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 M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow

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Riley Williamson
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M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow Empty
PostSubject: M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow   M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 11:10 am

DUE: Friday January, 9 11:59PM EDT.
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Kasabian Stalker

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M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow Empty
PostSubject: Re: M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow   M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 1:01 pm

OOC: Here you are... Managed to get it done Smile

With all of the introductions and greetings out of the way, the monumental milestone of Vendetta 100 looks set to kick off in style. Smoke from the pyrotechnics that opened the show have faded to a mere faint bitter smell in the air and the crowd are pumped, hanging in anticipation for the first match of the night.
It is in this moment that we find our two gladiators, primed and ready for action. Both men boast very different styles, yet both bring a rather unusual set of mannerisms and skills to the ring with them. In one corner, skin gleaming from the thick layering of baby oil applied all over his body pre-match, Kasabian Stalker pelvic thrusts the second turnbuckle like a horny puppy as he waits for his opponent's entrance to end. In contrast, Shadow steps over the top rope with ease, before standing stoically in the center of the ring. Piercing eyes glare at the Pervert through holes in his mask, the giant frozen in wait of the bell as Rob Zombie's "House of 1,000 Corpses" fades out to nothingness. It is only when the pair are both in the ring that the size difference between them becomes clear, just how much of a monster Shadow is when dwarfing the larger-than-average Stalker. Kasabian turns, stopping his pelvic thrusting warm-up in lieu of sizing up his opponent, double taking at the sheer mountain of man that suddenly stands in his way.

Joey Miles: "Shadow is one big dude, even Kasabian Stalker seems impressed... I bet that mind is pondering all sorts of dirty things about guys with big shoes right about now."
Ted Cedar: "I'm not so sure. Kasabian Stalker has been on a downward spiral since narrowly losing his shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Rob Chapman at Xtreme Mania 6. He looked out of sorts last week and now has this monster to get through in order to get back on track. If I were him, I would be thinking of the task at hand..."
Joey Miles: "Meanwhile, all Shadow is thinking about is the easiest way of inflicting as much pain as humanly possible on his opponent, and perhaps if baby oil is flammable."

Shadow's glare backs Kasabian into the corner that he had been 'tenderising' earlier, the monster's eyes full of evil intentions. Unsure of how long he is going to be able to keep the purple-masked Shadow at bay, he calls for the bell.

It is the tolling of the bell that brings the violence inside shadow bubbling to the surface. A snarl peeks out from underneath the mask and he lets out a growl as he sets off on his bloodlust fuelled quest for pain. Picking up pace as he charges across the ring, he simply aims a Big Boot in the direction of Stalker, who narrowly ducks under the shot and slinks out of the ring like a scalded cat in response. Shadow's boot, intended to separate the Pervert's head from his shoulders sails over the top turnbuckle, momentarily throwing the big man off balance. By the time he had untangled himself from the ring rope, Stalker had created a chasm between the two, giving the unorthodox Pervert a moment to gather himself and come up with a plan of attack.
The referee begins his standing ten count, warning Stalker to enter the ring and reaches a sound of two before Shadow decides to take matters into his own hands. Rolling out of the ring in pursuit of the greased up Pervert, Shadow moves with deceptive enough speed to catch Kasabian off guard. A Running Discus Elbow Strike that would have otherwise been easily avoided catches Stalker with a glancing blow on the side of the head as he tries to sidestep the big man, sending him spinning sideways into the crowd barricade. Much to the protest of the referee, who now warns both men and reaches the count of three, Shadow towers over the fallen Stalker looking to inflict pain on his victim. With Stalker backed up against the barricade, it is easy for Shadow to line him up. He hits Kasabian with a Discus Lariat that knocks him backwards, nearly sending the Pervert sailing over the wall. By the time Kasabian’s feet his the ground once more, Shadow is waiting for him with his arms outstretched.
Stalker is locked up into a Powerbomb position and lifted into the air by the big man, showing off a feat of strength. With Kasabian on his shoulders, Shadow turns and charges off towards the perpendicular crowd barricade nearest the commentary desk at ringside. Dodging the steel steps that lead back to the ring, Shadow hurls his opponent forwards, a Running Powerbomb that sees Kasabian Stalker driven neck and shoulder first into the barricade before crumpling in a heap at the base of the wall like an old accordion.

Joey Miles: “Holy crap! Shadow just destroyed Kasabian Stalker. The sneaky Pervert tried to high tail it, but the big man wasn’t having any of that.”
Ted Cedar: “The idea was good, putting a bit of space between him and Shadow. But he didn’t invision Shadow moving as quickly as he does for a big guy. He has deceptive speed for a man of seven feet tall, three hundred pounds.”
Joey Miles: “I guess Stalker knows that now…”

The referee had reached a count of five before Shadow had made it back into the ring, Kasabian not so much as stirring as yet. Anticipating an early victory, Shadow remains in the ring, evil eyes staring out from within his purple mask as the referee continues his count. Kasabian does not stir until the referee reaches a count of seven. He takes a good few seconds to reach his feet, managing to practically fall onto the ring apron and roll into the ring just before the match official reaches the all-important count of ten.

