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 3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew

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3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew Empty
PostSubject: 3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew   3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 12:54 am

Due: Sunday December 22nd, at 11:59 PM EST


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3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew   3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 6:03 pm


The bell rings. Starting the match off is Riley Williamson for The Nest, and Big Jim for the Logging Crew. There’s no circling, no preparations, no nonsense with these two men. They immediately go in for the lock up, Riley’s superior technical knowhow allowing him to sidestep into a side headlock. Riley tightens the grip around Jim’s throat but Big Jim effortlessly powers out, pushing Riley forwards before yanking him back by his arm. Pulling The Hardcore Champ in, Jim whips off a quick hip toss, Riley hitting the mat back first. Riley rolls through and is onto his feet in time to be met by a dropkick, Jim sending The Floridan straight back down before joining him, dropping to his knee and grabbing the arm, bending it straight over his knee. Riley pushes backwards, flipping himself legs over head and landing on his feet. Big Jim loses his grip and the hold breaks and as Jim reaches his feet Riley tries chopping him straight back down with a stiff martial arts style kick to the outside of the right leg. A second kick follows, this time to the opposite leg, before Riley runs the ropes, returning and dropping down, connecting with a low dropkick to the right knee of Jim, who drops down. Jim is kneeling before the Floridan now, Williamson continuing with the stiff kicks, sending one straight into the chest of Jim before following up with a stiff shot to the back of the skull. Jim goes down onto his hands and knees but Riley isn’t done with the his striking game, grabbing Jim by the back of the head and yanking him up onto his feet before firing off an elbow into the jaw. This seems to wake him up as he fires back with an elbow of his own, catching Riley off guard and allowing him to follow up with a second shot to the side of the head. Jim whips Riley into the ropes, looking for a clothesline on the return. Riley ducks under the arm, bouncing off of the ropes and leaping up to catch The Canadian in the jaw with a one legged dropkick as he turns. With Jim face up on the mat Riley grabs his right leg and proceeds to drive his boot into the back of the knee, his focus clear for all to see. A second boot is drilled into the back of his leg, Jim shouting out in pain as his joint and tendons tightening up with every strike. Pulling Jim’s leg straight Riley steps over it, looking at Cletus with a smirk. He’s wasted too much time looking at Cletus however as Jim gets his free leg up and pushes Riley away straight into a hard right punch courtesy of Cletus on the apron. The Official doesn’t have the time to talk with Cletus over the interference as Riley stumbles back straight into a roll up from Big Jim!

Ted: Looks like we may see an upset here!

Kickout by Riley!


The Hardcore Champion is visibly still shaken from the punch, taking longer than normal to reach his feet while Jim springs up, grabbing Riley by the back of the head and whipping him into his teams corner. Cletus leans back to give Jim the room to hold the ropes, using them to balance himself as he brings his boot up to the throat and begins choking Riley out in the corner. The illegal choke in progress The Referee steps up and begins his five count, threatening Big Jim with disqualification if the count isn’t obeyed. The Canadian breaks the hold before Five and tags in his partner in crime, Cletus. Riley Williamson is still propped up in the corner as Cletus enters, the fans shouting in support of the XWA loyalist as he looks to punish the former RSD Champion. Grabbing Riley by the hair he pulls him out of the corner and into the centre of the ring, drilling him with an elbow before whipping him into the corner, Cletus catching him spot on the jaw with a dropkick on the return. Both men are up onto their feet immediately. Cletus shooting out with another elbow but hitting nothing but air as Riley ducks underneath, latching on to Cletus with his hands around his waist and lifting him up with the German Suplex, bridging it for the pin.

Kickout by Riley.

