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 MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi

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MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi Empty
PostSubject: MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi   MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 4:50 pm

DUE: Saturday, January 17th 11:59PM EDT.

MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi MJFR42R
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MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi Empty
PostSubject: Re: MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi   MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 11:40 pm

The bell rings and the two men step up out of their corners. On one hand we have Razor Xtreme - XWA legend and brother of Some Xtreme, another man worthy of great note within XWA. Across from him stands Akira Kobayashi, the Cruiser-X champion and Thomas Barnez's hand picked opponent in the hope of knocking the two villainous brothers down a peg. Despite Razor's world title pedigree the more inexperienced spartan warrior has managed to best XWA's Saviour before, having first attacked his leg before knocking him out cold with a series of MMA strikes during a snuff film esq no DQ match back in November. "YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN!" chants aimed at Razor rain down thick and fast from Akira's fans, who in this case massively outnumber the few people who don't hate Razor.

Razor starts the match by extending out a hand, going for a shake. Wary of who he's facing Akira slaps his opponents hand away and yells at him in Japanese, causing some cheers from the crowd. Posturing up, Akira welcomes a big chop across his chest before firing back with one of his own, sending Razor stumbling back. He fires off second chop before trying to throw a lariat, which Razor ducks under as he goes behind and applies a waist-lock. He wrenches at the mid-section of the Cruiser-X champion, who has a 20 or so pound advantage which he uses by backing up into Razor shoulder first to bump him away. Akira turns and throws a slap which Razor dodges low to avoid, before grabbing Akira by the legs and taking him down to the mat. Clearly wanting to avoid the type of no holds barred brawl which left him out cold, bleeding, and probably a few chipped teeth Razor grabs Akira's legs as he drops him to the canvas. The fans give a mixed but passionate reaction as Razor holds both legs and tries to turn the position into The Xtreme Walls, his patented elevated boston crab! Akira struggles and kicks free, sending Razor back into the ropes. With his opponent off balance and coming back towards him Akira stands up and throws a jumping kick, resulting in Razor ducking the third straight strike and hitting the breaks behind Akira. The Pacific Rim Nightmare spins around and instantly gets hoisted up into a firemans carry position, teasing for the Razor's Edge and an early shower. He throws Akira up and goes to knee him in the face. Using the same counter as their previous match Akira puts his hands out and grabs the leg, trying to take Razor down into a kneebar. Clearly knowing the reversal could come Razor leaps forward before he can be taken down, allowing him to grab the bottom rope and Akira to release his grip before the hold can be locked in.

Cedar: Razor has clearly done his homework since finding out who his opponent is.

Miles: Their first match he might've been taking Akira lightly, but not this time!

Akira gets to his feet and backs up while yelling "pussy" at Razor, more to try and anger him and get him to brawl then to actually insult him for getting a rope break. He lets the former world champ up and then drives a slap into the side of his face before yelling at him again. Razor angrily lashes out a foot, hitting Akira in the gut and making him move back. With Akira nearly doubles over Razor grabs him by the back of the head, jumps, and pushes him face down into the canvas with a bulldog while gets him a short one count. Akira starts to get up but instantly gets grabbed into a headlock by Razor. XWA's saviour pushes the Cruiser-X champ into the corner with the headlock before whipping him acorss the ring and then charging after him. Akira turns and hits the corner back first, and almost immediately takes a jumping knee to the mouth. Akira staggers out towards the middles of the ring as Razor hits the ropes and returns with a second bulldog, this time with a run-up. Akira hits the mat face first once again and gets covered, gaining a slightly longer one but still not a two. Razor shows little sign of frustration, instead choosing to stick to the game plan by locking on another headlock, this time from the ground. He smirks as he squeezes Akira's head, keeping the hold locked in even as the crowd start to chant "boring" and boo. It takes a good fifteen seconds for Akira to get up to his feet, back into the ropes, and try to use the momentum to throw Razor away. The Highest Level grabs a handful of Akira's hair and slides down to the mat again to keep the headlock locked in, drawing more anger from the fans. He grinds his arm into Akira'a face while leaning his weight down on him, trying to tire The Spartan out so as to weaken his firepower.

