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 Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry

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Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry Empty
PostSubject: Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry   Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry EmptySat Jan 25, 2014 12:10 am

Due: Saturday, February 1st, at 11:59 PM EST

Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry 8ac976ca6f8befeaa023cc0b0a1abb84
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Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry Empty
PostSubject: Re: Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry   Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 7:53 pm

Prediction time Joey, who’s going to take the prize tonight?

No doubt, Maddox Paine!  Shit, just look at him…

He is an impressive sight, but Paddy Perry has that puncher’s chance.

As the announcer finishes the intros and the din of the crowd dies down, the timekeeper’s hammer strikes the bell thrice and we’re underway.  Paddy takes a moment to genuflect in his corner and offer a quick entreaty to the Almighty.  Instead he seems to answer the Titan’s prayers, as the 265 pounder charges across the ring.  Divine intervention perhaps is at work when Paddy rolls to the side and Maddox catches the turnbuckle pad with his sternum.  He lets out a great gasp, and turns to find Perry right there, his arms like pistons, firing jabs.  A mighty shove extricates the man from the Big Easy and sends the Irishman tumbling across the ring.  He pulls himself to his feet and gives a bewildered look to the masses; it might be time to reassess the situation. 
Too big and too strong…

Damn right Ted, that shit might work on other guys, but not Maddox Paine.

He’s going to have to stick and move Joey, if he wants to survive.

Still game for a fight, Paddy calls his larger foe toward him, but this time the Bourbon Street Behemoth isn’t as anxious to oblige.  He stops dead centre of the ring and raises his hand, signalling that he wants a Greco-Roman knuckle lock.   The Kilmainham native takes exactly one step out of his corner before he checks with the crowd as to how he might proceed.  The cheers of the Winnipeg crowd prove indecisive and Paddy takes it upon himself to venture forward and meet the challenge before him.  Twenty fingers entwine, four palms meet and two chests smack together and both men attempt to overwhelm their opposite.  Muscles bulge and sweat is cast off in sprays before the superior weight advantage and power of the monster begin to tell.  Slowly but surely the Irishman is forced to his knees. 

Is this not the gayest hold in wrestling?  I mean look where Paddy’s head is.

You’ve got a sick mind.

Ever since Skydome in 1990.

Maddox Paine growls like the beast he appears to be, taunting the fans and his opponent as well.  The cheers in the stands cause Perry’s head to swivel from side to side, looking at the faces urging him on.  His frown gradually reshapes itself into a determined grimace as he struggles against the downward pressure and gets a foot under his 17 stone frame.  The cheers only intensify as the son of Erin, his body shaking as adrenaline courses through it, fights to a vertical base and a hint of desperation forms in the eyes of the man known for his hardcore bloodthirst.  Paddy gets to his feet as the shouts reach a crescendo, locking eyes with his American opposition.  The exchange is brief though, as Maddox throws a knee into Perry’s midsection, and hooks a belly-to-belly suplex.  A chorus of jeers greet him as he reassumes verticality, opens both arms all the way to the sides, stretches out his chest and abdomen while he gives a giant roar and faces upwards.

Maddox mugs for the crowd, but I think it’s a bit early yet.

The mick’s on his back, I’d say it’s the perfect time.

I’d like to apologize to our Irish viewers…

Paddy gets back up and enters into another lock-up, this time managing to come up with an arm-wringer.  Maddox Paine doesn’t care to have his arm wrenched so he counters with an Irish whip to the far ropes.  He drops down, planning on flattening his opposition as he steps  over him and finds the near strands, but Perry hooks his arms, stopping short.  Presented with a recumbent Titan, he winds up and drops a quick elbow, before following up with a clothesline, which sends the bayou bully to the outside momentarily.  The official won’t stand for any tomfoolery, so he immediately inserts himself between the gladiators, backing Paddy into a neutral corner and allowing Maddox to take a breather before rolling back into the action. Paddy goes back to the arm once again, twisting and yanking on the already tender limb.  Yet, he’s gone to the well once too often and the bigger man makes him pay for it by scooping him into a slam.  Overzealous, Maddox goes for an elbow of his own, but finds only the canvas.  Getting up quickly, he’s greeted with a Lou Thesz press and a flurry of blows.  Paddy makes the cover, but at two the God Amongst Men hurls him effortless up and through the ropes to the floor below.

Just that quick Ted, Paddy’s not wrestling this guy like he’s anything different.  This ain’t Saturday night at the pub.

Those blows still have an effect.

No shit, but in a fight between a semi and a freight train only one drives away.

