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 1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero

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1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero Empty
PostSubject: 1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero   1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 12:51 am

Due: Sunday December 22nd, at 11:59 PM EST


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1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero   1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 9:40 am

As Paddy Perry lumbers his impressive frame through the ropes, the three competitors in the ring already take a nervous gulp and commence with the obligatory stare-down.  Sets of eyes shift left and right in a manner which can only be described as monstrous, with all four men are strategically aligned in the centre of the ring a stone’s throw apart in a standoff almost straight out of a western, you could almost hear the theme song of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ whistling away.  Ding Ding Ding! The bell rings three times and the psychological shenanigans disintegrate, Niko L. Genero makes the first move and every man flinches instinctively, much like reaching for their holsters going back on the earlier mentioned metaphor.  Rather than draw six-guns however, the young Australian lion simply extends his hand for a pre-apocalyptic handshake between gents and with that out of the way, the travelling around the ring begins.  Genero eyes off Blade whilst Hudson glares through Paddy Perry and all four men edge closer toward one another respectively... SWERVE by John Blade who turns to his immediate left and scoops Irish Paddy up with an Attitude Adjustment?!!  Perry doesn’t take too kindly to this and blasts the impulsive young Blade with an elbow to the neck, grabbing hold of him as he returns to the mat and absolutely slings Blade right over the top rope and Blade plummets into a crash landing on the ringside mats.  As four become three within seconds with such ferocious display of power, both Hudson and Genero mutually agree that it’s in their best interests to storm Perry at the same time, and while the plan of attack seemed decent, Paddy Perry takes the blueprint and tears it to pieces, knocking Hudson into the corner with one punch!

Ted Cedar
"And there's that brawling Irishman we've heard about, Adam..."

Adam Dennis

From the sidelines Niko Genero clobbers Paddy with a forearm and the element of surprise, snatching the Irishman and slinging him across the ring with an irish-whip.  Paddy bounces from the ring ropes and back toward Niko, lowering his six’ four stature as to spear Genero however the man from The Shop thinks quickly with a leapfrog and Paddy’s momentum continues to escalate!  Paddy ricochets from the ropes in front of him to come back at Genero, who curls on the mat for a Monkey Flip and Paddy looks set to fly in the wild momentum, only John Hudson comes out of the corner with a people-stopping double sledge blow to the chest!  The audience enthusiastically cheer for “The Kodak Moment” as Hudson not only gets even but seizes control of the match, kicking Niko Genero hard in the face, bringing him to some semblance of a vertical base before taking him for a spin and dumping him through the ropes and tumbling him into a recovering John Blade ringside, Hudson clapping to the crowd, the universal sign which any wrestling fan can recognise, sprinting the course of the ring toward both Blade and Genero to come back off the ropes and go airborne with an over the top rope suicide dive, crashing down on top of them both!  The crowd approve with atmospheric cheers as Hudson stands tall only Paddy Perry is taller… appearing out of nowhere with a Backfist which knocks Hudson flat, Paddy grinning to himself as he kisses his own knuckles proudly, as a select few in the crowd applaud, including an amplified applause from Adam Dennis.

Adam Dennis
"Ooh la la, I’m in love!"

Ted Cedar
"That was quite a knock, alright."

Adam Dennis
"That backfist was fantastic, I think Paddy’s an instant hit haha!"

The tough Irishman takes a look over the selection of opponents in front of him, scraping Blade from the mat and dumping him into the ring, slithering in behind him.  Paddy was not expecting much from Blade, but the impulse to impress blends with sheer naivety, and the young bulldozer Blade, feeling ignored as a threat of any kind well… bulldozes Paddy from his feet with a tremendous jumping shoulder block!  Paddy is on his feet in surprise and can only gaze up in wonder as the Blade train chugs into motion to absolutely ram Niko down as well, chalking up shoulder block number two!  Could this mean Blue Thunder? The question remains with Niko L. Genero clipping Blade in the face with a rope-assisted jumping high kick from the outside, dazing Blade just enough for Genero to spring upon the ring apron then the turnbuckle like a bouncing bean, coming off top rope with a ballistic Missile Dropkick yet before contact can be made between John and Genero, Paddy plucks Genero out of the side to virtually break Genero in half with a Backbreaker!  With Genero buckled across the canvas, wriggling and writhing like a worm on a hook, Paddy can focus on the dazed Blade and reap the benefits, taking Blade’s wrist and slinging him across the ring into the turnbuckles with a brutal Irish-whip, charging with a barbaric roar to flatten Blade completely with a Body Block, and Blade is knocked into the corner dramatically, bouncing off into a tremendous big boot!

