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 AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier

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AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier Empty
PostSubject: AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier   AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 12:03 am

Due: Saturday September 28th, at 11:59 PM EST

AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier MJFR42R
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AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier Empty
PostSubject: Re: AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier   AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier EmptySat Sep 28, 2013 4:55 pm

As this match gets started, it’s very clear that the two foes are quite a mismatch.  With T.K. standing at nearly seven feet, A.J. Miller may be about to question his career choices.  If that is the case however, he’s not showing it.  Simply showing the confidence of a ring veteran, a trait he’s no doubt emulating from the Nature Boy.  T.K. just gives him a look of pure amusement.  This man standing nearly a foot below the Crimson Giant shows not a lick of intimidation.  This is going to be interesting. 

Dennis: “Look at that, Miller is just shining with confidence!  He knows T.K. isn’t worth shit anymore!”

Cedar: “That could very well be a mistake Adam, at his best or not, T.K. is still nearly seven feet tall.  That’s not something you just charge in against.”

The Hollywood Highlight continues this show of arrogance as he steps on up to the grand slam champion, before unleashing a loud Knife Edge Chop.  T.K. doesn’t react at all to this, still looking quite amused as Miller unleashes a mighty “WOOOOOOOOOO!” in the face of the Evolution of Man.  This is followed by a return knife edge chop from the Crimson Giant that sends the Californian stumbling back into the ropes.  The crowd roars with approval as T.K. mocks his foe with a “WOOOOOO!” of his own. 

Cedar: “Well so much for that confidence, it doesn’t appear T.K. is in a very playful mood today.”

Dennis: “When is he ever?”

Done with playing around, T.K. immediately grabs Miller by the arm before forcibly dragging him back up to his feet and whipping him across the ring.  The Hollywood star slams back first into the nearby turnbuckle with enough force to knock him back down to the canvas.  The Evolution of Man laughs before walking over to AJ.  “So you’re the man huh?  YOU WANT TO BE THE MAN?”  T.K. mocks Miller, paying close attention to the actor’s upcoming movie role.  The big man stomps down on the upper back of Miller, before just looking at the ref as if to say “This is a wrestler?”  Of course, T.K. should have considered a very important fact.  Miller is emulating the dirtiest player in the game.  As the Crimson Giant picks up the actor he’s met with a thumb to the eye, temporarily blinding the former world champion. 

Cedar: “And here come the dirty tricks..”

Dennis: “What can you say Ted?  He’s the dirtiest player in the game!”

Cedar: “You mean he’s emulating the dirtiest player in the game partner.”

T.K. immediately snarls in anger, swinging in the general direction of Hollywood star, but with his vision blurred he misses.  This is all it takes for Miller to go on the offensive as he sends a sharp low kick to the back of the Evolution of Man’s right leg.  The big man stumbles forward into the turnbuckle, and AJ continues his assault as he turns T.K. around before hitting him with another knife edged chop, and another, and another.  Each time the fans let out a strong “WOOOO!” more out of respect of the nature boy than that of the actor emulating him. 

Dennis: “You were saying?”

Cedar: “I never said the man couldn’t wrestle partner.”

It would appear these chops are having quite a bit more effect on the former world champion than earlier as his chest is starting to grow red.  Stopping for a few moments, AJ takes a break as he lets loose a “WOOOO!” of his own before climbing up onto the middle rope, and starting to let loose a series of strikes.  1…2…3…4…5…6..7, hit after hit, each one having it’s obvious effect on the big man.  That is until the ninth punch as the fans anticipating the 10th and final strike.  Only it doesn’t happen.  Instead T.K. lifts Miller straight off the ropes and slams him down with a spinebuster!  The crowd goes nuts at the counter as the big man goes for the pin.  “1…2!”

Cedar: “There’s that wrestler’s experience on T.K.’s part, he knew where Miller was positioned and used his strength to take advantage.”

Dennis: “Doesn’t matter anyways, if Miller can beat Mack, then T.K. is screwed anyway.”

T.K. pushes himself back up to his feet, a bit dazed from AJ’s assault, but he stomps down on his foe nonetheless.  The big man looks a bit confused.  “You’re the one who defeated Mack?  This is a disgrace.”  T.K. grabs the Hollywood star and drags him back up to his feet before tossing him over the top rope to the outside.  The official yells at the Crimson Giant, but T.K. takes no heed as he simply exits the ring to follow his challenger. 

