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 M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match

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M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match Empty
PostSubject: M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match   M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 10:05 pm

Due: September 15th, 2015

Word Limit: 3,000

Tables Match
A Tables match is a match in which, to win, ones opponent must somehow be driven through a table by their opponent.
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M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match   M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match EmptyTue Sep 15, 2015 2:55 pm

~Ding! Ding! Ding!~

As the bell rings to start off the match, Caleb begins backing up in a circle around the ring as Deal follows him slowly, a dead stare on him to try and instill fear. The Elite One is not quick to make a move, rather trying to come up with a game plan before diving right in. E.G. slowly gets annoyed by the lack of action and acts fast, trying to grab Spires by the head. Spires acts quickly by ducking under his hands and ending up behind him. As Deal turns around, he is met with a knife-edge chop that doesn’t cause him to budge at all. The 5x heavyweight champion expected as much, which is why he immediately runs to the side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes for more momentum. As he returns to The Golden Eagle, he is nearly decapitated by a clothesline which he swiftly ducks as he charges the opposite ropes and jumps onto the middle rope. Deal is temporarily off-balance after missing the clothesline and as he turns around, he is struck by a springboard back elbow to the temple that has him stumble back into a corner, slightly dazed.

Ted Cedar: “Spires has the right idea; quick, swift strikes to the big man while trying to stay out of his grasp.”

David Michaels: “What other choice does he have? Locking up with Deal will do him no good, unless he wants to get thrown across the ring.”

As The Elite One rolls back up to his feet in an instance, he wastes no time in charging the corner at full force. Spires leaps into the air, attempting to strike Deal in the face with a knee, but faces quite the opposite fate. The Real Deal clinches his right fist and throws it upward, catching an airborne Spires in the jaw with a Very European Uppercut. Caleb hits the mat hard and begins floundering like a bass on land as he clutches his jaw, rolling away from the corner that E.G. Deal still tries to recuperate in. Once E.G. shakes off the lingering pain from the elbow, it appears to make him angrier as he crouches, waiting for Spires to come back to. A camera close-up shows Spires clutching his jaw with his eyes clenched in pain as he gets to one knee, trying to bring himself up to his feet. Once he is up, he turns around, and Deal charges out of the corner. Before Caleb has the chance to counter, The Golden Eagle lifts his leg and plants a fierce running big boot right in his adversary’s face, taking him right back to the mat he was lying on three seconds earlier.

David Michaels: “And just like that, the big man takes the upper hand. And that look on his face makes me think he doesn’t have any intentions of giving it back.”

Ted Cedar: “We all knew that Spires’ small strikes would only be effective for so long. Now with Deal in the driver’s seat this match could be getting interesting.”

Deal stands over his fallen opponent, throwing his arms up in triumph which causes a mixed reaction from the fans. E.G. glances down at Spires and then glances outside of the ring, trying to decide his next move. Ultimately, he begins walking toward the ropes, kicking Spires in the ribs as he heads to the outside ring area. He leaps out of the ring, and lifts up the ring skirt, looking for a weapon of destruction. Sure enough, Deal wants to solidify his advance in the tournament early on by pulling a table out from under the ring, getting quite the ovation at the early introduction of the table. He props the table horizontally on the apron, and gets ready to slide it in. What The Destiny Holder didn’t account for is a rejuvenated Spires, who catches Deal off guard with a baseball slide against the table. The force of the baseball slide results in the table smashing into Deal’s head and falling off the apron, as Deal stumbles backward into the crowd barrier, completely caught off guard with a throbbing headache. The fans get behind The Elite One, who grasps onto the top rope with both hands, waiting for Deal to recover long enough to get closer to the ring. Once Deal does so, pushing off the barrier to get completely upright, Caleb flies over the top rope with a crossbody. The Golden Eagle will not allow Spires to keep the upper hand and uses all of his strength to catches his nearly 100-pound lighter opponent. The Elite One is desperate to escape the clutches of Deal, wiggling each way possible and trying to hammer him in the head as hard as he can. Caleb’s efforts are put to an abrupt stop as he is rotated upside down and thrown down back-first onto the crowd barrier with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker so painful that fans in the 6th row may have to schedule an x-ray in the morning.

Ted Cedar: “Dear Lord! Spires tries capitalizing fast and instead ends up meeting the metal barrier! I’m beginning to wonder if Spires has any possible answer for E.G. Deal.”

David Michaels: “Definitely a rough start for The Elite One. Looking a bit rusty out there against one of the biggest stars XWA has to offer.”

