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 1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill

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1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill Empty
PostSubject: 1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill   1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 5:28 pm

Due: Sunday January 5th, at 11:59 PM EST

1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill MJFR42R
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1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill   1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 7:09 pm

The bell rings and Sara Brookes frowns upon her competition around her with a toffee-nosed snarl, criticising the dress sense of her two foes, after all… the opponent to her left sports a ridiculous mask and an even more ridiculous set of defined abs, and to her right stands a woman who looks like she cuts down redwoods and kills you with them, but damn she fine.  All eye candy aside, the three women begin the whole shift around the ring thing, edging closer yet Sara Brookes breaks formation and steps back toward the corner, pointing at both Elektra and Lumber Jill to get things going and while Elektra is reluctant, standing with her hands on her hips, Jill is done with wasting time, kicking Elektra’s gut and wrangling her into a side headlock!  Elektra produces a light shriek of discomfort as Jill grinds down on her neck leaning with all her body weight, steering Elektra toward the ropes yet Sara Brookes cuts in and blasts Jill in the face with a forearm while she’s occupied, taking Jill and slinging her through the ropes to the floor outside, quickly going back to work on Elektra’s neck with the headlock strategy already in place, the vise-like torture changing hands.  

Ted Cedar
“Lumber Jill clobbered to the outside of the ring, and Sara Brookes goes right back to work on Elektra’s neck, just cranking her way into control of things.”

Joey Miles
“Yeah?  Well Elektra can crank my control with her neck anytime, Teddy boy!  Go on sugar and crank it… CRANK IT!!”

Elektra fights back and finds the ropes behind her, looking to shove Sara and break the hold, only Sara keeps the headlock tight and drags Elektra to her knees with a sliding fashion!  Sara rises to her feet with a smug smirk of accomplishment headlock still applied, further flipping Elektra on her back with a takedown and pinning her to the mat.  1..2..  Elektra prevails with a thrust of the shoulder and rolls to her feet but Sara kicks her in her masked head, running against the ropes to come back for a clothesline yet Lady Logger grabs Sara by the heels from the ringside and yanks Sara right on her face!   Brookes rolls to the corner with her face in her hands as Lumber Jill creeps upon the ring apron, Elektra charges to take her down yet Jill drills the electric star with a shoulder thrust through the ropes and right in the gut, dropping Elektra onto both knees. And Jill quickly skips into the ring to snatch Elektra up and sling her into the corner with an irish-whip, talking trash to the crowd before charging at Elektra for a big boot opportunity, Elektra ducks and Jill’s boot shaves off the turnbuckle, leg propped up awkwardly and Sara Brookes comes back in to wrap her arms around Jill’s waist with a GERMAN SUPLEX, blasting Jill across the mat!!!  Elektra has something to say about this, and spins Sara to an about face only Brookes jabs her right in the eye with a classic fingerpoke,  and dropkicks Elektra right over the top rope, turning her attentions to the top rope to complete her signature combination…

Ted Cedar
“We could be in for something very big, very early!  Sara Brookes is known for taking things to the top rope with that Perfect Elbow right after the German Suplex!”

Joey Miles
“Speaking of something very big and perfect…”

Ted Cedar
“Oh is this going to be a thing with you Joey?  You know what nevermind!”

Elektra is on all fours in a daze, shaking it off quickly to look up and see Sara balancing on the turnbuckle, leaping at the top rope to wrench down on it and knock Sara Brookes off balance into a crash with the mat below, targeting the more damaged Jill and springboarding from the top rope for the double stomp yet Jill rolls away, Elektra exits stage left into a full blown sprint and comes back off the ropes into a momentum stopping toe kick by Sara and a DDT, Elektra rolling to the ring ropes in a daze as Brookes continuing to cockily celebrate but her gloating is short lived with a single leg dropkick in the face courtesy of Lumber Jill!  “The Nor’West Nymph” then sets her sights onto Elektra by the ropes, and looks for a baseball slide, knocking Elektra to the ringside, rolling out of the ring after her, peeling Elektra to her feet, Sara Brookes comes around in the ring and the very sight of both Jill and Elektra standing ringside prompts Sara to run the ring ropes and throw herself through them with a suicide dive, Elektra shoves Jill forward and Jill wears every ounce of the dive alone… sliding into the ring wasting no time, with Jill and Sara bundled by the ringside, standing together, Elektra has a clear runway of space to dash across the mat and come over the top rope with a corkscrew Plancha, coming down on top of her competitions chests and crushing them on the thin rubber mats!

Ted Cedar
“And Elektra flies over the top rope with an innovative impact!!”