Cedar: “Uh oh, this is about to get ugly.”

Dennis: “T.K.’s has to get his big head straight.  Just because AJ has some success in the film industry doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle.” 

Cedar: “I don’t think that T.K. doubts his ability, just doubting the fact that Miller has beaten two former world champions since debuting.”

Miller quickly decides to remain in character, and what better way to do that than to beg for mercy in front of the big man.  The Evolution of Man laughs, as if a legend’s trick is going to get the best of him.  He charges forward, ready to show Miller what a fool he’s being, only for AJ to swiftly dodge to the side.  Before T.K. can stop himself, he slams knee first straight into the steel steps.  The fans cry out in shock as T.K. immediately grabs onto his knee in anguish.  Miller looks a bit surprised himself, but only a moment, deciding it’s best to make it appear that was his intention from the beginning!  As such he returns to his feet with a hint of arrogance before stomping down on the back of the Virginia native’s leg, continuing to target the now injured right knee. 

Dennis: “I think he’s doing just fine, look at that!  He tricked T.K. into going in for the attack, a moment later he’s in control!”

Cedar: “I’m not completely sure that was intentional partner.”

Dennis: “Of course it was!  Just stop doubting the man!”

As AJ really collects his thoughts on what it is that is happening he hears the ref shout out “5!” as the ring out count is building up fast.  T.K. isn’t about to stop him from entering the ring and staying there, but he is the Man!  Why should he need to win like that?  Instead he simply rolls in, then back out of the ring to restart the count before continuing his attack on the big man.  Miller grabs the back of his foe’s head before pulling him over to the steel steps and slamming him face first into it.  It would appear that the Hollywood star is about to make his face live up to the Crimson Giant name.  He picks T.K.’s head up again, before slamming it down a second time.  The fans are just watching in surprise.  Many likely doubted Miller’s ability to go one on one against a man as strong and skilled as the Evolution of Man. 

Dennis: “You see that, he’s making T.K. learn what is to be the Man!”

Cedar: “I have to admit that he’s proving himself more and more.  Who knew that simply falling into a role could get someone this far.”

A bit early to start talking however, as AJ goes to repeat the action a third time only for T.K. to catch himself.  Miller doesn’t even have a chance to react as the Virginian strikes back with a back elbow strike, before spinning back up to his feet.  A glare in his eyes that could kill a man.  Miller’s choice of reaction is a quick roll back into the ring as the official reaches a count of 8.  T.K. quickly follows, entering at a count of nine, only to be met with a quick stomp to the back as he enters.  It would appear that Miller is going to remain on top for now as he drops an elbow to the lower spine of the big man for good measure.

Dennis: “You see that, genius!  The man’s a born star I tell ya!”

As much as T.K. would like to disagree, no one can doubt that Miller is doing a great job, much to the fans displeasure.  Not one to ignore just how much of an advantage he currently has, Miller quickly continues to display his role.  Pulling off a perfect strut before letting loose a “WOOOOO!”  The fans don’t join in this time.  This doesn't seem to bother Miller much as he goes to continue his assault by grabbing his foes leg and locking in a leg lock, not the figure four of course, it’s too early for anything THAT ambitious.  Despite this, the move is quite obviously having its effects as T.K. is likely cursing his foolish mistake from earlier right now. 

Cedar: “Regardless of whether or not he was expecting this, Miller it really pushing it against T.K. here right now.”

Dennis: “Of course he is!  T.K. is nothing like he used to be after all.  Ever since he returned he’s been a moody brat.”

Cedar: “Well at least he’s being honest with himself.  Miller is acting like he’s a bloody legend a few matches into his career.”

Miller of course is simply applying more and more pressure as he constantly thinks of how to continue staying in role.  What move would Flair follow this up with?  What would he do right now?  Those are the things in his mind as he thinks of all the time he spent studying, and learning the way of thinking that Flair used for decades within the squared circle.  Meanwhile T.K. is thinking of just how to beat the bloody hell out of him when he gets out of this leg lock.  Which is taking him a strange amount of time to do.  Being an experienced mix martial artist, one would think T.K. would know how to break away from it.  Yet he struggles a bit here before realizing that he’s close enough to the ropes to reach for the rope break.  Miller hesitates for just a few seconds before releasing the hold. 

