General Manager of XWA – the company that I helped create and still stands strong – while you will continue to be what you are right now: a useless nobody that couldn’t help your poor… little… company stay afloat. Good day, lackey.”

Razor turns around to leave.

Shade: “Hold up, Razor. Since you’re too chicken-shit to face me… I’ll just have to take out my aggravation in another way. So I’m going to go set your car on fire. Meet you there.”

Razor turns back around, almost as if he were just shot by a bullet.

Razor Xtreme (In an almost quite tone): “Is that a threat, Shade?”

*The fans remain silent as Shade smiles in the ring.*

Razor Xtreme: “You can’t beat me, and you just messed with the wrong GM, pal. You know what? You think you can come out here, and threaten me and talk shit to me, and act like you have more hair on your chest? Let me tell you something: I’ve just added a stipulation to your match at XtremeMania. If you lose against Dante Cross: YOU’RE FIRED! How’s that for a challenge?”

Shade looks down, but a visible smirk can be seen.

Shade: “Congratulations on having your balls drop. Sounds like it’ll be fun. I beat Dante once and I’ll do it again.”

Razor Xtreme: “Good luck, Shade. After XtremeMania, I’m gonna have to rip up three contracts.”

Razor drops the microphone and heads to the back as a commercial starts.
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5) Razor Xtreme vs Shade

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