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 Vendetta #112 Results

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Vendetta #112 Results Empty
PostSubject: Vendetta #112 Results   Vendetta #112 Results EmptyWed Jun 10, 2015 12:37 am

Ryan Quill vs. Alex Falcon vs. James Best
Triple Threat

Well ya all no showed...

E.G. Deal vs. Evan Flare
Singles Match

Well, ya both no showed... Neither of ya will be going to the contender's match.

Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley
Singles Match

Greg won, Decep is going to PM me feedback.

Dante Cross vs. Xtreme Icon
Intercontinental Championsihp

This was a promo match.

PA3 vs. Razor Xtreme
Singles Match

Prince Alex 3: To be quite frank, your spelling and grammar are horrendous and it really takes away from your match. The only reason I can follow anything is because you state exactly what the move is you're trying to get across. Your selling is really poor, and my best advice to fix that is to watch matches and notice how they sell and make it look fluid in the ring. I didn't appreciate the memory in the middle of the match, it took away from your match because it ruined any existing flow. The turnbuckle spot was pretty good, with the ref not counting. The ending... meh. I understand that you were reaching the upper limits of your word limit, but the ending didn't feel big or anything, it just felt like the middle of the match and then Razor tapped out. Overall, to be blunt, you have a lot of room to go before you're at World Championship quality. I know that's mean, but it's the truth and that's how I got better, by being told the hard truth.

Razor Xtreme: You're description is on par with what I'd expect from you. You had a very reasonable match I thought. You had Razor get a good amount of the offense, which makes sense seeing he is the World Champion. You had the bigger man get some spots in, which you probably could've forgone considering your opponent is on a losing streak. The story you told, in my mind, was brilliant for your character! It may not be one of your longer matches, but it was a great way to make a point about Razor's character, a genuine heel.

Decision: Description goes to Razor, story goes to Razor. Razor sold better and really, overall, had a better match. The only thing that PA3 has on Razor is the amount of in ring action. This match goes to Razor Xtreme.
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Vendetta #112 Results

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