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 M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles

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M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles Empty
PostSubject: M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles   M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles EmptySun Nov 09, 2014 8:23 am

Due: Saturday, November 15th 11:59PM EST
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M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles Empty
PostSubject: Re: M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles   M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 7:52 pm

I assume Big Jim is no showing, so:

Big Jim walks down the ramp as the large, intimidating man prepares to face the cunning Razor Xtreme. Razor wasn't seen last week and he is definitely still fuming from his loss against Danny Diamond at King of Xtreme. Suddenly, the question of how angry Razor is, is suddenly answered. Razor springs from behind Big Jim with a steel chair and whacks him on the back of the skull. He begins to mercilessly pounce with hard chair shots directly to the spine. After several brutal chair shots, Razor pulls the big man up to his feet and then uses all his might to raise him up on his shoulders before throwing him overhead and nailing him with his knee, right to the face, executing a perfect Razor's Edge. Razor poses, receiving a ton of boos, as he then sneaks away.


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M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles Empty
PostSubject: Re: M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles   M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 9:17 pm

The bell sounds and Razor charges in looking to get the early advantage. Jim catches him around the middle and drives him back to his corner, adding a few shoulder butts for insurance. Xtreme replies with a few forearm blows, but they don’t seem to have the requisite effect to extradite him and soon the logger is back working on the midsection of the complete heel. Clubbing blows descend on the Californian’s back, and size thirteen boots pummel his solar plexus, yet he counters a feral shot and begins to fight his way out of the corner. Forearm blows and focused kicks put Big Jim on the back foot and soon both combatants are in the centre of the squared circle. The Rated Y2X Superstar swings for the fences with a precision kick to the temple, but the wily woodsman catches the leg and spins Razor into a collection of stiff shots that herald the Canadian’s own rise to control. Picking him up again, Jim drives Xtreme back-first into the far buckle.

I`m no fan of Razor Xtreme, but I have to wonder if he’s in over his head tonight with Big Jim.

Don’t question his genius Teddy, he’s got it all over Jim In the brains department.

That could be partner, but after that brutal match against the World Champ at King of Xtreme, he can’t be healed up yet.

Pressing his boot into the face of his opposition, Jim gives XWA's Greatest of All Time an embarrassing facewash, which many of the fans feel he’s long deserved. The foot of the logger slides under the chin of his foe and the referee makes quick use of his DQ count to break it up. He then takes a little time to play the psych game, serving XWA’s Savior a little woods wisdom before backing off. The man in stripes gets his way, and a brief conversation with Razor, before the action starts up again. Jim is greeted with a boot to the chops as he goes back in. and a running knee lift, puts the stunned swamper on his knees on the mat. Jim grasps at the ropes, eager to pull himself up again, but as he paws at the strands, the Highest level, hits the far ropes and delivers a knee to the skull that puts Jim on the concrete floor outside the ring.

See? Razor has things well in hand.

The tide has shifted here, with Jim on the outside. He might have got a little cocky in the early going.

And there’s a laundry list of guys who will tell you it doesn’t pay to get ahead of yourself when your in the ring with Razor.

When Razor follows the action to the floor and fires a few knees into the rustic’s midsection, Jim replies with a few of his own and drives him for a third time into the corner of the ring, but this time Razor’s back meets the steel post. Jim rolls inside to break the count, then goes back out to fetch his quarry. After slamming the man from LA to the mat, Jim then beings disarticulating XWA's Greatest of All Time. Choosing an arm, he slaps on a hammerlock, taking another opportunity to whisper in his adversary’s ear of what is yet to come. Xtreme shakes his head, resisting whatever bucolic gospel Jim is spouting, but everyone is keenly aware that he needs two arms to finish his opponent with the Razor`s Edge or the Xtreme Walls. When wrenching on his opposite`s arm begins to lose its flavour, and knowing he`s no George Steele to wring a concession with a hammerlock, Jim drags the Californian to the ropes and coils the limp limb of the former mister everything around the top strand and pull for all he`s worth. Only the impending 5 of the ref`s DQ count brings a halt to the onslaught. As Razor collapses, Jim stomps the exposed arm, driving his weight down in order to deaden the appendage.

Jim is intent, he can smell the blood in the water.

He ain’t too smart, but he’s damn persistent. Razor has to change this thing around fast.

And it looks like he’s only gonna have one arm to do it with.