Cedar: “That’s odd, I know you can’t just dominate or break a submission immediately, but that’s usually something T.K.’s pretty good about.”

Dennis: “I’m telling you, he’s just not the same, meaning he’s easy pickings for someone fresh and confident like Miller.”

Miller seems to see it that way as well as he doesn’t let up against the former world champion, kicking him in the gut before he can even rise up to his feet.  The fans boo the move as T.K. continues to rise up to his feet.  AJ goes to get a cheap shot in yet again, but is instead met with a quick right hand that sends him staggering back.  T.K. has hell in his eyes now as he goes to press on the advantage.  Miller isn’t nearly prepared to defend himself either as he quickly backs away.  Not fast enough however as T.K. nails him with a mighty Discus Lariat that knocks Miller inside out!

Cedar: “There’s the T.K. we’ve come to know!”

Dennis: “He’s only delaying the inevitable.” 

T.K. stops here though as he drops down to his knee, the leg lock clearly did its job as he’s feeling the effects.  Despite this the big man forces himself back up to his feet to continue his attack, with the tides turned, he can’t let his chance die now.  He picks up the dazed actor before attempting to whip him across the ring.  Instead, Miller manages to show enough strength to reverse the move sending T.K. flying straight into the official.  The crowd reacts with a big “Oooooh, as it looks like the referee is down for the count right now. 

Cedar: “And the referee is down, all hell is about to break loose!”

Dennis: “About damn time too!”

T.K. stumbles back up to his feet as he sees the official laying on the ground, unsure of how to react at first.  Should he take advantage, or play fair?  He doesn’t have much time to think about this as Miller continues to stay on the attack as he knocks the big man down with a club to the back right back onto the official.  With T.K. now on the ground, Miller walks over to the nearby turnbuckle as he starts to untie the ropes keeping the padding on it.  The fans go insane at this, not for AJ, but because they know full well what this is leading into.

Cedar: “Now what in the hell he doing?  Just because the referee is down doesn’t mean he needs to start throwing out the rulebook!”

Dennis: “You know full well that Flair wouldn’t let an opportunity like this slide.  Neither will Miller, and neither would T.K. if he didn’t start acting like he didn’t have a pair.”

Within moments the padding is off and the Flair wannabe turns around to take advantage only to get a knee to the gut from the Evolution of Man.  It doesn’t appear that T.K. is likely to just lay down and let him do this as he lifts Miller up into the air with relative ease with a scoop slam.  He then drops the Californian onto the canvas with an impact.  The fans go are back into the action now as the Crimson Giant looks to finally be making a real impact in this match.  T.K. turns his foe over onto his stomach now before climbing over top of him.  It would appear that things are about to get a bit more serious for the would be Nature Boy as T.K. grabs him by the neck and squats over him to set up a Camel Clutch, which the fans know can only mean one thing.

Dennis: “Well now there’s something I haven’t seen in a while.”

Cedar: “My god, this is the preparation for Genocidal Dissolution!”

The fans go nuts as T.K. drops a huge head butt into the back of Miller’s skull, not just once, but repeatedly, one time after another.  Meanwhile the camel clutch submission is doing its job as AJ cries out in agony.  The double sided effects of the head butt seem to be taking their toll on the Evolution of Man however, as he starts to slow down.  Dazed, but unwilling to release the submission quite yet as he starts to speak into Millers ear.  “You’re just an actor, you don’t belong here!”  Before delivering one final head butt to the back of the head as T.K. releases the submission. 

Dennis: “Did I say T.K. wasn’t as good as he used to be, I meant that he just needed to warm up a little…”

Cedar: “Just an example of why T.K. dominated for so long a couple of years ago, he has so many moves at his disposal that can break a man it’s not even funny.”

After letting the daze of pain and aches fade a bit, T.K. stands up to his full height before pounding his chest a few times and letting loose a thunderous roar to an ovation from the fans.  It looks like T.K. is going to try and end it here and now!  Meanwhile it would appear that Miller is thinking of every way out of his current predicament.  He can’t lose after all, he is the Man.  You CAN’T beat the man, not him, not now.  And this thought continues to run through his mind as T.K. goes to pick him up.  Before anyone is able to react Miller throws his arm up and catches the Evolution of Man with a quick low blow!

Cedar: “Oh of all the lousy tricks!”

