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 3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match

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3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match Empty
PostSubject: 3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match   3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 5:30 pm

Due: Sunday January 5th, at 11:59 PM EST

3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match MJFR42R
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3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match   3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 9:10 pm

As XWA official Ryn Sanu signals for the ring bell this match gets officially underway, The fans continue to cheer as Riley and Maddox begin circling slowly around the ring, focused on each other. Slowly they bridge the gap between them, getting in close and both men making the same move at the same time, locking up with a collar and elbow tie up. The two men struggle to gain leverage in this tie up, knowing full well that an early advantage can mean big things in a match like this that will likely go a lot longer than either really comfortable with. The two push against each other, Maddox’s weight and height advantage, plus his knowledge of technical holds, allowing him to push Riley back towards the turnbuckle. The Floridan is unable to gain enough footing to fight it off as he feels his back push up against the turnbuckle, Maddox breaking the collar and elbow tie up and throwing off a rapid fire knife edge chop across the chest of the Hardcore Champion. Riley doesn't get the chance to fight back against Maddox as he is stunned by the sudden knife edge chop, giving Maddox Paine just long enough to nail him with a second one. Riley’s hands come up to his chest as Maddox fires off and connects with a third chop, each strike putting pressure on the blood vessels in the The Floridian's chest. However as the Titan goes for a fourth chop Williamson ducks underneath it, maneuvering himself behind Maddox, spinning him around and nailing him with a forearm to the side of the skull that backs him up into the turnbuckle, changing the momentum of this match very early on. With Maddox stunned by the forearm Riley grabs hold of the top rope, using it to balance himself on one foot, as he drives his other boot straight into the mid-section of the Hardcore and Blood Thirsty Superstar. The initial boot winds Maddox, but Riley is far from done as he begins driving his boot into the mid-section of the Floridan Native repeatedly, just driving it straight into the abdomen. Only after he is satisfied that some damage has been done does Riley back away, letting Maddox double over trying to catch his breath after being winded by the blows. The former New York Native knows that he has to keep up this attack, grabbing Maddox by the arm and going for the Irish whip, only for Maddox to counter mid move, flipping their positions and sending Riley flying into the opposite turnbuckle back first. Williamson hits hard as Paine attempts to shake off the pain in his abdomen as he turns, sprints to the turnbuckle, leaps and pushes himself off of the middle pad, using it to build moment as he charges towards Riley. The Titan leaps up and turns, looking to connect with his European uppercut in the corner but only manages to hit the turnbuckle back first, Riley having ducked out beneath the move. Maddox staggers out of the corner as Riley sprints to the ropes, rebounds and goes for a clothesline, but Paine ducks down beneath it, rising quickly behind Riley, wrapping his arm back around the neck and looking for a neck breaker. The Hardcore Champion quickly turns and pushes Maddox away before he can connect with the move and as Maddox turns again he finds himself in a tense stare down with Riley Williamson.

Ted: Both Men seem to be at a Stalemate thus far, Neither are able to get the upper hand from one another.

Joey: Maddox is a Monster Ted. It’s just a matter of time before The Hardcore Champion gets taken to his limit.

Maddox actually smirks at Riley’s ability to fight back while the Floridan remains stony faced, focused solely on winning this match. The two begin circling the ring once again, both knowing that the slightest mistake could lead to certain disaster even this early on in the match, before closing the gap. They both go in for another collar and elbow tie up but Maddox Paine uses this opportunity to show exactly why he is considered such a strategic competitor, pulling in Riley the moment they lock up and driving his knee up into the mid-section. Riley doubles over, the knee having come out of nowhere and connecting solely because Williamson wasn't expecting it, Maddox grabbing him by the head and nailing him in the side of the head with a right hand. The blow rocks Riley, dropping him down to his knees while the The Titan moves behind him, grabbing Riley by the jaw and lifting his head up before dropping his elbow straight down across the neck of the Champ. Maddox just brings his elbow down across the shoulder and throat of the Champion repeatedly. After the ninth or tenth blow in succession Maddox pushes Riley away, the Floridan dropping onto his hands and knees and coughing, attempting to catch his breath after that vicious attack. Maddox walks to the side of him and then just drops down, dropping elbow down across the back of Riley Williamson and flattening him out on the canvas, Paine sitting up and smirking as the fans continue to blow up this arena with appreciation for the fantastic action they have seen so far tonight. Paine hooks his hands around the neck of Williamson, pulling him back up to his feet and then drilling him with a right hand that turns Riley away from him. Maddox hooks an arm around the throat of Riley from behind, pulling him into an inverted front face lock and possibly looking for the inverted DDT, but Riley manages to hook his own hands around the back of Maddox’s neck and then drops down into a sitting position, yanking Maddox’s neck down with him and snapping his head back in an almost whiplash like effect. The move immediately breaks Maddox’s grip and sends the God Amongst Men staggering backwards. Riley pushes himself back up onto his feet, quickly delivering a boot to the mid-section of the titan and then pulling him into a front face lock. He hooks Maddox’s arm, grips his tights and looks set to go for a suplex when Maddox sends his fist up into the mid-section of the Floridan, desperately working to break the front face lock. While the first uppercut does indeed loosen the grip it’s the second that breaks it completely. Maddox staggers away but then turns, goes for a boot aimed directly at the skull of Williamson only for the Hardcore Champion to grab hold of the boot as it flies at his skull. Riley holds the boot for a moment before using it to spin Maddox around a full three hundred and sixty degrees. As Maddox turns around to face Riley the Floridan leaps up and drives his boot into the side of Maddox’s skull with a leaping kick that sends the titan straight down to the mat face first. With Maddox down, Riley sees this as a opportunity to bring a Weapon out. So The Hardcore Champion walks over to the ropes. Goes through the top and middle rope and exits the ring as he drops to the outside. He lifts up the ring skirt and looks deep into the darkness that is beneath the ring. He finally finds a object that he wants and takes it out- it is a Steel Chair.

