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 ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification

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ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification Empty
PostSubject: ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification   ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 6:43 pm

Due: Saturday, November 8th 11:59 EST
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ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification   ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 10:51 pm


Loud chants for both men start early as the competitors in tonight's main event stare each other down. On one hand we have Razor Xtreme, a former XWA heavyweight, intercontinental and tag champion, one of the greatest wrestler's in the companies history. XWA's Saviour is leaned back into the turnbuckle, lazily looking across at his opponent. Although with very few visible marks, Razor is still clearly banged up from his loss to Danny Diamond just a week ago - a loss which deprived him of becoming a two time heavyweight champion. On the other side we have Akira Kobayashi, the young Cruiser-X champion looking to carve his way to the top. As with Razor Akira is coming off of a loss, his to Vladimir Strife in a vicious I quit match that prevented Akira from becoming not only the Lionheart champion, but the 2014 King of Xtreme. His campaign to the finals has clearly taken a toll on Akira; his back has been torn up by barbedwire, band-aids litter his face to hide the cuts and gashes that Vladimir inflicted on it, and a pissed off scowl is spread across his lips. Akira is stood just outside of his corner staring knives into Razor, with his hands on his hips hips as if to say he expected more from a former XWA champion. Razor stands up straight and starts walking to the centre of the ring as the dueling chants get louder. Both men are coming off of losing what could arguably be the biggest match so far in either of their careers. Both look dissatisfied and pissed off. And both are, tonight, fighting for the same thing - redemption.

Miles: Couple of fucking losers in here!

Cedar: Both these men came close to winning gold at King of Xtreme, but after falling short they find themselves in a no DQ match here on Vendetta!

The two wrestlers walk to the centre of the ring, hands up looking for a lock-up. The two take it slowly, teasing at locking knuckles but then pulling back a few times, wanting to ensure they gain the most leverage in the lock-up. The crowd starts to die down as Akira backs up a few steps, stand up out of his fighting stance and shake out his hands. He crouches down and moves back in to lock-up as Razor Xtreme growls under his breath while reaching out towards Akira. Again Akira outstretches his arms to lock-up, but this time quickly leans in and shoots his right hand up, slapping Razor hard across the side of his face with the force of a cannon ball. Razor recoils back as the crowd let out a collective "ooo!" in a mix of shock and excitement. He clutches his cheek for a second and then rushes back at Akira, leaping up and drop kicking him square in the chest. Razor quickly gets back up to his feet as the Cruiser-X champion stumbles backwards towards his corner, stopping himself just short of hitting the turnbuckle to save his shredded up and bruised back any more punishment. Before he can start moving forward again Razor looks to follow up by charging in and leaping up, looking for a flying knee. He doesn't hit home, however, as Akira manages to side-step out of the way and leave Razor to land in the turnbuckle chest first with his knee up. This miss allows Akira to get back on the attack with a dropkick of his own, plating both boots into the small of Razor's back and again driving him chest first into the corner. The former champ stumbles away towards the centre of the ring, one hand on each side of his torso as he takes a knee. The pain causes enough of a distraction to allow Razor to miss Akira pulling himself up behind him, leaning into the ropes. Akira eyes up his opponent, who is still down on one knee, then bounces back against the ropes and starts running. Instead of running past Razor to attack him straight on Akira goes for a more "brute force" option - a sliding lariat that sees Akira's arm cracking against the back of the Californian's skull!


Miles: That'll cure insomnia! That fucker's out!

Cedar: After his loss at King of Xtreme Akira has good reason to be pissed off - the question is will Razor match his rage?

