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 M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match

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M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 7:19 am

Due: September 29th, 2015

Word Limit: 2,500

Singles Match
The singles match is the most basic of all professional wrestling matches, which involves only two competitors competing for one fall. Victory is obtained by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification.
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M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptyTue Sep 29, 2015 1:13 pm

The penultimate match of the card between the past and the future of XWA gets underway, and both men begin to circle each other, daunting the other to make the first move. Both men comply with each other and lunge in for a lock-up. Wilson’s underestimated strength catches Spires off guard as he pulls the veteran’s arm down and throws him in a headlock takedown immediately into a quick pin. Wilson’s manager Bryce Baker stands outside the ring clapping for his client.


Spires bridges, locks his arms around Logan’s waist and rolls him through, sending both men scrambling back up to their feet. Wilson tries to keep his momentum rolling by rushing Spires once they’re both on their feet, but finds himself quickly being slammed to the mat when Caleb ducks down and sweeps his legs out from under him with an amateur-style blast double-leg takedown. Spires keeps ahold of one of the newcomer’s legs as Wilson immediately scrambles to the ropes upon being slammed, getting a rope break. “1-2-3-“ Spires lets go of the leg at the three count and throws his hands up in an innocent manner as he steps back. Wilson uses the ropes to pull himself back up and as Spires walks back toward him, he soon finds himself bending over gasping for air with a boot to the gut. The Grizzly Cheetah wastes no time in running into the ropes to gain momentum before Caleb can recover, and brings The Elite One crashing down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker with so much strength that Spires nearly does a full barrel roll in mid-air before crashing to his doom.

David Michaels: “I didn’t know it was even possible to twist that much in mid-air.”

Ted Cedar: “Not even a minute into the match and both guys are already going at each other full throttle. And it only looks to be getting better from here.”

The Elite One lies on the mat in an awkward position, rubbing his neck to ease the pain as Logan flops on top of him for another pin attempt.


Caleb kicks out with relative ease, not surprising The Grizzly Cheetah who immediately gets back to his feet, graciously helping up Spires by his hair. Wilson Irish whips the groggy Spires across the ring and tries to decapitate him with a clothesline. Pinpointing this, Caleb ducks under the clothesline and immediately wraps his arms around his waist, hoisting him up and throwing him backward with less-than-amazing German suplex due to the size difference. It hardly phases The Grizzly Cheetah who rolls to his side as he tries breaking the grip wrapped around his waist. Logan explodes up to his feet, causing Caleb’s grip to weaken. Wilson manages to tear his hands apart and turn to face his adversary yet again, delivering a knee to his sternum that completely catches Spires off guard. As he bends over in pain, the newcomer once again uses the ropes to catch momentum and dash toward Spires. Once he returns to the location at which he left Spires, he finds a spinning wheel kick instead, sweeping him off his feet and crashing to the mat. Clearly rattled by the kick, The Elite One bounces back up to his feet and acts fast before his opponent can do the same as he runs forward, leaping onto the middle rope and back-flipping enough to land chest to chest courtesy of a springboard moonsault, followed right into a pin to a roaring crowd.

Ted Cedar: “Even after a couple years off, Spires still never fails to show his quick chain-wrestling and athleticism.”

David Michaels: “Early on he seems full of energy and isn’t shy of using it. This continuous fast pace will be a good testament to seeing if he can still hang as long as the young guys.”


