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 ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship

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ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship Empty
PostSubject: ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship   ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 1:44 pm

Word Limits: 2.5-4k
Due: July 21st, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM EST
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ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship   ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship EmptyTue Jul 21, 2015 11:19 pm


The bell sounds for the start of this match that sees the former Intercontinental Champion Dante Cross, the Son of Sin himself, defend his title against a relative newcomer and current Intercontinental Champion Bruce Benjamin. The two men come out of their respective corners and are quick to close the distance, meeting in the center of the ring. The Son of Sin brings out his arms and teases a lock up, stretching out his arms and slapping those of Benjamin away as the young wrestler moves in for the tie up. Each failed attempt at a lock up visibly annoys the challenger and one can see a slight smirk playing across the lips of the champion with each swipe.

TED CEDAR: Here we see Dante Cross is simply toying with this young man, goading him.

Dante continues to side step with his opponent, the two of them circling with ring, Dante always keeping his left side to his opponent. Cross is taking his time, time Benjamin obviously finds precious as upon the next slap of his hands by the Son of Sin, the Brumpy charges forward and gets in close to the Son of Sin. The two get into an awkward series of holds as Brumpy simply wants to get in and ends up grabbing the Son of Sin at the shoulders and leading Dante backwards, which Dante stops by placing his hands on Benjamin's waist and bringing them up under the man's arms, forcing Benjamin's arm's up and into the air before quickly bringing his own right arm down and sending an elbow to the young man's head. Bruce avoids the elbow with a snap of his head, but Dante then places his hand on the man's face and pushes the Aussie away. Cross backsteps and moves back into the center of the ring, where Bruce joins him and successfully gets a lock up from the Son of Sin. Cross does not keep it long, as his expertly pulls Bruce in and gets the lad in a Side Headlock. Bruce struggles against the hold. He places his hands against the back of the Son of Sin and tries to push off, but Cross sets his footing and is having none of that. On his opponent's next attempt at getting out of the hold, Dante releases, only to maneuver around and get behind his opponent's back with an Arm Wrench, continuing to wear down his opponent early in this match. Bruce slaps his left shoulder, while Cross maintains hold of the arm, the former trying to keep the blood flowing in it. The next moment, he drops to the mat and whips his body around, forcing Dante up and over. Cross seems to have held onto the arm of Bruce and reverses the whip with his own, sending Bruce over and down onto the mat with a flowing Arm Drag. Rolling from his back along the mat floor, Cross gets to his opponent before Bruce can arise to his feet and before the Aussie can react, he finds himself in a Single-Legged Boston Crab from the Son of Sin. A look of surprise shows on the face of the Brumpy as Cross puts strength into the hold. Bruce struggles to the ropes, but with the thought still fresh in his mind, Cross releases the hold. Only to fall onto the back of his opponent and roll over, taking hold of the head and with both men lying face down on the mat opposite one another, Dante Cross sees Bruce Benjamin in a Front Facelock.

DAVID MICHAELS: Cross is going old school in this match so far. Slowly wearing down his opponent, transitioning, maneuvers, nothing flashy, nothing fancy. I like it, I gotta say I like it.

TED CEDARS: There are a number of things that can be said of Dante Cross. Sadistic, blood-thirsty, vain, self-centered, egotistical maniac—but you cannot deny the man is technically sound and when you're in the ring with him, you better you better be limbered up because you’re about to get stretched.

Bruce Benjamin gets his hands on the mat and attempts to lift himself up off the mat. Dante Cross pushes his body down on his, keeping his weight over his opponent and utilizing his better positioning to keep Benjamin on the mat. But Bruce is a trained athlete and has nearly a fifty pound weight advantage of the Son of Sin and we see that come into effect as he successfully begins to push off of the mat against his opponent. The two men are on their knees now as the Son of Sin continues to fight against Benjamin's resistance to the hold. Cross brings those very knees forward and strikes the top of Bruce's skull. The Brumpy's attempts at breaking free begin to lessen. The Son of Sin proceeds to bring the both of them off the mat and when on their feet, holds the Front Facelock and wrenches on it now for what is a Front Chancery. They don't call Cross the 'Move Stealer' for nothing. He holds this for just a moment before he heaves the rugby player to his feet, himself showing off his strength here as he dead lifts his opponent up and over with a hard Suplex. Cross wastes little time, floating over and going for the early cover. ONE...TW—Benjamin kicks out to avoid the early end of this match.