Razor slumps forward onto his knees, clutching his skull as he rests face down on the mat, his ears filled with the sound of roaring fans. Akira quickly rolls Razor over and covers, ensuring he gets a deep hook on both legs and pushes his back into his opponents chest but still only getting a two count. Razor kicks out and rolls back over onto his front, although this time he seems far more alert. Neither man spends any more time than needed down on the mat and immediately climbs up to their feet, backing away into opposite corners again. Unlike the start of the match it doesn't take long for them to move out of their corners, with both men rushing in as the crowd explodes in excitement. The Black Heart Warrior goes for another lariat but this time his attack is ducked, forcing him to quickly stop himself and turn around to face his opponent again. Razor gets the jump on Akira, first with a European uppercut and then a rake across the eyes. Ryu Sanu can do nothing but watch, thanks to the no DQ stipulation, as Razor grabs Akira by the hair with one hand and drives a closed fist punch into the side of his face. Razor follows up with two more straight punches which knock one of Akira's band-aids off of his face and forces him back into the corner again. Showing that like Akira he's still pissed off about King of Xtreme Razor carries on working over Akira with strikes, driving boots and forearms into his cornered opponent in a stark depart from his usual technical wrestling style. Very quickly the pissed of former champ draws blood, re-opening up a cut on Akira's forehead left from Razor Xtreme's assault with a cheese grater. With blood now trickling down his opponent's forehead Razor grabs Akira's head down under his arm and yanks him up out of the corner. With his right arm wrapped around his opponent's head the former XWA heavyweight champion drags Akira to the centre of the ring and clubs him in the back, dropping the Japanese wrecking machine down to one knee. With Akira dazed Razor takes a step back to ready himself before putting his right foot up onto Akira's outstretched knee, stepping up, and kicking Akira in the back of the head with a step-up enziguri! Akira crumples to the mat with one hand on the rear of his skull, allowing Razor to shove him over onto his back and then cover. As with Akira's lariat, Razor's kick only gets a two count, but already both men are proving that they have no interest in anything but getting their frustration and anger out while shutting up any critics.

Cedar: You could hear that kick from the nosebleeds!

Razor gets up to his feet and steps back into the ropes, leaving Akira to make his own way up to a vertical base. The Pacific Rim Nightmare stumbles up causing Razor to move in, again driving a European uppercut into Akira's jaw. Having well and truly been woken up by Razor's boot crashing into the back of his head Akira instantly fires back up one of his own, stunning Razor for a second. "COME ON!" Akira yells, prompting Razor to throw an other uppercut. Once again Akira isn't moved, and again he quickly nails his opponent with a swift uppercut of his own. Clutching his jaw with his left hand, XWA's Saviour uses his right arm to yet again nail Akira with a European uppercut, but once again it proves to be futile. Akira fires off his third uppercut, and this one does enough to knock Razor off of his feet and down onto the mat. He quickly staggers back up, but his haste leaves him doubled over as he does. With his opponent distracted and vulnerable Akira swings his boot up and drives the laces into Razor's face, causing him to snap up straight and clutch his nose while staggering towards the ropes. The crowd cheers as arguably one of the greatest wrestler's in XWA's history finds himself back first against the ring ropes as the young up-and-comer Akira cracks his knuckles, getting ready to unleash more strikes. With Razor's arms over the ring ropes as he leans back against them, the Californian is unable to defend himself from a series of rapid fire machine gun chops laid into his chest. Each chop echoes throughout the arena with a sickening thud, and is accompanied by cheers from he crowd who're very quickly getting behind the young lion from Osaka. Chop after chop lands flush on Razor's chest, leaving his skin a tender pink colour and marked out with handprints. After over two dozen chops Akira steps back to admire his work, allowing Vladimir to drop down to his knees while yelling out in pain. Never one to miss an opportunity to land one of his patented strong style strikes, Akira steps forward again and swings his boot across Razor's chest with a penalty kick! The sound of boot hitting flesh rings out as Razor falls down into the ropes, down to his side, and then out to the arena floor as he grabs his chest and yells out in pain.

Cedar: Razor's on the backfoot.

Miles: For now, he's a veteran. If Akira gets over confident he'll be going home looking like a moron.