Not only does Wilson kick out, but Wilson kicks out with such force that he sends The Elite One flying off of him so far that when he lands, his momentum sends him rolling right out of the ring. Stopping himself from falling to the outside, Spires clutches his arm around the bottom rope, and carefully pulls himself all the way on the apron. He pulls himself to a standing positon on the apron right as Logan reaches his feet as well. As Logan charges him, he runs smack-dab right into Caleb’s elbow cracking him a good one right in the jaw. Spires teeters on the ring apron but keeps his balance. The elbow wasn’t enough to stop The Grizzly Cheetah who comes right back at Spires. The 5x heavyweight champion tries to throw a forearm to the face, but Wilson stops him dead in his tracks when he catches Spires by the forearm with one hand, glancing right into his eyes to strike fear. Before Spires has the chance to do anything to counter, Logan uses his free hand to reach over the top rope and easily lift Spires in the air. It appear at first that he is pulling Spires back into the ring, but instead he tosses Spires high into the air, halfway in the ring and halfway out, delivering a brutal throat thrust as he is falling back down. Caleb lands about as ungracefully as he could have wished. His stomach comes right down on the top rope, slinging him backward, tumbling to the apron and ultimately to the floor on the outside, all the while he is coughing while trying to tend to his throat that has just been struck. The crowd is popping for the impressive counter by the XWA rookie, though also giving a mixed reaction at the painful way The Elite One crashed to the outside. “1!” Caleb scrambles around on the ground looking for something that can help him rise to his feet. “2!” Wilson stands in the ring, awaiting for his adversary to get back up so the pain train can keep rolling through. “3!” Caleb finally manages to reach the ring skirt that he gets a tight grip on to get back up. Bryce stands behind the nearest ring steps taunting Spires to stay down. “4!” As the skirt helps Spires pull himself back up to his feet, wobbly-legged and all, Logan prepares to strike. “5!” After letting go of the apron to get better balance, Spires starts wishing he would have stayed down. Before he has any chance to move, Wilson flies at him through the ropes and connects a somersault suicide dive that sends him crashing to the outside hard, and sends Caleb fly backward right into the announce table, that being the only thing not knocking him right on his ass, sending the arena into a frenzy.

Ted Cedar: “By Gawd! First Wilson throws Caleb up feet above his head with relative ease, then he immediately follows up by playing the role of daredevil flipping out of the ring. You never know what to expect from this guy.”

David Michaels: “He may not talk very much, but his style is so versatile that it’s hard to know how to defend yourself against him, and he has already managed to catch a veteran off his guard multiple times. You’ve got to imagine Razor Xtreme’s palms could be getting a bit sweaty thinking about KoX!”

Ted Cedar: “Hey, David, we went over this… I, and I’m sure so many others, would appreciate if you would actually call the pay per view by its actual name instead of sounding out the abbreviation.”

David Michaels: “I wasn’t talking about the pay per view.”

“1!” Logan lies on the outside taking a quick breather as Caleb slumps against the announce table, not moving but showing his pain by his facial expressions. “2!” After taking a few seconds of rest, Wilson rises back up to his feet and goes right for Spires again. “3!” He grabs him by the hair, jerks his body off the announce table, and then throws his face down onto the table. “4!” As The Elite One’s face bounces off the table, he turns around to be hoisted up by both legs with his arm slumped over Wilson’s neck. Wilson brings him down courtesy of a spinebuster on the hard, thin-matted ringside floor. “5!” Caleb lets out a blood-curdling yell as he writhes around on the floor with stiff back while Logan just stands over him, confident that he has the veteran’s number. “6!” Since Spires is incapable of moving, The Grizzly Cheetah reaches down and lifts Spires right off the ground in a body slam grip and sets him on the apron, pushing the fallen legend back in the ring. “7!” Wilson slides back into the ring himself, breaking the count-out. As Spires rolls closer to the center, he stops on his back, which prompts the #1 contender to follow him to the spot and take both of his legs, trapping his ankles under his armpits. Then Logan begins to spin in a circle, causing The Elite One to be lifted off the mat, spinning along with him for a Giant swing. Logan continues to pick up speed, taking Spires on quite the carnival ride of dizziness. The fans marvel at the strength of Wilson, who keeps Spires consistently spinning in the air for no less than twenty seconds before stopping, slamming him on his already-sore back while keeping ahold of his ankles. The Grizzly Cheetah begins turning Spires over, and even in his state of pain The Elite One tries his best to fight it. It is of no use as he is overpowered, turned to his stomach and finds himself close to the center of the ring, locked in the Wilson-named Columbus crab.

David Michaels: “Spires has been taking a huge beatdown on his back the past few minutes. A Boston crab can’t be what he was hoping for.”

Ted Cedar: “The power and killer-instinct of Logan Wilson to swing Spires for almost half a minute and then immediately shaking it off to lock in a submission is astounding. I’m sure he’s sending quite a statement to anybody in the back that could potentially cross paths with him.”