Cedar: This is smart, but the crowd don't like it.

Miles: Fuck 'em! They wouldn't know smart if it fucked their sister!

Akira gets to his knees as he hits at least a minute in the hold, wraps his arms around Razor's chest, and rolls over to put his opponents shoulders on the mat. The LA native quickly rolls over to escape but in doing so gives Akira enough momentum to pull the two of them up to their feet. A quick tussle ensues as Akira starts trying to lift Razor in an attempt to plant him on his dome with a backdrop driver, sending the crowd wild. Razor starts squirming, releases the headlock, and quickly rakes Akira's eyes with his knuckles before pushing him away. With Akira blinded Razor runs forward and sunset flips him, yanking him down to the mat and getting a two count. The crowd lets out an "ooo" as Akira rolls free, clearly shocked by the near fall and Razor's catch-as-can based offence. The Black Heart Warrior goes to the corner, where he is met by a charging shoulder from Razor. Wrapping his arms around Akira's wait Razor steps back, turns, and slams his opponent down with a belly to belly slam followed by another quick cover, getting a two. Akira starts to get up but is very quickly covered again, getting pinned for one as he is forced to exert more energy to kick out. Razor smiles as he stands up and grabs Akira's hair, allowing him to holds his opponent's head down and set up in position for a powerbomb. He wraps his arms around Akira's waist but finds himself unable to hoist him up as Akira buckles his knees. He yells out in frustration and clubs down on Akira's back, but when he reapplies the waist grip gets backbody dropped over to the canvas. Razor quickly gets up to his knees where he comes face to face with Akira Kobayashi, who is running in looking for a penalty kick to the head. Razor ducks low and rolls away to the disappointment of the thousands of fans in attendance.

Cedar: So close to getting what he deserves!

Miles: For what, sticking with family?

Cedar: He's only in this main event tonight because of nepotism, and I can't wait for Akira to kick him so hard he drops out of his family tree!

Razor commando crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up before rolling away to get out of the path of a second penalty kick, to more disappointed boos from the crowd. Razor pulls himself up and backs away while grinning at Akira, shaking his head and wagging a finger. Akira replies by running in and hitting Razor with an elbow to the side of the jaw, knocking him off balance and into the ropes. Akira follows up with a series of alternating left and right slaps which knock the taste out of Razor's mouth, followed immediately by a whip across the ring. Razor hits the ropes, and on the rebound Akira's knee hits him as XWA's saviour gets kitchen sink'd. The knee strike winds Razor and flips him into a sitting position, causing the fans to cheer wildly and more "YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN!" chants to be heard. Akira charges at the ropes, comes back at Razor, and winds up for yet another soccer kick. Razor shuffles to one side and throws his arms up, grabbing his opponents leg as he gets to his feet. With his leg trapped Akira resorts to more slaps, nailing Razor with rapid fired open handed strikes that turn his cheeks red and fills the arena with the sound of flesh hitting flesh. After taking some teeth rattlers Razor tosses Akira's leg away, spinning The Spartan around as Razor leaps up and nearly knocks his head off with a big boot! Akira drops to the mat and Razor quickly covers, hooking both legs deep with enough force that Akira has to use a lot of energy just to wiggle a shoulder free. Razor rubs the side of his face as Akira rolls away, trying to catch his breath and remember where he is.

Cedar: Biiig kick, but not from who you'd expect. Either Akira needs to start landing his strikes, or he needs to switch up his tactics.