Akira climbs through the middle and top ropes and then down onto the floor as Ryu Sanu stays in the ring, knowing that he's of no use on the outside in this type of match. Akira walks along the aisle and grabs Razor by the shoulder, spinning him around. Instead of being able to lay in another strike Akira finds an outstretched thumb being driven into his eye, rendering him temporarily without sight in one eye. The short window where Akira is distracted is enough time for Razor to grab Akira by the back of his head and slam his face down into the apron, causing even more blood to spill from the open wound. Akira's forehead slaps off of the side of the ring with enough impact to make him stagger backwards wildly, allowing Razor to grab him and roll him back into the ring. As Akira rolls across the mat and tries to pull himself up Razor gets himself onto the apron, grabbing the top rope as he waits for Akira. The Last Warlord of Osaka manages to get it together, wipe the blood out of his eye and then turn to face Razor, who responds by leaping to the top rope and then nearly decapitating Akira with a springboard clothesline! The force of the clothesline drives Akira's head down towards the mat with a huge amount of force, almost spiking him onto his skull in fact. After hitting the mat with his upper back Akira collapses down to lay flat on the canvas, allowing Razor to quickly drop down onto him for a cover. Ryu Sanu gets to two before Akira throws an arm up, lifting his shoulder from the mat and breaking the pin. The crowd cheers the fast paced action as Razor stays on the attack, stomping down on Akira a few times before grabbing him and pulling him up to his feet. Razor goes back to working Akira's face by digging his fingernails into his forehead, trying to open the cuts as wide as possible to increase blood loss and cause pain. Akira screams out in pain and throws his hands out, shoving Razor away before spinning around in a full turn with his arm out in an attempt at a rolling elbow! Razor has it scouted and ducks down, taking the chance to go behind Akira and lock him in a rear waist lock. He leans back and tries to pick Akira up for a German suplex but the Cruiser-X champion refuses to be lifted and puts on the breaks. Akira crouches down low and grabs Razor's hands, managing to pull them apart to escape the waist lock. Now stood with his back to Razor while holding his arms Akira backs up as fast as he can while turning, effectively shoulder tackling his opponent back into the corner. He takes a step back out of the corner, feints to throw a big soccer kick to Razor's midsection, and then mockingly slaps him across the face once again.

Miles: Why would you piss off Razor Xtreme when he's already mad?

Cedar: If this is Akira's gameplan, I'm going to have to question it.

Razor grits his teeth as he stares down Akira, who backs away from the corner with something resembling a smile spread across his face. He beckons XWA's saviour to retaliate, gesturing towards his own cheek with his left hand and then giving a "come on" sign with his right. Never one to back down from a challenge, Razor Xtreme steps up. He steps out of the corner and slaps Akira across the face as hard as he can, causing Akira to retaliate with another slap. Quickly the match devolves into a back and forth slap fight as the fans cheer both men on in their pursuit to eject the other's teeth from their mouth. Slowly Akira gets the upperhand, throwing two slaps for every one Razor can fire off, prompting his opponent to switch to throwing elbows. The first shot knocks Akira back a step or two, but when Razor steps up to throw a second one Akira meets him with an elbow of his own, cutting Razor's lip open. Again the two go back to trading strikes, trying to prove that they're tougher than their opponent just as much as they are trying to hurt said opponent. Elbow after elbow cracks off of the two wrestler's jaws, making them stagger and struggle to stay up on their feet every time a blow lands. Once again Akira gets the advantage in the exchange, first by side stepping one of Razor's elbows and then coming back with quick alternating left and rights that push him back into the ropes. As he gets to the ropes XWA's saviour finally goes down, dropping backwards and catching his arms over the top of the middle rope to avoid hitting the mat. With his opponent tangled up and dazed Akira backs up a few steps, yelling at Razor to get up and fight. Seeing that his opponent would rather rest on the ropes than comply Akira steps forward and throws a low, hard kick into the side of Razor's head, making him drop down to the mat and then roll out of the ring to escape. Razor walks around the ring as the crowd loudly cheers and eggs on Akira, who climbs out of the ring after him.

Cedar: Razor's hurt!

Miles: He just got kicked in the head, of course he is!