Joey Miles
“Breast of friends!  Titties on titties!”  

Ted Cedar
“Can you PLEASE try to treat these women as human beings, Joey?!!”

Elektra is on her feet and the invisible momentum bar begins to fill, taking a quick look at the surroundings as she draws Jill to her feet, Sara Brookes beginning to stir on all fours in the background.  Elektra looks to sling Jill at the steel steps with an irish whip, Jill has other plans however and flattens Elektra with a an almost effortless shove, demonstrating her strength advantage, plucking Elektra up and dumping her inside the ring, reaching up at the ropes to climb the apron only Sara Brookes clips her with a stiff kick across the neck, stealing inside the ring as Elektra is finding her feet, Sara looks for a clothesline, Elektra nimbly ducks, Brookes looks for a toe kick yet Elektra catches her out and nails her with a spin kick in the gut!  The audience approve with a light applause as Elektra sprints into the ropes having suppressed her foe yet Sara scoops Elektra up for a tilt a whirl backbreaker, Elektra continues to prove to be the slippery customer and maneuvers around Sara’s shoulders into a tilt a whirl of her own, coming out on top with an arm drag which thrusts Brookes high only to be dropkicked flat on the mat by a recovered Lumber Jill! Before Elektra register what has happened Jill is already there to tear her down with a clothesline, dropping down on her for a cover…

Joey Miles

Ted Cedar
“Such a marksman with that dropkick, how can you not be impressed with that!  Here’s the cover now!”


Elektra kicks out!

Sara Brookes is mortified, clasping the small of her back and rising on one knee, watching on as the lumber Jill peels Elektra from the mat before surprise becomes humiliation, and Sara wrenches Jill’s hair by the fistful and cranks her head back, charging forward and driving Jill into Elektra, collectively bulldozing them both into the corner of the ring.  Sara doesn’t waste any time and sets upon the small of Jill’s back with a shoulder thrust. Battering the lumberjack against Elektra once, a second time, retracting back for a charge yet   Elektra heaves over Jill with a rope-assisted spreadeagles from her predicament just as Brookes ploughs Jill sternum first into the turnbuckles, releasing the ropes just as the impact happens Elektra catches Sara with her legs and tumbles her over the top rope with a Headscissors!  The surprise offense wows the crowd Elektra regains her footing on the ring apron and the electrifying diva clambers up to the top rope, Lumber Jill well… lumbering… backwards into the ring beneath her, and Elektra vaults from the top rope right into ballistic set of rotations to crashing down on Jill with the double rotation moonsault she calls ENERGETICA!!!   Jill is crushed to the mat however Elektra recoils backwards grimacing and clutching her own gut.

Joey Miles
“She looks uncomfortable like she needs a massage, my hands are already lubricated baby!!”

Ted Cedar
“Such a high velocity moonsault, not one but TWO times around and crashing down on Lumber Jill like that… I don’t think Jill was meant to be standing but Elektra risked it all!”

Sara Brookes has a ringside seat to witness the decimation in the ring above her and begins to crawl upon the apron, clambering up onto the apron for a second attempt at dropping a ‘perfect’ elbow with such an assortment of recipients to choose from freely.  Sara takes  more than enough time to talk trash to the crowd and point to herself as much as possible, riling the audience up before raising her arms and pointing to the sky, taking before plunging from the top rope… yet both Jill and Elektra roll free of her trajectory simultaneously and Sara smashes into the mat elbow first!  Jill rolls onto her knees as Sara Brookes screams both in pain and tempered frustration, showing no mercy as she immediately near decapitates Sara with the CEDAR BUTT big boot!!!  Sara is flattened to the mat like a felled redwood and Lumber Jill seems to have it in the bag, heaving herself upon the second rope to end this with a Widow Maker guillotine leg drop, only Elektra comes to life with an out of nowhere Shut It Down 540 Kick!  The very impact produces an audible clap followed by the loud “OHHHH!!!” from the crowd as Jill melts from her perch and falls to the mat below, right into Elektra’s hands who pulls her tight, heaves her into the air and blasts Jill with God Damn Electric Powerbomb ferocity!!!  

Joey Miles

Ted Cedar



Laura Watts
“And the winner of this match, by pinfall… EEEEEELEKTRAAAAA!”

Elektra is barely able to move, polished in sweat and raises her arm in victory as the referee helps her to her feet and the Texas crowd cheer on one hell of a debut for the tanned, masked vixen.  Elektra clambers to the top turnbuckle, and rears back, sponging in the praise.