The official does not so much as need to tell Shadow that Kasabian made it back safely. The big man was already marching across the ring to head Stalker off at the pass. Before Kasabian could so much as think of reaching his feet, Shadow was there, stomping a hole in his chest with his massive boot. Three big stomps soften Kasabian up before the monster changes tacts. Grabbing Kasabian by the wrist, he yanks the Pervert to his feet and sends him hurtling off into the far side ring ropes with an Irish Whip. On the rebound, Kasabian is decimated with a Clothesline From Hell that sees him complete a full somersault from the impact before coming to rest face down in the center of the ring. The crowd let out a collective gasp at the sheer force of Shadow’s move. With all of the strength and consciousness left in his body, Kasabian commando crawls ever so slowly towards the closest edge of the ring. He nearly makes it too, before Shadow pounces on him once more.

Ted Cedar: “Shadow looks like he is closing in, well in control of the match. Stalker tries to get away once more and Shadow has his eyes firmly fixed on him.”

Joey Miles: “Kasabian looks desperate, all out of sorts. He does not look like the guy that came into the business and took it by storm. Too focused on oiling his ass up and not enough on the match at hand.”
Ted Cedar: “That is a dangerous path to take when facing somebody as monstrous as Shadow. He will not relent, he will not yield, not even after the bell has rung to seal your fate. The guy enjoys inflicting violence.”

Shadow stops Kasabian dead in his tracks by placing a massive boot on the small of his opponents back. When he places the second boot onto Stalker’s back, the entire weight of his 300 pounds is centered on Stalker’s lower back, enough to make the Pervert cry out in agony. The cries of pain seem to bring a smile to the face of Shadow, who now toys with Stalker like a cat would with a mouse before devouring it. However, when Stalker lifts his face from the canvas it is contorted into a sick smile, albeit etched with pain. Kasabian grins like a Cheshire cat as the waves of pain surge through his back. By the time Shadow steps off him, Kasabian had awoken from the fog that had seen him running away from the monster. The spark had returned to his eyes. He reaches out a hand, grabbing the bottom ring rope and using it to help him back to his feet. Shadow smiles, seeing the fight return to his opponent, it only makes the destruction that much more enjoyable. Not giving Kasabian time to reach his vertical base properly, Shadow spins him around and flips him upside down, holding him in a Belly-to-Belly Piledriver position. He walks Stalker back to the center of the ring, where the Clothesline had turned him inside out. There he stands, holding Kasabian in position and looking set to end this match with his patented ‘In the Shadows’.

It is in that moment that Shadow lets out an almighty yell, howling through the purple and black mask. His eyes are open wide, the evil within replaced with surprise and inexplicable pain. As he turns, desperate to shake Kasabian free of his clutches, the source of the sudden pain-filled cry becomes clear; Kasabian Stalker had his face buried in Shadow’s crotch, his teeth sunk into the family jewels of the monster.
Joey Miles: “What the hell?! Kasabian Stalker is biting Shadow on the balls? That is some kind of unique offense.”
Ted Cedar: “I’m not sure how legal that is, and it looks like the referee is hesitating as well. Definitely a unique way of getting out of what surely would be a match-ending move. A desperation break by Kasabian Stalker.”
Joey Miles: “I just hope he doesn’t rip one of those things off in the process… Nobody wants to see a ball bouncing around the ring.”

The pain soon brings Shadow to his knees, breaking the iron-jawed clutches of the Pervert. As Shadow assesses the damage done, the momentum shifts into Kasabian’s favor. Being a man that thrives on momentum, Kasabian does not look to waste his opportunity. With Shadow still in a kneeling position, Kasabian locks his head into a DDT position, wraps his arms up behind him and drills him head first into the mat, a Kneeling DDT that sees Shadow groggy. From the mat, it is easy to flip the big man onto his back, exposing his entire torso, primed for the picking.
Kasabian takes both hands, each one grabbing one nipple. With a nipple in each hand, Kasabian begins to twist. Once more, he hears the low cries of agony escape the monster’s lips as the Purple Nurple is locked in. Even through the cloth of his boiler suit, there is no escaping the pain that the hold inflicts, a staple for bullies all over the globe for many generations. The cries bring a smile to Kasabian’s face. He soon finds himself joining in, matching Shadow’s pain-filled cry with a passion-filled cry of his own. In harmony, the men yell together, until Shadow reaches his hands up and grabs Kasabian by the wrists. Desperate to break the hold, he pulls Kasabian’s hands off his nipples with all the strength he could muster. In the process, Shadow lets out the biggest cry of all as Kasabians fingernails are ripped from either side’s flesh.