Akira takes his time walking around the ring, giving XWA's saviour time to lean on the apron and crouch down slightly. Not taking much notice of his opponent Akira rounds the round post and is met with a Singapore cane shot across his ribs, making him recoil back and yell in pain while grabbing the area where the hard wood cracked against his flesh. With Akira off guard, Razor has enough time to line up a second shot - a swing directly downwards which bounces off of Akira's open forehead! Akira takes a knee as he struggles to avoid falling over, but a second cane shot does enough to make him topple over onto the floor. "YOU THINK YOU'RE THE NEXT BIG THING?", Razor yells down at Akira as he raises up the cane and slams it down across Akira's back. The Black Heart Warrior howls in pain as he starts trying to crawl away, but his opponent gives him no rest and continues caning his back to shreds with shot after shot. With Akira's back lit up and some cuts having formed Razor tosses the cane into the ring and walks around to Akira's head and grabs him by the hair. "YOU'RE NOT SHIT AROUND HERE!" Razor yells as he pulls Akira up, keeping his head down and pulling it between his legs. As the crowd roar out, realizing what's happening, Razor grabs Akira around the waist and pulls him up for a powerbomb. After holding him aloft for a second the former XWA champion slams the Cruiser-X champion down back first onto the stiff floor mats with a loud thud. Akira's body bounces off of the mats before he rolls over onto his front, clutching his back as he does. A "holy shit" chant starts up in the front row as Razor stands over his fallen opponent, his arms stretched up and out, his chest puffed out, and a cocky grin across his face. Razor walks to stand directly over Akira and lays a boot down into his upper back before grabbing him again, pulling him up to his feet. With the crowd's chants having died off thanks to the change in momentum and how long Razor spent show boating after the power bomb, Razor throws a slap across Akira's face which echoes throughout the arena. With Akira dazed Razor rolls him into the ring, climbs onto the apron and then makes his way up to the top rope, where he looks down at Akira.

Cedar: Look out below!

Razor stands up tall and again poses, bringing down a rain of boos from the fans. He grins, points to his elbow, and then dives off of the top rope down at Akira. His time showboating backfires on him, however, as The Pacific Rim Nightmare sticks his leg up. Before Razor realizes what's happened his face slams into the bottom of Akira's boot, making him crumple down onto the mat with blood dripping down from his mouth. Akira quickly rolls over, leaning himself on top of his opponent. Ryu Sany starts to count but only gets a two before the kick-out. With the momentum back in his favour Akira crawls over to the corner, puts his back to it, and then pulls himself up, allowing him to watch his bloody opponent getting back to his feet. Letting out a fierce roar Akira takes off, does a full spin as he reaches Razor, and drives the point of his elbow straight into the side of his head! XWA's saviour flops down to the mat like a corpse, and again Akira covers. 1...2...tr-KICKOUT! Some members of the crowd boo loudly, while Akira slams his hand down into the mat in frustration. He stands up and reaches down, grabbing Razor by the hair to pull him up. He hoists his opponent off of the canvas and shoves him backwards into the corner, leaving him in position for Akira to unload a series of rapid fire kicks into his midsection as Razor writhes in pain. Despite the pain Razor stays up, knowing that if he drops down he could take a boot into the face. With Razor's chest bruised and a few burst blood vessels clearly visible Akira backs up a step and rushes back in while swinging his arm like a mace, aiming to slam it into the former world champ's chest. He's denied by a quick sidestep though, and only ends up hitting the ring post chest first. With Akira off balance and dazed Razor backs up a few steps with a hand over his damaged chest, grits his teeth, and then charges in to nail a big boot into the back of Akira's head! The blow drops the Cruiser-X champion immediately, leaving him hanging over the middle rope with a gormless expression on his face. Razor leans over the top rope, his left leg to the side of Akira with his right knee on the back of his neck, and grabs the middle rope, yanking it up to choke The Black Heart Warrior. Ryu Sanu gets in close to the pair, but with the no DQ stipulation he's in no position to break the hold. Blood drips down Akira's face as he gargles and wheezes, his face slowly turning red.

Cedar: Akira's been on the attack most of this match, but when Razor gets in control he makes the most of it.