Adam Dennis
"And a BIG boot from the big guy Paddy Perry!"

Ted Cedar
"One of the more impressive international exports, Paddy Perry is such an agile man for his size, Ted!"

The sheer demolishment of Genero receives rave reviews from the audience as the hard Irish bastard works them into a frenzy, stamping his boots on the mat dramatically, looming over Niko thinking Spinebuster.   Hudson proves to be the unlikely saviour however, sliding into the ring after a brief absence of recovery to batter Perry across the shoulders and knock him into the corner!  There can be no heroes in this type of match however, only survivors and Hudson peels Niko from the mat, slinging him into the ropes for a Spinebuster of his own anyway, Genero turns it into an snap Arm Drag which slings Hudson across the mat with athletic execution!!!  Blade returns from Body Block death and runs at Genero with a huge clothesline, only for Niko to duck and Blade drills Perry in his place!    In all the hype Genero looks for the surprise victory, twisting Blade into a backslide pin, Blade’s legs kicking like a cockroach as he desperately tries to turn things around and manages to do so before the three count, from Genero sends Blade to the mat, leaving Hudson puts the big man down with a drop toe, feint STF, Paddy panics and quickly rolls over rolls to kick Hudson onto both feet, standing, kicks him right in the face to drop Blade senseless and the crowd cheer him on! Paddy Perry stirs from his slumber like a Snorlax in the foreground, and gets right back in the thick of things with a bear hug, looking to suffocate a vulnerable Blade and take the win for himself!!  Guess who’s back its Genero with a chop across the back, Paddy drops Blade in surprise, Blade gasping into the corner, Perry stumbling around as Genero is already off the ropes with a flying BELL CLAP!  Bringing Paddy to one knee, a standing BELL CLAP now and Paddy is on both knees, Genero screams "SOOOOLD!" Into the air and runs the ring looking to decimate Perry’s facial structure with his forearm finisher, Hudson hangs on the ropes and Genero is flung over the top, Hudson clips Paddy to the mat with a brutal ENZUIGIRI!!!

Adam Dennis
“You really should announce your weapons after you fire them, Mr. Gru"

Ted Cedar
"What are you talking..."

Adam Dennis
"Oh come on, it’s Despicable Me 2!  The reference was relevant!!!"

John Hudson’s ambitious confidence returns, looking to pin Perry only to be rolled up Genero with a fistful of tights!  The pounds on the mat are as clear as day and Hudson rolls backward onto his knees in surprise, Hudson glares down Genero, who simply shrugs and even pats Hudson on the back before clobbering him with a forearm and the crowd chuckle.  Onward!  Whilst Hudson inches backward into one corner, Genero spots Blade in the other Genero captures the moment, moving on to ferociously plough Blade in the corner with a flying clothesline, bouncing from Blade to the mat with a spring in his step, hoping to flatten the rising John Hudson yet Hudson cuts the party short with a droptoe that smashes the hyperactive Genero into the second turnbuckle, lining himself up with the cornered Niko to careen toward with a bone crunching Dropkick right on the shin!  , Blade saves face and Genero dramatically crashes hard, his boots shaving the top of the turnbuckle and Niko ricochets from the turnbuckle in a violent fashion to crash upon the mat, falling victim and Paddy Perry ploughs into Blade with a clothesline, tumbling him over the top rope, quick to jump and crunch down on Niko’s leg with a double foot stomp!  The crowd cringe as Genero’s misfortune, whilst others cheer for the whatever it takes approach, no matter how intense as Paddy Perry fans know whats coming next, as the angry Irishman steps over Genero’s legs and drops flat across the mat, reaching over to cross Genero’s legs over one another, pushing on the human knot with his version of the Indian Deathlock and the mood in the arena lifts dramatically!  Niko Genero is in a world of hurt, holding nothing back with an anguish-riddled scream of discomfort in dire straits, curling and writhing as he tries to find a means of escape and Paddy Perry rises, Genero trapped in knots around Paddy who expertly applies the torturous submission in its entirety pushing his chest out like a bulldog and rocking the hold behind him intensely, as Niko snarls and growls into the canvas in excruciating pain!