Kasabian is quick to stand to his feet, creating a few simple steps of distance between him and the now angry monster.
Ted Cedar: “Anybody who has ever been bullied and felt that feeling first hand really feels Shadow’s pain right now. If it isn’t sinking his teeth into your family jewels, he’s trying to wrench your nipples from your chest. There is nothing taboo for Kasabian Stalker.”
Joey Miles: “That is what makes him so dangerous. He will go to places that others simply will not. One has to have an entirely different gameplan, completely different set of defenses when fighting Stalker… Or he will rip your balls off.”
Ted Cedar: “That is what made Rob Chapman come out ahead against Kasabian. He knew what he was expecting and he matched him. Stalker wasn’t expecting it. You have to surprise him if you are going to beat him.”

Shadow soon returns to his feet and comes charging after the Pervert, rage filling his mind. Kasabian simply kicks him in the guts to stop his advance short and double him over. When he stands Shadow back up, he steps in front of him. The pair stand belly-to-belly, Kasabian looking set to continue on the momentum he had gathered. Pressing his hips against that of Shadow, he rubs himself on his opponent; much to the disgust of everybody watching, none less than Shadow. The groinal rubbing lasts a good ten seconds, Kasabian gathering speed as the excitement in has trunks begins to build. When the time is right, Kasabian pulls himself free, flicks his hips backwards and lifts all three hundred pounds of Shadow into the air briefly, dropping him to the mat once more with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. The monster falls back first, leaving Kasabian standing proudly, towering over him.

The sick smile had returned to Kasabian’s face, one can see the uncertainty in the eyes of Shadow. The monster looks somewhat weary as his opponent steps over him, unsure of the exact plans of XWA’s Sickest Man. In contrast, Kasabian’s face is filled with glee, a smile spread over his face as he pounces, targeting Shadow’s crotch once more. With two hands, he grabs whatever he can find and twists for good measure. Shadow’s eyes almost pop out of his mask as the Testicular Claw is locked in, his low cries of agony now replaced with a higher pitched, blood curdling scream.
Joey Miles: “Testicular Claw locked in, Kasabian returning once again to below the belt and grabbing that monstrous python for all it is worth.”
Ted Cedar: “Well, if the referee is not sure what to make of it, Kasabian will press him. He always sails close to the edge of the rulebook. It appears that he has found a little wiggle room. He plays the referee, not the rules.”
Joey Miles: “And it looks like it works to his advantage. What is it that you called it… Pelvic-based offense. One has got to be ready for anything when they face off against this freak. Shadow is simply finding that out the hard way.”
Ted Cedar: “I just wonder how much of this he can stand, any normal man would have yielded long ago, having his balls in a vice… It is a bit like being married.”
Joey Miles: “Trouble at home there, Cedar?”
Ted Cedar “…”

Kasabian sits on the chest of his opponent, still holding the Tresticular Claw in place. For good measure, he applies more pressure to the hold by twisting the package even further around, threatening to pull it free of the rest of Shadow’s body. With all of the damage that his ‘package’ had sustained over the course of the night, the agony is simply too much for the big guy. It appears that Kasabian had found the ‘soft-spot’ in Shadow’s defense. Reluctantly, Shadow reaches a hand up and taps it on the mat, slowly at first but then gaining speed until his intentions are frantic.
The match official, still unsure if the hold is even legal, notices the signal from Shadow and leaps into action, calling for the bell instead of making a decision himself.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, by ways of submission… Your winner… The Pervert, Kasabian Stalker!”

Ted Cedar: “Kasabian Stalker finds himself back in the winner’s circle tonight. Not the most orthodox of matches… Not the cleanest of victories but a win is a win and that is what matters.”
Joey Miles: “Indeed. Kasabian still looked a bit off. He looked out of sorts, but tonight he found a way to pull through. It may have required some rule bending, but what the referee doesn’t call, one cannot complain about.”
Ted Cedar: “Such is the nature of professional sports. There will be some discussion in the XWA board room about this one. What an interesting way to mark 100 shows of Vendetta, with one man’s testicles nearly ripped from his pants…”
Joey Miles: “Ah, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Kasabian has his hand raised in victory once more, the match official being very careful not to touch the hand, having known exactly where it has been. He opts instead for grabbing Stalker by the wrist and hoisting it into the air.
It may not have been pretty, but the job was done. Kasabian Stalker, victorious, retires to the backstage area as “Bones” by The Killers plays, leaving Shadow to inspect his troubled crotch and lick his wounds.

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M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow Empty
PostSubject: Re: M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow   M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 2:24 pm

If you need it, this can be given a 24 hour extension.

M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow MJFR42R
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M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow Empty
PostSubject: Re: M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow   M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs.  Shadow Empty

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M1 | Kasabian Stalker vs. Shadow

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