Dante Cross pulls Benjamin by his hair back to his feet, or tries to, as Benjamin brings his hands up and slaps those of Cross away and follows with a slap to the face of Cross. The Son of Sin has no time to throw out a replying strike as the Brumpy has already spun around and comes rushing forward with a Discus Lariat that spills Cross inside out, head over heels, literally. The Brumpy pulls the leg of Cross, getting him from the ropes before he hurries past and goes to the ropes himself, goes through, and comes back in with a Springboard Legdrop right onto the head of Dante. Bruce stretches over and grabs the leg of his opponent for the pin. ONE...TWO...Cross kicks out before the three count, visibly annoyed.

Bruce rolls away from the move and backsteps, a smirk on his own face now after having gained some offensive. His opponent though, Dante Cross is quite peeved at having been caught by surprise against what he perceives to be a lesser opponent. The two keep their distance, circling one another as they've made their way back into the middle of the ring. Then, Bruce swings on Cross, who quickly ducks and moves out of the way. The circle one another again before the two clinch up in the center of the ring for another go at the tie up. Dante is quickly overpowered by the bigger and stronger opponent. Bruce whips Dante away to the ropes and follows so that on Dante's return, he catches the Son of Sin with a Running Clothesline that lays out Cross and Bruce goes skidding along the mat on his knees from the speed at which he went with the move. Continuing with the offensive, he grabs Dante by the hair and picks him up. He throws Dante to the ropes, but as Dante comes back he ducks a big boot from Bruce, rebounds off the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. Bruce quickly gets back up to his feet and Dante runs forward now to meet him. The two exchange punches with Bruce getting the better of it. Bruce throws Dante to the turnbuckle, he runs forward but Dante hits him with a kick to the face to make him stumble. Dante gets on the top rope, but Bruce utilizes his athletic prowess and leaps onto the top rope and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that sends Dante crashing down hard in the middle of the ring. Dante’s back is arched up in pain and he winces from the impact. Bruce picks him up again and throws him to the ropes, but Dante holds onto the ropes and instead, drops to the mat and rolls to the outside.

TED CEDAR: Veteran instincts by Dante Cross, getting out of the ring and looks to be reevaluating his game plan here in this match.

DAVID MICHAELS: I'm sure Dante Cross went into their last encounter thinking it was going to be easy, but when a title as prestigious as the Intercontinental belt is on the line, everyone who is challenging for it is going to try their damnest to leave that ring with the strap. Now Dante Cross is the challenger and he needs to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake that cost him his championship at the pay-per-view.