Ted: Looks like Riley is gonna try to end this matchup, bringing this Steel Chair into play, we all know what these kind of weapons can do to a man.

Joey: Looks like these Animals are looking to tear each other apart

Riley slides the Chair into the ring and shortly after, enters the ring. With Maddox still down, Riley bends down and grabs the Steel Chair. He walks over to the corner and wedges the Chair in between the top and middle buckle. The Floridan Native then turns his attention but to Maddox who is now stirring. Riley quickly walks over towards Maddox and drags him to his feet. He grabs onto his wrist and tries to lunge him towards the chair that he sent up but Maddox counters, thus causing Riley to crash head first into the Chair. As Riley groggily gets off the corner Maddox waits for him pushing the Floridan round, Maddox kicks Riley in the gut and hooks his arm behind Riley’s head and drops him down with a DDT. With Riley on the ground Maddox quickly leaps over him, wrapping his hands around the head of Riley Williamson with a grounded headlock. The intent is clear – Maddox is looking to wear the The Hardcore Champion. Riley struggles against it, it’s rare that he is on this end of a headlock, but as Maddox’s grip tightens around the throat the Floridan can feel his carotid artery slowly being cut off, the oxygen in his lungs starting to slowly dwindle. He knows what comes next and he has no intention of getting to that point, twisting his body in such a way that he can flip his legs up and land on his knees, dragging Maddox around with him as the titan refuses to release the headlock. Riley wraps his arm around the waist of Paine, using it to push the slightly bigger man up with him as the slowly rises up onto his feet, Maddox’s grip on the side headlock never loosening despite this change in position. As they both reach their feet Riley immediately places an arm on the underside of Maddox’s leg and uses that, plus his arm around the waist, to lift Maddox up for a backdrop. However the titan releases the headlock in mid-air and flips out behind Riley, landing deftly on his feet. As Riley turns Paine hits him with a boot to the gut, turns and leaps up, wrapping his arm around Riley’s neck and looking to connect with a move. Williamson however thinks quickly, pushing Maddox away before he can really clinch in his grip, sending Maddox to the canvas back first. God Amongst Men bounces back up to his feet just as Riley explodes forwards with another attempt at a boot straight to the skull only for Paine to duck underneath it, wrap his arms around the waist of an unsteady Williamson and then lift him up and drop him back with a German suplex, Maddox quickly pulling Riley onto his back and hooking the leg, Ryn Sanu sliding in for the pin fall.

Kickout by Riley.

Scouted out or not it isn’t enough to keep Riley Williamson down for more than a two count as he gets his shoulder up, the Hardcore Champion proving that it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep him down for the count. He quickly rolls off of Riley, hooks his hands around the head and pulls him up onto his feet. Keeping his grip on the Champion Maddox pushes him back first into the nearest turnbuckle, holding him there for a moment before bringing his knee up into the mid-section of Riley, continuing to focus on keeping Riley from being able to fight back. With Riley winded Maddox ducks down, hooking his arm around the inside leg of Riley and lifting him up, propping him in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, looking for a high risk, high reward move. Maddox begins climbing the turnbuckle but as he reaches the middle one the former New York Native fights back with a right hand, looking to knock the The Titan back down to the canvas. While Paine teeters it isn't enough to take him down, no, for that Riley has to grab Maddox’s head and then drive his own forehead into that of the God Amongst Men with a vicious headbutt that takes Paine off balance and sends him falling back to the canvas beneath. The headbutt of course is a twin edged sword, disorientating Riley for a few moments but not enough to stop him from attempting a high risk move of his own. As Maddox slowly pushes himself to his feet, Riley does the same on the turnbuckle, using the ropes for balance as he rises up onto the very top turnbuckle. He slowly stands, teetering but managing to keep his balance and as the titan turns Riley leaps off, and connect with a Cross body as his body meets Maddox….But wait, just as Maddox’s back hits the mat, he rolls through onto his back and gets back to his feet as he catches Riley! Maddox holds onto Riley while the Hardcore Champion tries to wiggle out. Maddox puts Riley near his side and drops him down with a Sidewalk Slam!

Ted: Wow! What Pure Strength this young man has!

Joey: I gotta admit, That was pretty awesome.