Razor gets to his feet and stalks Akira, who gets to his knees soon after. Akira starts rising up but is met with a boot to the spine, dropping him back to his hands and knees where Razor applies a rear chin-lock. The crowd waste no time booing and chanting boring at Razor, who clearly couldn't give less of a fuck. He wraps his fingers over Akira's face, stretching the skin and trying to keep him held in place to tire him out more. Akira quickly counters by wrapping his arms around Razor's legs and hoisting him up into a back pack position on his knees. Razor lets go of the face lock to get free, steps backwards, and again boots Akira in the back to put him flat on the canvas. Giving not one second Razor drops an elbow right into Akira's back, knocking the wind out of him and giving XWA's saviour the chance to keep the pace slow and tiring. He grabs Akira in a headlock once more as the Osaka native gets up to his knees, pulling Razor up with him while still in the hold. After a few seconds of holding Akira in place Razor finds himself being shoved forward and forced chest first into the corner, where he slams sternum first into the turnbuckle and relinquishes the hold. Akira backs up a few steps, yells out to show his anger at Razor's tactics, and then launches a sickening lariat into the back of his opponents head! Razor slumps over the turnbuckle as the crowd goes wild at the bone crunching strike and Akira backs up, his eyes locked on Razor. After a seconds pause he runs back in, jumps, and throws a high boot into Razor's right shoulder that drops the former XWA champ to his knees. Akira grabs Razor by his right arm and forces him over the second ropes, his upperbody hanging out over the apron. He wastes no time in leaning over the top rope, reaching down, and grabbing Razor's arm. In one powerful motion he yanks up, making the elbow joint hit the top rope and he wrenches back on a modified armbar that contorts and hyper extends the entire arm. Razor screams out at Ryu Sanu, who starts his count and forces Akira to release the hold at four. Akira lets go, but lands a stomp on Razor's arm as he does so.

Cedar: Akira just went to work! There's a reason Barnez picked him!

Akira backs up a few steps, waits for Razor to try and stand up, and then goes looking for another penalty kick. Again Razor dodges, but he does it while holding his right arm with his left and with the smirk now removed from his face. "Motherfucker" he mutters, both to Akira and to his arm, which he shakes out before stepping up to Akira. Akira puts his hands up to throw strikes but Razor still doesn't want any, and responds by shooting behind and locking in a rear waist lock. He tries to hoist Akira over for a German suplex, but an elbow to the hurt right arm takes the move away. Akira stomps down on Razor's feet, turns, and as if to say "this is how you do a suplex!" grabs Razor's arm, yanks it down, and then throws him overhead with a wrist-clutch exploder! Razor's neck slams off the mat and he pops up into a sitting position, which he is quickly taken out of as Akira pops up, screams at him to stay down, and then launches himself down at the mat with a sliding lariat to the base of Razor's skull!. The second enzi-lariat is as brutal as the first, and yet again sends the crowd wild as Razor slumps over and gets covered. The former champ kicks out at two, but instead of dwelling on this Akira goes to work grabbing the right arm of Razor as he rolls over. There's a brief struggle until Akira can lock in a fujiwara armbar, letting him yank and tear at the shoulder again as Razor starts crawling and diving at the ropes! A "tap" chant starts as Razor shoots his legs out, coming closer and closer to the promised land of a rope break until after nearly half a minute of agony he does so.

Cedar: Razor was outwrestling Akira, so Akira's taken his ability to apply many holds away fro him by working the arm.

Miles: He knows Razor could beat him hold to hold so he resorts to this!