Miles: Wrestle smarter, not harder!

Akira grabs the middle rope, pulling it down to give himself a chance to breath. He holds the rope with his right hand while throwing his right arm back, elbowing Razor sharply in the thigh. He does it twice more, allowing him to push back and force XWA's saviour off of him. Akira falls to his hands and knees as Razor backs off a few steps, knowing that Akira will take a while to recover. After a quick breather Razor steps in again, jumps up, and lands a knee down onto the back of his neck, driving Akira face first into the canvas with a loud crash. As the fans boo loudly Razor stays knelt with a knee on Akira's neck, holding his hands up to taunt his opponent. He stands up while grabbing a handful of Akira's bloody hair and pulls his opponent to his feet, slamming him into the corner back first. The Californian gets into a boxers pose and starts throwing a few quick closed fisted jabs, busting up the Osaka native's face even more than before. Shot after shot lands on Akira's face, met by a chorus of "ooo's" each time fist hits flesh. After at least twenty punches Razor backs up, shaking blood off of his aching fists. Instead of collapsing down or staying in the corner Akira grasps the ropes and uses them to pull himself out, staring down Razor. Like the villain of a slasher movie Akira steps towards his opponent, not even bothering to wipe the gore away from his face. The fans explode in cheers as Razor backs off a bit, showing some fear before snapping back into the match and going for another punch. This time Akira throws his right hand up, catching the punch before slamming his left elbow into Razor's face. Once again The Pacific Rim Nightmare goes back to throwing quick, alternating elbow smashes, that continue to bloody up and bruise his opponents face. With XWA's saviour stunned Akira grabs his arm and pulls it down behind him, allowing him to then reach through Razor's legs and grab his hand, before hooking his other arm around Razor's neck. Before Akira can execute the wrist clutch exploder Razor yanks his hand free, pulls it around to grab Akira's leg, and with his other arm grabs around Akira's neck, allowing him to fall back, roll-over and put Akira in a small package! Just before Ryu Sanu counts the three Akira manages to kick free, barely saving himself from losing to a roll-up!

Cedar: Near fall there!

Miles: See what I said - smarter! He nearly got that ugly son of a bitch with no effort at all!

The two immediately roll back up to their feet, but with Akira still being distracted he simply stands gawking as Razor bounds forward and drives a roundhouse kick into the side of his head. As with the earlier big boot Akira collapses like he's just been shot with a tranquillizer dart. Razor holds his hands up as he walks over to the corner, climbing the turnbuckle to face the crowd as Akira remains sprawled on the mat staring at the lights. Razor stands up straight and, learning from his earlier mistake, wastes no time in flipping backwards and crashing down onto Akira with an xtremesault! Razor smashes down onto his opponent and bounces off, making him roll over into a seated position while grabbing his chest and wincing in pain. Despite the moonsault having taken a lot out of him XWA's saviour knows it'll have done more to Akira, and he quickly dives onto his opponent looking for a cover. Ryu Sanu counts to two before Akira kicks a leg free, allowing him to get a shoulder up at the count of two to the relief of the fans. Razor crawls away from Akira towards the Singapore cane he threw into the ring earlier and grabs the weapon. He stands up, clutching the cane in both hands as Akira drags himself up with the ring ropes. He gasps for breath as he steps forward, right into a cane shot directly to the midsection. After only seconds of having been on his feet the Cruiser-X champion is brought back to his knees, which is accompanied by the loud sound of wood cracking against skin with enough force to leave a dark red mark. Razor starts to discard the cane but then stops, shrugs, and brings the cane down over Akira's head. The wood splinters and the cane crumples over the Japanese warrior's skull, leaving blood dripping down over the broken remains of the weapon. Finally Razor throws away the cane and grabs Akira's tangled up bloody mop with one hand while giving a thumbs down with the other, signaling for the end. He hoists Akira first up to his feet, then up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Razor ensures he has a good grip on Akira and then throws him forward while raising a knee towards his face, looking for the Razor's Edge! As Akira falls he throws out his hands, allowing him to grabs a hold of Razor's knee. He pulls the knee down to avoid taking a strike to the face, turns as he falls, and drags Razor face first down to the mat. Before the crowd realizes what's happened Akira coils his legs around Razor's trapped right leg and yanks back on it, locking in a vicious knee bar!