“Ahhhh! Oh God!” Spires screeches out as he writhes in pain on the ground. Deal pants a bit as he takes a step away, trying to regain his stamina while Spires is down. As his stamina meter has filled back up, The Golden Eagle snaps his head back to Caleb who is grabbing the ring skirt, trying to hoist himself up. While Spires struggles to do this, Deal focuses back to the table on the ground, lifts it up, and pulls both legs out. He sets it up outside the ring, right as The Elite One reaches his feet again. As he is finally upright, still groggy however, Spires turns around and is immediately grabbed by the throat by E.G. Deal. The Inspiring grabs his wrist with both hands, trying to peal his hand off of his neck, but his strength is no match for Deal’s. Deal hoists him in the air, about to chokeslam him right through the table. Before E.G. has the chance to bring him down, Spires does the only thing necessary to keep him alive by reaching out to the nearby ropes and wrapping both arms around the top and middle rope. As Deal tries to slam him forward, The Elite One pulls forward as much as he can, causing the big Egyptian to lose his grip and pulls himself into the ring over the top rope, narrowly escaping elimination.

David Michaels: “There’s Caleb’s veteran instinct. While he may not have the size advantage, his wrestling IQ helped him avoid what looked to be devastating to him.”

Ted Cedar: “The Golden Eagle had a clear game-plan coming into this match and he is utilizing it very well. It will be hard for this freight train to be derailed.”

Deal is less than pleased and slides into the ring to let Spires know how he feels about his cowardice. The Golden Eagle begins pushing himself to his feet as soon as he is in the ring, which is exactly what Spires was anticipating. Once Deal is on one knee, Caleb strikes fast by leaping onto his elevated knee and swinging his other leg into the air, booting Deal in the temple with a beautifully-placed step-up enzuigiri, the first move to actually knock Deal onto the ground all match. E.G. face plants the mat, caught completely off guard by the enzuigiri, and Spires falls back against the ropes, taking some deep breaths. It doesn’t take too long for Deal to start getting back up to his feet, and Spires pinpoints this before he is fully vertical. The Destiny Holder is still bent over slightly, and Caleb charges him, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him down to the mat with a stiff swinging neckbreaker in an attempt to immobilize Deal long enough to get a solid plan going. Wasting no time after they both hit the mat, The Elite One rolls out of the ring. It appears as though he is trying to catch a breath as he drops to the ground, but he instead lifts up the ring skirt and pulls out yet another wooden table to another loud applause. He pulls the table up along with him and sets it onto the apron before pushing it into the ring, lying on the ground in a nearby corner. Spires slides into the ring with perfect timing, as The Golden Eagle is getting back up to his feet. This makes the table an oversight as Spires wonders on over to E.G. in an attempt to put him back down. Spire is quickly derailed with a hard forearm to the gut, knocking the wind out of him momentarily and forcing him to take some steps back. Deal grabs Caleb behind both knees and hoists him into the air, as Caleb is Hospitalized by a powerful spinebuster from The Destiny Holder, once again putting himself in better position.

Ted Cedar: “Jesus… Every time it appears that Spires has gained an advantage, Deal comes right back and puts him down again.”

David Michaels: “This is to be expected though. Spires has been away for so long it’s only natural for him to struggle to keep down the 6’9 E.G. Deal.”

The momentum has completely shifted into Deal’s corner, whose adrenaline is pumping a hundred miles an hour now. He stands over Spires’ back, slapping him in the back of the head and instructing him to “Get up, bitch!” It is tough for The Elite One to even figure out where he is right now, but he begins to slowly plant his hands on the mat and try his luck in standing. He takes to long for The Golden Eagle who is waiting impatiently, so he wraps both arms around Caleb’s waist and pulls him all the way up to his feet, standing behind him. Caleb has an idea of what is coming next, so he clutches the ropes to try and avoid doom. The strength advantage of E.G. is too much to overcome this time as he is jerked to the center of the mat, losing his grip on the ropes, and sent flying over his back, folded up like an old accordion when he is slammed on his back/lower neck, victim of a Guten Nacht, Deal’s version of a German suplex. It truly may be a Guten Nacht for Spires who lies on the mat, still folded up awkwardly and with just a tiny bit of drool coming out the side of his mouth. At this point, Deal is just having fun with the legend. Time for The Golden Eagle to put the 5x heavyweight champ out of his misery. Not even giving him the time to get back to his feet, E.G. grabs Caleb by the hair and pulls him off the mat, still too groggy to counter anything. He lifts Spires up on one shoulder, about to attempt a Scripted End. As soon as Caleb comes to, he does whatever he can to wiggle out of his clutches, and eventually slips out, landing on his feet behind Deal. He stumbles back into the corner to keep his balance and has his foot cocked. E.G. turns around and The Elite One throws his foot in the air for a superkick. Before he makes contact with Deal’s chin, Deal catches his foot, and Spires is left bouncing on one leg, wide-eyed that his plan backfired. The Destiny Holder throws his foot down to the mat and instantly tries a clothesline. As Caleb ducks the clothesline and gets on the other side of Deal, he doesn’t even look back before backflipping into the air, delivering a foot right to E.G.’s noggin with a wonderful Encore, sending Deal plummeting to the mat in a heap.