Caleb’s world is still turning from being swung around for so long that trying to crawl to the ropes is hardly an option at this point, being forced to ride it out for a bit or tap out. “Make him tap! Come on Logan!” screams Bryce from the outside, slapping the ring steps to make a ruckus. Wilson doesn’t hold back on the legend, sitting far down and pulling up on his legs to add as much torque as he can, prompting Spires to groan in pain, desperately reaching out to grab something to break the hold. The crowd screams out to Caleb, trying to give him the motivational strength to break the hold. Whether it be the motivation or not, Spires begins making progress by pulling himself closer to the ropes. He reaches out but it still a bit short of grasping the bottom rope. Logan tries to walk him back to the center, causing his pressure to loosen just enough for Spires to clutch the bottom rope. “1! 2! 3! 4!” Avoiding disqualification, Wilson lets go of the broken down Spires who keeps ahold of the ropes so he can’t be put back in a submission before having recovery time. Logan backs away from him, giving him the chance to stand with help from the corner. Once he is back up to his feet, bent over still recovering, The Grizzly Cheetah charges him. Spires side steps, collapsing into the ropes just in time, causing Wilson to go flying in-between the turnbuckles and cracking his head on the ring post. Dazed from the blow to the head, Wilson is momentarily groggy as he pulls himself back out of the corner. Spires stands to the side of him, clutching the top rope for support as he jumps into the air, knocking Logan in the side of the head with a step-up enzuigiri. The boot connecting with Wilson’s head has him even more stunned on his feet for a second before he collapses, lying across the top rope. Adrenaline begins pumping in Spires helping him take less time to get up than previously. Before Wilson can come too again, Caleb grabs both his arms from behind and twists him around until his back lies over Logan’s head, rearranging his face with a brutal Facial.

Ted Cedar: “Caleb has found some life left in him! After being controlled over the last few minutes, The Elite One is reaching down deep and making it anyone’s match again!”

David Michaels: “And you’re surprised by this? You’ve been calling his matches for years and I’ve wrestled him multiple times. Fighting back is never not an option for him. But it still comes down to if he can keep withstanding the remarkable strength advantage of Logan Wilson.”

Three consecutive blows to the head has Logan in a daze, potentially unconscious as he lie on the mat unmoving. Spires floats over and hooks the leg for a cover.


Wilson has the wherewithal to kick out, irritating Spires who rolls off of him and slides under the bottom rope out to the apron. He begins to scale the nearest corner, carefully as to not hurt his back worse. By the time he is nearly to the top, Bryce gets closer and begins demanding Caleb to get down. This catches the attention of The Elite One who turns to the manager and starts arguing with him. Neither man make much of an audible point as they are just interrupting each other, but Bryce accomplished his goal of distracting Spires. When he redirects his attention to his fallen adversary, he finds his adversary no longer fallen, and instead shaking the top rope to make Spires’ foot slip and rack himself on the top turnbuckle. The crowd gasps and sympathize with the wide-eyed Spires who wilts forward a bit. With The Elite One in pain in a vulnerable position, Logan steps up to the second rope and drapes Caleb’s arm over his neck, pulling him upward. Spires tries to avoid doom by locking his feet around the top turnbuckle, but that hardly phases Wilson who lifts him upside down and falls back, superplexing Spires on his already injured back. In one swift motion as he lands, Wilson rolls over the top of Caleb while still keeping him in a suplex position and lifts The Elite One up in another suplex position. Logan holds him there for a few seconds to let all the blood rush to his head which he soon drops him on courtesy of a brainbuster, completing the Columbusplex. Even watching fan-favorite Spires dropped on his head doesn’t stop the crowd from erupting at Wilson’s swift move.

David Michaels: “Gotta know the right times to go to the top rope. Logan may have been playing a bit of possum and made Caleb pay for it big time.”

Ted Cedar: “And what a chain move by Wilson too. A superplex hurts enough, but rolling through and turning it into a brainbuster… I’m not even positive I’ve ever seen that before.”

“This is awesome!” chants show the two warriors the gratitude of the match they are putting on, and Logan goes for a cover, hoping to put Caleb away.


Kick-out from Caleb, who still looks knocked out even after getting his shoulder up, prompting Wilson to smack the mat in frustration. He is tired of The Elite One’s persistence and wants him put away for good. Spires makes slight movement on the mat, but Logan isn’t going to wait for him as he pulls him in-between his legs and quickly hoists him in the air in a Powerbomb (Xtra) position. Caleb senses danger and tries everything in his power to wiggle out, forearming Wilson repeatedly in the face to get him off balanced. Slyly, Spires slips out of the clutches and falls out the back, sunset flipping his opponent right into what could be a quick steal.


Wilson manages to roll back fiercely enough to break the pin attempt, and both men scramble back up to their feet, charging one another. Logan attempt a clothesline which Caleb ducks, simultaneously getting in an STO position. Before Wilson can power out, he’s lifted up and slammed on his back, Spires sitting out with it to give The Grizzly Cheetah his signature Caution. Both men have endured much pain so far that they both lie on the mat, too fatigued to try and capitalize.