Picking up Paddy as though he weighed next to nothing, Paine mashes his back into the steel post outside the ring.  The man in stripes shouts his disapproval, but the New Orleans nightmare gives no sign that he’s heard anything.  Instead, he hooks the Irishman’s head, raised as massive arm, and clubs it down across the back of his foe.  Rolling Perry into the ring stems the onslaught only for a moment as, upon re-entering the squared circle, Maddox begins to stomp the Irishman into the mat.  Now lifting him up to a vertical base, and careful to keep his opponent between himself and the referee, Paine grabs a handful of tights and plants a number of stiff shots into Paddy’s kidneys.  As the Kilmainham native staggers away, the American gives chase, lading a pair of double axe handles to the small of the back.  Driving him into the corner, Maddox subjects Paddy to a few more blows before whipping him to the far side and charging after him, only to be greeted by a foot in the face.

Desperation move there, Paddy’s got to capitalize, start stringing some moves together.

He’s a tough bastard, I’ll give him that much.

Paddy tries to seize the initiative, landing body blows against the staggered giant, but when he aims to turn him, he’s given a shove that once more sends the smaller man into a tailspin.  Maddox reaches between Perry's legs with one arm and then lifts the Irishmen up over his shoulder. Running forward as he slams Paddy into the canvas, there comes a great crash as the men hit the mat.  Far from finished, he snatches up his foe and sends him to the buckle.  A series of shoulder tackles soften the midriff of the man from the emerald isle, before the Titan places his opponent stomach down on his shoulder then drops him face-first into the turnbuckle.  As Paddy stumbles, dazed by the snake-eyes, Paine slaps on a bearhug, his massive arms constricting around the midsection of the Irishman.

Oh, he’s in a helluva a lot of trouble now.

Joey, I tend to agree, Maddox Paine has been working over that mid-section all night.

Don’t let his size fool you, he’s a smart cookie.  Razor only associates with the best.

Blood dribbles out of Paddy’s mouth, though it’s unclear whether it’s on account of a wound in his mouth or something more serious and internal.  Maddox Paine grins devilishly and synchs up on the hold.  Every time Paddy struggles to his feet, he’s thrown to the mat, driving the precious oxygen from his lungs.  Finally the ref gets in close enough to check.  Paddy’s arm falls once, and the crowd urges him to snap out of it.  A second fall brings folks to their feet, begging him earnestly not to give in.  A third drop is stopped inches from completion, and the Irishman’s finger wags to testify that it’s not over yet.  Incensed and in total disbelief, Maddox lifts Perry and throws him to the mat once more, sending more blood pouring from his mouth in coughs and sputters.  The python-like arms of the Titan coil about the abdomen of his prey.  Each time the referee looks to intercede, Maddox pulls Paddy away, like a dog with a bone.  Soon Paddy is just a rag doll, his own bones seemingly turned to rubber under the vice grip of his larger foe.  With another primeval bellow, Maddox launches Paddy into the mat, and now bridges slightly into order to turn the move into a pinning combination.  Paddy feebly attempts to roll the shoulder as the final three falls.

Who pinned who?

I’m not sure what’s happening, but we have a bell.  Let’s get the official word.

Your winner, Paddy Perry!

Holy fuck, that bog-trottin paddy, he did it.  Oh is in for a shit-kickin’ now.

Maddox is irate and immediately decks the official.  As Paddy struggles to his feet he’s mown down by a spear from the 265 pound beast.  A flurry of punches and kicks to the downed pugilist are not enough, and a folding chair is jabbed into Paddy's midsection until he begins to retch more blood and convulse. By now, officials and personnel are beginning to arrive to break this up, but no one dares enter the ring. Gathering the ring announcer’s microphone cord, Paine begins to choke Perry mercilessly. Blood still spews from the Irishman's lips, and Maddox berates him all the while. A hail of kicks then attempts to crush Pat's ribcage until a cascade of fists swell and spit his already ravaged visage. Striking while his back his turned, the army of officials and suits wrestle him away. Undaunted, he throws a few stiff kicks into Pery’s head, screaming curses at the top of his voice. Finally, the hands of a dozen officials lift him off the ground and begin to convey the him away by force, while medical staff attend to Paddy Perry, still gasping for breath.
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Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry Empty
PostSubject: Re: Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry   Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry EmptySat Feb 01, 2014 11:35 pm