David Michaels: “And that is why you can never count Caleb out. Just when you think you have him where you want him, he does whatever it takes to turn the tides.”

Ted Cedar: “Definitely a good chance for Caleb to turn the momentum around. The question is will he be able to capitalize?”

Still a little worn out from the hard bumps Spires has taken, it takes him a couple seconds before he is fully mobile. Instead of standing up in the ring, Spires rolls under the bottom rope and out to the apron, not falling out of the ring. From the apron, he uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet, regaining a bit of his stamina and trying to get the momentum in his favor. The Elite One heads over to a corner and begins ascending the ropes, until he finds himself perched up on the top, sweat dropping from his forehead. He stays put until his adversary begins to get back to his feet in the ring. Once Deal is nearly back up, he is taken immediately back down. Caleb leaps from the top rope, grabbing E.G. by the back of the head, sitting out, and slamming him into the mat face first, executing a flying bulldog that gets the crowd in an absolute frenzy as they cheer for The Elite One who has finally gotten the upper hand in the match. His adrenaline is rising and he isn’t as slow to his feet as he has been the past few minutes, almost bouncing right up after the bulldog. He backs into a corner, tripping over something he had completely forgotten about… the table lying in the corner. The Elite One looks down at it and realizes that it’s time to try and use it to his advantage. He bends down and pulls the table up from the mat, and leans it vertically up against the corner, figuring that might be the best position for it to be in in order to drive the big man through it.

David Michaels: “Looks like somebody just remembered the stipulation.”

Ted Cedar: “When a match is so toughly contested, sometimes it can be easy to oversee the most important aspects.”

David Michaels: “Thank you, Aristotle, for your profound wisdom of a sport you’ve never even taken part in.”

Spires spends a little bit of time trying to perch the table up to his liking. Perhaps, he may have taken just a bit too much time, because when he turns around to fetch Deal, he is met with a low blow uppercut straight to the groin. Spires crosses his legs and falls to his knees, grimacing in pain while clutching his sensitive area. While Caleb tries to recuperate on both of his knees, E.G. Deal rises to his feet and grabs The Elite One by the neck again as he did earlier. This time when he hoists them in the air, there is nowhere for Caleb to escape as he is chokeslammed right back to the mat, known to E.G. Deal as the Grotto Drop. As Spires crumples to the mat, having taken quite the beating for a majority of the match, The Real Deal thinks that it’s time to end this nonsense and advance in the King of Xtreme tournament. He backs all the way up to the corner opposite of the perched table and patiently awaits for The Inspiring to reach his feet. Caleb’s eyes are glazed over, his vision is blurry, and he is practically out of breath. But he’ll be damned if he stays whimpering on the mat. It takes him quite a while, but he crawls over to the ropes nearest to the table and uses them to help get up to his feet. E.G. Deal stays in the other corner licking his lips. Spires is falling into his trap, and he is like a puma about to pounce on a gazelle. Once Spires reaches his feet, standing in front of the table, he turns around and sees Deal sprinting to him like a semi, about to spear him through the table. Just in the nick of time, Spires lunges out of the way, causing Deal to try to stop dead in his tracks. With too much momentum on his side, E.G. ends up going into the table head-first, though not hard enough to drive him through it. His head ricochets off the table and he lumbers backward into a suspecting Spires who grabs both of his wrists, and twists The Golden Eagle around so that his head is pressed up against his back. Caleb drops down, delivering a Facial that drives E.G.’s face right into the canvas with Caleb’s back pressed against the back of his head to add more force.

Ted Cedar: “What a back-and-forth match! Every time you think that one of them has found an answer, the other quickly turns it back into a question!”

David Michaels: “Just goes to show how dedicated these guys both are in trying to claim the title of King of Xtreme… And this is only the first round! I can only imagine how intense it will get in the next couple weeks.”