Cletus stands up. Riley starts measuring his opponent to pull something off. Now Riley sees this as his time to strike as he hits an Enziguiri to the side of the head while he's turned around. Cletus looks to be out-cold at the moment as Riley quickly moves to the side of Cletus. cinching in a side headlock, pulling The LumberJack to his feet. Williamson takes the opportunity to flex his muscles a little, showing the audience his impressive strength as Cletus clearly has nowhere to go from here. Except up. Almost out of ideas, Cletus throws his arms around Riley’s waist and lifts him up, looking to escape and hit a backdrop to boot. But he is foiled by The Champ’s impressive ring awareness, hooking his legs under the middle rope and preventing Cletus from completing the manoeuvre. Not for a lack of trying, though, as Cletus wrenches and wrenches with all the strength he has, trying to pull Riley off. He finally manages it, but clumsily so, and it’s not long until Cletus collapses under Riley’s weight, with Williamson landing awkwardly on Cletus’s ankle. Cletus lets out a heart wrenching yell of agony and even Riley looks worried as he looks down at his opponent’s ankle. Riley begins to stomp on that ankle with no hint of remorse. The good news for The Lumber Jack is that this only lasts a couple of seconds. The bad news is that Riley has other intents in mind, such as hooking Cletus’s leg up for a painful submission hold that, thankfully for Cletus, never comes to fruition, as Beast of Bonnie Beaubears has enough about him to scramble backwards to the ropes, which he grasps with both hands, thankful to be safe for now. It doesn’t deter Williamson, though, who, despite the wild kicks from Cletus, manages to seize the Hardcore champion by the ankles. He lifts Cletus up quickly and smoothly, seemingly defying gravity, and hits him with a classic “Alley-Oop!” Pine Island Powerhouse is still close to the ropes and is able to get himself out of trouble very quickly and with little effort. Riley takes a breath, as if keeping himself in control. He gets to his feet and pulls Cletus with him. Cletus’s ankle is weak, and he has to use the ropes for support as he allows himself to be pulled upwards. Even when he reaches vertical base he is very hesitant to put any weight on the ankle. He sees Riley backing off to the ropes and is completely unable to dodge as he comes with a low dropkick to the ankle, which sends the Beast of Bonnie Beaubears back to the floor. Riley looking very pleased with himself as he steps back from his opponent and poses. Doing his signature Trademark, he raises both his hands up and the Crowd applauds him. Crow looks on at the Young Superstar whilst, he claps his hands while a Smile shows up. Meanwhile, a blind tag is made between the two adversaries turned partners, and Big Jim is tagged in.

Ted: Looks like Cletus can’t manage to keep up with The Hardcore Champion.

Adam: He couldn’t keep up with him Because the damn guy is using cheating tactics!

As Jim enters the ring, Riley turns around and They begin circling each other before both going in for the grapple. The Hardcore Champ’s strength advantage allows him to lock in collar and elbow tie up but Jim slips out the back with ease, pushing Riley forward. As Riley turns around he is met by Jim’s knee being driven into his gut. Riley drops to his knees while Perverse Pulp Peeler unnervingly stares at him as Riley holds his gut in pain. Jim pulls Riley up to his feet before driving his fist into The Champ’s jaw with a vicious right hand, sending Riley straight back to the mat. Big Jim drops down and goes for the cover putting his forearm over the head of Riley.

Kickout by Riley.

Not angry over the falied pinfall, Big Jim gets up and pulls Riley up with him. grabbing Williamson by the back of the hair and dragging him towards the corner, driving his skull face first into the padded turnbuckle. Propping Williamson up in the corner Jim holds onto the ropes, using them for leverage as he brings his boot up to the throat of his opponent and begins choking the champ out. The Official once again steps in and begins counting Riley out for the illegal choke, Jim releasing at four, Williamson dropping to his knees trying to catch his breath as The Official shouts at the Twisted Timber Slayer to obey the rules. Big Jim shrugs it off, holding up five fingers and shouting that he’s got until five before driving his boot into the side of Riley’s skull. Grabbing the slouched Floridan by the back of his head Jim throws him into the centre of the ring, the Twisted Timber Slayer backing up into the corner, waiting for the longest reigning RSD Champion to get back up onto his feet. Riley puts one foot on the mat and in turn Jim ducks down, placing a hand on either side of the top rope. The second foot hits the mat as Riley turns around, Jim running forward looking for the Spear, he manages to connect it! As he takes his right arm out, his arm connects with his stomach and tackles him down. Riley holds his rib cage as he can feel the air being knocked out of him he wince’s in pain while rolling back and forth. Jim looks down at Riley and smiles. While his partner does the same. Crow looks at his partner and looks in complete shock. Jim drops down and goes for a cover again.


