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 M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin

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M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin Empty
PostSubject: M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin   M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin EmptyWed Jun 10, 2015 1:12 am

Word Count: 2,000
Due: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2015 at 11:59:59pm EST
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M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin Empty
PostSubject: Re: M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin   M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin EmptyTue Jun 23, 2015 2:23 am

Crappy, unformatted and lazy but Ian said he quitted so I threw something together to just show off Benjamin's character. xoxo

TED CEDAR: “Coming up we’ve got what promises to be a great match as Evan Flare goes one on one with Bruce Benjamin. Benjamin is making his XWA debut here tonight and I don’t think he could’ve been given a bigger challenge!”

DAVID MICHAELS: “You’re not wrong, Ted, Evan Flare has been around for years and don’t let his size fool you, he will be a heck of a challenge for The Brumby tonight. But boy am I excited to see this big Australian get into the ring here tonight, this is the first time we’ll be seeing him in action and hopefully this is the start of a promising career here in XWA!”

LAURA WATTS: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a one fall contest with a twenty minute time limit!”

Black Betty by Spiderbait starts up and the two commentators talk about the Australian’s background in rugby union and the fact that he is a natural athlete with size on his side as he walks out from the back looking, as he would say, chuffed to bits to be in front of the fans here in XWA living out his dream. Benjamin wastes no time as he charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope before walking over and leaning against the ring ropes to look out at the fans.

LAURA WATTS: “Introducing first, weighing in two hundred and fifty pounds and hailing from Wollongong, Australia, making his XWA debut tonight, “The Brumby” Bruce Benjamin!”

Benjamin lifts an arm up in the air as Laura announces his name looking like he might be getting caught up in the spectacle of the night rather than focusing on his opponent. The Night (Instrumental) by Disturbed starts to play in the arena and the fans roar their approval as Evan Flare walks out onto the ramp, looking at his young opponent in the ring and smirking slightly.

LAURA WATTS: “And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and eight pounds, “The Franchise” Evan Flare!”

The crowd cheers loudly and Benjamin realises it’s not for him as he walks to a corner of the ring. Flare takes his time getting down to the ring, not wanting to waste energy needlessly running down to the ring as David Michaels points out. Flare rolls into the ring and simply locks eyes with Benjamin who is still looking around at everyone, overwhelmed with the moment.


The bell tolls throughout the arena and it seems to wake Bruce Benjamin up from his daze as he snaps back to reality and focuses on the veteran opponent he stands across the ring from. The two men begin to circle before coming together with a shoulder and collar tie up that Bruce quickly gets the upper hand in thanks to his size advantage. B-Squared rolls through the move into a side headlock and yells out to the crowd, showing his eagerness to please the fans but it only serves to give Flare the opportunity to break free. Evan pushes Benjamin into the ropes and throws him off, whipping him across the ring. Flare shows just how wily he is by dropping to the mat to trip Bruce but the big Australian leaps up and over his opponent, bouncing off the ropes on the other side. Benjamin thinks he’s got the better of Evan but runs right into a dropkick as he comes back off the ropes. Benjamin hits the mat with a thud and it’s clear to everyone in the arena that the big man is going to have to slow Evan down if he wants to pick up the win here. Flare walks over, calmly, and pulls Bruce up to his feet by his hair, waiting for the rookie to make his move, The Brumby complies when he tries to swing a big fist at Evan only to find air and a sharp kick to the back of the knee from Evan Flare sends Bruce tumbling to the mat once more. Benjamin rolls to his side and gets to his feet quickly, locking eyes with Evan Flare before stepping towards the veteran and shoving his forehead into Evan’s. The two men seem to be exchanging words before Benjamin slaps Flare in the cheek with an open palm. Bruce seems fed up already with having Evan get the upper hand on him and the veteran shakes his head as he stares at the rookie in disbelief. Bruce doesn’t waste time though, throwing a sharp kick to the abdomen of Evan Flare before whipping him into the ropes. The Franchise comes back at speed and meets a brick wall of shoulder that sends him crashing to the mat. Bruce slaps his chest and yells down at Evan who slowly pushes himself to his feet before signalling to Benjamin to runs the ropes. B-Squared laughs at Flare before shrugging and running the ropes, expecting to hit Flare like a steamroller, but on the charge back, Flare is gone once again as Evan trips up Bruce with a scissor leg trip before floating over and locking in a headlock while seated next to Benjamin!

TED CEDAR: “Evan is starting to really school this young man on being prepared for anything. Flare seems more than happy to use his experience to almost bully the man who has over forty pounds on him!”

DAVID MICHAELS: “It’s great to see that Flare can control the match like this given the huge size disparity but I’ve got to wonder if Bruce Benjamin is going to wisen up at some point and if he does, will that mean trouble for Evan Flare?”