As Riley holds his back in pain Maddox Paine rises up onto his knees and then slams his hands onto the canvas, letting out a roar as he grabs Riley by the head, slowly pulling him up onto a feet, a sick grin now on the face of the God Amongst Men as he gets fired up, As they reach their feet Maddox takes hold of Riley’s right wrist, ducking underneath the arm and twist the wrist in the process, the Floridan letting out a little shout of pain from the unexpected wrist lock. The Titan continues to put pressure on the wrist and arm of Williamson as he again ducks down and twists the wrist round again putting Riley in excruciating pain as the muscles in the wrist and arm continue to be strained. Maddox pushing his boot into the back of Riley’s leg and sending him down onto his knees on the canvas, at which point Maddox steps over the locked arm, hooks his arm around the limb and then proceeds to pull up, retching the arm at an awkward angle. Maddox Paine’s arm is well and truly wrapped around that of a kneeling, Riley Williamson pulling up on the arm at such an angle that Riley’s body actually has to move over with it just to stop it from being snapped right out of the socket. Riley screams out in pain as XWA official Ryn Sann ducks in, asking Riley whether he wants to quit. The only response he gets is a scream of pain but that’s as good of a no from a wrestler of Riley’s caliber as he looks to find a way out of this. As Riley lowers himself down to his left side, his free hand palm first on the canvas, an action that gives his right arm just a little bit of extra room. Maddox, always looking to find new ways to hurt his opponent, proceeds to bring one of his boots up backwards heel first into the face of Riley, smashing straight into his nose. Riley, despite the pain of being kicked straight in the face, continues to try and use his strength to free the arm while the titan focused on his positioning and the leverage it grants to continue pulling up on the arm while leaning back and putting pressure on the shoulder at the same time. Maddox continues to yank up on the arm while Riley attempts to claw himself closer towards the ring ropes. The moment he starts to move however Maddox throws his heel up again straight into the face of Williamson, stopping his attempt dead as he feels his nose almost cave in from the blow. This however seems to strike a fire beneath Riley Williamson as he continues to attempt to claw his way across the ring. When Maddox goes for another heel hook to the face Riley proves that this latter move was just a ploy as he drops down onto his shoulder, allowing him to dodge the heel hook and hook his own arm between the legs of the God Amongst Men and pull back, taking Maddox off balance, forcing him to release the arm bar and actually pulling him back in to a roll up!

Kickout by Maddox.

While the surprise factor of the roll-up is enough to keep the Big Man down for a two count he manages to use the power in his legs to push back against Riley enough to free his shoulders up from the canvas and kick out of the move. Maddox has to take a moment to compose himself after being caught off guard which gives Riley the time to roll onto his back, gripping his arm as the pain from the arm bar shoots up and down the limb. He tries to push himself up but the pain of the arm bar hinders him, giving Maddox the time to make it up first and drive his boot into the ribs of Williamson, clearly furious that his arm bar didn't get the job done like he was convinced that it would. He hooks his hands around the head of Riley, slowly pulling him up onto his feet, then hooks his hands around the wrist once again, twisting it so that the arm is pulled across Paine’s shoulder and then just drops down into a sitting position, yanking Williamson down and slamming the already injured arm across the shoulder of Maddox.

Ted: Maddox is really working good that arm.

Joey: I told you that this guy is a Monster.

As Riley Williamson clutches his arm in pain Maddox Paine sits there, a sick smirk on his face as he looks at the crowd here in Seattle Washington. Maddox rolls over, grabs Riley by the head and unceremoniously drags him over towards the ropes. As they reach the ropes Maddox pulls Riley’s injured arm and drapes it over the middle rope, placing his boot down onto the arm to stop Williamson from pulling away. With Riley trapped Maddox grabs the top rope, pulls himself up so that he’s perched with one boot on the middle rope and the other on Riley’s arm before pulling himself up, leaping up and looking to bring his legs down across the arm of Williamson. The problem is that he doesn't connect with the arm, as Riley manages to yank it away in that split second that he gets free, the Titan hitting the middle ropes and snapping back first against the canvas with a big fall. As Maddox holds the back of his head, having hit it pretty hard with the failed leg drop, Riley grabs hold of the rope with his left hand, pulling himself up onto his feet. He staggers over towards Paine, grabbing him by the hair with one hand and slowly pulling him up, hoping to get himself back into this match. As he pulls him up onto his feet he unleashes with a vicious knife edge chop with his good arm right across the chest, forcing him back into the ring ropes. Riley grabs hold of Paine’s arm, pushing him against the ropes and then whipping him across the ring, the momentum forcing the rebound. On the return Riley charges forwards, going for a clothesline with the left arm, but the God Amongst Men ducks underneath it, then rebounds, but on the return Riley suddenly fires off with a Kick that connects flush on the jaw of the titan, dropping Maddox down to the canvas and sending him out under the bottom rope and crashing to the floor. As Maddox Paine lies on the outside, seemingly knocked for that Kick out of nowhere Williamson goes right back to trying to shake the stinging pain out of his arm. It’s a problem, not only is there little he can do with only one arm but he’s also going to be at a serious disadvantage against someone whose entire arsenal is built around targeting a single limb. It dawns on him that his only option is to keep up this attack and take Maddox Paine out before he gets a chance to do any more damage to the arm, and that’s exactly what he seeks to do as he climbs out onto the ring apron via the ropes, waiting as Maddox Paine slowly gets to his feet, his hand on the side of his head as he continues to see stars. As Maddox turns around Riley charges forwards and then leaps off of the ring apron, flying through the air and crashing into Maddox Paine with a flying cross body, taking both men to the ground and forcing referee Rye Sanu to restart his count.

Both men crash to the ground following the diving cross-body, though Riley angles himself so that he can avoid landing on that injured arm. As Maddox hits the padded floor hard Riley rolls away, his mind still preoccupied by the shooting pain going through his arm.

Riley, already near the ring skirt. lifts it up and takes out a Steel Chair. He places it down and with the feet of the chair touching the Padded floor uses the Steel Chair to his advantage and pulls himself up.

Riley shakes his arm out again before he grabs onto the Chair and pulls it behind his head waiting for his opponent to get back up.

Maddox begins to move. Crawling towards the Barricade, he puts both his hands on top of it and pulls himself up.

Just as Maddox fully gets back to a Vertical base he turns around and Riley sends the Chair onto Maddox’s head! A loud SMACK! can be heard as the Steel Chair meets Paine’s head! Maddox collapses down onto the floor while Riley drops the Chair and looks underneath the ring again.

Ted: What else could Riley be looking for?

Joey: You’ll be surprise to what you find underneath those Rings Ted.