Jim quickly gets back to his feet and drags Riley up with him. Throwing the Hardcore Champion towards his corner, Jim tags in Cletus and leans against Riley, while Cletus walks towards the middle of the ring and begins to point at Crow who tries to enter the ring but the Ref stops him as he tries to maintain order. Crow gets back into his corner while The Ref begins to count Jim. Whilst, The Canadian begins to unmount several elbow shots towards the face of Riley. Before the Ref could get to Four, Jim exits the ring and Cletus charges forward he delivers a Big Boot that causes Riley’s head to almost snapback!

Ted: Good Grief! What a Big Boot!

Adam: These guys are Monsters and I am liking it!

Riley’s body falls onto Cletus’s shoulders and the Beast of Bonnie Beaubears looks over at Crow and grins. Cletus delivers one final elbow shot before delievering a Headbutt that causes Riley to drop down onto the mat. Cletus drops down to his knees and lifting him up into a sitting position, pulling the arms back and placing the knee in the crux of the spine. Pulling back the self proclaimed master of submissions begins adding pressure on the back, at the same time working at tearing at the tendons in Williamson’s arms. The Floridan screams out in pain as the Ferry Road Freight Train makes a very solid effort of ripping his arms out of their sockets. An attempt to power out of the hold proves fruitless, if anything just pushing Cletus into leaning back and adding more pressure. Crow begins to stomp onto the steel steps as he tries to wheel his Partner back into the match up, the Crowd as well, also trying to wheel him back clapping as loud as they can. The crowd are getting behind The Nest as The Hardcore Champion once again tries breaking the hold, attempting to pull his arms up enough so that Cletus will be unable to keep his position. It’s no use however, the Powerhouse specialist adjusting his grip to force the arms back down. With no way of breaking the grip Williamson is in trouble. He needs to find a way out quickly and he knows it, the pain becoming worse the longer the hold goes on. Planting his feet firmly on the mat he pushes up, all his strength being placed in his legs as he arches his back and rises up, lifting himself off of the knee. From there he launches himself up into the air, Cletus’s hands still gripped, and proceeds to flip up and over Cletus. The sudden movement forces Cletus to break his grip and Riley slides down behind him. The Floridan doesn’t give Cletus the opportunity to turn around, catching him blind from behind with a dropkick. Stumbling forwards into the ring ropes Cletus turns just as Williamson charges him. The Beast of Bonnie Beaubears has the state of mind to duck, sending Williamson over the shoulder and the ring ropes, Riley landing smoothly on the apron. Riley goes to grab Cletus but the Lumberjack counters, blocking the blow and driving an elbow into Williamson’s jaw. Running the ropes opposite Cletus attempts to baseball slide Riley Williamson off of the ring apron but the Floridan leaps up, Cletus sliding under the bottom ropes to the floor outside. At the same time Williamson jumps up onto the second ropes and moonsaulted off onto Cletus, managing to land on his feet while Cletus hit the floor with a thud. The Official begins to count while Big Jim looks at Riley. Riley pulls Cletus up to a standing level

Riley pushes Cletus onto the ring apron and pushes his entire body underneath the bottom rope. Riley climbs up the apron and Big Jim distracts him. as he yells at the Hardcore Champion, Jim distracts Riley for a few seconds and this gives Cletus enough time to get back to his feet as he charges forward and delivers a Big Boot causing Riley to fall back down onto the outside. The Crowd Boo’s The Pine Island Powerhouse as Cletus argues with the Referee, Big Jim drops down off the apron and pulls Riley up onto a Vertical Base. He whips him towards the steel steps! Causing Riley’s arm to crash into it arm first! Jim immediately climbs up the apron before The Referee could even turn around and remains in his corner with a grin. Cletus walks towards the ropes and exits in between the ropes and drops down onto the outside. Cletus grabs a handful of Riley’s hair and pulls him up towards his feet. The Ref starts to count again.