And the show goes on.
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1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill   1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 10:14 pm

An advertisement for Semiwagan Shine draws to a close; a large man with a moose tattoo on his forearm places his hand suggestively on the thigh of a young blonde, flitting his tongue in and out as she furtively sips from the titular brown bottle…and we’re back to Vendetta finding the three ladies almost ready to get to it.
You figure Elektra’s a butter-face Ted?  Is that why she wears the mask?
I have no idea Joey…
I mean, you can see a lot of her face, but maybe she’s got a big mole or something…hell, who am I kidding, I’d still hit it.
Are you going to be able to control yourself?
Yeah, sure buddy, I made sure head to the can and bop my baloney before this one started.  I’ll keep it down, don’t worry.
As the bell sounds the three women come to the centre and glare at one another.  Sara & Jill immediately get in one another’s face, with the Florida native berating her Canadian counterpart.  This of course provides the ‘Brightest Woman in Wrestling’ with all the time she needs to deliver a dropkick which propels the 120 lbs Brookes into Jill, sending them both stumbling and bringing the crowd to its feet.  As the rise in succession the illuminating beauty gives each an arm drag in their turn, much to the delight of the assembled masses. For a second time Elektra sends Jill reeling, this time with a forearm shot, which puts the Nor’West Nymph on the back foot.  She has something grander in store for Sara Brookes however and makes to propel her attack with a running start.  She gets caught though, when the Floridian flings her vertically up into the air.  As gravity takes hold and draws her downward, Brookes steps aside in order that the wild woman of the woods might fire a well-placed kick into the falling foe; giving the spacey siren a wake up call, courtesy of the Alarm Clock.  The two women congratulate themselves on their momentary alliance, but it’s to be short-lived.  The lady known as Miami's Finest rears back and delivers a hard slap across Jill’s countenance, but instead of a retreat, she’s greeted only with a coy smirk, much to her confusion. With a quickness surprising even for one so agile, the Tomogonops Terror leaps into Sara arms, flinging her arms around her and astonishingly plants one on him.
A kiss!  They're fuckin’ makin’ out!
This is certainly an unorthodox strategy here by Jill.  It’s got the crowd on it’s feet though…is anyone listening to me…??
Yet, not all is as it seems and the reaction is not as Joey Miles would anticipate.  Mere moments after the embrace has begun, Brookes shoves Jill to the canvas. However, it is not any lack of willingness that spurs her rejection, but its source is evident from the blood running from her mouth. Sara’s tongue probes the gash left by the exacting incisors of the Lady Logger, her eyes showing forth her evident antipathy. Meanwhile, Jill flashes her red-stained pearly whites to both the folks in the crowd and her adversary.
I hoped she was kinky, but I guess I didn’t know how much.
It’s more than that Joey, she’s playing head games.
Crazy chicks are the best lays…
Jill is rocked by a half dozen lefts and rights from the irate Florida femme fatale, before replying with a few of her own. The fans are on their feet, as Jill dispenses with the pleasantries and simply gives Sara a poke in the eye, before clotheslining her over the ropes to the floor.  Jill offers a few choice words to the ringsiders, before catching a charging Elektra with a vaginal claw. The agony and the ecstasy etched on the face of the masked maiden are dismissed forcibly by a headbutt from the Canadian.
This logging chick’s gotta be horny as hell…she just fingered her opponent!
Well, I’m pretty sure that hold is illegal…
Only if you’re under 18…
On the outside, upon seeing the camera there, Sara Brookes turns to the folks in TV-land and puts her finger up to her lips in a shushing motion. As she was flirting with the camera, a roar could be heard from the crowd right as the screen changed. A few moments later, as Brookes was shushing the audience, a streak of movement came in from just off-screen, and a hand came smacking across the back of her head. Holding the spot she got hit, Sara looked back to see that Elektra just got whipped into the turnbuckle next to her.  Frustrated at her plan getting so rudely interrupted, Sara reaches over and digs her fingers into Elektra’s eyes, wrapping herself around the back of the post to get a good position. The lady in the cowl screams in pain, trying to get her hands up to get those talons out of his face. The referee comes over, shouting, "Hey, cut it out! 1! 2! 3..."  The ref doesn't have too much to worry about however, as Sara’s head shoots up, her face filled with the bottom of Jill’s boot.
Ooo! Now we’re getting serious, she almost took her head off with that shot.
Man, it’s easy to forget there’s a wrestling match on…tig ol’bitties…know what I mean?