Akira lets go of the hold at three and stands up, grabbing Razor by the hair as he does so. He pulls him up to a standing position and fires off a kick into Razor's gut to double him over. Like a surgeon Akira goes back to the shoulder, leaping up and coming down with a stomp onto the back of his opponents shoulder that puts him onto one knee. Razor yells out in pain as Akira backs up, the fans going crazy around them. Akira charges in, swings his foot, but yet again can't connect the penalty kick as Razor drops to his back and goes down to the canvas where he scurries away. Akira chases after him, trying to stomp him into the mat as his opponent escapes the ring and jogs away. Not one to let a fight go cold Akira jumps outside after Razor, who moves around to the other side of the ring while hurling trash talk at Akira. XWA's saviour waits for Akira to get close and then slides into the ring and gets up. Intent on sticking close Akira leaps up onto the apron, where he is met by a roundhouse kick to the head that flings him from the apron to the floor, face first into the steel barricade! Akira yells out and grabs his nose as he drops to his knees on the floor and Razor yells at Sanu to start his ten count, clearly willing to accept a count-out victory if it means getting one over Barnez's hired gun. At four Akira gets to his feet and staggers to the apron, wiping away a nosebleed as he does so. He starts to climb into the ring and gets met with a Garvin stomp to the back as he does so, keeping him down on the mat and more importantly letting Razor take control. The Californian grabs Akira with his left hands, pushes him up to his knees, and then drives a knee into the side of his head to knock him down. With Akira so close to the ropes Razor doesn't cover, instead choosing to put a boot into his face and use the ropes for leverage to drive the heel into his opponents nose.

Cedar: That one'll push the blood out of your nose and make it hard to keep your bearings, two things which will keep Akira's strikes at bay.

When Sanu's count gets to four Razor breaks and grabs Akira by the hair, pulling him to his feet. Wasting no time Razor again puts Akira up onto his shoulders, an act which makes him wince in pain slightly. He grabs Akira and looks ready to throw him up for the Razor's Edge, but the pain in his shoulder makes him hesitate and gives Akira time to wriggle free and behind his opponent. Akira lands on his feet and shoves Razor towards the ropes before running after him. As Razor hits the ropes the Spartan jumps into the air, tucks his chin, and crashes head first into Razor's chest like a battering ram! Razor drops to the mat like a sack of shit as the tired Cruiser-X champion rolls over onto his back, holding his head as "AK-I-RA!" chants rain down. Motivated by the crowd, his anger for Razor, and his natural love of violence, Akira gets up and starts pacing around Razor, who reaches his knees. The fans know what Akira wants to do, and after so many misses they want to see it as well. "YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN!" chants start up almost instantly as Akira claps his hands and yells something to that effect at Razor in Japanese. Dazed and clutching his chest, Razor has no time to react when Akira runs in and fires off a penalty kick, which this time connects! Razor slumps backwards as boot meets skull in a head on collision that boot comes out of the better. With his opponent sprawled out motionless on the mat Akira stands over him panting, looks up, and in a guttural roar bellows out "HE, JUST GOT HIS FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN!". The fans go crazy as Akira grabs a handful of Razor's dirty black hair, pulls him up, and hooks him up in position for the brainbuster! He hoists Razor upright, lets him hang upside down for a second, and then drops back to plant him head first into the canvas! The fans cheer madly as Akira leans back over his opponent, covering him and getting the three.
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MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi Empty
PostSubject: Re: MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi   MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 11:43 pm


Both men instantly sprint away from their respective corners and towards the center of the ring, as they look to get this main event to the first Vendetta of the new era under-way! Although at first he seems to sprint into action, Razor stops and pulls back a bit, surprising Akira. Razor then chuckles up a smile so vile, it would make you puke. He then places his hands together and mockingly bows to Akira – insulting his traditional Japanese culture. The fans begin to boo at Razor pretty loudly as Akira gets an angered look on his face. Xtreme laughs wildly, something that may cost him. Kobayashi quickly spins in a perfect form and drives a huge elbow right to Razor's jaw, hitting a signature Rolling Elbow right at the start of the match! He drives the elbow as hard as he can, punishing Razor for being a giant dickhead. Razor drops to the mat as the crowd explodes, ready to see yet another loss for the self-proclaimed 'Greatest of All Time' as Akira quickly pins him!



-Razor rapidly kicks out before the 3, almost out of pure instinct. Razor then quickly rolls off to the side, exiting the ring as quick as he can.

Cedar: “Wow! This main event was almost over before it even begun!”

Miles: “That's ridiculous! What a cheap, underhanded shot by Akira! I knew the Japs were cheaters, but that's just bullshit!”

