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 6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel

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6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel Empty
PostSubject: 6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel   6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 5:33 pm

Due: Sunday January 5th, at 11:59 PM EST

6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel MJFR42R
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6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel Empty
PostSubject: Re: 6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel   6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 10:16 pm

With both competitors now in the ring, Greg Samuel is ready to make his XWA return, facing off against well-renowned striker Paddy Perry. The ref checks with both men to make sure they are ready to go before signaling to the timekeeper to start the match. Once the bell tolls thrice, both men begin to circle the ring.

TED CEDAR: “Here we are, ready to start this singles match which features the returning Greg Samuel vs. Paddy Perry.”

JOEY MILES: “We really got a shit show here because I don’t give two fucks about this match!”

After a couple circles of the ring, Samuel approaches the middle and offers a hand out to his opposition, a sign of respect. Perry cautiously accepts the handshake, and the crowd applauds the sportsmanship. The bigger Perry offers up a test of strength, to which Samuel reluctantly agrees; knowing he is at a disadvantage. The two men lock up in a classic collar and elbow tie up, and immediately; Samuel is clearly not able to hold his own. Before long, Samuel finds his neck engulfed by a huge muscular arm. Insert homophobic remarks here. Samuel is having no success finding any way out of the grasp of Perry. Then again, who would want to leave the arms of a big strong man… Quickly, Paddy steps in front of “Mr. Match of the Night” and slings him over with a take down. Samuel’s body slams hard against the mat, but he finds himself out of the hold.
Perry delivers a few stomps to the abdomen of his downed opponent. Greg gasps for air after the boots. Perry charges off into the ropes, and comes hurtling back toward Samuel, looking to drop an elbow. The clever former Intercontinental Champion is quick to roll out of the way, showing that he isn’t all that fatigued yet. Perry has already committed to the elbow drop, so he has no option but to drive his pointed elbow straight down into the mat. Samuel is quick back to his feet and before Perry can recuperate from the elbow, Samuel is on the attack, with a front facelock. Without much wasted time or movement, Greg snaps Perry’s head down into the mat with a DDT.

JOEY MILES: “The frontal bone, a bone that resembles a cockleshell and has three portions.”

TED CEDAR: “And is the exact bone that is attacked with a DDT, nice insightful commentary Joey!”

JOEY MILES: “What? No, I’m taking some college courses online, I’m study for my college anatomy class…”

Without even thinking, Samuel rolls Perry over and hooks a leg. He’s only able to get a count of one before a shoulder comes off the mat. Samuel takes Perry by the back of the head and delivers a few blows to the forehead, looking to do more damage to the area of the head that is directly effected by his finishing move, Fatal Attraction. After a couple of blows, Perry had enough of the attack, and used his strength to fling the lighter Samuel across the ring. The crowd is amazed by the strength. Both men quickly push back to their feet. Samuel charges at Perry who does nothing but stand in Samuel’s path, but Greg goes bouncing off the muscular competitor. Despite being rattled, Samuel gets back up and charges yet again. This time, Perry lifts Samuel up and throws him over with a back body toss. Samuel hits the mat hard and everyone in the arena cringes upon impact. Greg arches his back and feels around to make sure all the bones are in place. Luckily for him, no spine damage. Perry again goes to the ropes, and this time comes back ready to slam a foot into the face of the returning veteran. Samuel has nowhere to go, as the huge boot connects square in his face. His hands immediately go up to his face, as he kicks around in pain. Perry lays Greg on his back and hooks a leg, looking to end the match. The ref only gets to about one and a half before a shoulder comes flying off the mat.

TED CEDAR: “If we’ve learned one thing about Samuel, it’s that he wont go down without a fight.”

JOEY MILES: “…Blah, Blah, Blah. Something derogatory about Greg Samuel…”

The failed pins visually angers the big man slightly, who then takes “Mr. Match of the Night” by the hair and pulls him back to his feet. Greg uses some strength to slap away Perry’s arms. He then throws a punch at Paddy. The punch has little effect on the big man, who returns to favor with a half hearted punch. Samuel goes flying back into the corner. Perry follows him, and then lifts him up so he is sitting on the middle turnbuckle. Perry then gets up onto the second rope, lifts Samuel to a standing position and suplexes him from the middle turnbuckle. A huge thud is heard and the entire audience cringes at the move. It’s obvious that both men took a lot of impact upon landing. Perry is the first one moving, as he crawls over to the aching Samuel and goes for a pin. Samuel is out at two. Perry picks himself up and then does the same to Greg. He pushes “Mr. Match of the Night” into the ropes and looks to down him with a clothesline. Samuel ducks the clothesline attempt. Perry turns around to see a boot flying at his face. Samuel downs his opposition with an enziguri, and pops right back to his feet. Perry is laid out on his back, and Samuel quickly climbs to the top ropes, facing the audience, and then jumps backwards, doing a flip and landing on the abdomen of his opposition. Greg knows that won’t be enough to finish the big man, so he gets back to his feet. Perry staggers back to a vertical base, facing away from Samuel, who then turns him around and takes him across the chest before falling backwards and promptly landing Perry face first with a Fatal Attraction. The crowd explodes with excitement, seeing the first Fatal Attraction of the return. Samuel struggles to roll over his opposition’s weight, but manages to pull it off, and then hooks a leg. 1, 2, 3! Samuel is successful in his return match.

TED CEDAR: “Samuel has done it! Making relatively quick work of Paddy Perry! Greg Samuel is back and where might he go this time around, even if he isn’t endearing himself to the higher ups?”

JOEY MILES: “It’s over?”

(OOC:I've got three reasons why this is short. 1. Work fucked me hard this week. 2. I worked hard to finish GTA 5 this week. 3. I don't write good matches against this wrestling style. And also, I didn't figure he was gonna show...)
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6.) Paddy Perry vs. Greg Samuel

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