The crowd screams and quickly starts a "TAP!" chant as Akira pulls back on the limb, trying to rip the knee from the socket. Razor screams out while clawing at the mat, trying to drag himself away and free his leg. He slams his fists down into the mat as he inches his way towards the ropes, possibly just out of instinct as thanks to the no DQ stipulation a rope break wouldn't be called. Akira grits his teeth, exposing his black mouth guard as he lets out a low pitched roar. Sweat drips down both men as they struggle in a game of tug of war, which after maybe half a minute Razor wins by grabbing the bottom rope. With the bottom rope in both hands he reaches up, grabbing the middle rope and giving him a bit of leverage. From there, one by one, he reaches his hands up again and grasps the top rope, allowing him to set his left foot and get mostly upright. Now stood over Akira the Californian is able to lean on the ropes and stomp down with his left foot, driving the sole of his boot into Akira's head until The Black Heart Warrior is forced to relinquish the hold. With his leg free Razor carries on stomping down at Akira a few times and then collapses to the canvas, grabbing his knee. The crowd's volume goes down to a low buzz as Akira crawls away, his head a blur thanks to the brutal stomps. At around the same time the two wrestlers get back onto two feet, albeit with Razor clearly favouring the injured right leg. Like a cockroach on crumbs Akira rushes in and throws a leg kick at Razor, blasting him in the knee and forcing him to back up. Twice more Akira slams his own leg into Razor's, eventually making him retreat into the corner for support. With his opponent trapped Akira enters a kickboxing stance and, getting revenge for the closed fists Razor hit him with earlier, starts throwing a lighting fast flurry of strikes. The crowd comes alive at the sight of Akira's palms, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet driving into Razor's body, inflicting punishment on every inch of flesh they can find. As the beating continues the crowd gets louder and louder, and Razor starts struggling more and more to stay on his feet. Finally, after an open palmed strike into his jaw, the Californian starts to collapse out of the corner, but instead of letting him fall Akira chooses to grab him and push him upright. After propping Razor up in the corner Akira screams out a war cry to the fans, who echo it back in the form of thousands of voices unleashing their loudest roar or scream. With the crowd firmly behind him Akira drives his head forward like a battering ram, slamming his own skull into Razor's in a mess of blood soaked hair and crimson gore. Finally Akira allows Razor to fall down to the mat as the Cruiser-X champion leans against the ropes, holding his head in one hand to try and ease the pain. After a short delay Akira drops down to the canvas and leans over his opponent, getting about a two and a half before the kick-out comes.

Cedar: Akira's getting closer and closer, and with Razor's leg hurt he could look to put it away soon.

Miles: We've seen Razor turn the tables in a snap multiple times now, calm your ass down!