Razor angrily grips his jaw outside the ring as he places his palm on it and applies pressure. Akira eyes him from inside the ring, angrily. Razor knows this isn't a time to mess around and he should take the Cruiser-X champion a little more seriously. Razor rolls inside the ring and instantly, both men charge up and get ready to lock up again. Both men have their hands up, and Razor quickly kick-checks the CX champ by throwing a low roundhouse directly to the side of the left leg. Akira tries his best to not flinch as he swings his own right leg and catches Razor on the side as well. Both men keep their hands up to block, as they remain focused. Then, out of nowhere, both men rapidly lock-up and Akira quickly pushes Razor into the ropes. The referee is about to count to 1, but before referee Jack Hammer can count to 1, Akira shoves Razor back a bit and then uses the springboard to fling him across the ropes. As Razor bounces back, Akira flings him over with a big hip toss – keeping true to his Japanese training as he makes sure it's a very stiff throw. Razor tries to roll up, but quickly gets locked in a headlock, before taken over with a headlock takeover. Razor uses his educated legs to scissor Akira between his legs, and Akira quickly kips out of it. Both men stand up quickly, and Akira quickly swings a big right forearm, stiffly decking Razor right in the jaw! Razor moans and backs into the turnbuckle, where Akira corners him and begins throwing rapid elbow/forearm strikes to the jaw.

Cedar: “Akira is going back to his traditional roots, the Japanese tend to favor very powerful strikes in their arsenals!”

Miles: “He should go back to his traditional roots in Japan and never come back!”

Razor tries to shake it off but the stiff shots feel like bullets ramming him in the jaw. Akira backs off into the center of the ring and then rockets forward, attempting some sort of a move that we'll never know of, since it's stopped mid-way by two boots right to the face, courtesy of Razor Xtreme – who still has his veteran instinct. Razor quickly turns Akira into the corner and punches him in the face with a hard right fist, followed by another, and another. Razor may not favor stiff elbows or forearms, but he does have those hard punches. Razor then begins to quickly swing some hard roundhouse kicks right to the lower legs of Akira. Right leg, left leg, Razor swings wild roundhouse kicks – those kicks are something he is very good at. Razor then jumps up and throws a big forearm right to the face. He then pulls Akira by the arm and whips him across the ring. Akira fires back by countering the whip, but instead of releasing Razor – he pulls him back by the arm and tucks his head under Razor's arm, lifting him high into the air and then dropping him right on the back of his head with a huge Backdrop Driver! Razor holds the back of his neck as Akira quickly rolls him onto his back for the second fall of this match that follows a signature move of his.



-Razor kicks out.

Cedar: “I felt that pain from here, what a sickening move to get hit with!”

Miles: “C'mon doctor, what the hell is wrong with you? Go check the poor guy out! He may have a broken neck, this is a fuckin travesty!”

Razor favors his neck as he tries to roll out of the ring again. Akira doesn't allow him to do that and instead picks him back up onto his knees before wrapping his arms around Razor's neck to further the pain. Akira keeps the headlock in tight as Razor does his best to crawl up. He doesn't want to let Akira get too much momentum on him. Suddenly, as Razor picks himself up but bends over, Kobayashi begins to throw stiff knee strikes, right leg, left leg, in cohesion as he slams right into Razor's gut with each painful knee. Xtreme should have known better than to mess with this man. He trashed the Cruiser X title at the beginning of the show and Akira has not forgotten. It's obvious he hasn't forgotten by the fact that those knees seem to have a lot of effort put into them. He then backs up a bit and then throws an enormous right-handed European Uppercut right to the face! Razor practically sprints backwards off the forced magnitude of the uppercut. Razor bounces back off the ropes and almost unconsciously falls into Akira, who quickly tucks his head under Razor's left arm and in a very athletic fashion – throws him completely overhead with a huge Northern Lights Suplex! He keeps the position as some of the fans clap for this great show of athleticism as Akira goes for the pin!



-Once again, Razor kicks out before Jack Hammer can hit the “3!”