Bruce Benjamin is refusing to submit this early on in his debut and is struggling to his feet with Flare still locked around his head and choking him for air as tightly as possible. The Australian manages to drag himself to his feet before grabbing Flare around the waist and lifting with all his might to throw the veteran up over his shoulder with a back drop. Evan isn’t about to get caught though and flips out onto his feet, he thinks he’s gotten one over on the rookie once again but it’s not to be as Evan is flattened by a massive Big Boot to his chin that Bruce likes to call the Roo Kick! Benjamin surveys the damage done as Flare is writhing on the ground and decides that should be all she wrote right there as he hooks the legs of The Franchise. Evan is not about to stay down just yet though as he pushes a shoulder off the mat at two! Bruce is seemingly frustrated again and pushes himself to his feet, getting in the face of the referee. The referee grabs at his own shirt and brandishes the white and black stripes at Bruce Benjamin who stops and takes a deep breath to calm himself down. Benjamin crosses the ring slowly to pick up Flare and drags the smaller man up to his feet by his hair. Evan quickly throws out an elbow though, catching Bruce in the sternum. Benjamin doubles over and Flare tries to run the ropes to get free but the big man still has a fistful of Evan’s hair and yanks him back down by his locks. Bruce takes a second to recover as Evan rolls over to the turnbuckle to get some help to his feet, but there are monstrous eyes staring at him from the centre of the ring as an enraged Brumby marches towards him. Benjamin places his boot under the chin of Evan Flare who is seated in the corner and pushes with all his might, choking Flare. The referee is not about to let this go on and starts a count for Bruce to break the illegal hold but ends up giving up on the count at four and trying to pull the two men apart. Benjamin rounds on the referee and looks like he’s about to murder the official who quietly backs up, lifting his hands up to try and temper the angry man. Benjamin turns back around and steps towards Evan Flare only for Flare to grab Bruce’s shirt and fling him desperately into the turnbuckles. Evan quickly gets to his feet and as Bruce turns around to grab Flare he catches a spinning back fist right to the chin, the big Australian is wobbly on his feet but doesn’t go down, clutching at the ropes for support. Benjamin pulls himself back up straight only to catch another spinning back fist, this time tumbling out of the ring between the top and second ropes and hitting the hard ground on the outside.

DAVID MICHAELS: “That was what we were talking about earlier, Ted! The veteran versus the rookie! Experience versus size! Evan Flare doesn’t care how big Bruce Benjamin is because he knows that this young kid has got a bit of a hot head about him and he’s going to get distracted and open himself up to moves like that!”

TED CEDAR: “So many of Evan Flare’s moves come from positions where he catches his opponent off guard and Bruce Benjamin has to be more aware of that! Cooler heads will prevail in this one and Benjamin needs to calm himself down!”

Evan takes a second to catch his breath, still feeling the effects of the boot choking him earlier before following Bruce Benjamin to the outside. Flare pulls Benjamin to his feet and tries to roll him under the bottom rope but it takes some effort on Evan’s part to get the big man into the squared circle. Evan eventually hooks the leg though but the Australian powers out at two! Flare is looking to end this match as quickly as possible and signals to the crowd that it’s over before pulling The Brumby up to his feet. It looks like Evan Flare is trying to set Benjamin up for The Blood Reign but as he tries to hook up the gutwrench position, Benjamin drives forward and slams the veteran into the turnbuckle. Bruce drives his shoulder into the midsection of Evan Flare over and over again before standing up tall and grabbing the face of Evan Flare. Benjamin throws a hard knife edge chop to the chest of Evan Flare who winces and walks out of the corner holding his chest with one arm and the rope for leverage with the other. The Australian isn’t finished there as he drags his fingernails down the back of Evan Flare. The crowd are booing the big man and Benjamin stops and looks at them, realising that in the heat of the moment he’s been caught up in his anger. He tries to rush over to Evan Flare and apologise and for a moment it seems that the veteran understands what happened but then quickly grabs the rookie and rolls him up with a small package! Benjamin manages to kick out at two but is not quick enough to pull his arm free as Evan latches onto the limb like he was a fat kid and it was made of chocolate. Flare quickly locks up his Bridging Armbar signature move and bridges over Bruce Benjamin trying to snap the young man’s arm! Flare is yanking away at the appendage with all his might as Bruce struggles to free himself, trying to find any possible way out of what could be his first loss in XWA. The young Australian eventually comes up with one last ditch plan and bucks to get free of Evan’s grip. While the move doesn’t get him entirely out of the armbar it gives Bruce enough room to struggle to his knees and the big man starts to slowly stand up. Evan is not about to let go of his arm though and gets pulled up with Bruce who is now standing with Evan set up in position for his finishing Jacknife Powerbomb, Australian Made. Benjamin lets out a primordial yell as he throws Flare to the mat with the Powerbomb and crushes the wind out of the veteran! Bruce scrambles atop of Evan and hooks a leg! ONE! TWO! THREE! The fat lady sings and the curtain comes down on a gruelling debut for Bruce Benjamin who has managed to do the unthinkable and get one over on Evan Flare! The fans aren’t quite sure how to treat Benjamin after his display in the match but are willing to give him respect when it’s due for the armbar escape and the fact that put Evan Flare away!
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M2) Evan Flare vs. Bruce Benjamin

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