Instead of getting up to his feet Akira crawl on top of Razor, who is now laid on his front trying to recover with his hands clutching his head. From the back mount Akira starts laying in MMA style elbows which look like his intent is to crush his opponents head like a grape. Each blow gets a cheer from the crowd, but Akira's advantage doesn't last long before Razor reaches down, grabs his legs, and uses the leverage to roll over, pinning Akira's shoulders to the mat. Once again Akira barely manages to kick Razor off of him just before the three count, allowing XWA's saviour to get back to his feet while Akira remains on the mat. He quickly gets control by running in at a rising Akira and kneeing him in the side of the head, a shot which draws boos from the crowd but has the more notable effect of knocking Akira's mouth guard out of his mouth. Razor hobbles slightly as he grabs his right leg, which is now in a lot of pain thanks to having just been used as a blunt force weapon. He walks back over to Akira, who is now on one knee with a look in his eyes which says "I don't know where the fuck I am", and for the second time in the match steps up onto his outstretched knee and clatters him in the back of the head with a step-up enziguri! Akira drops to the mat and Razor covers. 1...2..th-KICKOUT! The crowd cheers as for the second time in quick succession Akira just manages to beat the count and get a shoulder up. Razor rolls out of the ring as Akira tries to recover and goes under the apron, pulling out a steel chair which he then tosses into the ring. XWA's saviour slides back in under the bottom rope and, seeing him trying to get up again, hops up to his feet to run at Akira and hit him with a swinging neckbreaker. Akira sprawls out on the mat, clutching the back of his neck, as Razor runs across the ring to grab the steel chair. A menacing smile spreads across the Californian's lips as he slams the chair down into the canvas, creating a loud cracking sound. Slowly Akira starts pulling himself up, ignorant to the fact that Razor is stood behind him waiting to cave his skull in. He staggers around and, seeing a chair hurtling towards is face, ducks. Razor spins around to face Akira and goes for a second chair shot, this time ramming the top of the chair into Akira's midsection. The blow doesn't have as much impact as a head shot would, but it hits home and staggers Akira, leaving him susceptible to an overhead chair shot down across his back. Akira collapses to his knees once again as the crowd boos and Akira's mess of a back flares up a dark red colour. Razor walks over to the centre of the ring and unfolds the chair before setting it up. He walks over back to Akira, gives him a quick slap across the face, and then pulls him up in a front face lock, dragging him over to the chair. Razor positions himself so he's facing the chair and Akira's back is to it before hooking his opponents arm over his head and attempting to hoist him up, possibly looking to hit the falcon arrow onto the chair. He gets Akira maybe half a foot off the ground, but between exhaustion, Akira fighting back, and the pain in his right knee he's unable to complete the move and gets shoved away. He runs back in at Akira looking for a forearm smash, but is greeted by Akira sidestepping the move and drop toe holding him into the chair!

Cedar: That may be all she wrote!

Razor's head crashes into the metal chair before he flops down to the mat, almost completely lifeless. Akira quickly tosses the chair to one side, throwing it into the corner and nearly hitting Ryu Sanu, and then grabs a hold of Razor's right leg. He holds the leg up by the boot with both hands and then fires off a sharp toe kick into the back of Razor's knee, making him yell out in pain and writhe about on the mat. Akira follows up with two more kicks into the back of the knee before turning inward and stepping over, trying to lock in a figure-four leglock. He gets his leg over Razor's right leg, but XWA's saviour manages to prevent the hold from being fully locked in by kicking Akira off with his left leg. The Black Heart Warrior uses the momentum from being pushed away to run into the ropes and bounce back towards the seating Razor, who doesn't move in time to avoid a vicious sliding lariat that sends his head snapping back into the canvas! The crowd explodes in cheers as Akira lies down on the mat propped up on his elbows, smiling slightly as he looks over at the brutalized Razor Xtreme. Akira crawls to one side and drapes an arm over Razor, prompting Ryu Sanu to drop to the mat and start counting the pin. At what could best be described as 2.9 Razor throws his shoulder up, allowing him to stay in the match despite having been through hell at the hands of Akira's strong style offence. Akira stands up again and grabs Razor, pulling him into a sitting position again. Akira runs at the ropes behind Razor, comes back past him, and hits the second set of ropes to get even more momentum. He starts sliding down with his arm outstretched, but this time Razor has the whereabouts to lean back to avoid the lariat. With Akira sprawled out on the mat Razor rolls over onto his front and wraps an arm around Akira's neck, looking for a sleeper hold. Despite some struggling Akira is only able to get up to one knee before Razor clamps his arm down around his throat and squeezes, trying to cut off the supply of both blood and oxygen to his brain. Akira grabs his opponents arm with both hands and tries ripping it free, but falls short of being able to power out of the move. Slowly Akira starts to rise up to his feet, pulling Razor up with him as he does so. He gets to both feet while still locked in the sleeper hold and then pushes his body to the left while yanking his head down. Razor tries to fight back, but thanks to being caught off guard isn't able to stop Akira tucking his own head down into a headlock style position and wrapping his arms around Razor's midsection. Planting both his feet down into the mat AKira hoists Razor up and bridges over backwards, planting him down onto the top of his head with a backdrop driver!