Ted Cedar: “Just when you think one of these guys is dictating the pace, the other fires back and gains the upper hand. Both have taken some excruciating bumps that I can imagine will be leaving them in pain for the following days.”

David Michaels: “Bumps and bruises heal, Ted. But putting on a match that steals the show and gaining bragging rights over another top name... That’ll stick.”

“1!” A count has started since both men are still down. “2!” The toll the match has taken is clearly showing as both men struggle to get back up. “3!” Bryce stands outside cheering on his client. “4!” Both men start to crawl toward one another. “5!” Both begin standing, using one another for leverage. “6!” Shaky on their feet, both are back vertically to a cheering crowd and begin trading blows. Wilson, the stronger man, gets the last blow, knocking Spires back into the ropes. Logan tries to capitalize by pulling a 360 spin and attempting his finishing rolling chop. As he swings around, Spires drops down, trapping his leg, drop-toe holding Wilson so that his throat strikes the middle rope. Logan bounces back up, coughing and dry heaving as he is bent over, tending to his neck, giving Spires a short window to capitalize. The Elite One finally shows his underestimated strength by lifting the larger man in a torture rack position. Wilson tries fighting it ultimately Spires brings him down right on his head with the famous burning hammer, covering instantly.


~Ding! Ding! Ding!~

Ted Cedar: “And the 5x world heavyweight champion prevails in a match that was at times looking bleak for him, as he has done so many times throughout his career. Still can’t help but think that finish came a bit unexpectedly without as much build-up as I’d expected.”

David Michaels: “Well, Caleb isn’t used to 2,500-word limited matches. Once he came scary-close to the quota, he had to end it quickly instead of cutting out middle parts of the match and ruining the flow.”

Ted Cedar: “Wait… What?”

David Michaels: “I said Caleb’s had a lot of experience in the ring, making him so dangerous that he can turn the tides and beat you in an instant if you’re not careful.”

Ted Cedar: “Oh… Haha, for a second there it sounded like you said… Something different. Never mind. Great win for the veteran who proved he’s still got it, and great showing for the newcomer who proved that he’s going to have it possibly for years to come.”

The fans at home have completely zoned out during the last bit of conversation, desperately racking their brains and questioning the actual reality of the universe trying to figure out what the hell David meant. Meanwhile, “Fake It” booms through the speakers as Spires rolls off of his beaten adversary who is starting to come to, feeling mentally broken after not getting the win that he desired so badly. Caleb gets back up to his feet, stumbling and fatigued, but still standing tall in victory as the referee lifts his hand in the air to signal that he is the winner to a sea of applause from the Caleb fans in the arena, and those at home who aren’t still banging their heads against the nearest wall in their house in confusion of David’s comment. Wilson rolls out of the ring, helped stood up properly by Bryce Baker who begins telling him things like “You were the better man tonight,” “Caleb got lucky and everyone knows it,” and “You’re still the number 1 contender, King of Xtreme will be YOUR night!” Wilson doesn’t seem too comforted with a look mixed with pain, tiredness, and disappointment as Bryce helps his limping client up the ramp. Spires continues to appeal to his fans in the ring, notably fatigued but trying his best to ignore it. After he feels he has overstayed his welcome in the ring, he rolls out and slowly walks up to the ramp. If he expects to get advance over Shade in the King of Xtreme tournament, he’s going to need to get some rest and healing time. The screen fades to black and commercials begin airing.
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M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptyTue Sep 29, 2015 10:22 pm