Riley takes out a Table and the Crowd cheers! He lifts the Table up and slides it underneath the bottom rope.

He goes back to Maddox whom is starting to Bleed out of his forehead. Wraps his arm around the neck of Paine and throws him onto the Apron.

He lifts him up and throws him underneath the bottom rope as Riley slides underneath the bottom rope and goes for a cover.

Kickout by Maddox.

It isn't enough as Maddox manages to shoot his shoulder up just after the count of two, Riley sighs as he gets back up and goes over to the table he brought over and picks it up. Riley places the table near the corner putting one of the legs onto the turnbuckle. The Floridan Native, then goes back to work on Maddox as he grabs Maddox by the hair, slowly hauling the the titan up onto his feet. He then lifts Maddox onto his shoulders and looks to put Maddox through the Table via, an F5 but Maddox counters, delivering a few vicious Elbow shots towards the Jaw of Riley. Riley let’s go of him as he holds it with Pain. Meanwhile, Maddox pulls his hair away from his eyes and begins to stalk The Hardcore Champion. Just as Riley turns around, Maddox charges toward him lifting Riley up he continues to run and sends The Hardcore Champion through the Table! The Crowd ‘oh’s!” in approval while both men are both spent as they lie onto each other. With Riley laying up onto the corner and Maddox lying beside him. The People at home are given a special treat as they are shown a Replay of what just happened. Finally, after the replay ends, We see both men are still down and not moving as the Referee is force to begin a count.

Neither Man is stirring.

Still, no movement is made.

Maddox rolls away from Riley and tries to wipe the Blood that is coming off of his forehead. and pulls his hair back.

Maddox now sits up and looks over at Riley who has not made any movement since being driven into the Table. He gets to his knees.

Maddox gets back onto his feet and slowly walks over towards Riley. He grabs a handful of Riley’s hair and pulls him onto his feet breaking up the count.

Struggling with the dead weight that the Floridan provides at this point in the match. He pushes him down into a front face lock and hooks the arm but this time he also hooks the outside leg with his free arm and then, with all of his strength, he lifts Riley up and over with a northern lights suplex that he manages to bridge for a potential pin-fall.

Ted: This could be it!

Joey: I told you he would break him in half!


Just like before Riley Williamson somehow manages to find the willpower to escape from the pinning predicament, freeing himself from the bridged northern lights suplex and breaking the pin-fall. Maddox Paine looks even more pissed off than ever right now knowing that a lesser opponent would have been put away at this point in the match. What’s worse is that every single move he does seems to take something out of him and he might not have a whole lot left in the tank if he wants to escape this match without an injury. This means, for him, that there is only one thing left to do. He grabs Riley by the arm and leg, dragging him over towards the turnbuckle and then placing him a few feet ahead of it. Paine exits out of the ring through the ropes and then drops down off of the Apron. He grabs onto the Skirt and pushes it up as he looks underneath the ring for a weapon. Meanwhile, Riley remains in the ring, unaware of what is going on. Maddox slides out a Table and lifts it up above his head showing off his pure strength. He slides it underneath the Top and middle rope and grabs onto the middle rope with both his hands and places his foot onto the apron and pulls himself up. He Re-enters the ring going through the top and middle rope. He then bends down and opens up the Tables legs and then flips it over, setting it up. Maddox hits the table before he turns around and grabs onto Riley’s arm, pulling him up. He puts Williamson’s head in between his legs and looks to set up for another Finisher move of his, The Titan Bomb! Maddox lifts Riley up and it looks like The Titan may be trying to put Riley through another table but Riley starts to throw some punches onto the forehead of Maddox Paine. This causes Maddox to let go of Riley as The former New York Native drops down onto the mat feet first, Maddox tries to shake off the punches he had just received. Riley now is the one who is stalking his opponent as the titan turns around, Riley lifts him up onto his shoulders. The Crowd starts to cheer wildly as they know what is coming! Riley does a 150 Degree spin, and then drops down causing Maddox to crash right into the Table! Riley hits a F5!

Ted: Oh my god!

Joey: This is Awesome!

The Crowd starts to chant “Holyshit!” several times. Both men are laid out on the canvas, neither of them showing any signs of moving. Ryn Sanu goes from one to the other, not really sure what to do. Riley slowly begins to move as he rolls Maddox over and goes for a cover.


It’s only a millisecond, but a millisecond is all Maddox Paine needs as he gets his shoulder up and kicks out right before Ryn Sanu can count three. The crowd erupt, not sure how Maddox Paine managed it. Riley can’t figure that out either as he sees the official throw up the signal for two, rolling onto his back and holding his head in his hands knowing how close he came. He lies there for a few moments, gathering his senses, and then rolls onto his front, slowly pushes himself up onto his feet. He’s unsteady at first but then bends down, hooks his hands around Maddox’s head and slowly pulls him up onto his feet, fully intending to finish this match here and now. He lifts Maddox up and sends him down onto the Canvas via, a Bodyslam. He then walks over towards the ropes exits through the top and middle rope and climbs up the turnbuckle. Maddox remains lying on the center of the ring motionless as Riley now stands tall and points down to Maddox. He jumps off the top rope, with his right arm making a “L” right in front him. His Elbow connects onto Maddox’s Chest, he hits his Signature Move, The Blading Drop! (Elbow drop) Riley places a Hand over Maddox’s chest.


Laura: Here is your winner, Riley Williamson!

Ted: Wow, what a Match!

Joey: That was Incredible. But I still don’t know why is this guy a Hardcore Champion.

Ted: I think Riley proved here Tonight on why he is deservant of that Hardcore Championship Joey. This match was Hardcore.