With his arms around the waist of the Champ, Cletus moves back abit before charging forward causing Riley’s back to crash onto the steel ring post! Riley screams in pain as he drops down onto the floor, clutching onto his back with pain.

Beast of Bonnie Beaubears, pulls Riley back onto his feet and throws him underneath the bottom rope before re-entering Breaking up the countout.

Immediately, Cletus goes for a cover.


Riley delivers a shoulder up breaking the pinfall.

Adam: How much Pain can this guy take!?!?

Ted: He is the Hardcore Champion for a reason Adam.

Cletus smacks the mat with his bare hand with confusion beginning to build onto the Superstar’s mind. He gets back up and ducks down trying to lift Williamson up, Beast of Bonnie Beaubears manoeuvres behind him, wrapping his arms around the waist and pushing forward. As Williamson collides rib first he is suddenly lifted backwards, Cletus using a German suplex and driving Williamson into the Mat. Pulling the lifeless Williamson off of the mat The LumberJack wraps an arm around his throat and drops backwards. Placing his other arm on the side of Williamson’s head Cletus locks the choke in, wrapping his legs around the torso of the Floridan and yanking back. Cletus applies A Sleeper hold! Usually the pain would be intense, but Williamson is unconscious, he isn’t going to tap. There’s more chance of Cletus killing him right now. Dropping to his knees The Official lifts Williamson’s arm up, letting it drop. It hits the mat with a thud. A second time The Ref lifts the arm, a second time he releases it and a second time it drops to the mat. By this point the crowd are booing intently, wanting this torture to simply be over. A third time the arm is raised….And Riley keeps it up! Cletus looks down at the head of Riley whom begins to shake his head, sideways furiously! Riley rolls onto his belly and Cletus stays on him with the hold still applied. Riley is able to get a leg up as he puts it down onto the mat. Williamson’s arms begin to shake vigeriuously, finally getting to a Vertical Base, Riley charges backwards causing Cletus’s back to crash back against the Turnbuckle! He lets go of Riley and leans against the Turnbuckle. Beast of Bonnie Beaubears is still propped up in the corner as Riley goes back to him, the fans shouting in support of the Hardcore Champion as he looks to punish Cletus. Grabbing Cletus by the hair he pulls him out of the corner and into the centre of the ring, drilling him with an elbow before whipping him into the corner, Cletus catching him spot on the jaw with a dropkick on the return. Both men are up onto their feet immediately, Cletus shooting out with another elbow but hitting nothing but air as Riley ducks underneath, latching on to Cletus with his hands around his waist and lifting him up with the German Suplex, bridging it for the pin.

Kickout by Cletus.

Riley gets back to his feet and drags Cletus with him. Pushing him against the ropes Riley grabs onto his wrist and lunges him forward, Whilst he comes back Riley takes him down with a Clothesline. Cletus falls back down onto the mat. Cletus stays down for a few seconds before he grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself up. Riley waits for him to turn around and as he does, Riley kicks Cletus in the gut for good measure, puts his arm around the back of Cletus’s head, grabs a handful of his tights and pulls him up quickly for a Suplex. Riley then follows it up, Running towards the ropes he jumps onto the Middle Rope and does a Backflip in mid-air. Riley connects with a Moonsault! He goes for a cover.