Neither men are making too much movement for the time being. Both have been pulling out all the stops and it takes a bit until there is some recovery. Deal rolls over a bit until he is out on the apron, holding onto the bottom rope so he doesn’t fall out. As The Elite One tries getting up to his feet inside the ring, Deal uses the ropes to help stand him up on the apron. The Golden Eagle glances to his side and realizes that he is right next to the table that he set up on the outside earlier. As he begins to step back in the ring, Spires rushes at him with all the force he can muster and delivers a hard dropkick in an attempt to make E.G. fall off the apron and through the table. He clutches onto the top rope as hard as he can, keeping his balance on the apron. Caleb reloads and comes running at him again, only to get a knee to the gut. The Inspiring gasps for air, bending over with his body falling through the middle and top rope… Right between E.G.’s legs. Deal doesn’t need a second thought before bending down, wrapping around Spires’ body, and hoisting him up for a powerbomb. Deal carefully pulls a 180 on the apron, ready to powerbomb Caleb right through the table on the outside. Do or die time for The Elite One. He delivers blow after blow to an unfazed Deal. It takes a slightly dirty, yet legal, rake in the eyes to finally get Deal to lose his grip on Caleb, allowing him to slip back in the ring, landing on his feet. E.G., in a fit of rage, turns around and Spires lifts his foot nearly 7 feet high to superkick the big man, who falls right off the apron and slumps his chest over the table, maybe knocked out.

David Michaels: “There it is! The superkick that has won him multiple championships! Personally, I am a fan of the superkick myself…”

Ted Cedar: “That may have been the thing to do it for Spires! He’s struggled all night to immobilize E.G. Deal, but there may not be any getting up from that.”

Spires collapses into the nearest corner, eyes locked on the fallen giant. He places both hands on the top rope and pulls himself up slowly, until he is sitting on the top rope. Caleb takes a deep breath as he positions himself into a standing position on the top rope. Nearly losing his balance, Caleb catches himself and decides to leap before he makes a mistake. The Elite One flings himself to the outside, doing a backflip as he moves forward. E.G. is face-down on the table and he has no idea what is coming at him until Spires crashes on top of him with his famous Gravitational Pull with enough force to break the table underneath Deal and solidify the win for Spires on his comeback night.

~Ding! Ding! Ding!~

Ted Cedar: “He managed to do it! Many times tonight we were in doubt that Caleb had what it took to beat The Real Deal, but like he’s done so many other times in his career he kept his composure and wrestled a smart match.”

David Michaels: “Excellent return match to send a statement to anybody else in the KoX tournament.”

The Elite One rolls off of E.G. Deal, clutching his ribs after putting his own body on the line for the win. As “Fake It” plays throughout the arena, Spires raises his arm in the air and nods to show that he is fine. The crowd breaks out into a chant of “You still got it!” to praise the returning Spires. The camera gets a nice close up of all the broken wood lying around on the outside of the ring underneath and beside the two superstars as the screen fades to black for advertisement time.

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M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match   M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match EmptyTue Sep 15, 2015 8:45 pm

Caleb then runs at Deal, albeit slowly, feeling the longterm effects of this brutal match, before he steps on the second rope and fluidly leaps up, catching Deal right in the cranium with a beautiful Step-Up Enziguri! EG bounces off, dizzily wobbling forward before he walks right into the hands of Spires. “The Elite One” decides to step behind his opponent, grabbing both of his wrists as he looks to turn him around for his signature Killswitch, but Deal uses his sheer strength to escape, strongly pushing Caleb away. The Danville native hastily turns around and comes running back, but EG shifts aside and throws out his arm, clutching Caleb’s throat with it, before lifting the 5 time World Champion upwards, planting him at the table with a brutal Chokeslam dubbed the Grotto Drop… But it doesn’t break!

Deal was a few steps back away from the table, that Caleb’s body actually collided with its side, as Caleb’s fans cheer wildly for this lucky break. EG stomps away at the grund, visibily livid, before he decides to end this once and for all, grabbing the table and heading over to the corner, leaning it against the turnbuckles. By this time, Caleb was holding on to the ropes, attempting to get back up, but Deal makes it faster for him, grabbing him by the wrist and yanking him up. “The Destiny Holder” then uses that same wrist to throw Caleb to the other side, flinging his opponent towards the table. EG then takes a deep breath, preparing for the end, before he takes off darting at Caleb, with every bit of quickness and strength he can muster. As he edges closer to his prey, Deal ducks down, shifting into a spear position, and just as he is about to connect, Caleb throws himself to the floor, forcing the poor Egyptian to throw himself through the table!