Joey: Yeah….I guess.
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3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match   3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 12:57 am

Side note: This is probably the best match I've written in a very long time. Thank you Riley, you pushed me. May the best man win.


The bell rings three times, signaling the beginning of this match. Maddox Paine looks to make his debut tonight against the beloved Riley Williamson. Riley looks to cement his glory after winning the Hardcore title. Both men have a lot to gain from this match, and it is on. Paine, who is 15 pounds larger than the already fairly-big Riley Williamson, steps forward and quickly calls for a lock-up. Not to be outdone, Riley follows suit and both men find themselves locked in a battle of strength and wits! Although Riley is 15 lbs lighter, he is also around 7 inches shorter than the large "Titan" of a man. With that, both men are around equally bulky, but Maddox will not allow himself to fall under anyone else. He believes he is the strongest man alive, and he will prove it. Although both him and Riley are fairly strong, the momentum shifts in his favor as he forces Riley back and presses him against the turnbuckle. The referee begins to yell as Paine forces Riley's head back in a nasty position by pressing under his neck with his big hand. The self proclaimed "God Amongst Men" ignores the petty referee's scolding until he begins a count. "1!" "2!" "3!" "4!" "C'mon Paine!" as referee Jack Hammer tries to push back on the large man. Eventually, Paine releases the lock up and smirks as he works his way back into the middle of the ring.

Ted Cedar: "A test of strength between two large men. Riley Williamson is used to being the larger guy around other people, if even by a few pounds, he's rarely ever had to go up against someone bigger and stronger than him!"

Joey Miles: "I know I wouldn't wanna be tangled with either of these large sons of bitches!"

Williamson shrugs off whatever just happened as he tries to regain his composure. He paces forward a bit and then angrily charges towards the bigger man. He throws his arms out and once again locks up with him as he tries to force the mercenary-dressed man into the corner, to attempt and show off his strength. However, he is out-powered once again as the large man quickly shoves him back a bit. Enough to create a bit of space for him to quickly throw himself around the Hardcore champion's body and squeeze the life out of him with a reverse bearhug. Riley grips at the Titan's hands as they squeeze him. He realizes he isn't going to over-power this man right now, so he opts to perform a more technical move. He quickly runs forward before throwing himself down onto two kneees right in front of the ropes. Paine flies forward as he barely manages to grab a hold of the middle rope as he is flung outside of the ring. He lands on his feet thanks to the middle rope, but he is momentarily stunned. Williamson quickly gets up to his feet inside the ring. Noticing that Paine is still a bit groggy, he uses it to his advantage. He charges to the ropes behind him and then flies forward through the ropes, attempting a suicide dive. The God Amongst Men sees him coming and reacts with great agility as he dodges him and sends him flying rib-first into the barricade! The crowd goes "oooh!" as Riley crashes and burns.

Ted Cedar: "Oooh that was just nasty!”

Joey Miles: “I can just imagine the pain poor Riley boy's going through right now!”

Almost instantly, Maddox pounces on him, capitalizing on the impact. He quickly tucks his head under Riley's arm and then lifts him up before sprinting forward at full speed. He rams him back-first into the steel steps as hard as he can! Riley moans as his back hits the steel very nastily. Williamson shouts in agony as the steps just about fly off their hinges! Maddox forces himself back and shouts as the Hardcore champion crouches down into the steps in pain. The referee's count is at “3!” now as Paine simply slides back into the ring. The fans in the front row scream for Riley to hurry up and get back inside the ring. Riley takes a breather. He isn't out, but he wants to take a bit of time to regain his composure and possibly think of a strategy. “4!” the referee screams right in his ear. “5!” Riley thinks. “6!” What can he do to knock this guy off? “7!” He realizes it's time to go back inside. “1!” - It's time to... whoa hold on just one minute. Was that a 1? He turns towards the ring in confusion. Only to notice that Paine is not inside the ring anymore. He looks around, and is suddenly clubbed to the ground from behind by the monster! Riley hits the floor as the ref yells at both men to go back inside the ring.

Joey Miles: “Bet he didn't see that one coming!”

Ted Cedar: “This Maddox Paine is a monster. Not only is he tough, but he is sneaky!”

Paine reaches down and pulls Williamson up to his feet. He grabs the back of the champ's head before slamming it down hard into the ring apron! Riley gets a bit groggy and it allows Maddox to slide him back into the ring. Paine follows him in and covers him. “1!” “2!” - Kickout as soon as the ref counts to 2. Maddox grabs Williamson's head aggressively and then pulls him up to his knees. Riley quickly leaps up and catches Paine's head with his hands before driving him down jaw-first onto the top of his skull with a nasty Jawbreaker! The Titan leaps backwards off the impact and bounces back towards the ropes. He springs off them and back towards Riley. Riley quickly picks him up by tucking his head under his armpit and pushes him into the turnbuckle roughly! The Hardcore champ pulls himself back and then swings a big right hand, catching Paine on the jaw. He follows it with another. Then another. The ref tries to hold him back, but Williamson is finally back on the attack, he is not going to let this slip!

Ted Cedar: “For the first time in this match, Riley has Maddox backed into a corner!”

Joey Miles: “Shhhhhit, how long will that last?”