Both men stand adjacent to each other. Although he is a big man, Maddox Paine finds himself face to face with a man who is just about equal to him in stature. At 6’5, Maddox stands a mere 1 inch above the 6’4 Paddy Perry. He will have to use his strength and 30 pound advantage to take out the relatively large Irishman. Paddy is known to be a brawler, as is Maddox. Paine quickly leaps at him and swings a big right hand, catching him in the skull. Perry swings a right of his own in retaliation, and it is on. A big right hand from Paine, a big right response by the Irishman. Though Paine is larger, Paddy is a more experienced brawler, being 34 years old. He quickly dishes it out and gets the upper hand as he catches Paine in the face with a few ferocious right hands. Paine stumbles back a bit and the Irish brawler tries to take advantage. He pushes Maddox against the turnbuckle and then deals a nasty, hard right back chop, slicing Paine’s chest with authority. “The Titan” moans a bit as the Irishman’s hard right hand slaps him. Paddy then goes as hard as he can, swinging right hands quickly, forcing the usually dominant powerhouse to sink in the corner a bit. Paddy then realizes he must calm down, as the referee of the match – Jack Hammer – is forcing him to do so. All of a sudden, Perry charges to the ropes opposite the side of the ring where Paine is. He bounces off the ropes and charges towards Maddox, but the sly Paine quickly darts out of the way. Paddy hits the top turnbuckle chest-first and bounces back in a bit of a sharp pain. He turns around into the self-proclaimed “God Amongst Men” as the 265 pounder quickly tucks his head under Paddy’s arm, raises him up and shoves him into the turnbuckle back-first. Paine brings himself back onto one knee then forces himself forward, driving his shoulder into Perry’s ribs, not once, but instead many times as he goes into a frenzy of shoulder rams.

Ted Cedar: “And just like that, the dominant Maddox Paine is in control.”

Joey Miles: “Every time this guy steps into the ring, I like him a little more!”

Paine drives one more before backing up. The referee needs to be careful not to intrude too much. Neither one of these men is intent on listening. Paine then grabs the right arm of the Irish man before trying to whip him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. The brawler quickly leaps up and lands behind Paine, but instead of countering his whip, he simply pulls the big man in and drives a knee to his ribs. He then swings his big meaty forearm and smacks the back of Paine’s neck. Paine bends down and the brawler quickly throws both of his hands forward, getting Paine on both shoulders with a quick Mongolian Chop! Maddox is stunned and Paddy quickly takes a hold of his arm before whipping him to the ropes opposite where they stand. Maddox bounces off the ropes and charges forward, only to crash into Paddy, who had the same idea, as both men run into each other with simultaneous shoulder blocks. Both men stop for a bit before running to opposite sides of the ring. They charge back at each other and this time they hit each other with simultaneous lariats, but neither man falls. Both men once again leap to the ropes opposite each and spring forward again. This time, Maddox shows off his intelligence in the ring as he quickly throws his right elbow up and catches the brawler in the face with a hard back elbow! Paddy hits the ground as he quickly tends to his nose. Paine raises his hands to the sides and yells “C’mon! You got nothing on me!” as the modest Irish brawler attempts to regroup.

Joey Miles: “This guy. Showing off and backing it up. I wish I could back up my showing off!”

Ted Cedar: “I don’t think it’s showing off, Joey. I think he’s simply trying to not look intimidated, both of these guys are big strong brawlers, neither wants to go down easy!”

Paddy makes it to his feet as this game of one-ups has not been too well in his favor. He perks his hands back before launching out quickly, Paine catching him too, as both men get into a lock-up! Paddy forces Paine back, Paine drops to one knee as the man in all black forces the Irishman to back off this time. Perry bulges, but he finds that he is unable to out-power The Titan. He drops to one knee this time, using it as an aid to lunge himself forward a bit, trying his best to not lose this game of strength. Paine quickly releases the lock up, pulls Perry towards him, and wraps his arm around his neck for a headlock. He then shifts his hips and twists Perry over before slamming him onto the mat with a headlock takeover. Paine keeps his powerful arm wrapped around Paddy, not letting loose on the grounded headlock. Maddox shifts his body around to find his position as he pulls nastily on the neck of Perry. Paddy uses his veteran expertise to shift his own weight around as he sticks up onto one knee. He brings himself up a bit and then stands up on two feet, while remaining in Paine's headlock. Paddy then pushes the “God Amongst Men” into the ropes before attempting to whip him across the ring. But, the 265 pounder shows off his grit as he keeps the headlock in, forcing Paddy's head to follow him forward nastily. Maddox drops to one knee to keep his balance. But the fighting Irishman will not let loose. He shifts him back towards the ropes and whips him as hard as he can, slipping out of his grasp. The Titan bounces back towards him only to get railed with a short arm clothesline by the brawler! Maddox drops to the ground and rolls out of the ring!