With Bryce Baker watching at ringside, Ryu Sanu calls for the bell to be rung thrice and the match to officially begin. The two superstars circle one another, readying for the inevitable clash. As per usual with most wrestling matches, this one begins with the tried and true Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up. However, it seems Logan had a different plan as he quickly drops to his knees, while letting of Caleb and flipping him onto his back with a very quickly Fireman’s Carry Slam, shortly after transitioning into a Seated Headlock! Caleb, taken aback by the surprising move from his opponent, quickly shakes it off and begins getting back to a vertical base, something far easier said than done when a man who is almost fifty pounds heavier and eight inches taller is trying to keep you down. Eventually, however, he reaches his feet and pivots to the side of Logan, wrapping his arm around his back and attempting to lift him into a Back Suplex. Despite the size difference, Caleb manages to get Wilson off of the canvas, but “The Grizzly Cheetah” lets go of the hold and quickly back flips, mid-air, to land on his feet behind his opposition! Instantly following this, Logan applies a Waist Lock and attempts a Release German Suplex, but this time it’s Caleb showing his agility by back flipping and landing on his feet behind his opponent, whom had dropped to the canvas while attempting the German Suplex. Quickly, Wilson gets back to his feet only to be hit with a big-time Front Dropkick to the chest from Spires, causing him to fall backwards into the turnbuckle, landing in a seated position with the back of his head hitting the middle buckle. Caleb, not finished there, quickly gets back to his feet and rushes at his seated foe, leaping into the air and landing a second, almost slow motion style, Dropkick to the face of Logan! “Get outta there!” shouts Bryce from the outside, with a dazed and confused Logan having just enough cogency to listen and slide out of the ring. He tries to regain his composure on the floor, standing by Bryce, but Spires has no plans of letting him rest. He runs in the opposing direction of his opponent, in order to rebound off of the ropes and gain speed before darting directly in Logan and Bryce’s direction. Logan sees Caleb coming and as the multi-time XWA World Heavyweight Champion leaps into a somersault over the top rope, Wilson pushes his manager out of harm’s way and then proceeds to catch Spires on his shoulder, somehow managing to keep his footing! The incredible feat of strength is followed up with a Dominator-style Inverted Front Powerslam, sending Caleb slamming hard onto the thinly padded floor! The audience lets out a loud, mixed reaction, some being amazed at what they just saw and others wanting Caleb to get back in it.

Ted Cedar: ”Oooh! That had to hurt!”

David Michaels: ”This guy, Logan, he’s got some serious strength. After the way we saw him man-handle a three hundred plus pound man at the last Vendetta, we knew that, but to be able to catch someone, in that way, with him coming in at such a fast speed, is incredible. Don’t get me wrong, though. Caleb has always had a knack for beating men stronger than him with his speed. Hell, he took out E.G. Deal two weeks ago.”

Ryu begins his ten count again, having started it once Logan exited the ring, but being forced to restart after Caleb flew over the top rope. The two superstars aren’t out of the ring for too long, however, as Wilson lifts Caleb up Gutwrench-style and pushes him in the ring. He slides in directly after the legendary XWA wrestler, going immediately for a cover.



Following the somewhat quick kickout, Wilson doesn’t waste a second. He gets back to his feet, pulling Spires with him as he does so and then tossing him into the nearest turnbuckle. Logan lands a very stiff European Uppercut to his adversary, followed by a second and then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and on and on as Ryu counts to four, his counts being slower than Logan’s lightning-fast European Uppercuts. As soon as he hears four, Logan stops his assault and takes a step back, raising his hands just high enough to make sure the official knows he’s no longer touching the cornered Caleb. Ryu nods and Logan instantly lays into Caleb with a final European Uppercut, causing some serious whiplash. He grabs a hold of Caleb’s wrist and attempts an Irish Whip, but the XWA Hall of Famer has the wherewithal to reverse it and sends his opponent across the ring with his own whip. Logan, as he’s approaching the opposite corner, leaps up and steps off of the middle buckle with one foot, quickly spinning around and dropping back onto the canvas, only to be hit with a surprising Stinger Splash from Caleb! The audience pops for Spires, who begins making his comeback, as Logan drops to the canvas. Seeing him laid out perfectly in front of the corner, Spires decides it’s time to go high risk. He begins ascending the ropes from inside the ring, all the way to the very top. Upon standing on the top rope, Spires quickly looks back to make sure Logan is still in position and calculate how he has to do what he’s about to do. In a swift, fluid motion, Spires leaps into a back flip, twisting his body as he does so before crashing down torso-to-torso on Wilson with a huge Corkscrew Moonsault! The fans pop big time for the incredible aerial maneuver, as Caleb goes for the cover.




Caleb is forcefully thrown off of Logan as he kicks out at just over two!

Ted Cedar: ”There’s that speed you were talking about, David. It wasn’t enough to keep Logan down early but it was damn impressive and did the damage.”

David Michaels: ”Exactly. If Caleb sticks to that, keeps his speed game going, he may be unbeatable here. There’s a reason he’s considered one of the all-time greats in XWA.”