Kickout by Cletus

Riley gets back to a vertical base and pulls Cletus up with him. Riley attemps to Irish Whip Cletus but halfway, Cletus counters with his own Irish Whip. Rebounding off the ropes, Riley comes back to The LumberJack and delivers a stiff kick toward the shoulder of the Ferry Road Freight Train. Cletus stands up and holds his shoulder meanwhile, Riley goes back towards the ropes and hits a Running Clothesline on Cletus. The Floridan then points towards the corner of the ring, signaling that the end may be near. The Crowd jeers as he goes over and climbs up the turnbuckle. He now stands tall and points upward before lunging himself off the top rope. His elbow connects onto Cletus’s chest as The Lumberjack sits up and places his hand over his chest. Riley pushes him down and goes for a cover.


Big Jim enters the ring and breaks up the pin. Crow leaves his corner and enters the ring as he sprints and tackles down the Canadian. Both Jim and Crow go onto the outside and are at a chaos of fists, headbutts and kicks as they begin fighting in the aisle, the match completely forgotten about, Meanwhile, in the ring Riley begins to stalk his opponent. Just as Cletus pulls himself up via the ropes he turns around and Riley lifts him up. Placing him onto his shoulders. The Hardcore Champ does a 150 degree spin and hits a F5! Cletus lands face first onto the mat while Riley drops down too his knees and rolls him over for a cover.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

Laura: Here is your winner, The Nest!!

Ted: Wow what a match! Riley showed that he didn’t even need his Partner against these two men. One has too wonder if this will put them into The Tag Team Title hunt.

Adam: I think Crow is a Coward.
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3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew   3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 8:20 pm