Ted Cedar
"Sweet Jesus,,, that’s an Indian Deathlock! An Indian Deathlock, Adam!"

Adam Dennis
"Can you say human centipede, Ted!"

Ted Cedar
"Paddy Perry pulling out a real gem here, what a fantastic submission and someone better get in there soon because Genero has nowhere to go!"

Adam Dennis
"Of course he has nowhere to go, he’s got that seventeen stone oaf on top of his legs!"

Ryu Sanu
“Niko… Niko do you give up?”

Niko Genero

No sooner than the rope break, Hudson dropkicks Paddy square in the back to fling him over the top rope, snatching  Genero up  and thrusting him across the ring with an irish whip, Niko counters out of the sling with a whip of his own, but cannot help but hobble off step distracted and Hudson kicks Genero in the face, taking him and smashing him into the second turnbuckle,  “OHHHH” cries the crowd and The Perennial Prince takes a breath, sluggishly reaching down to peel Genero from the mat and heave him onto the top turnbuckle for some crowd approved ten punches.  ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE!  Genero grasps hold of Hudson’s head and drills John with a headbutt, which puts a plug on the punches until a second headbutt knocks Hudson from the top altogether!  Genero dropping down to beat Hudson with a forearm in the face, heaving him now upon the top turnbuckle instead. Clambering onto the second rope and raising a fist into the air, bringing the knuckled hammer down on Hudson screaming “SELL!” as every punch hits!  "SELL!!  SELL!! SELL!! SELL!!"  By the time the crowd catch on, Blade had already made a move to stop the punches, latching onto Generos wrist and not letting go, stopping the pummelling short and after some effort, Genero finally wrenches his wrist free and falls back from the second rope in the bid to free himself, from the woodworks come The Perennial Prince out of nowhere with a springboard, Blade gets the fuck outta there with a turn of the shoulder leaving Hudson on the turnbuckle now, Genero with a CHOP parking Hudson on the turnbuckle, Genero has the springboard bug now and  from the top rope thinking a Hurricanrana for Hudson, landing on Hudson’s shoulders facing the crowd yet  Blade jumps up to batter Genero across the back, and Genero cries out in surprise, lurching forward into Hudson’s face and looking ridiculously awkward.   A second back pummelling for good measure puts Genero where Blade wants him, and he heaves  Genero right off Hudson’s shoulders for  a supposed back Superplex, Hudson snags Blades legs but to make things all that more ridiculously epic, Paddy Perry steals in under BLADE’s legs, stepping off the turnbuckle in front of him to fall back with an ELECTRIC CHAIR/ SITOUT POWERBOMB/ SUPERPLEX IN FUCKING MOTION! And the ring is a train-wreck.


Adam Dennis

Ted Cedar

Hudson and Genero are dead, their backs arched, writhing in a spasm on the mat and Paddy stirs in the background at the worst possible time. Hudson climbs to his feet and kicks Paddy in his fucking head, snaking an arm around his neck for a front Facelock, thinking DDT however Paddy won’t have it and bulldozes Hudson into the ropes, heaving him upon the top rope with ease for a Slingshot Suplex yet the quick thinking Hudson shimmies onto the ring apron and pops Paddy with a hotshot simply by dropping to the floor,  Paddy Perry vaults backwards with springs in his legs, crashing to the mat dramatically and Hudson now has the floor, skipping onto the apron first before an additional jump puts him on the top turnbuckle, no one to prevent him from performing a crowd pleasing, ridiculous SENTON right on the Irishman’s chest!  Things look good for the Perennial Prince, had it not been for Niko L. Genero that is, on his feet to snatch Hudson up by the leg mid somersault immediately after the senton impact, wrenching away with a torturous Single Leg Boston Crab! The crowd are on their feet for the record time of the night, as the young upstart Niko Genero looks to bend John Hudson to breaking point with an impressive half crab snatch.