Caleb quickly gets back to his feet, as Logan begins getting up as well. The Ohio-native is instantly attacked by the veteran upon reaching a standing base, Spires laying into Wilson with very stiff elbow shots to his face. In what appears to be payback for the earlier barrage of European Uppercuts, Caleb goes to work on his opponent, but, unfortunately for Wilson, Spires doesn’t have a rope break to factor in. After a grand total of twenty-four speedy, yet brutal elbow shots to the side of Wilson’s face, Caleb takes a step back and measures up his groggy foe. He then leaps into a beautifully executed Spinning Wheel Kick, taking Logan down and going for the cover once more.




This kickout wasn’t nearly as forceful as the previous one, as Logan looks even more dazed and confused than he did earlier following the Dropkick while he was seated in the corner. Looking to continue fighting an offensive battle, Caleb begins to pull Logan back to his feet, but, upon reaching a knee, Logan pushes his opponent back a few feet. He pulls himself the rest of the way up and then dodges to the side of an upcoming Clothesline attempt from Caleb, probably due to being too tall to really duck under it, and pops around, behind Spires. Hastily, Logan applies a Waist Lock. Instead of going for a German Suplex right away, however, Logan backs up to the ropes first. While hardly even arching his back, “The Grizzly Cheetah” lifts Caleb off of the canvas and tosses him overhead with the second Release German Suplex of the match, this one sending Spires straight over the top rope and tumbling to the outside! The fans mostly cheer for the innovative use of the German Suplex, while the more diehard Spires fans boo. With Ryu beginning another count, Spires lays on the floor, almost unconscious as he appears to have landed on his head. Logan looks over to Bryce, noticing a smile on his manager’s face and nodding to him, before turning his attention back to Caleb, whom is finally beginning to get back to his feet. Wilson turns away from Caleb and then runs to the ropes. He ricochets off of them and returns in the direction of Caleb, before leaping into the air and somersaulting, looking for the very Suicide Dive Caleb had attempted earlier – and pulling it off amazingly, as he crashes into Spires while flipping and landing on his feet! Even the supporters of Caleb are cheering after that one, as the rookie pulls off a great move.

Ted Cedar: ”Logan just came back at Caleb with a maneuver Caleb tried earlier in the match, but landed it to perfection! He even landed on his feet!”

David Michaels: ”Well, you have to remember, Caleb is a lot smaller than Logan. There’s no way he could have caught him like Logan did earlier. That said, that was still an impressive showing of agility and athleticism for a guy Logan’s size. I think, more than anything, this is mind games. This is Logan trying to say ‘I’m stronger than you, but I’m also faster than you’. I don’t think he is necessarily faster, but after that, Caleb may be questioning himself and that’s what Logan wants.”

Once more being forced to restart his count, the patient Ryu Sanu begins at one again. Outside of the ring, Logan takes a moment to regain his composure and then he pulls Caleb back up to his feet and grabs a hold of his wrist tightly. He goes for his second Irish Whip attempt of the match, this one turning out much better for him than the previous one did as Caleb goes rushing straight into the security barricade, turning at the last minute to avoid as much impact. This doesn’t save him from an oncoming Logan, however, who rushes straight towards him and lands a Clothesline so powerful that it flips Spires straight into the crowd area! The fans, especially those in that area, pop big, as security makes sure none of the fans can get to Caleb. Logan quickly slides into the ring, looking up at Ryu who tells him to stay there, only to shrug and slide back out of the ring, forcing him to restart his count once again. Wilson makes his way back over to Caleb, whom is slowly pulling himself back to his feet with the help of the security barricade. He ends up getting some extra help in the form of his opponent, whom reaches over the barricade and wraps his arms around his opponent’s body, just under his arm pits. Instead of pulling him to a feet base, however, Logan skips straight passed standing and throws Spires overhead again, this time with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from the fan area back to the ring-side area! Caleb lets out a scream of pain as he rolls around the floor, hurting severely from again being tossed onto the thinly padded concrete. Ignoring the referee’s count, as it’s not at a dangerous level yet, Logan waits for Caleb to get up, as he begins to do so by using the steel steps for help, which he had slowly crawled to. Once he’s nearly back to a vertical base, Wilson rushes forward, but we will never know exactly what he had planned for the legendary XWA superstar, whom quickly dodges to the side, doing a Drop Toe Hold that causes Logan to slam jaw-first into the steel steps! The sound of flesh meeting steel echoes throughout the arena, along with cheers, as Caleb stumbles over to the ring and slides in and then back out, again forcing Ryu to restart his count, much to his chagrin.