Deal goes between the second and third turnbuckle, flipping forward and falling out of the ring, as he brutally lands on his back, pretty much all of his body in severe agony from that last move. Caleb quickly stands up and leans against the ropes, gazing at the shattered pieces of the table as he recuperates from the punishment he recieved earlier on, before going out of the ring himself, following his opponent. “The Elite One” proceeds to grab a table, lifting it and setting it up near the entrance ramp, outside of the ring, as Deal starts to stir around, placing his hands on the apron and clutching the ropes with his palms, before he dizzily gets back to his feet. Caleb then goes after him, looking to lay him on the table but Deal meets him with a surprise Punch to the face! Or at least an attempt to do so, as Caleb’s amazing instincts lead him to duck that right hand, before the former World Champion jumps up with his back to Deal, backflipping mid-air and beaming him on the forehead with his boot as he executes a beautiful Pele Kick, titled “Encore”, which sends the Egyptian down! Deal falls with his hand on his head, growling painfully as the agony flows through his body. “The Inspiring” then grabs both arms of his opponent, dragging him on the concrete before he leads him towards the table, ducking down and barely elevating him up to a vertical base, before grabbing his head and pulling him in the direction of the table, before Deal pushes him away. Spires almost crashes into the apron but manages to stop himself, as Deal stands against the table, before Caleb retaliates by shooting his leg sky high, brutally connecting into Deal’s chin with a malevolent Superkick!

EG subsequently falls, laying motionlessly on the table, achieving Caleb’s goal from this whole process. Spires proceeds to roll inside the ring, taking full advantage of Deal’s vulnerable state on the table, as the five time World Champion decides to climb the corner. As he reaches the second tunrbuckle, however, Deal surprisingly falls from the table and inadvertently falls on his back, prompting Caleb to descend the corner and roll out of the ring, before he heads over towards the fallen “Golden Eagle”, grabbing the big man by his arm and lifting up, elbowing him in the side of the neck to inflict more damage on him, before lifting the lifeless man up and laying him out on the wooden structure again. This time, the legend takes less time with his actions, rolling into the ring and climbing to the top turnbuckle with full speed. He takes a second to take a look around the fans, however, with the majority of them cheering for him, before he jumps off of the corner towards Deal, flipping backwards midair and twisting at the same time, performing a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, dubbed Gravitation Pull, through the table… But Deal rolled ut before it connected, forcing a helpless Caleb Spires to go through the table!

He took too much time. Rusty mistake. Woops.

Caleb lands front-first and brutally goes through the table, with shattered pieces from the broken table flying everywhere around the area. Deal gets to an all-fours position, crawling towards the barricade before using it to get up, before he turns around to the western part of ringside, grabbing a table and sliding it into the ring, before he ascends the steel steps, entering the ring. He grabs a table that was already in the ring from earlier, setting it up near the ropes, before grabbing the table he just slid inside the ring and setting it next to the other table, glueing them to each other, before he heads back out to the ring. “The Real Deal” crouches and grabs the head of his opponent, who was attempting to turn on his back, before yanking him up and throwing him inside the ring. Deal then enters the ring himself, before gripping Caleb’s arm and pulling him up effortlessly, proceeding to throw the 5x World Champion on the two tables. Deal then follows him on top of the table, before he forces Caleb’s head between his thighs, lifting him on his shoulders as he attempts to Powerbomb Caleb through the table. Just as he is about to slam Spires, however, “The Elite One” uses his experience and amazing smartness to grab Deal’s arm midair, and in a quick fluid motion he brings the Egyptian down on the table, wrapping both of his legs around his arm as he cinches in the finishing Crippler Crossface dubbed “Inspired”! Or almost, at least, as Deal quickly grabs Caleb’s hands, powerfully forcing them away, before he rears back one of his arms and puts it on Caleb’s legs, placing his free hand on Caleb’s upper back, before he gets on his knees then goes back to his feet, with Spires up in a reverse Fireman’s Carry position, before Deal falls to his side and slams Caleb through the table using Spires’ Burning Hammer against him, albeit somewhat modified like a Reverse Attitude Adjustment, brutally ending the match!

(This is only my ending. A mixture of my Internet being TERRIBLY bad (and I mean bad as in I had to stop my writing every five minutes to fix it) and procrastination made me unable to finish this match on time, but I thought I'd post what I had anyways. Congrats Caleb and welcome back.)
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M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match   M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match Empty

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M4) E.G. Deal vs. Caleb Spires - KoX Round 1 | Tables Match

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