Adam Dennis

The Rob Schneider moment seems to speak for the fans who rise from their seats as Niko clenches his teeth and snarls with effort… bending and twisting, violently wrenching as he continues to hyperextend John Hudson’s limb. Positioned perfectly with no intentions of letting the prince slip, Blade however finds his feet and Niko must make a choice as the two hundred and fifty one pound hulk begins drunkenly staggering toward him, Genero trying to extract Hudson’s confession of submission out of him… Blade’s presence combined with Hudson’s resilience wins and  Hudson bucks  the distracted Niko backwards, who nails Blade with an elbow while he’s at it, but the actual submission outcome brings both relief and disappointment throughout the crowd and Hudson lethargically crawls on the mat as Genero kicks him in the back, raising his fist into the air feverishly and slapping his forearm screaming “SSSSOLLLLD!!!” before breaking into a wild sprint, bouncing off the ropes right into a lightning quick ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT from a recovered Blade!!!  Genero crashes upon the mat dramatically and Blade swoops down on top of him, hooking the leg.  ONE! TWO! THRE--NO!  While Blade was ridiculously close to winning the match in an upset, Paddy Perry will not die and stomps Blade, then stomps Genero, Hudson has a say in things only Perry has had enough and levels Hudson with a head-butt.  

Adam Dennis
"Ooh I know this move!  It’s awesome!"

Ted Cedar

Hudson staggers sideways toward the ropes, Blade tries to cover Genero again only Paddy Perry rips him to his feet and unleashes hell upon his chest “with a hand that can strip paint”, flattening Blade.  Genero doesn’t get up in a hurry, leaving only Hudson as the thorn in Perry’s side as Perry sways over to him… Paddy grabs at Hudson only John ducks beneath his reach Paddy turns to be tattooed by simultaneous chops to the chest from both Hudson and Blade combined, the Blade Hudson combination continues to sling Perry into the corner of the ring with an Irish whip, pocketing the larger man, Genero rematerialized into the action with an elbow, to Hudson, jabbing Blade in the eyeball with a cheeky finger poke, snatching him and slinging him into the corner, double or nothing, GORE!!!  Blade is impaled into Paddy as Genero retracts backwards, PELE KICK right on the top of Blade’s head!  The crowd applaud the intense action, as all three men melt from the corner and drop to the mat in a daze, and Hudson scoops up Niko for the cover…Genero with a desperate foot on the ropes!  Hudson takes the count for what it is and returns upon his feet, pulling a weary Niko along with him, grabbing Genero’s tights for a Suplex, looking for the bridge on his tippie-toes. Niko struggles this time around but Genero breaks free for dear life, Hudson of course swoops in with a clothesline attempt to further aggravate Niko into making a mistake but the time for mistakes is over as Niko sidesteps to sling Hudson out of the ring and the crowd pops!  Paddy Perry is back on bended knee but Genero is a man on a mission, kicking Hudson in the gut before wrenching him inside a front Facelock, the way he was looking at the crowd you could tell there was something big coming… Niko crying three words into the evening air above the elevated cheers of the fans…

Niko L. Genero

Adam Dennis
"Ooh I know this move!  It’s awesome!"

Ted Cedar

Cedar chants the next move by name into the headset as Genero spikes Hudson into the mat with a DDT, with dramatic results!  After the first DDT blasts the top of Paddy Perry’s head the fans were impressed, but as Genero rolls onto his feet with the front Facelock still attached a low "Oohhhhhhh!" escalates into a climactic pop as the second DDT hits but WAIT there’s more as the self-professed Salesman swivels his hips to roll upon both boots, heaving Paddy Perry onto bended knee and the fans are go crazy and Niko L. Generico blasts Paddy Perry for the third and final time.  Niko scrambles to his feet and immediately dives upon Paddy for the cover, it looks good, one… two… Blade lunges in with a desperation elbow drop but Niko rolls free of “Basic Thuganomics” trajectory, and Blade’s elbow finds a new home in Paddy Perry’s sternum!  Cheers fill the air as the crowd get behind Niko, who is suddenly receiving strong pops with every move he makes as he kicks a dumbfounded Blade square in the head and pulls him from the mat with a dramatic BRAINBUSTER!  Hudson desperately slides inside the ring but Genero uses his own momentum to sling Hudson out of the ring almost immediately!  Blade crawling upon both knees and Niko Genero almost knocks his head off with a devastating sliding forearm smash that he calls "SOLD!" and Blade's head flaps back at the neck, the crowd counting with Ryu Sanu’s hands on the mat in chorus.