An advertisement for RELIEF concludes as Jon St. John growls his best Duke Nukem, selling the pain meds.  We return to Portland as the camera centres on the commentary team; we find the combatants already in the ring
Welcome back fans, our next contest is almost ready to get underway.  It features the arrival of a new team, the Logging Crew.  I understand you've been looking into these guys Adam.
Positively Teddy, but I'll speak to that momentarily, let's go up and get the intros from Laura Watts.
Camera shifts to inside the ring, where Laura stands front and centre
Our next contest is special tag team attraction set for one fall. In the ring to my right, at a combined weight of 436lbs, Crow & Riley Williamson, The Nest.
The anti-establishment all-stars receive a generous pop, and acknowledge the adulation according to their usual custom.
Their opponents, to my left, making their debut in XWA, have a combined weight of 526 lbs, Cletus the Lumberjack and Big Jim, The Logging Crew.
Both men look intent and are seemingly oblivious to the boos that shower them
No doubt about it, a couple of intimidating characters.
That’s a typical understatement; I mean Cletus has got a screw loose for sure and this other guy, Jim, he’s more animal than man I heard.
Well that could be, but their going up against some stiff competition tonight in the form of Crow & Riley Williamson.
After giving Cletus & Big Jim the once over, he steps aside and calls for the bell.  Big Jim and Cletus strategize in the corner for a moment, while Riley Williamson paces impatiently and goads the lumbermen from the safety of his own corner. Finally, Jim comes to the centre of the ring and the two men lock up and we’re underway. The two grapplers struggle momentarily before Jim maneuvers his way into control with a standing top wrist lock. Riley winces in pain as the woodsman attempts to use every inch of his leverage advantage to inflict pain on his smaller foe. Struggling, Williamson tries to fight back, pushing up against his lanky adversary. The Black Rapids native will have none of it however, and trips him to the mat. Releasing the wrist lock, he gives his challenger a stiff kick to the solar plexus, and proceeds to grab Riley’s legs, steps in front of the Hardcore Champion’s arms, and stretches the legs backward; an excruciating stump puller.
That’s an ugly move Adam…
And it’ll give you an ugly feeling Teddy. I doubt Jim is going to get a submission with it, but it’ll certainly make Riley Williamson question why he ever got into wrestling.
Williamson’s face is contorted in pain, while Jim’s is somewhat more tranquil, totally in control and relishing a human contact he is so often denied. Crow tries to will his partner on from the apron, and Cletus howls for his mate to keep the pressure on. At length, no doubt realizing, as Adam did, that a submission is unlikely, Jim frees his quarry and, after delivering a few kicks to his shoulder blade area, makes the tag to Cletus. Sensing an opportunity, Riley makes a feeble attempt to reach his corner, but is caught. The gleeful lumberjack taunts Crow and spits in his face. This, of course brings the offended anti-hero into the ring, flushed with righteous indignation. The old trope plays itself out as the referee admonishes the overzealous grappler and The Logging Crew make use of an opportunity to double team, putting the boots to their prone enemy. Cletus slaps on a fearsome shoulder claw, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of the trapezius.
This is smart wrestling by The Logging Crew, their slowing things down and grinding their opponents nice and slow. You also know that the big man Cletus is in Riley’s ear, playing the head games.
Riley Williamson has got to make a tag.
You ain’t whistlin’ Dixie…
The hefty birler shifts tactics and, grabbing his foe’s hands, applies a straightjacket submission. Wrenching back, Cletus gains a slow and sly nod from his corner and Crow begins stomping, hoping to inspire his partner and change his team’s fortunes. The light cheers seem to have some effect, as Riley attempts to pitch and roll himself free. Aware of his position in the ring, he flails his legs and manages to hook the ropes. Cletus reluctantly releases the hold and Williamson falls supine on the mat. The beast of bonnie Beaubears winds up to deliver an elbow drop, but smaller man manages to roll clear. As Cletus writhes in pain, Riley Williamson finally makes the tag the crowd has been waiting for. The fresh man catches Cletus coming on a late interception and fires him into the ropes, catching him with a running clothesline that sends the big man to the mat for the first time in the bout. The crowd begins to come alive in support of the Deranged One and Crow tries to seal the deal with a pin, but only gets a two count.
Too soon, you’ll need a lot more than a clothesline to keep a guy like this down for a three count.
Alright, it looks like the XWA vets have a little life in them yet. Let’s see if Cletus can take it as well as he dishes it out.
These big bucks might have expended too much energy thus far.  I’d say the Nest has suckered them in over the course of their debut match-up.
A bit of rope-a-dope, well no one accused these loggers of being geniuses.
Crow comes on like a house of fire and hits a jumping head-butt, followed by a standing dropkick, much to the crowd’s delight. The Logging Crew have seen enough and after Cletus rolls out of the ring, the two men meet to discuss strategy and rub the animal skins. The crowd voices their disapproval, as does the team in the ring, but they can only wait on the referee’s count. Satisfied with the slight delay in the action, Cletus climbs onto the apron to resume the conflict, the man with the dark heart tries to take advantage by attempting an apron suplex, but halfway through the move Big Jim hooks his leg, sending Cletus crashing down on top of him.
These guys have a bad reputation Adam, and that dirty trick shows you why.
C’mon Ted, they’re only trying to win.  I don’t see any halos over the other guys’ heads. 
As both men make it to their feet, the gent from the New Brunswick wilds pounces on his quarry with a choke. Rescue for Crow is quick in coming as his partner storms into the ring and begins kicking, trying to break the logger’s grip. The referee quickly ushers him away, allowing Big Jim an opportunity to get his licks in on the motionless Crow and duck put before the official regains control. Having taken his tongue-lashing for the initial choke, Cletus is eager to return to punishing his foe.  The New Yorker has the wherewithal to give the woodsman a shot in the throat and try a small package for the win, albeit in vain. The surge does prove enough of a shock to Cletus that Crow can make a tag to Williamson who mounts the turnbuckle as Cletus, visibly shaken by the flurry, makes it to his feet. An attempted flying axe handle falls short as the woodsman has the presence of mind to land a shot to the gut on his flying foe. Cletus follows up this desperation tactic by waiting for Williamson to rise, before charging in and flattening him with a vicious chop block. With their opposition hobbled, Cletus tags out.  Big Jim helps the wounded warrior to his feet, only to send him stumbling backwards into the ropes after a chilling inverted atomic drop. Not wasting his time, Jim launches himself and both men tumble to the outside after a cactus clothesline. Immediately, both partners jump to the floor and rush to the scene of the crash, colliding over the prone bodies of their comrades. Jim makes it to his feet first, and ignoring the melee his partner is embroiled in, drags the Williamson to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Having left his opponent’s head hanging outside, Big Jim now walks the apron to deliver a guillotine leg drop that sucks the air out of the arena.
Whoa, a savage leg drop right there. Riley will have nightmares for a month about that big leg crashing down upon him.
Cletus & Big Jim using that power, it’s served them well thus far.
I’ve said it before, a good big  man will always beat a good little man.