Williamson swings a bit gut kick and then a few more loose right hands before the referee shoves him back, forcing him to let go. Riley argues a bit with the referee but he is anxious to get back on top of things. He runs forward towards the God Amongst Men but it's too late. He gave him too much time. Paine grabs the back of his head and flings him into the turnbuckle before swinging away with very sickening right hands! Each one feels like he's getting hit with a hard metal cannonball, but Riley takes each hit like a boss. Jack Hammer forces the big man back. But Paine doesn't have time for this referee's petty commands. He is a God. He walks back towards his opponent. Riley quickly leaps up and catches Paine's face with an unexpected high knee! Paine backs off... in pain, as Williamson then uses his momentum to leap up backwards and onto the middle turnbuckle. Paine stumbles a bit and then turns around. The Hardcore Champ leaps up towards the big man, attempting a flying axe handle. But it is too late, as Paine quickly hugs him in mid air and turns him quickly before slamming him onto the mat powerfully with a sick belly to belly suplex!

Ted Cedar: “Oh my! What impact! That belly to belly just about killed Riley!”

Joey Miles: “Holy shit Cedar, that dude is powerful!”

Paine remains on two knees. Breathing deeply as he has just taken a bit of a beating. Though he is new to competing, he is used to towering over his opponents. He didn't expect he'd be facing someone that's only about 15 pounds smaller than him on his first match! Maddox knows that as devastating as it was, the pin won't take Williamson out. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop him from attempting it. “1!” “2!” - Riley kicks out, just like he expected. The Bloodthirsty Monster quickly bends down and rakes the champ up to his feet, grabbing his fohawk style haircut as he wastes no time in pulling him up. He quickly pushes Riley against the ropes before whipping him across the ring. Riley bounces back, only to run straight into a back elbow by the large man. The smaller man hits the ground off the impact as he tends to his nose, which took most of the blow. Maddox wastes no time as he goes for another pin. “1!” “2!” - Kickout! Paine begins to get a bit frustrated. Why won't this measly man stay down? Paine gets up to his feet and then angrily jumps up before dropping the sole of his foot onto Riley's back, hitting him with a nasty stomp to the ribs. He doesn't stop there, as he jumps back up and stomps him again. He picks up this way and eventually turns it into a stomping frenzy! Referee Jack Hammer can't stop this because Riley is in the middle of the ring. “What? You still wanna keep going? You're NOTHING!” – the sick being known as Maddox Paine continues with the onslaught as he begins to scold his opponent. Paine stomps and stomps and stomps. Eventually he gets tired of it and pulls Riley up a bit before scissoring his legs around Williamson's ribs for a Body Scissors lock.

Ted Cedar: “Paine is now working on the already hurt ribs and back of the champ.”

Joey Miles: “Yeah, I still remember the sick bump he took off the barricade, and then that monster drove him into the steps, don't forget the belly to belly in mid-air! This guy's insides must be like jell-o at this point!”

Williamson begins to scream as the large man wraps his powerful legs around his body and squeezes the life out of him! Riley swings his arms around, not able to catch him with anything. Riley tries to turn, but the power of this man is amazing. His ribs and back are in pain, and there isn't much he can do at this point. All of a sudden, a surge of hope appears in the form of 12,000+ fans beginning to clap for him. Some chant his name as they begin to clap and clap, trying to give him some sort of support, and he is living off it! Riley balls his hand into a fist as the fans begin to clap in a rhythmic pace. He swings that hand to the side and catches the big man right on the skull with the blow! Paine shrugs it off and tightens, but that only makes Riley hit him again, this time a bit harder! Maddox really felt that one. Williamson swings a final right hand of hope, and this breaks it! Paine unhooks his legs and drops back, covering his face. Williamson tries to shrug off the pain on his ribs and back as he works his way up to his feet slowly. The Titan suddenly rolls all the way back and quickly lands on his feet in a great show of athleticism! Not to be outdone, Riley rolls back as well, following Paine on a show of athleticism and landing on his feet as well! Riley and Paine charge towards each other. This time, it's the champ that thinks on his feet. He ducks the larger man's clothesline attempt and runs to the ropes behind him. He bounces off them, straight into “The Titan” and he drives him to the mat with a running clothesline! The fans begin to cheer, as the hero of the match once again has the upper hand!

Joey Miles: “And now the man that everyone here supports is on top of things. Yikes. I'm still rooting for that other guy, mainly cause I'm scared he'll rip my head off if he doesn't think I am!”

Ted Cedar: “Riley now with the upper-hand, and that was a great running lariat!”

Riley bends down and pulls Paine up to his knees. He rolls him up slowly and then raises his right hand above his head before driving the point of his elbow down hard as he can directly to the back of the large man's neck! Paine drops down to one knee as Riley shows no mercy. He pulls him up a bit before swinging his entire body over and driving Maddox back onto the mat with a sick Swinging Neckbreaker! Riley goes for his first pin of the match! “1!” “2!” - Almost as soon as the ref hits the mat for the “2,” the big man powers out. Riley grabs Maddox's head and pulls him up once again, intent on keeping the momentum on his side. He quickly pulls Paine up to his feet before he takes a hold of the big man's right hand. He wrings it once as the God Amongst Men shows a bit of pain, attempting to surge the arm back. But Riley is in control. Riley jumps up and pulls his arm down, wrenching it hard in a nasty position. The monster groans a bit as Riley tries to wring it again! After a bit of hesitation, he manages to get it all the way over. Riley jumps up and brings the arm down as hard as he can once again. Paine drops down to two knees as Williamson then forces him down onto the mat back-first. He keeps a hold of his right hand as the Titan lays on his back. Riley jumps up and drops his right leg across the right arm. Hurting it a bit more.

Ted Cedar: “Riley's getting a bit technical now. Trying to even the odds by hurting the big man's arm!”

Joey Miles: “But that guy looks like he can take a beating. Riley better keep working on it all match, or he's gonna be in trouble!”