One… Two… Three!!!



Laura Watts:

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1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero   1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 1:51 pm

Paddy Perry and Niko L. Genero face off in opposite corners, awaiting their fellows.  The latter’s music is already fading away.  Suddenly, and in complete disregard of the imminent arrival of their opponents, Paddy rushes across the ring toward Genero. Niko gives a smile and shrug before both men light into each other with big haymakers, resulting in the largest pop since Rob Ford’s oral sex reference some weeks back.

They aren't even waiting for the opposition!

These guys are nuts!

John Hudson and Jonathan Blade arrive on the scene in due course. They each regard the brawl inside the ring with contempt and slowly make their way inside. As they enter, Niko and Perry break off their attack on each other and turn on the newbies. The four men's arms pump in and out as the punches fly, and both Hudson and Blade force the Genero and Paddy into opposite corners. With a look to one another, they fire the Irishman toward his erstwhile adversary with a pair of Irish whips. Seconds before the expected collision however, they link arms, do-si-do and come at their opponents once more. While Niko connects with an avalanche on John, Paddy is caught with a huge clothesline by Blade. Genero snaps to the ready and charges Jonathan Blade. He brings his body parallel to the ground and drives his shoulder into his opponent's midsection, pulling on the legs, as in a double leg takedown, and forcing him back-first into the mat.

Niko Genero scoring big with that spear and he’s the last man standing.

He’s making a mistake by stalling Adam. He may regret it as this match rolls on.

Genero crosses the ring and helps Paddy to his feet, before draping him over the middle rope, and crashing down upon him. Meanwhile Hudson gets to his knees and grabs a waistlock on Blade. Jonathan turns and rains blows on the prone eponym. Hudson manages to fall backward, dragging Blade into the turnbuckle. As Niko and the Irishman grapple, Paddy finally swings back his leg and the resulting mule kick allows him to regain his footing. Genero stumbles backward and Pat rushes in with an eye gouge and a chokehold. Niko smashes his arms down upon Perry’s and breaks the choke, but the brawler strikes at his throat with an open hand.

Looks like the whole thing is getting out of control in there.

Well, they’ve each shown us many times that they’ll do anything to win.

Blade now has Hudson lying across the top turnbuckle and the latter hooks his arm around the strut and throws a few punches to drive off his attacker. Jonathan drops an arm across the John’s stomach, but cannot help getting peppered with right hands. Across the ring, Niko is on the receiving end of an armbar from Paddy, but, in a feat of strength, lifts his opponent into the air and slams him down with force enough to break the hold. He shakes his arm, and tries to regain feeling, before pulling Perry to his feet. He lifts him on his shoulders in an electric chair sitting position and then takes hold of his opponent and pulls him over his shoulder and down to the mat while falling to a sit out position so that Pat lands on his upper back and neck.

Huge electric chair drop!

He might be better off tossing Paddy now and doubling up on Blade.

With Perry dispensed with, momentarily, Genero rushes across the ring. He grabs Blade in a full nelson and drags him away from the corner. Hudson gets down and plants a standing dropkick into the exposed opposition. Then both men force Blade to the ropes. He fights back hard and uses whatever he can to stay alive in this match. Hope for him isn’t lost, since Paddy is up, but on rubber legs. He tries to intercede, but Hudson breaks off the attack to cut him off. A quick boot and a DDT drops him. Perry moves forward and, with a mighty heave, scoops both Niko and Jonathan’s legs and dumps both men to the floor!

That’s a long way down Ted.

A tough landing besides….

I’ll bet they have vengeance on his mind after that little tumble.

That’s likely, they’re petty men and they’ll hold a grudge.

Well, I’ll say this, Paddy did right; easier to manage one guy at a time.

No one can doubt the method in that man’s madness.

In the ring, the Irishman snatches up Hudson and raises him in a body slam. John is not out yet though, and has enough presence of mind to wriggle free and slide down the back. Pat turns only to catch a forearm to the chops and reels backward. The wily warrior then runs towards the lethargic brute, jumps and strikes his leg against the opposite’s head, knocking him through the ropes. Instinct alone causes Perry to grasp the top strand and lever himself upward, his arse seated on the middle rope. Unfortunately he rises into another stiff forearm shot that sends him backward, only to have his arms lever him forward again, much to the delight of the viewing audience.