Joey Miles: “C'mon! That move was so cheap!”

Ted Cedar: “That was simple but effective, Paine is out of it for now!”

Maddox marches around the outside, tending to the side of his neck as Paddy does the same inside the ring. Paine angrily leaps up onto the ring apron, only for Paddy to leap onto him. Perry grabs him by his long hair and then pulls him to the side before slamming him hard against the steel post on the apron. Paine is temporarily out of it as the Irish brawler quickly hooks his arm and head over the top rope before using his power to raise him over the rope and into the ring with a huge vertical suplex that rocks the entire ring! A sick slapping noise is heard from the impact as Perry quickly rolls onto him for the cover. “1!” “2!” - Kickout by Paine! Maddox sits up onto his ass and pants for a bit, not expecting Perry to pick up as fast as he did. Paddy quickly cups his right hand and presses it over the forehead of Maddox Paine before pressing down on his eyes with his index and middle fingers! The referee screams at him as Paine screams himself. “1!” “2!”! “3!” “4!”

Ted Cedar: “and now the crowd favorite with a dirty move!”

Joey Miles: “If you ask me, shit like that shouldn't be allowed. The ref should do his fucking job and DQ the bastard!”

Perry releases the rake on the eyes as the referee yells at him to “watch the eyes!” Paine rolls around and ends up on one knee, tending to his eyes. Paddy grabs the back of his head with his hand and then pulls him up to his feet. He walks over to the turnbuckle and in a single thrust, rams Paine's head against the top one. Paddy turns him over onto his back against the ropes and begins to use his expert brawling ability to nail Paine with a hard right to the ribs. He swings another, and another. Then he throws a big knee to the mid-section of The Titan. The Irish born crowd pleaser then marches to the other side of the ring. He raises a single hand into the air, to get a fairly cheerful response from his fans. He then charges towards Paine against the turnbuckle and leaps up for a body avalanche! It would have been a nice move, had Paine not dodged it at the last minute! Paine moves as Perry crashes and burns. While Perry rebounds, Paine runs to the opposite ropes, bounces back towards Perry, leaps into the air while swinging his right arm wildly and he catches Perry with a powerful Running Flying Clothesline that levels him and brings him to the ground!

Ted Cedar: “He took a little too long on that, and the durable monster responded!”

Joey Miles: “That'll teach him not to show boat!”

Paine quickly goes for the cover. “1!” “2!” - kickout by the brawler! Paine begins to get frustrated. He knew going in that this wouldn't be easy, but he's still upset that he has been matches pretty much in every aspect where he thrives. Strength, resilience, and even will. Paine grabs Perry's head and pulls him up to his feet slowly. Perry quickly leaps up and throws a big European Uppercut. Paine backs off a bit and as he stumbles forward, Paddy throws his head forward and catches him with a big headbutt! Paine drops down to one knee. Perry takes advantage of the grogginess and he quickly scoops Maddox up and then brings him down hard with a body slam! He gets up to his feet and yells to the crowd, getting them hyped up. “The Titan” grabs his back in pain but he quickly tries to work his way up. He turns around slowly as he makes it to his feet and the large Irish fellow quickly hugs him before lifting him up, getting him with a bearhug! Paine screams as the powerful man squeezes the life out of him. Paddy shakes to and fro while keeping the bearhug locked in, not allowing Paine to get accustomed to the pain and rest. He pulls him inward and squeezes as hard as he can.

Joey Miles: “Ew, that looks nasty as shit! Poor Maddox!”

Ted Cedar: “Perry really wants to end it here, Maddox isn't in a good position right now!”

Paine struggles and tries to ignore the searing pain brought about by the hard hitting Irishman's tight grasp. Paine yells as Perry tightens and tightens more and more. Paine presses his giant palm against Paddy's forehead and shoves him back as much as he can. He creates enough of an opening to quickly nail a big headbutt directly between the eyes. This only causes Perry to tighten the hold even more out of anger. Paine grits his teeth as his tan skin begins to turn crimson. He ignores the pain as he then headbutts Perry again. He quickly continues his onslaught with a big hard right fist directly to the skull. This one rocks Perry a little more as he loosens the hold. Maddox swings another hard right hand, directly to the face. Paddy responds with a big, meaty forearm right to the skull. Paine wraps his left hand behind the Irishman's head and then pulls him forward as he drives his right forearm into his face. Perry responds with yet another clubbing forearm. Paine backs off a bit, bounces on the ropes behind him, and then both men swing their right legs up, attempting simultaneous big boots. They both succeed, or possibly fail, as both men are hit with big boots and both men drop like a sack of potatoes – in which case Perry would be fresher since he's Irish.