Razor fires back with a flurry from his uninjured side, but Jim weathers the blows for an opportunity to grasp at the arm which hangs like an anchor from the LA-native’s shoulder. With a shove, he sends the XWA veteran into the turnbuckle shoulder first and watches him slump to the mat. Taking a handful of hair, Jim drags his adversary to his feet and locks his hands around his midriff. The resulting German suplex is jarring, but soon the Black Rapids Brute is on his feet and stomping away at the uninjured arm, attempting to leave Xtreme with no upper body offensive capability this side of a headbutt. The third man In the ring intercedes once more, now putting the Rated Y2X Superstar to the question, asking if this match ought to be stopped, a proposition which is hastily waved off. Razor tries to escape and catch his breath, but he`s barely through the ropes before Jim catches hold of him. The smaller man hooks the head and the ensuing hangman leaves the birler stumbling and buys Xtreme some much needed time.

He needed that DDT, but we saw Hitman Alex try that move last week and it couldn’t put Jim away.

Indeed, it could not, and Razor isn’t even trying for the cover he’s so hurt.

Razor wastes little time and delivers a sharp kick to the gut before hooking the woodsman`s head and driving him into the mat with a fluid DDT. Both men lay on the mat for a moment, sucking wind, and the ref starts a double count, but proceeds with due caution as no one is looking for a draw in this one. Jim gains verticality first, but is obviously still a little staggered after the drop on his head. Nonetheless, he goes for the suplex attempt, but a carefully placed leg from the man from the city of angels blocks it. In less than a breath the momentum of the hold shifts and it`s Jim who goes head over heels and back-first onto the canvas. Jim`s back up as fast as he can scramble his legs under himself and is swinging from the heels. Razor ducks a wild clothesline and lands the point of his knee into the logger`s sternum, driving the air from his body. Jim melts to the mat, deflating like a balloon. He rolls to his stomach to try and ease the flow of air, but XWA’s Savior is on him like a moose steak. Hooking the head once more, he sends knee after knee into Jim`s paunch, denying him of that much needed air and punishing his less than pristine abdominal core. The damage done, Razor stands back and beckons Jim to rise. When the wounded whistle punk complies, he`s driven to the mat once more; a spinebuster forcing another vigorous exhalation.

Whoa! Razor Xtreme really building up a head of steam here and that’s dangerous if you’re Big Jim.

He had the advantage with the wounded arm a little while ago and he blew it. Instead of going after the other arm, he should have went for a submission on the one he’d hurt.

You can be too cunning for your own good.

But you’ll never out-cunning Razor Xtreme.

Razor drags Jim to all fours, then to a slouch, and straddles his head, intent on a piledriver. A sudden burst of life sees Jim try to sift his weight and set up the Hermit`s Hangover, as he has done many times before. This time though, luck isn`t with him and his noggin is once more forcefully introduced to the mat with the weight of his body adding to the impact. XWA's Greatest of All Time makes a cover, but gets skunked as Jim manages to kickout at 2. Undaunted, Razor effortlessly floats over and applies the STF. As he wrenches back, his eyes locked on the image of himself towering over the entrance way, the crowd begins to boo characteristically. Yet, this disapproval is not that it initially appears to be. It takes a few minutes for the XWA cameras to reposition and catch a glimpse of the jocular countenance of Cletus leering at the action within the ring, having seemingly hopped the barricade seconds earlier. As fast as his two legs can carry him, Cletus bounds onto the ring apron, immediately intercepted by the referee.

Cletus has no business down here. He’s not a manager, he’s a wrestler, and you’ve said it before Teddy: “You’re a wrestler, you’ve got a wrestling licence. You’re a manger, you’ve got a managing licence to be at ringside. You can hold both at once.”

I guess Jim gets by with a little help from his friends…

By this time, Razor Xtreme has broken the hold, intent upon dispatching Cletus himself, if necessary. Little does he realize that, from under the ring, secreted until this moment, creeps Lumber Jill. With the referee distracted, she plants a kick on the unsuspecting Razor where the sun doesn’t shine. She walks over, hits Big Jim a hard slap across the face, and then she’s out. Cletus, on the apron, seeing the job is done, holds up his hands in acquiescence and drops to the concrete, seemingly agreeing to leave. Big Jim wastes no time and slaps on the Pulp Hook claw, the instant that his foe turns to face him. It soon overwhelms the Saviour, and he falls to the mat. He loses the strength to keep his shoulders off the mat and a three count later, it’s Goodnight Irene.
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M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles Empty
PostSubject: Re: M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles   M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles Empty

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M5.) Big Jim vs. Razor Xtreme | Singles

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