This is ridiculous, turn him loose! Get him outta the ropes, he can’t help popping back up.

He reminds me of one of those toy clowns I had as a kid.

I hear that toy kicked your ass one time.

On the outside, Niko looks with twisted pleasure at the recumbent form of Jonathan Blade. Pulling the seated man’s head back, he drops a calculated fist into his brow, then a second, and third, and on and on until his knuckles rip an ugly gash along the man’s scalp. Blood trickles from the hard-way juice and dribbles down Blade’s face. Such a perfunctory wound is only an aperitif for Genero. Jonathan now emits moans usually reserved for animals in their death throes, as the blood around his head begins to coagulate into a sticky mess.

Things are getting a little dicey on the outside.  

With these four guys, you knew it would get bloody eventually.

Eventually, John Hudson realizes that his situation, however amusing, isn’t likely to lead to ultimate victory. Consequently, he drags Paddy back inside the ropes and sets to work. The weary Irishman first tastes the sting of Hudson’s back-hand, as he delivers a spinning back fist. Feeling flashy, he falls downward while scissoring his legs around his opponent’s waist. He rebounds off the mat, intent on hooking a bulldog, but Pat plants a solid shot into his kidneys and turns the scissors into a Boston Crab.

A nasty move here, as Perry looks to get his bearings after absorbing a bit of punishment.

Well, it won’t win him the match, but it could weaken his opponent to the point where this one becomes academic.

Hudson struggles but it seems of little use, as the Irishman wrenches back, applying pressure to the hips and lower back. The crowd rumbles with encouragement and the vigilant victim holds out a supplicating hand, searching for some support. The closeted masses are dared to believe again and to realize that the élan that once led Hudson to victories past is not dead yet.

The crowd is starting to come alive here, and that’s going to rattle Pat no matter how much he tries to tune it out.

Niko Genero enters the ring and knocks Perry to the ground with a flying shot that liberates Hudson.  Meanwhile, Jonathan Blade too is on his feet, and now stalks his blinded foe with halting steps and lands a double axe handle that staggers Niko and inaugurates a brawl as both men close ranks. Hudson too is beginning to rise, but is greeted by a few bombs to the side of the cranium from Paddy Perry.  Soon he’s being forcibly introduced to the turnbuckle. John fires back elbows and flailing kicks in order that he might free himself. Paddy is wounded enough to step back and give enough room for Hudson to hook his head and deliver a half-hearted ace crusher.  The four men now lay strewn about the ring like discarded toys, crumpled and broken. Even after executing the stunner, John has exhausted himself beyond measure. He throws a stray arm over the prone body of Paddy, but the Kilmainham native lazily rolls a shoulder at two. The fans know full well that the end is near, so the await the action with baited breath. Slowly the combatants rise again, each needing the ropes to sustain them to a vertical base. There is a pause as each man contemplates his position, and that of his adversaries, while the crowd gives an appreciative clap to all four men for their showing thus far. The action starts again as Hudson ducks a charging Blade, sending him sailing over the ropes to the outside. Sensing an opportunity to settle things once and for all, Paddy too slips out of the ring, leaving Niko and John to settle their differences within. Niko charges, but Hudson drops down and Genero trots over him to the far ropes. A criss-cross soon develops and both men know where this is heading; after a few bounces and ducks they both go for their respective clotheslines, trying to outstep their opponent. The force of their collision picks up both men’s feet and the crash to the canvas once again. Meanwhile the battle outside has turned against Blade. Perry, who’s been seemingly stronger as this match has gone on, isn’t weakening yet and the stiff shots he lays rock him backward and make him wish for the soft arms of his lover. He retreats onto the apron and then up the turnbuckle, but Pat is only a few steps behind him. A stunning right cross jacks Jonny’s chin a bit too far and he slackens. The Irishman grabs the seated opponent from behind. Both men, in the high rent district launch off and land on their shoulders as Perry executes a German suplex from the top. He bridges, but it’s sloppy, and as the referee’s hand counts the final three, Blade’s shoulder lifts from the canvas. Paddy Perry has essentially pinned himself.

Your winner, and Jonathan Blade!
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1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero   1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero Empty

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1.) John Hudson vs. Jonathan Blade vs. Paddy Perry vs. Niko L. Genero

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