The entire crowd gets to their feet and cheers at the sight of Razor Xtreme being planted down onto his skull and going limp like a lifeless corpse, releasing the sleeper and eventually coming to rest on his back while facing up at the lights. Despite Razor being almost completely out of it Akira is unable to cover, instead laying face down on the mat as he tries to recover from the sleeper hold with blood still pouring down his face. He slams his fists into the mat and crawls over towards Razor, who in turn has managed to roll over onto his chest and start clambering towards the ropes. XWA's saviour grabs the bottom rope in his limp grip and starts climbing up as Akira grabs a hold of his left foot, trying to pull him back down to the mat. In response Razor shakes his leg free and kicks the kneeling Akira in the jaw, forcing him to jump up to his feet and stumble back while clutching his bloodied nose. Razor quickly glances to one side and spots the steel chair, which is still laid on the canvas where Akira tossed it earlier. He grabs it in both hands, turns to face Akira, and launches the weapon as hard as he can into his face. Akira staggers back like a drunk at 3AM and looks to fall out of the ring between the middle and top rope, but as he goes vertical and is about to slip out of the ring he grabs the top rope with both hands. Running purely on adrenaline Akira pulls himself back up onto both feet, stumbles forward a few steps while doing a full turn, and slams his elbow into the side of Razor Xtreme's skull! The former XWA heavyweight champion reacts by taking a few steps backwards while wobbling from side to side, as though the blow knocked all of the equilibrium out of his brain. He hits the ropes, takes a step back in, and then collapses down to his knees. Akira similarly drops to his knees in front of Razor, staring down at his opponent. The two wobble back and forth as the fans hit fever pitch, trying to anticipate what will follow. Going back to his wheelhouse Akira drives another elbow into Razor's head, making him collapse backwards onto the mat unceremoniously. Akira drops down on top of Razor for the cover. Ryu Sanu drops down and starts to count, but before he can even hit a two count Razor kicks out! Small sections of the crowd explode in cheers, but the majority are clearly annoyed that Razor has kicked out, not least because with Razor Xtreme there's always the prospect that he can turn the tables at any moment. In a state of shock Akira grabs Razor and crawls on his knees towards the centre of the ring, bringing his opponent with him. He once again pulls Razor up onto his knees and then stands up, taking a step back. For the fourth time in the match Akira bounces off of he ropes and comes back looking for a sliding lariat, and for the second time Razor Xtreme manages to avoid it, this time by diving forward and throwing a low blow before Akira can leave his feet. As Akira starts to crumple over in a heap Razor wraps an arm around his head and grabs his boots, rolling him over into a small-package! One...two..thr-KICKOUT!


Akira rolls through out of the small package and hits the ropes, coming back as fast as he can to take the kneeling Razor Xtreme's face off with a penalty kick! XWA's saviour falls to the mat and Akira drops on him to hook the leg. One...two..thr-KICKOUT! Again the crowd starts booing angrily, but while the paying fans show annoyance at the kick-out Akira responds simply by climbing on top of his opponent in an MMA style full mount. The Cruiser-X champion wastes no time in slamming elbows and forearms downwards into the bloody face of Razor Xtreme, with each shot seemingly hitting harder than the last. Blow after blow connects withe bloody mess that is Razor's face, as the champion finds himself unable to defend himself from the barrage of strikes that is now battering him. Fans scream out, with one or two even yelling at Akira that Razor is already knocked out to no avail. Elbow after elbow hammers into Razor's skull until, finally, Akira slumps down on top of his lifeless opponent in exhaustion, allowing Ryu Sanu to finally start counting a pin. ONE...TWO...THREE!

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ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification   ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification EmptySun Nov 09, 2014 4:41 am

Really great match. Very sorry I had to no show.


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ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification   ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification Empty

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ME.) Akira Kobayashi vs. Razor Xtreme | No Disqualification

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