Cedar: “So far, Akira has been decimating this match.”

Miles: “Psh, Razor's going easy on him. If you can't see that, you're fuckin' retarded!”

There is a hint of nervous doubt in Miles' words as he watches on. Razor rolls outside the ring, taking a few seconds to recover once again. Razor presses his palm against the back of his neck as Akira stands up inside the ring. The fans look on as they know exactly what Akira is thinking of. The champ quickly sprints to the other side of the ring and then charges back at full speed after bouncing off the ropes, going for the obvious suicide dive! But as soon as he darts between the ropes, Razor pounces with a hard double-axe handle to the face! The crowd goes “Ooooh!” as Razor managed to knock the life out of the rising star with one single move. Akira lands awkwardly between the ropes and then falls out onto the ring apron on his side. Razor quickly slides into the ring and begins to pull him up to his feet through the ropes. Akira makes it up to his feet on the apron and Razor begins to yell some weak words of hate before running to the other side of the ring. Xtreme charges all the way back at full speed before throwing both legs into the air and hitting Akira with a front-dropkick, sending him flying off the apron and onto the hard floor outside.

Miles: “Hah! I told you, Theodore, Razor was just playing his cards safely. He's picking himself up now!”

Cedar: “Oh, please. Razor got a lucky shot off that failed suicide dive. But I will give the devil his due anyway – that was a crafty, veteran maneuver.”

Razor rolls onto his feet inside the ring as he breathes in and out, tired of taking a beating. He continues to favor the neck, but only for a little bit. He notices Akira is beginning to get up outside the ring, as a simple dropkick isn't going to take him out. Although Hammer is at the count of “1!” - his count may not be very relevant right now considering the action isn't going to stay in one place for long. Akira slowly makes it to his feet as Razor sprints to the turnbuckle. In a very athletic show of skill, Razor leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle and does a full backflip to the outside of the ring, landing right across the Cruiser X champ with a beautiful Triangle Quebrada that causes the entire audience to 'mark out' for the move – despite them really not liking Razor Xtreme.

Miles: “Shit! Did you see that? With a move like that, Razor should be the Cruiser X champ!”

Razor may have taken himself out as well, but Akira is definitely out, and that's what matters to him. “1!” - Hammer is inside the ring counting both men out. “2!” - Razor begins to show some signs of life, but Akira is still out for the count. “3!” - Both men are starting to make it to their feet. “4!” - Razor is up, but limping. That move is quite unusual for Razor, so he wasn't very used to it – it's obvious he may have hurt himself. “5!” - Razor limps towards the ring apron, but he doesn't make his way into the ring. “6!” --- Jack stops counting as he is forced to turn around and scold someone... Scorpion Beware? It's Smoke's vicious, relentless bodyguard! Scorpion Beware marches outside towards both competitors. Hammer quickly begins to yell at him, getting distracted. Razor chuckles as soon as he sees the distraction and he swings a big kick, nailing Kobayashi right between the testicles! The fans begin to boo and yell for the ref, who forces Beware to march out. The vicious islander walks near the ramp as Hammer is fully aware that he is away from the action. Meanwhile, Razor lifts the dead Kobayashi up onto his shoulders and then tosses him overhead before driving his knee right into his face, hitting the Razor's Edge (GTS) with authority! Akira flies backwards and lands on the ground, completely unconscious! Razor smiles as he quickly works on getting back into the ring! “7!” - Jack continues his count as the fans in attendance begin to boo loudly. “8!” - Razor slides into the ring and lays down, taking a breather. “9!” - Akira is barely moving as Razor crawls up onto one knee. “10!”



Cedar: “That was such bullshit! Scorpion Beware just ruined a really good main event!”

Miles: “But the more important thing here... is that Razor finally won a match since returning! I think the pros outweigh the cons, Teddy!”


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MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi Empty
PostSubject: Re: MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi   MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi Empty

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MAIN EVENT.) Razor Xtreme vs. Akira Kobayashi

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