Ted Cedar: ”This match is so back and forth, it’s like no one can keep the advantage. Just when you think Caleb’s got the upper hand, Logan switches it. Just when you think Logan’s got the upper hand, Caleb switches it.”

David Michaels: ”This match may not be for any championships or seem like it’s necessarily important, but it is for these two. For Logan, he wants to prove he belongs before he goes one on one with Razor Xtreme for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Caleb wants to prove he can still hang in XWA. It’s truly a battle for pride.”

Caleb makes his way over to Logan, who is still lying with his arms and head on the steps, holding his jaw. Spires grabs him by his head and yanks him over to the ring, sliding him in and then proceeding to climb onto the ring apron afterwards. While he waits for his opponent to get back to his feet, “The Elite One” takes a moment to recover from the multiple big moves he’s taken in this battle. As Logan reaches his feet, Caleb leaps into the air, springboarding off of the top rope and flying towards his opponent, grabbing a hold of his neck and soaring over him, flipping into a Neckbreaker dubbed the Over Castle, also known as a Blockbuster! The fans cheer the move as Caleb goes for the cover, looking to finally put this match to a close.




It’s the closest kickout of the match so far, but it wasn’t enough to keep Logan down for the full three! Caleb, exhaustedly, flops over and lies down besides his opponent, too tired at this time to get up, despite knowing that he’s letting his opponent recover as well. Of course, Ryu comes in with another ten count, this time for a potential double knock out finish, if neither man can get to their feet in time. A look of complete disgust comes across Caleb’s face, in a “come on, just five more minutes” style, but he begins getting up, regardless, as does Logan. The two men leisurely get back to their feet, not too worried about the count at this point and making it up at seven each. An exchanging of punches soon follows, as Spires lands a shot to the cheek of his opposition, whom responds with a stiff European Uppercut. Caleb stumbles back, but shakes off the cobwebs and, realizing Logan wants to go there again, responds with a strike of equal stiffness, one similar to his elbow shots from earlier. This time, however, Wilson doesn’t seem too fazed and responds with yet another European Uppercut. The battle ensues with stiff shot after stiff shot, until Caleb begins to gain the upper hand, managing to land unanswered elbow shots and backing Logan up into the ropes. He goes for an Irish Whip, but this time it’s Wilson reversing it, as he sends Spires rushing across the ring to the opposing ropes. Caleb bounces off of them and makes his dash back to his opponent, but Logan launches him high into the air, toss up-style, and, as he comes falling back down, Wilson drills him with a huge Throat Thrust! The fans, who at this point in the match have stopped caring about which wrestler they prefer, cheers the big move as Wilson goes for the cover.




With a count as close as could possibly be, Caleb manages to just barely get his shoulder up in time!

Ted Cedar: ”Wow! The height Caleb just went right there at the hands of Logan was incredible! And, despite that, he still kicked out!”

David Michaels: ”Win or lose, I think both guys proved something tonight. That said, the winner is still gonna get the bragging rights from a great match. This is a true test for Logan, who is only in his second match with the company. If he leaves here the loser, even after this hard fought battle, it’s gonna be tough for him.”

Logan gets back to his feet and makes his way over to the ropes, specifically to where his manager stands outside of the ring. He kneels down by the ropes and begins talking strategy with Bryce, while occasionally looking over to make sure Caleb isn’t back to his feet. Once they decide on a way to finish his, once and for all, Wilson nods at his manager and makes his way back over to Spires, whom is now on a single knee. He reaches down, attempting to grab the wrestler, but it appears Caleb is playing possum as he suckers his adversary in, grabbing a hold of his hand and pulling him down, placing it in between his legs and wrapping his arms around Wilson’s face to apply the Arm-Trap Crossface he likes to call Inspired! The fans burst into cheers as Caleb’s submission finisher is applied in the center of the ring.

Ted Cedar: ”Inspired! Caleb has applied the Inspired! This is it! He’s gonna tap! He’s gotta tap!”

David Michaels: ”It was an amazing effort, but Logan made one key mistake. He took his eyes off of Caleb. You can’t do that in a match with an XWA Hall of Famer.”