Riley then gets back up and takes Miles' advice, as he continues his assault on the right arm. This time in the form of a nasty knee drop, right to the bicep! Maddox uses all his force to pull away as he tends to his right arm. Williamson hasn't done too much, but it's something nonetheless. He grabs a hold of it as the ref walks up to him to ask. Paine completely ignores the “puny referee” as he grabs the ropes and tries to work his way up. Riley notices and he quickly grabs Maddox's right arm once again as he's almost on his feet and he tries to whip him across the ring to the ropes. Maddox charges full speed towards the ropes, he bounces back and notices that Williamson ran to the opposite side. Riley sprints back towards the larger man, only to get dropped to the ground, courtesy of a sick Kitchen Sink knee! Maddox is back on the assault to the ribs as that knee to the gut turned Riley inside out! Paine grabs his right arm, trying to shake off whatever pain he may be in – no pun intended, or err.. totally intended. He tries to prove himself to Riley by using that same right arm to pick him back up by the hair! He then wraps his right arm around the ribs of the champ before swinging him upwards and driving him down as hard as he can onto his knee with a Pendulum Backbreaker! Riley groans as his hurt back and ribs are once again targeted! But Maddox knows his stuff, and he keeps his current position locked in, wrapping Riley's back around his knee and forcing him down by pressing his elbow against Riley's jaw and keeping his left leg down with his other hand, wrenching the back nastily across his back!

Ted Cedar: “I have to say. Although he's a rookie, Maddox is looking great in this match against the Hardcore champ!”

Joey Miles: “Well shit, it's easy to say that when you're 260+ pounds of pure muscle!”

Ted Cedar: “That's not pure muscle Miles, he has organs, fat, skin...”

Joey Miles: “MUSCLE!”

Riley screams as he tries to wiggle out of it. After realizing that trying to out-power him is a bit futile, Riley thinks smart once again. He realizes his right leg is free and he uses it as a weapon. He swings it up as high as he can, kicking it into Maddox's face. Paine's hair flies around wildly as Riley really gets him good with that kick. He swings another, and another. Careful to how fast he should launch them, as every time he brings his leg back down, it adds a bit of pressure to his back. He throws one more out of somewhat desperation, but it works. Maddox once again releases his hold as the champ wiggles out of the lock. He gets up to his feet quickly, not wanting to waste any time. He swings a big knee forward, driving Paine in the gut. He then shoves him back into the ropes before grabbing a hold of his hand. He tries to whip him across, but Maddox once again shows off his strength by countering the whip with a whip of his own! Riley expected this, and he's ready to dodge Maddox's lariat attempt on the way back from the ropes. Maddox didn't think so quickly, and as he turns around, Riley nails him with a hard shoulder tackle, driving his shoulder into Maddox's right shoulder! Maddox hits the mat as Riley then jumps over him and runs to his side. He bounces back towards Paine, who leaps up into the air to leapfrog over him. Riley comes back and Maddox once again leaps over him, grunting as he does. Riley bounces one more time as he comes back full speed towards Maddox, who runs towards him and leaps into the air, driving Williamson onto the mat with a nasty Running High Knee! Maddox drops to one knee off the impact as Williamson hits the mat as well.

Ted Cedar: “Wow! Paine out of nowhere with that Flying High Knee!”

Joey Miles: “and Riley's momentum is once again brought down!”

Paine flips his hair out of his eyes. He gets back up to his feet as he tries to imagine what to do next. Though he is big, strong, and smart, he is still a rookie, and doesn't know how to handle being in a big match like this against a champion! He hoped it'd be over by now, but it obviously isn't. Paine reaches down and pulls Williamson up to his feet. Maddox pushes him against the ropes and whips him to the other side. Riley gains a bit of consciousness as he bounces back and quickly wraps his arms around Maddox's head, locking him in a standing Sleeper Hold! The fans go back to cheering as Will is back in control! Maddox throws his hands around, not knowing what to do in this predicament! Riley knows this and he takes full advantage of it, being a more experienced veteran of the game! Riley bends backwards, pulling back on that sleeper hold as much as he can. Though at a certain point, he feels a surge of pain in his back, as he is still hurt. He keeps it at that much pain for a bit, trying to circulate how hard to wrench while juggling his hurt back and ribs. Paine does what anyone with his instincts would do as he swings a powerful elbow behind him, driving it into Riley's forehead. Will knows better and he keeps the submission on, not allowing him to lose this momentum. Maddox looks at the turnbuckle and then back at Riley, before realizing a much better solution to his problem. Paine rushes forward towards the turnbuckle and then drops down to two knees while bending forward, forcing Riley face-first into the top turnbuckle, breaking the hold with an impressive counter for a rookie!

Joey Miles: “How's that for a rookie, eh? He just about dominated Riley with that counter!”

Ted Cedar: “I'll give him his props, but I still think Riley's experience is going to take it for him!”

Maddox groans as he tries to roll out of the corner, military style. Riley keeps his head on the top turnbuckle, trying to rest a bit. Paine gets up to his feet and then walks towards Williamson in the corner. The Titan whips him as hard as he can towards the corner. Will hits the turnbuckle back-first really nastily and bounces forward. Paine runs to the ropes behind him, bounces straight towards the champ, flies into the air while swinging his right arm around wildly, and then knocks his forearm straight into the face of Riley, driving him down onto the mat once again with a sick Flying Forearm! Riley feels like he just got hit by a damn tree branch as he lays down for a nap. Maddox covers him. “1!” “2!” - Nope. Riley is still in this thing! Paine slaps the mat angrily before rubbing his right arm a bit, trying to ease the pain. Maddox grabs Will by the head before rolling him back up to his feet. Maddox then tucks himself into Riley's armpit before raising him up and bringing him to the top turnbuckle, in a seated position. Paine climbs up with him, trying to follow suit. Riley reacts quickly as he throws a big headbutt, hitting Paine in the face! It's unknown who took more damage, but what's important is that The God Amongst Men is the one that ended up falling back into the ring while Riley remained on top! Riley is seated as he begins to position himself. Many fans begin to stand up, they know what's coming! His signature elbow drop! Riley looks around one more time, seeing all the faces of his tons of fans around him. Williamson leaps off the top rope while swinging his elbow wildly, before driving it straight into the chest of the big man, hitting him with his signature Blading Drop! Maddox is nearly out of it, and Will takes advantage, as he covers him almost instantly! “1!” “2!” “3!” - No!! The big man kicks out of it! Riley is surprised, as are all the fans around him!

