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 KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal

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PostSubject: KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal   KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 10:54 am

Due: Saturday September 21st, at 11:59 PM EDT

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KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal Empty
PostSubject: Re: KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal   KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 7:29 pm

Akira vs. E.G. Deal

Backstory: This episode in Vendetta resembles the first round of the annual King of Xtreme tournament. It's an all-hardcore tournament will the winner will get the coveted prize of main-eventing XtremeMania for the World Heavyweight Championship. On one side, we have Akira who had a successful return, gaining wins over Scott St. Vincent and The Kotzubue Kid. E.G. Deal is one the side has been going on a roller coaster ever since his return at Revolution Wars, which marked a huge win against Rellim Strife for a start. He went on to beat Southern Wayne, lose to Minkaro, upset Caleb Spires, lose to David Michaels and meet defeat against Caleb Spires in a triple threat that involved Evan Flare. Let it be known that E.G. Deal is frustrated at his loss. And when you have an angry giant… It may get ugly.

Ted Cedar: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next is our fourth first round match of the King of Xtreme tournament between Akira and E.G. Deal!"

Adam Dennis: "Right, for those of you who are just tuning in, all of the matches for the round are under Extreme Rules, which means tonight was, is and will be a brutal night."

Akira has already entered the ring, as he waits for his slightly bigger opponent to come out. "The Lightning Warrior" is awaiting the arrival of E.G. Deal in the middle of the ring, but he is starting to grow impatient, the Egyptian native having taken too long to commence the match. Promptly, the referee starts the count to see if E.G. Deal is showing up. Akira slowly steps away by the count, kind of confident that he has the match by no-show, although frustrated. By the time referee reaches six, E.G. darts down from the barricade with a chair in hand, quickly sliding into the ring, with Akira oblivious although a little suspicious by the booing from the fans.


Unfortunately, Ted's scream isn't enough to alarm Akira, who gets knocked down by a chair shot to the back! The man formerly known as "The Hero" scrambles to the mat, his eyes fully widen as he screams in unimaginable pain. E.G. drops the chair down, as Akira tries to writhe out of the ring to regroup, but he is stopped in his tracks by the Egyptian giant. Deal quickly kneels down, balling his palm up into a fist before delivering an immensely strong right hand that hits Akira across the jaw! He shapes his left palm into a fist, sending out a harsher punch to Akira's cheek! The "Lightning Warrior" tries to block Deal's hits, but E.G. repeats them quickly and viciously; they prove too much for him. Eventually, Akira barely manages to wiggle his way out of the onslaught, using his free room to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Immediately, Akira clutches his back in huge agony, his spine still hurting from the Chair Shot earlier. Deal displays a little amount of anger from Akira's escape, but strangely enough, he doesn't chase him. And the more strange thing is that E.G. Deal runs. Yes, he runs in the direction of the ropes opposite to the ones he's standing against, rebounding with momentum on his side as he shockingly leaps up and over the top rope, colliding with a recently-standing Akira and connecting with an awe-inspiring Over-the-top-rope Suicide Dive, akin to the Undertaker!

Ted Cedar: "How did E.G. Deal manage to do that?!"

Adam Dennis: "Well Ted, he performed the same move against Southern Wayne. At times, he can be surprisingly agile for a man his size. That's why he's a true wrestler."

E.G. instantly gets up, much to the chagrin of the fans who jeer him very loudly, while Akira stays down, holding his torso and rolling about the concrete floor. "The Real Deal" hastily grasps his foe's head, effortlessly pulling him up to a perpendicular base, before throwing him into the ring like a ragdoll. E.G. doesn't follow him, however, instead kneeling down and pulling out a steel chair from under the ring. E.G. then throws the chair into the ring, climbing the stairs afterwards and stepping into the squared circle. Akira has only just started stirring around, getting to his knees but arching down due to pain in his back. E.G., impatient about inflicting pain on him, grabs him from the wrist and drags "Lightning Warrior" up. "The Destiny Holder" keeps the grip on Akira's wrist, using it to whip him across the ring and towards the corner. E.G. then bends down and grabs the Steel Chair that he threw earlier, as Akira seems too agonized to react or try to get himself out of this. E.G. holds the chair, an evil smirk drawn on his face, before darting at the resting Akira, with the chair in hand. The former Chris Kenyon rival smartly counters, however, quickly dropping down and dropkicking Deal in the knees! E.G. falls and his head bangs right in the chair, with a brutal force and a huge thud accompanied with it!

Ted Cedar: "E.G. Deal's anger backfired on him! Oh my God!"

Adam Dennis: "That's what I was afraid of…"

The chair falls out of the ring, as Deal's head rests on the bottom turnbuckle, his body cringing in pain as he covers his forehead to check for any blood. Akira back-flips, taking the initiative and quickly diving to his feet, with his back seemingly less pained right now. Akira takes a few steps to the back, trying to gain momentum from a plotted run, but he waits for something. E.G. slowly turns around, still sitting down against the lowest turnbuckle, and it seems that's what Akira was waiting for as he sets off in a huge sprint across the ring, driving Deal's face in with his signature Running Face Wash, dubbed the Heat Drive!

Ted Cedar: "Heat Drive by Akira! This may be the beginning of the end!"

Adam Dennis: "Hopefully not…"

Deal falls and lies to his back, unmoving and unwilling to try and get himself out of this hole. The fans chant Akira's name, but quickly break into a "We want tables!" chant. Akira smiles and nods, obviously obliging to his beloved fans, before making his way out of the ring. He pulls a wooden table from under the apron, before sliding it into the ring and following it, setting it up in the process. Deal latches onto the middle rope during the setting up of the table, trying to pull himself to a vertical base, as Akira stands by the table. "Lightning Warrior" then spots Deal coming back to his senses but stands still, awaiting his re-arrival , before Deal heads to his direction. Akira then swiftly kicks him in the midsection, weakening him, before bending down, trying to lift him into a Fireman's Carry position. Deal proves to be too heavy and too strong for him, however, raising his arm and striking Akira in his tension point with a vital Elbow Strike! Akira is temporarily stunned, before Deal uses this moment to his advantage and spins Akira around, tucking him in between his thighs and raising him in a Powerbomb position, right in front of the table. He spins around afterwards, violently slamming Akira down with his Spinning Powerbomb finisher, the Egyptian Pride, through the table!




[OOC: I'm not trying to excuse myself out of this, but this is one of my worst work due to preparing to school and shit. Sorry, everyone.]
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KOX: Akira vs. EG Deal

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