Dennis: “There he goes, dirtiest player in the game!  You’ve gotta love it Ted!”

The fans immediately change emotion as they let their anger echo through the building.  Not a bit of it phasing the Hollywood star as he gets back up to his feet, while T.K. writhes on the ground holding his sweet spot.  Miller eyes the corner he opened up and checks to make sure the official is still down, and sure enough the referee is out like a light.  AJ takes this as his cue to grab the Crimson Giant by his curly ginger hair and drag him to the corner.  T.K. is still in a bit of a haze as the low blow did quite a number on him.  AJ lifts him up before finally slamming his head into the exposed steel turnbuckle.  The fans watch in shock as it happens, only for T.K. to shoot his head up into the air as if he was barely effected by it.  A bit of blood dripping down his face to prove that not to be the case.  Miller smashes his head into the turnbuckle again, but the result is the same as the fans cheer as they see what it is the big man is doing. 

Cedar: “Is T.K. really about to try and out act AJ Miller with a different legend?”

Dennis: “Oh god why…”

T.K. breaks Miller away who simply continues to play the part of the Nature Boy.  In response T.K. points straight at his opponent before the fans react with a “YOOOOUUUUUUUU!”  AJ doesn’t seem to quite know how to react to this as he goes for a punch only for it to be caught by the Crimson Giant and he gets hit by another.  T.K. continues the assault with anther, before whipping his opponent across the ring and knocking him off of his feet with a clothesline.  Miller is quick to his feet only to get blasted with a big boot for his troubles.  The crowd is going crazy as T.K. pulls out Hulk Hogan’s infamous poses, before running across the ring, and rebounding off the ropes to land an Atomic Leg Drop!  Unfortunately for the big man, the ref is down and out. 

Dennis: “I swear to god if T.K. had won with a fucking leg drop…”

Cedar: “Oh just enjoy it why won’t you!”

Despite the fun and games, it would appear that T.K. is not going to continue his charade of the legendary Hulkster.  Instead he looks around, before seemingly coming to a bright idea as he rolls out of the ring and starts to look underneath the ring.  The fans seem confused, but only for a moment as T.K. drags out a steel chair.  It doesn’t look like T.K. is going to be playing nice if his opponent isn’t.  Miller is coming back to as he sees this, immediately realizing that shit may have just hit the fan for his chances in this contest.  T.K. slides into the ring now, ready to finally bring this match to an end. 

Dennis: “What was that about the rule book earlier Ted?”

Cedar: “It would appear it’s been thrown out the window partner.”

Miller doesn’t let the big man rise to his feet however, quickly attacking the Crimson Giant with a timely strike to the top of the head causing T.K. to drop the chair.  AJ doesn’t skip a beat as he grabs a hold of the chair and moves away from the big man quickly.  Preparing himself to use his new weapon.  T.K. doesn’t seem to be really anxious to jump forward against him at the moment.  Actor or wrestler, either way a steel chair is going to get hit if you get hit by it.  Both men’s attention is also taken by the fact that the official is finally starting to get back up to his feet.  Whatever is going to happen, it needs to happen fast, and it needs to happen NOW.  As such Miller rushes forward as he swings the chair like a madman.  T.K. reacts with the only way he can, a quick Cambrian Explosion into the steel chair, smashing it straight into the face of the Hollywood star.  The impact being so hard that the sound could have been mistaken for a gun shot.  So much for his Hollywood good looks.  Miller immediately flails on the ground like a fish as he cries out in agony about his now busted open face. 

Cedar: “My lord what a Cambrian Explosion from T.K.!”

T.K. swiftly kicks the chair out of the ring as the official finally rises to his feet.  The evolution of Man doesn’t let this opportunity slip away from him as he lifts his now bleeding foe up to his feet before kneeing him in the gut and putting his head between his thighs.  The fans cheer as he hooks Miller’s arms before lifting him up into the air for a Tiger Bomb, better known to the XWA Universe as a Evo-Bomb!  With a thunderous force T.K. drops his foe spine first into the canvas, holding it for the pin.  “1…2…3!” 


“Here is your winner and entering the chamber at #6… T.K!”
(Yay I showed!  Can't say it's the greatest thing I've ever written, but I think it's a fairly solid match.  Had a lot of fun with it once I really got into it.  Good luck Ace, hope you can get your post in.)
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AJ Miller vs. T.K. - Chamber Qualifier

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