With the fans cheering wildly, Logan looks around, realizing he’s stuck in the center of the ring. Bryce, from the outside, begins yelling, “Get out of it! Get out of it!” Unfortunately for his client, Baker and the whole world can tell he’s fading. He lifts his hand up, readying himself to tap out, but Baker keeps shouting for him to find a way out of it. Logan’s hand waves back and forth, “The Grizzly Cheetah” clearly trying his very best to stop himself from giving in. Just when it looks like he’s finally about to give up, he clenches his fist, slams it into the canvas and surprises the world, as he begins getting back to his feet, with Caleb still applying his hold! The incredible strength of this man causes cheers from the fans, as he slowly pulls himself back to a vertical base, with Spires still hanging on, despite the look of shock covering his face. However, once his adversary is standing, Caleb begins to put extra power in the hold, causing him to drop back down to a knee. Fighting through the pain, Wilson slowly brings himself back up to both feet once more, and then drops to the side, slamming Caleb into the canvas with a Side Walk Slam-style maneuver, causing him to release the hold! The fans applaud Logan as both men lie in pain and exhaustion.

Ted Cedar: ”He got out! Logan got out of Caleb’s Inspired, with pure power!”

David Michaels: ”Shit, I’m starting to think Benjamin made a good choice with this guy. Caleb applied a move that would make damn near any other man tap out and he’s still in here. Razor better be ready for this guy.”

With the audience on their feet at this point, Ryu has begun another count to ten. Both men are very slow to move, each slight push feeling like gravity itself is working as much against them as it possibly can. Nevertheless, they gradually get back to their feet, bit by bit. At the count of nine, with both men in danger, they make that final pull and reach vertical bases simultaneously. Like earlier, an exchanging of shots happens, but these shots are much slower, more punch-based hits. As the shots go on and on, they begin to pick up in speed as both men start to run on adrenaline alone. The fans are loving it and the two go to town on each other, but one missed punch from Caleb changes things completely; Logan having dodged it and spun out into a Rolling Chop straight to Caleb’s forehead that knocked him down, landing the Unnecessary Violence! Without wasting any amount of time, Wilson picks Caleb back up to his feet, places his head between his legs, applies a Straight Jacket and lifts his opponent onto his shoulders, proceeding to slam him into the canvas with a huge Sitout Straight Jacket Powerbomb that he’s dubbed the Powerbomb Xtra! He lands in a pin as Ryu goes for the count.





The HBO instrumental version of 50 Cent’s “Ready For War” hits as Logan drops backwards, lying on the canvas, and Bryce excitedly slides into the ring. The fans cheer for a great match.

Ted Cedar: ”Logan won! Wow! The rookie has just defeated a Hall of Fame legend in Caleb Spires! What a match!”

David Michaels: ”I’ll be honest, Ted, when I heard this match would be happening, I didn’t expect this. I thought maybe he’d give Caleb a hard time, but I didn’t think there’d be any way this newcomer would beat him. I was wrong. The guy is good. Let’s see if he’s good enough to win the World Heavyweight Championship, though.”

Bryce helps his client back to his feet whilst screaming out to the audience, “this guy is for real!” Ryu raises Bryce’s hand.

Laura Watts: ”Here is your winner, by pinfall, Logan Wilson!”

The official lets go of Logan’s hand as he stumbles back a bit, clearly still exhausted heavily from that match. Bryce calls for them to leave and they begin to exit the ring, but Logan stops. He turns back to Caleb, who is now reaching his feet, a look of disappointment on his face. With Baker looking on, confused, Wilson makes his way over to Spires and extends his hand, offering a handshake. The fans cheer the attitude of this newcomer, as Spires looks at the hand at first, unsure of what to make of this. He doesn’t know him nearly well enough to know if he has any other motives. Regardless, they just had a great match and he’s offering his hand, so a reluctant Caleb shakes it. It proves to be the right move as Logan grins at his former opponent and nods at him before walking off with Bryce.

Ted Cedar: ”A great showing of respect from those two superstars right there. Caleb may have lost, but he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. As for Logan, this kid’s future looks very bright. Don’t go anywhere, folks. We’ve still got a hell of a main event left.”

David Michaels: ”And they’re gonna have a hell of a time trying to one up these two.”

The show cuts to a commercial break.

[I'm about 335 words over, unfortunately. I didn't realize I was until I re-counted after I finished. Without commentary and post-match stuff, I was at, like, 2,835. I apparently missed a paragraph when adding up my total words the first time. So, apologies for that, Caleb. Razor told Rob that he has a 500 word leeway of sorts, so I assume this is alright, otherwise I would've edited it, but I don't wanna have to get rid of over 300 words unless I need to.]

M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match MJFR42R
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M5) Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match

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