Ted Cedar: “Beautiful elbow drop, but it wasn't enough to put him away!”

Joey Miles: “I think Riley's only choice is to hit his F-5! That will definitely put him away!”

Maddox rolls to his side, coughing. That was definitely a great elbow. Riley tries to roll himself back up, the elbow drop took a bit out of him too. Riley then decides that maybe it's time for him to go for a superplex, as that has usually taken a ton out of his opponents. This could be a blessing right now. He realizes Maddox is groggy enough for it as he picks him up by the hair. He manages to get him up to his feet before locking him into a suplex hold and using all his power to raise the huge man up and onto the top rope! He follows him up there and dangerously stands on the middle and top ropes. He tries to re-lock in the suplex hold, but Paine has some life in him again! Maddox swings a big right hand, catching him directly in the face. Riley responds with a hard right of his own. Maddox swings, Riley swings. Maddox is a bit stronger, and he manages to get the better of him! Right, right, right. Three rights to the face before Riley finally gives way and lands back first on the mat! Paine works his way up to his feet on the top turnbuckle. It's his turn now! Paine looks around. Unlike Williamson, he has no fans to cheer for him. He throws both arms to the sides, balled into fists, as he gives a big roar. He leaps off with a faithful attempt, and he drives his leg across Riley's chest, hitting a very nasty flying leg drop! The fans begin to cheer, even though they don't really like him, simply because that move was awesome!

Ted Cedar: “Oh my! Imagine a 265 pound man driving his giant leg across you off the top, that looked painful! Riley has to be done!”

Joey Miles: “265 pounds of muscle!”

Ted Cedar: “Yeah yeah!”

Paine moans off the impact as he tries to go for a pin. Though he is in pain himself, he manages to get on top of Riley fairly quickly. He just paid him back for that diving elbow courtesy of a diving leg drop! “1!” “2!” “3!” - NO! This time it's Williamson that kicks out! The fans jump up and down with cheers, knowing that this match isn't over just yet! They suddenly begin a slow but sure “This is awesome!” chant! For good reason too, this IS awesome! Maddox is breathing deeply, he really thought it was over right there! Paine works his way up to his feet slowly. He realizes there's a few tricks down his sleeves still. “It's over!” – he yells, as he signals for the end! He then reaches down and pulls Riley up a bit. He tucks Riley's head between his legs as he attempts to lift him for that same Powerbomb that took out Dante Cross last Vendetta! He tries to lift him, but Riley fights on, like a true champion! He drops down to the mat and uses his strength to push The Titan back! He creates enough space to lift the large man up onto his shoulders, trying to go for his F-5 finisher!

Ted Cedar: “Oh!! It could be over here, Miles! No one ever kicks out of Riley's F-5! He's gonna do it!”

Joey Miles: “That Maddox dude needs to do something, fast!”

Riley takes too long, courtesy of his hurt ribs, and it is enough time for Paine to leap off his shoulders! Williamson turns around as Maddox quickly turns him over, setting him on top of his shoulder for an Oklahoma Slam attempt! He has him up, but as he runs forward, Riley quickly wiggles out of it! He lands behind him and shoves The Titan forward. Paine turns around and Riley quickly kicks him in the gut before turning around to try and hit his Stun of Death! But Paine has him calculated and he shoves him this time! Riley charges towards the ropes. Unaware that Paine has done the same with the ropes behind him. As both men charge towards each other at full speed, Maddox Paine flies forward at full speed and throws himself into Riley's hurt gut, driving him hard to the mat with the nastiest Charging Spear you could possibly imagine! Maddox bounces up as the fans go “Ooooh!”

Joey Miles: “That spear! That same spear he hit on Dante Cross last Vendetta, I wasn't even here and I saw it, that's how sick it was!”

Ted Cedar: “I think my ribs hurt...”

Joey Miles: “I think you have diabetes.”

Maddox gets up slowly. He looks around at the disappointed fans, who really wanted Riley to win. He smirks, enjoying all the sad faces. He then looks down at Riley, who is pretty much out cold. “You want more? Fine! That wasn't good enough!” – He yells as he then bends over quickly and picks up Riley's half-awake carcass. He throws his head between his legs before he looks around at everyone. He raises Riley will whatever power he has left, and then he slams him down as hard as he can while sitting down, hitting his Titan Bomb, or as most know it, a Sit Down Powerbomb! He keeps the position locked in, pinning Riley for the final time.





Laura Watts: “The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall... Maddox... Paine!”

Ted Cedar: “I can't believe what we just saw! This show is barely at the beginning and already we just experienced a great match between this two men! An unexpected show put on by two men who had something to prove!”

Joey Miles: “I can't believe it's barely the beginning of the show! I look forward to seeing the rest of it!”


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3.) Maddox Paine vs. Riley Williamson - No-Disqualification Match

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