Cross knows Bruce’s strength gives him the advantage if the two lock up or are in close proximity of each other too long. Dante has his hands on his waist and facing the crowd while the Brumpy remains in the ring. The referee, unable to count him out in a No-DQ match, beckons Cross back into the ring. Bruce can wait no longer and makes to exit the ring near Dante. In one of the few instances where a wrestler actually listens to a fan—and also one of the few times a fan's words are for Dante's benefit—Dante realizes Bruce Benjamin is behind him and without even a glance back, flips and catches the exiting Benjamin with a Pele Kick to the top of the head. Bruce Benjamin stumbles out of the ring and to the floor at ringside, hitting his head on the apron during his tumble. As he brings himself to his feet, Benjamin massages his head. Dante Cross makes it no better as he catches Bruce with a Big Boot to the side of the noggin. That force of the move sends Bruce’s head into the side of the ring. Dante then takes a chair from ringside and for a second, Cross looks as if he is going to continue with the offensive here, but instead rolls back into the ring. Still on the outside and given a moment’s respite by Dante Cross, Bruce rises once more, still holding his head and looks up just in time to see that Dante has run to the opposite ropes and still holding onto the chair, dives up and over for a Springboard Shooting Star Press, but Bruce moves out of the way and Dante hits the concrete floor. The chair makes a clang as it hits the floor and Dante’s head makes a sickening thud as his face hits the steel chair. Dante holds his face as he kicks his legs around in pain. Bruce grabs Dante by the legs and slams him into the side of the ring. Dante’s head slams hard on the side of the metal pole and Bruce takes Dante’s disoriented head into his hands and brings him up in a Two-Handed Chokeslam position. Dante opens his hands and smacks either side of Bruce’s head with them, clapping the ears and giving them a ring, forcing the lad to let go. Bruce takes a few steps back, Dante looks at him, runs to the opposite side of the ring, gets on the apron, runs forward and dives down on Bruce who catches him mid-move and takes him down for a Spinebuster onto the steel chair. Dante’s back is arched again in pain and he rolls around in pain, making sure to knock the bothersome chair out of the way. Bruce rolls Dante back into the ring and stoops down, waiting as Dante attempts to get to his feet. Bruce is in the corner and as Dante turns around, he runs forward and Spears the Son of Sin halfway across the ring. The soul of Dante Cross looks to have been taken after he's left wheezing on the mat. Cross attempts to rise, using the ropes for assistance while still on wobbly legs. Bruce waits for his opponent to turn around before he sends a kick to Cross’ midsection, doubling him over before putting his head between his legs and taking Cross up for a Powerbomb. Dante’s eyes go wide as Bruce takes him into the air. When Bruce goes to drop him down, Dante reverses by getting out of his hand bringing his knees up, turning the Powerbomb into a Codebreaker! Bruce pops back up in comic fashion and lands on his back looking dazed. More a move of instinct and desperation than anything, his back aching from the outside attacks and torso sore from that vicious spear, Dante is not in a position to continue after the move and capitalize. Bruce on the other hand, has regained his senses and looks to put them to use. He gets Dante up again and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound, Dante ducks a Forearm Shot from Bruce, stops, pivots on a heel, spins Bruce around, and delivers a Superkick to the chin of Benjamin. Bruce stumbles to the mat, but remains on a knee. Dante comes forward at his kneeling opponent and sends a kick to the head of the Aussie. Bruce ducks the kick, and Cross comes around with another for the Return to Sin Kick, but Bruce has him scouted, bringing his arms up to block the second kick he knew was coming and not only that, taking hold of the leg, twisting it, and as he himself rises, has the Son of Sin in an Ankle Lock submission hold. Cross struggles against the move, close to the ropes, the ropes are very much at hand, knowing full well that should he succumb to the pain the match cannot end with his hands on the ropes—all he has to do is reach out his hands—and Benjamin pulls Cross away from the ropes. Cross is pulled to the center of the ring and that Ankle Locks looks to have only gotten tighter. The Son of Sin holds his head to fight back against the pain of the submission and in a turn of events, Bruce Benjamin can be heard saying “Tell him! Come on! Tell him! Ref, ASK HIM. Ask him ref!”

TED CEDAR: Earlier in this match, we saw Dante Cross use a move, the Front Chancery, generally seen in the matches of his opponent Bruce Benjamin. Now we have Benjamin taunting Cross in the latter's fashion.

DAVID MICHAELS: It's the little things Ted. With things like this, this guy's going to be great.

Dante is moving every which way on the mat to get out of the hold. He finally is able to get onto his back and with that, he brings his other leg to him and with both, he pushes off of the chest of his opponent, forcing the Brumpy away and himself getting free of the hold. Cross manages to get to his feet with some difficulty on that leg. He's bent over and just looks pissed at the fight being given to him more than anything. Perhaps he should have remembered it was still going on as Bruce has rushed forward and Cross looks up in time only to see the boot speeding towards his face from the Roo Kick delivered by Benjamin. Dante Cross is out. Benjamin dives down onto his opponent and eagerly covers the Son of Sin. But Benjamin grasps nothing but mat as the Son of Sin rolls out of the ring! Bruce Benjamin shakes his head in frustration.

DAVID MICHAELS: Keep your head together kid. Bruce Benjamin may have had him there, but he was too close to the ropes and Dante knew that.

TED CIDER: The ring awareness of Cross and perhaps the rookie ignorance of Bruce Benjamin was the factor in that missed pinfall there.

Cross has rolled to the outside and seems to be collecting himself. This time, Benjamin does not go to the outside impatiently, instead waiting til the Son of Sin comes back into the ring. When he does, Dante runs at Bruce, who rolls out of the way and Dante hits the turnbuckle but manages to turn around. Bruce grabs Dante’s legs, trying to pull him out of the corner, but he holds onto the ropes and flips onto his feet. Dante rolls out of the way as Bruce runs forward, yet Bruce jumps up, avoiding the turnbuckle as Dante has run forward and turns before hitting the turnbuckle. Bruce runs forward, but Dante goes through the second rope and is on the apron before hopping to the floor at ringside. He grabs Bruce’s foot and pulls him to the mat before the latter has time to react, forcing the lad face first onto the mat. Cross gets on the top rope and from the top, jumps off with a Shooting Star Press—and lands onto the back of Bruce Benjamin! It's got to be over now! Dante rolls him over for the pin! ONE…TWO...THR—Benjamin pushes away and squirms to the outside.