So, you’re saying this one is over?
Not at all, the Nest are a helluva tag team, I’d never count them out.  The Logging Crew might have done things elsewhere, but they’re only beards and big talk thus far in XWA.
Williamson frailly crawls to a neutral corner, trying to gain some respite, but is stalked by the crazed lumberman, who scrapes the sole of his boots across his panting visage in a humiliating face wash. Wishing to further capitalize on the pitiable state of his opposition, Jim backs up to furnish a running kick, but miscalculates allowing the younger man to roll clear before the blow strikes home. The lumberman collides with the turnbuckle, and Williamson summons enough strength to mash the plaid clad lad into the buckle once more for good measure. He then falls into a tag.
He didn’t really make the tag; he just sorta fell into it. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good I guess.
No argument there, and it seems that the Nest have had Lady Luck riding with them tonight…or maybe perched on their shoulder.
Crow strides into the ring, a look of confidence on his face, as the man from Black Rapids squirms on the ground, his appendages seemingly outside his control. The 219-pounder raises his boot and brings it crashing down upon the lumberman’s left arm, seemingly looking to continue what he began with the arm bar earlier in the bout. Yet, he does not stop there, stomping down on the left side of the chest, then the left portion of the stomach, upper leg, lower leg, and completing the circuit up the right side of Jim’s body, as he quivers with every blow. Finally, he plants his foot firmly down upon the jaw, and Jim’s mouth lolls open, coughing and sputtering. With the birler wounded, Crow tags Riley back in. Before leaving, the man from New York City grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and holds him in an inverted position, while his protégée mounts the ropes just long enough to come off and spike the piledriver.
Crow is taking it easy in this one so far Adam.
Well that’s his prerogative, he’s the master and he can choose to get the student in there to do the heavy lifting.
That student is the Hardcore champion!
Just shows you how valuable Crow’s wisdom is.
With Jim down, and potentially out, Williamson hazards a cover, but comes up with a two-count and chorus of boos from the crowd, who had hoped the match was over there. Cletus doesn’t bat an eyelash on the apron, seemingly retaining supreme confidence in his partner. Riley aims to test that faith as he coaxes the whistle punk to his feet, and as his adversary complies he’s hit with a standing drop kick. Jim sways and plants his feet, determined not to pitch over backward, but he’s hit with another dropkick hot on the heels of the first. As Williamson prepares to deliver the third in the trio, and by far the hardest, the Black Rapids Brute falls like the majestic redwoods, causing his lighter assailant to cruise harmlessly over him. The hardcore champ is a touch shaken by this and rather than push his luck, he opts to call upon the fresh man. Crow re-enters the fray and plays it a little dirty by applying a blatant choke. The official’s reprimand is ignored until the count of four, but the Deranged One is still subject to a tongue lashing afterward, how ever much he tries to ignore it. For the latest time, Jim is back on his feet, but Crow is intent on putting him down once again. His running charge at the woozy wood-chucker is cut short when the big man snatches him up in a desperate sideslam, quite to the surprise of one and all.
Jim scores big there, but he doesn’t even know where he is right now.
This one is starting to ramp up.  These four can’t go at this rate much longer.
You’re right, I’d wager the end is near.