Ted Cedar: “And now both men are down after those huge boots made direct contact with skulls!”

Joey Miles: “Thanks for stating the obvious, we all saw it. Paine's gonna recover first, calling it now!”

The audience begins to clap, attempting to get both men riled up. It works, as both men shake off the pain and begin to work their way up to their feet. Paine grabs the ropes as he throws his hair out of his face by flicking it back. He makes it his feet, unaware that Perry is up behind him. Paddy leans him against the ropes before swinging a big right hand, chopping him hard across the chest! Paddy doesn't show mercy and chops again! Perry then runs to the opposite ropes, but this once again fails him. Paine walks forward and waits for him in the middle of the ring, as soon as Perry gets near him, Paine raises him up onto his shoulders and leaps backwards, slapping him nastily on the ground with a huge Samoan Drop that rocks the entire ring and makes a nasty sound on impact! The crowd goes “oooooh” as Maddox flicks hair out of his face. He then turns over and pulls up on one of Perry's legs for a pin. “1!” “2!” - kickout! Paine sits on his ass. He is getting tired of all these kickouts. He wants to end it now. He takes his time, not too worried about the pace, as he gets up to his feet. He marches towards the other side of the ring and prepares to strike. He does his “Ascension” pose as he extends his fists to the sides and roars. Paddy knows it's his time, as he slowly begins to work his way up to his feet. All of a sudden, the crowd begins to scream, as running down the ramp is a familiar figure...

Ted Cedar: “It's Niko Genero!!”

Joey Miles: “The fuck is he doing here? Didn't Maddox spear him halfway to hell last week?!”

Ted Cedar: “I assume he wants vengeance, Joey!”

Niko leaps down the ramp as Paine turns his attention towards him. He calls him up, he signals for him to get inside the ring with his hand. Niko knows better, he doesn't want to get Paddy disqualified. So instead of attacking him, he simply holds his attention for a bit. Long enough for Paddy to recover! Paine realizes this, but it's too late! Paddy quickly raises him into the air, spins at an amazing pace, and levels him with his signature Spinning Spinebuster! The sickness of the impact is almost unbearable, and he goes for the cover! The fans count along! “1!” “2!” “3!” - NO! 2! Kickout at 2! Paddy looks up in disbelief. Though it's not his finisher, this was definitely a good enough move to put an end to this match! Perry ignores all of his negative thoughts and simply works his way back up to his feet. He looks around for support. He knows it's time to end it now. He pulls his fist to the side, setting up for his heart punch finisher, or as he calls it, “Parting Glass”! The fans that have seen it before begin to cheer, not wanting to wait any longer to finish this match with it. Paine slowly and groggily works his way up to his feet. Maddox limps around as Perry waits. “The Titan” turns and sees the punch coming! He slides out of the way of it and dodges it! He runs to the ropes behind Perry as Perry turns around, not expecting him to have dodged the move. Paddy turns around as Maddox leaps forward as hard as he can, driving all his weight into Perry in the form of his right shoulder into his ribs, hitting him with his devastating Striking Spear!

Ted Cedar: “SPEAR! SPEAR! What a SPEAR!!!”

Joey Miles: “Every time he hits it I get goosebumps, just an awesome move!”

Paine lifts himself up off the mat, taking all his energy out in leaping forward for that move. He flicks his hair out of his eyes and then looks towards Niko outside the ring. Niko looks back at him as “The Titan” now looks down at Perry. He quickly reaches down and pulls him up. He tucks Perry's head between his legs as he looks outside the ring. The fans begin to murmur a bit, wondering what he's up to. Is he really going to try this? Paine does. He tucks both arms under Perry's ribs and with one motion, he thrusts Perry up as high as he can and lifts him onto his shoulders! The fans mark out a bit for this move, the fact that he can lift such a big man up! Paine then launches him forward and drops him with a Titan Bomb, otherwise known as a Sit-Down Powerbomb! The ring shakes uncomfortably off the impact and nearly shatters! Maddox lifted the huge man up and he managed to hit him with his Titan Bomb. The fans have no choice but to cheer this amazing feat of strength. Maddox covers a single leg as Niko marches up the ramp, not sticking around to see this. Niko disappears before the three count, uncomfortable with what he has just seen. “1!” “2!” “3!”



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Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry Empty
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Main Event | Maddox Paine vs. Paddy Perry

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