TED CIDER: Benjamin pulling one out of Cross' playbook there.

DAVID MICHAELS: But not as smoothly.

The Son of Sin is not as amused. Cross kept a hold of Benjamin’s legs and stopped him from fully slinking to the outside and instead yanks him back into the ring from under the ropes. Dante goes to pick Bruce up by his hair, but Bruce breaks loose and pushes Dante away. Dante runs and rebounds off the ropes, Bruce jumps up into the air as Dante goes under his legs, and out of the ring, hitting the guard railing as he lands. Dante is slow getting to his feet, favoring his left side, and doesn’t see as Bruce clears the top ropes and hits a Springboard Cannonball Senton over and to the outside. His legs mainly hit Dante as the two fall into the railing and Bruce goes over into the crowd. Without the need for a count, the fans begin to do one anyways, and by the count of 8 Dante starts to his feet. He gets on the ring apron and in fluid motion, dips into the ring to restart a nonexistent count, comes back out again, steps from the middle rope to the top and comes off with the Deadliest Moonsault Evermore to the outside onto Bruce, who catches him mid-move and takes him down for an Inverted Piledriver on the outside! Bruce rolls into the ring and yells for the referee to make the count not knowing that is distracting the referee from the count. The referee attempts to explain to Bruce Benjamin that this isn’t that type of match. Dante is able to get to his feet and crawls into the ring. Bruce is on him and irish whips Dante to the corner. Dante runs up the ropes and comes back down with a Flying Clothesline. He rolls into the move and is back on his feet quickly. Dante goes onto the ring apron, trying to make up for lost momentum, and hits a Springboard 450* Superman Splash into the ring. Bruce easily moves out of the way and Dante hits nothing but mat. He pops up on his knees and holds his chest before falling back down on his face. Bruce tosses him unceremoniously to the corner again. Setting him on the top rope, with himself standing. Dante is recovering and now both men are standing on the top rope now. Dante takes a hard shot from Bruce and is falling off onto the outside. He jumps up and hits a Frankensteiner on Bruce that sends him to the outside as well.  

Holy shit! Holy shit!” chants the crowd, getting behind this amazing match.

Dante hit the stairs as he fell and has blood trickling from the back on his head. Bruce hit the guard railing and is holding onto it as he tries to stand. Dante avoids Bruce’s attempt to grab him by getting on the ring apron and hitting 3 cartwheels in one swift movement. Bruce grabs at him again and Dante goes for a cartwheel on the apron, but Bruce jumps up and hits and Enzuigiri kick to the head of Cross who was upside down at the moment and falls on his head and off the apron, to the floor. Bruce rolls Dante into the ring and follows suit. He goes for a cover. ONE…TWO…THRE—Dante desperatey kicks out!

Bruce goes up top and is in a sitting position on the top rope as Dante jumps up and hits an Enzuigiri kick to the side of his head. Bruce slumps sideways on the top rope. Dante goes to the other corner and attempts to tightrope across for his signature move, the Walk of Fate. Dante runs on the ropes and goes for the hurricanrana, but Bruce was playing possum and as Dante runs forward and moves to wrap his legs around the Brumpy, Benjamin ducks, Cross overshoots, and Benjamin catches him in position and hits the Australian Made from the top rope and it takes them to the outside! The crowd is in an uproar and get even louder upon seeing a masked man crawl from under the ring behind the referee and hit him with a pipe. The attacker rolls out of the ring just as Bruce Benjamin, pulling Dante, gets back in the ring and sees the referee laid out on the mat. Benjamin grabs the referee and begins shaking him trying to get him to wake up…Dante is beginning to stir. Bruce begins kicking Dante, desperate to keep his down while he yells at the referee to wake up.  All the while, not seeing as the masked assailant comes from behind, spins him around, and hits a Jumping Cutter—outta nowhere! The masked man picks Dante up and runs from the ring as the referee is waking up. Meanwhile, the masked man rushes out through the crowd as security comes out the stop his attack.

DAVID MICHAELS: Who the hell was that?!

Dante Cross looks around and drapes his arm over his fallen opponent.

TED CIDER: Oh, what the hell! Not like this! It's a title match dammit!

The referee is still out of it, but he makes the slow count. ONE...TWO...THREE! It's over. Dante Cross crawls on hands and knees along the mat. The referee reaches down and hands him his title, which the Son of Sin takes gleefully, holding it to his chest and laughing maniacally.
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ME) Bruce Benjamin(c) vs. Dante Cross - No DQ - IC Championship

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