The only man standing in the ring begins to count, but it isn’t long before both men are on their knees and about ready to go. The logger tries to regain the initiative with a flood of stiff shots, but the man with the black heart weathers them and replies with a blatant eye gouge. Ignoring the official’s reproofs, he rears back and headbutts his foe, buckling Jim’s knees and causing him to crumble. Crow now digs in a shoulder claw, looking to catch his wind. Cletus comes off the apron and lands a clubbing blow across the dark one’s shoulders.  The beast of Beaubears now lifts Jim to his feet, and the Logging Crew now fire Crow into the strands, only to have him sent back. They lock arms and lift their boots and the run is cut short and his face collides with the shoe leather and what’s behind it. Over the protests of the official, Cletus lifts up the limp Brooklyn resident, and hooks his arms. Big Jim gives a wink to Riley on the apron as he winds up to deliver what is sure to be a knockout blow. However, Crow is playing possum and drops out of the way at the last moment. Jim hits Cletus such a clout that the latter careens to the far ropes, his body twisting in such a way that his head is caught between the first and second strand. Lo and behold, who stands close by but Riley Williamson, who sweeps Cletus’ legs and lets him hang, all the while returning Jim’s wink.
My God! All two hundred eighty-something pounds pulling down on the neck of Cletus, and those ropes have no give when they’re wrapped around your throat.
His face is turning colour! Actually…it might be considered an improvement…
Jim is so stunned, he’s caught in a schoolboy that leaves him shaken, though able to kick out at one.  While the referee works to free Cletus, Jim is subjected to a snap suplex and a tag that leaves the odds at two-to-one for the moment.  Williamson makes a sidestep before delivering a kick to his opponent's midriff, doubling him over just in time for Crow to jump up in the air, landing a leg across the back of Jim’s head and driving him into the mat.  As Cletus falls to the floor and the official turns to face the action, the Nest signals the end.   Crow hooks a suplex and holds his foe in the upside-down position at the peak of the arc for several seconds before placing him on Riley's shoulders.  Mere seconds before the F-5 can complete the Last Call, the Ferry Road Freight Train clips the Nest’s wings by chop-blocking Williamson’s leg.  Jim lands atop the young and has sense enough to hook a leg, but Crow breaks it up at two.  The Hardcore titlist cradles his wounded leg, while Jim struggles to his feet.  He’s met with a sharp jab from Crow.  The two trade shots all the way over the ropes to the floor.
This one’s getting out of hand; if the official can’t keep control it’s time for a DQ.
You’re joking right? 
Rules are there to protect the wrestlers Adam.
They’re guidelines Teddy, and definitely not meant to end a match as hot as this one without getting a winner.
Everyone has lost track of who’s legally supposed to be in the ring and the ref mistakenly counts down the two men in the ring instead of counting Jim out.  Cletus wearily drapes Riley’s leg around his neck, and plants a knee across the young man’s shoulders, bowing the champ’s body outward like a young sapling. Williamson moans in pain, and Cletus screams in reply, demanding that his opponent give up. On the outside, Crow tries to intervene but only makes it to the apron before Big Jim takes hold of his leg and hauls him to the floor, his head bouncing violently off the edge of the ring on the way down with a nasty smack.
Oooo…that’ll leave a mark.
I can’t believe that Riley is still fighting this, he’s got the crowd in his corner.
He is a strong one, but he’ll need a lot more than an arena full of hardcore marks to see to it he makes it outta this.
Oh I think he’s been through a lot worse than this in his day.
The brawny Beaubearian keeps the pressure on, along with the encouragement to throw in the towel. Big Jim gets into the ring and begins stomping on Oleg’s head and then applies the Pulp Hook clawhold before the official forcibly removes him. The referee returns to the submission hold and it looks like the champion is out. Riley’s arm drops once, twice and holds, suspended in the air, for the briefest of seconds. A triumphant cheer forms in the throats of the Portland fans, but it’s snuffed out by the fall of the mighty limb. The man in the zebra shirt waves his hands and calls for the bell, thankful this match is over.

Your winners of the match, Cletus the Lumberjack and Big Jim, The Logging Crew!
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3.) The Nest vs Logging Crew

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