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 Vendetta #118 Results

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PostSubject: Vendetta #118 Results   Vendetta #118 Results EmptyTue Oct 06, 2015 1:57 am

Johnathan Blade vs. Xtreme Icon

Icon wins via no-show.


Ryan Quill vs. Khideep Horn

Khideep wins via no-show.


Niko L. Genero vs. Azrael

Double no-show.


Dante Cross vs. David Malakian

David wins via no-show.


Caleb Spires vs. Logan Wilson

Caleb Spires:

I think you started off really strong, both in the action you wrote and in the set-up before hand. You really made it easy for the reader to understand the underlying dynamic of the contest. I thought your action was chaotic and wild. Your spots, especially the way you had Logan use the Throat Thrust, was fantastic.

In total, your match was very exciting. Your commentary was entertaining, especially post match. Your match was a lot of fun.

I'm not sure if you really utilized any real psychology. There was some subtle moments where I thought you were building to something involving a psychological angle in the contest but, to me, it never really came full circle. I guess you could say that in the end, a veteran Spires capitalizing on his experience was a psychological angle. When Logan hits his throat at the end I had a “I see what you did there” moment but the instances as such were so few are far between, with no real connection, that I thought your goal was to incite those moments for the readers instead of organically building them.

The biggest problem I had was the ending. The ending was rushed and ultimately didn't deliver in a way I was hoping for. Experts in wrestling will tell you that a great match, through peaks and valleys, hits it's highest point and then ends. Your match didn't do that for me.

Logan Wilson:

I thought your opening paragraph did a really good job of establishing the and re-stating the overall story of the match. A strong back-and-forth between two guys with varying backgrounds and sizes helped to lay the ground work for the meat of the match. You really highlighted the strengths of both competitors, giving the story of that match, whatever it's going to be, a strong foundation to be built on.

The second paragraph was as good as the first, with the uppercuts in quick succession being ideal offense for a bigger, fresh competitor trying to establish himself and the veteran, perhaps out of his element at this stage of his career, immediately going to high-risk offense to try to even the odds.

I thought overall you had really strong psychology, the offense you wrote for both characters seemed really focused and purposeful. The only complaint I have is that the ending seemed rushed and not quite as fleshed out as it could have been. The two ending up in a punching battle after a war of strengths made sense to me, and the bigger man capitalizing on his size did too. If the dollars are in the details, you were making bank right up until the end... and even then, you did alright.


I'm going with Logan Wilson, and honestly, it wasn't really close. I've seen many great matches over the years and while I can't say these will be remembered in a years time, they were fine efforts by both involved. For me, Caleb certainly had the more exciting match and the more entertaining writing style. Caleb is a funny guy and it translates well in his writing. He knows how to pop readers. However, Logan Wilson's match had better substance due to the superior psychology throughout. The ending was a key factor. Even though Wilson's finish wasn't fleshed out, it was still naturally the peak of the match and I thought Caleb's match peaked in the first few paragraphs.


Shade vs. Mark Storey

This was a storyline match.

Vendetta #118 Results MJFR42R
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Vendetta #118 Results

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