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 Bruce Jenner's suicide bid

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Bruce Jenner's suicide bid Empty
PostSubject: Bruce Jenner's suicide bid   Bruce Jenner's suicide bid EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 11:14 am

The 65-year-old former Olympian - who confirmed in a tell-all interview last night (24.04.15) that he has undergone a gender transition to become a woman - admitted he considered what it would be like to end his life after he was hounded by paparazzi at an appointment about his tracheal shave operation.

He said: ''I thought, 'It's like over.' Then I thought, 'Wouldn't the easiest thing to be right now -'

''And I could see where people get to that. Go into the room. Got a gun. Boom. You know? Pain is over. It's done. You know. Go to a better place.''

Meanwhile, Bruce - who respectfully declined to reveal what his new name would be - says he knew from a young age that he wanted to be woman, although he didn't understand it at the time.

Speaking to ABC's Diane Sawyer on Bruce Jenner: The Interview, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star added: ''I marked the closet so that when I put it back I could put it all back in the exact same spot so I wouldn't get caught.

''At that time I didn't know why I was doing it. Besides that it just made me feel good.''
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Bruce Jenner's suicide bid

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