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 M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles

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M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles Empty
PostSubject: M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles   M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 9:06 pm

Due by: November 29th, 11:59 PM EST
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M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles Empty
PostSubject: Re: M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles   M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 3:32 am

Ding Ding Ding.

As the bell rings Razor Xtreme immediately leaves the ring. Icon glares at him with disdain as Razor backs up to the announce table.

Cedar: ell the bell has rung, but Razor doesn’t seem to eager to get in the ring.

Miles: He’s playing mind games with Icon. Like he’s done for years.

Cedar: How many times have these guys faced off over the years? There were tag team championship partners at one point.

Miles: Mostly bitter rivals, the matches that they have been involved in have been all out wars.

As the ref counts to two Razor cautiously slides back into the ring, Icon stands back and lets his foe stand up. They then lock up, Icon quickly forces Razor backwards into the corner, he breaks as soon as the ref calls for it. As Icon lets go, Razor shoves his thumb into Icons eye. Icon turns around and steps away, placing his right hand over his right eye, Razor quickly pounces and hits a chop block to the back of Icons knee. Icon drops to the mat as Razor grabs a hold of Icons ankle, he pulls it up off the mat as Razor gets back to a standing basis, then slams it back into the mat. Icon rolls onto his back, but Razor grabs Icon leg under his right arm then snaps back DDT style. Razor sits up as Icon clutches at his knee in pain.

Miles: Razor taking full control in the early going

Cedar: Of course he had to bend the rules to do it

Miles: Spare me the rules Ted, Razor doing exactly what he has to, he’ll take every shortcut in the book to win.

Icon scoots back towards the ropes, trying to get some distance between him and the Rated Y2X Superstar. Razor stands up and walks over to Icon he grabs both legs this time, he tries to lock in some kind of hold. Icon kicks Razor off and pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes, As Icon gets back to a vertical base Razor charges him, as Razor nears Icon Icon ducks down then lifts Razor over the top rope. Thinking quickly Razor manages to land on the apron, but Icon leaps into the air with a jumping spin kick to the skull, a very audible smack is heard as Icons foot connected with Razors cranium, knocking him to the floor.

Cedar: Just like that Icon turns this match back in his favor.

Miles: Leave it to Icon to his some kick out of nowhere to knock his opponent silly, He’s going to have to do more than that to take Razor out, who is a former World Champion.

Icon looks out at Razor who is regrouping on the outside, Icon smirks as he gets to a knee, he then runs to the ropes, near the corner, he shows amazing leaping ability and leaps up to the top rope , then launches off twisting in midair to hit a flip dive on Razor who just stood up to see his opponent flying at him. As the fans cheer, beginning the very common chant of Holy Shit, and Icon crashes into Razor knocking them both to the floor, referee Jack Hammer looks on in shock at what Icon just did.

Miles: What the hell was that?!?!

Cedar: Icons athleticism is superhuman at times. He jumped up to the top rope then launched himself into a flip dive to the floor!

Miles: Is he sitting around at some bar in Montana thinking about this stuff? Or is this just coming to him in that moment?

Cedar: Ask Icon yourself, I couldn’t tell you if it’s planned ahead of time or instinctive. But it’s another one for the highlight reel for damn sure.

Icon sits up as the ref counts to 2. He then rolls to his right side, and onto his knees then stands up. HE grabs Razor by the head and pulls him to a standing basis then grabs his arm and irish whips him into the guard rail. Razors ribs on his right side slam into the guard rail. Fans cheer as Razor hits the rail. Icon rolls into the ring then back out breaking the count. Razor leans against the guard rail as Icon walks toward him. Razor throws a wild right hand but Icon ducks and hits a left hook of his own stunning Razor. Icon quickly grabs his head and rams it into the ring post. XWAS Saviors Cranium bounces off and he gets a glassy eyed look on his face before Icon rolls him back into the ring. Icon climbs up to the apron as Razor rolls away, he then starts to get to his feet.

Miles: What the hell is Icon going to do now?

Cedar: He’s racking up the frequent flier miles if anything, and making these fans happy.

As Razor starts to stand up Icon springs up to the top rope then leaps off with a attempt at a flying forearm but Razor counters with a huge European uppercut to the jaw, knocking Icon out of the air and crashing to the mat face first. Razor quickly hoots the half nelson and rolls Icon onto his back for a cover. Icon kicks out at 2.

Cedar: Jesus! What a counter! Precision uppercut as Icon was coming in!

Miles: Icon got caught, and it almost cost him!

Razor has an annoyed look on his face, he caught Icon perfectly. He stands up and yells at Icon to get to his feet. Icon groggily works his way to a vertical base. Trying to get his wits back, Razor stalks Icon, as the Hall of Famer stands up Razor grabs both Icons legs and attempts to lock in the Xtreme Walls, but Icon shoves him off and rolls backwards onto his knees. Razor falls to his back. Icon then stands up as Razor kips up to his feet, as Icon runs at him, leaps into the air and cocks his fist back, then thrusts it out as Razor pops back up to his feet, and right into the Superman Punch.

Cedar: Straight Outta the 406! Icon hit the punch!

Miles: That Superman Punch is so sudden, so quick, and so impactful. It’s a guaranteed KO.

Icon lands on his feet as Razor falls back to the mat in a heap. Icon drops to his knees and lays across Razor who is not moving. Jack Hammer is right there for the count


(I know this is short, and quick, but I won’t be home all day tomorrow, RL stuff so I won’t have time to add to it. )
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M2.) Razor Xtreme vs. Xtreme Icon | Singles

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