Sara squirms on the floor, while back in the ring, Elektra stumbles out of the corner, and right into Jill's waiting arms. She snatches up the interstellar angel and places her stomach down. The Lady Logger then drops Elektra face-first into the turnbuckle. Taking the chance, Jill goes for the pinfall. Showing tenacity and perseverance, Elektra manages to raise her shoulder skywards as the referee slaps his hand to the mat for a second time, to break up the pinfall cover. Not perturbed by this, Jill scrambles back to her feet and hits the ropes.  Yet, the luminous lady gets to her knees forcing the woman whistle punk to throw both boots into the side of Elektra's cranium, sending her to the mat. Immediately following the dropkick Jill hooks the far leg, forcing the official into another pin count.
A vicious dropkick there, Elektra’s really in trouble.
Yeah, if her face wasn’t messed up before, I’ll bet it is now.
Once again, the dazzling diva is forced to exert energy and a count of 2 is all that results. Jill decides to wear down her opposition so her next pinfall attempt can be inescapable. She grasps both of her opponent's wrists, while placing her foot on Elektra's upper back, pulling back on the arms to compress the shoulder blades. Elektra wriggles for a few moments, before realising her distance from the ropes and racking her brain for a counter to the manoeuvre. Her pain-addled brain can stand no more and just as she might just knuckle under, the forgotten competitor, Sara Brookes slides into the ring and smashes her knee into the cranial lobe of “Lumber” Jill. The New Brunswick native releases her grasp and crumbles.  Sara isn’t finished however and quickly goes to work, mounting Jill and throwing lefts, rights and even an equalizing headbutt, while plaid vixen vainly attempts to cover up.
Geez, what happened to the matches where they tore one another’s clothes off.  Look at those potatoes Sara is throwing!  Shit, Jill ain’t pretty no more…
Brookes finally releases Jill from her grasp as her own blood now spurts from her mouth.  The man in the zebra stripes asks about stopping the match, but receives only an unbroken chain of expletives in reply.  Elektra begins to struggle to her feet, using the ropes for support. Seeing this, Sara walks behind the hooded heroine and spins on the balls of her feet, before throwing her right leg into the air.  The kick goes wide and suddenly the Floridian is hung up on the top strand, her leg propped in suspension while Elektra lands a clothesline.  As Jill returns to the fray, in an attempt to recover control, she is met with a desperate spear than does little more than knock her off her feet, but seems to signal a turn in the tide. The buoyant beauty scrambles to her feet and catches a charging Sara with a hip toss, turns and has a stiff forearm smash ready for Jill before a nice savate kick to Brookes, sends her to the outside. She’s not safe though, as Elektra executes a front flip over the ropes to the outside, leaving the Miami darling in a heap on the concrete and the crowd eager for more action.
And Elektra is back on top in this one!  She’s just a ball of energy.
Probably just needs to get off…
Will you be serious for a minute?
You mean to tell me Teddy that you wouldn’t wanna bang the shit outta one of these broads?
Back in the ring, Elektra climbs the woods-woman as though she was a majestic oak, and plants a sleeper on her. The Nor’West Nymph fights to retain consciousness, but the weight of her opponent, and the general chaos of the last few moments, seem to have sapped all of her resistance. She slowly begins to wilt. Jill drops to a knee and the crowd boisterously signals its approval. Elektra continues to bear down on the sleeper hold, but somehow the Lady Logger manages to get her legs back under her. Suddenly she drops, crashing toward the canvas, pinning Elektra between the mat and the mackinaw. The referee counts the slapdash pinning combination that results, but Jill, still halfway to dream land, kicks herself out of a potential victory.
Jill’s showing me some saavy out there...a will to win and a desire to survive.
She’s showin’ a helluva lot more than that in that outfit…
As both women get to their feet, Elektra strikes back with a series of knife-edge chops that send the Tomogonops Terror to the buckle. An Irish whip sees her sail, sternum first, into the opposite corner. The Brightest Woman in Wrestling rushes to capitalize, but an ill-advised German suplex attempt is met with a winded mule kick. As Elektra staggers back, a rejuvenated Sara Brookes stands ready to deliver a series of stiff shots to the kidneys, which leave a pained expression on the former’s face. Miami's finest follows up by lifting Elektra onto her shoulders, but before she can execute her intentions, he’s run over by a Cedar Butt straight to the kisser.  Sara & Electra both fall into a heap.  As Elektra rises, Jill applies a front facelock, grabs hold her far hand then swings in a semi-circular motion, before falling such that the back of Elektra's neck impacts on the shoulders of the Canadian.  The swinging neckbreaker is the ideal set up for the Widow Maker, which in turn leads to Jill’s first victory.

When the axes chop..the panties drop…
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1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill   1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill Empty

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1.) Sara Brookes vs. Elektra vs. Jill

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