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 1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper

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1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper Empty
PostSubject: 1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper   1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper EmptyMon Nov 18, 2013 3:49 pm

Due: Saturday November 23rd, at 11:59 PM EST


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1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper   1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 11:13 pm


The Bell sounds, and The Xtreme Icon and Whisper meet in the center of the ring and stare each other down. Literally in Whispers case having a 9 inch height advantage. Icon, who has consistently been the smaller dog in the fight through his entire career, never backs down. This is no exception, Icon locks up with his opponent and immediately Whisper powers Icon into the turnbuckle, the official in charge immediately calls for the break.  Whisper backs off before the two count and takes a few steps back. But suddenly he tries to hit a big right hook aimed directly at Icons jaw, Icon ducks and throws Whisper into the corner and unloads with a flurry of swift and varied strikes.  Each shot hitting its mark, going from the head to the body with ease before he hip tosses Whisper out of the corner.

Cedar: Icon taking control early on

Dennis: Yeah but the match just started, it isn’t how you start it is how you finish.

Whisper stands back up and looks at Icon.  Outside the ring Ricxhard J Maxwell yells at his client.

“You are the better man! Don’t let this common street trash uptsage the future!”

Whisper immediately charges Icon who sidesteps him. Whisper collides chest first with the top turnbuckle and stumbles backwards into Icon.  Who waistlocks him from behind and heavs the larger man overhead, slamming his foe hard on the back of his head, and shoulders. Icon arches his body and holds him down in the pin combo. He barely gets 1 before Whisper gets his shoulders off the mat. Icon sits up, as Whisper rolls onto his stomach holding the back of his head. Icon stands back up and squats down in the corner, an evil smirk comes across his face and he raises his hand to face level and starts wiggling his fingers.

Dennis What is that psycho up to now?

Cedar:  I think he wants to end this right here.

As Whisper stands back up he grabs the ref and pulls him to where his back is to Icon and Maxwell grabs Icon by the right ankle and pulls him right off his feet, face first into the mat and then swings Icons ankle, several times into the ring post before backing off to a chorus of boos from the fans. Icon crawls out from the corner., Grasping at his right ankle as Whisper swarms on him. Grabbing the injured ankle and picking it up then thrusting it down, slamming Icons knee into the mat.

Dennis: Yeah, that’s it, pick apart that already injured leg.

Cedar: Icon injured his ankle when he was taken out of action back in that sick attack in the parking lot.

Whisper then picks Icons leg off the mat and throws a stiff, hard kick to the back of the knee. Icon grabs at his injured leg as Whisper smiles. Enjoying himself as he dismantles another human being. Icon rolls out of the ring and can barely put any weight on his leg, he uses the ring apron to hold himself up. Whisper doesn’t give Icon any breathing room, he steps out to the ring apron then drops to the floor right behind Icon. He grabs the back of Icons head and slams him face first into the ring apron.  Then he grabs Icon by the throat and shoves Icon Into the announce table, then rolls back into the ring and back out, breaking the refs count.

Cedar:  Icon getting thrown into our table.

Dennis And then Whisper  breaking the refs count after powering Icon into the announce table.

Whisper then steps back in front of Icon and throws several, hard, stiff and calculated right hands into Icons head.  Icon slumps down into a seated position.  Whisper yells “I am going to make this piece of trash regret ever coming back to XWA!” Whisper grabs Icon by the head and pulls him up then throws him back into the ring, leaving his head hanging off the apron, then he backs up to the ring post and charges forward and drives his right foot into Icons temple. Icon rolls away towards the center of the ring, Whisper quickly slides into the ring and covers Icon. He gets 2 before Icon gets his shoulder up. Icon Rolls onto his stomach, as Whisper stares at the ref, and yells “Count faster you stupid zebra!”  He turns back to Icon who is slowly starting to get up to his hands and knees, Whisper  grabs Icon by the head and pulls him up to one knee. As he pulls Icon up to his feet, he gets hit with a huge right hand across the jaw. Followed by a left jab, then a right upper cut. Whisper stumbles back into the ropes as Icon walsk with a slight limp, still feeling the effects of the assault on his leg earlier. Whisper leans against the ropes as Icon throws a huge left hand that knocks his adversary over the top rope, but he holds on and only lands on the apron.

Cedar: Icon mounting a comeback.

Dennis: On one bad wheel, can he hit any of those big moves of his? Can he hit the H-Factor, Superkick or Swanton?

Cedar: Icon has the Tazmission as well, the move he learned from the man who trained him, he doesn’t need his legs for that hold.

Icon grabs Whisper in a frontface lock and picks him up in the air and drops him hard with the suplex.  Icon rolls out to the apron and stands back up.  He grabs the top rope and waits for whisper to stand back up, ignoring the pain in his leg he springs to the top rope with the agility of a cat and leaps high into the air. Flip[ping his body backwards with his legs tucked in as he rotates, as Whisper turns around ICon thrusts his feet forward and hits his trademark Shooting Star Dropkick. He lands flat on his back as his foe gets knocked back halfway across the ring. Icon briefly grabs his leg as hr rollls onto his side

Dennis: That may have been a bad idea

Cedar: One of the many reason Icon is a hall of famer, offense like that. But how much did he take out of himself?

The crowd chants "lets go Icon" Willing the former King of Xtreme to his feet. Icon, a master at blocking out pain stands up. WHisper, in a stunned state after catching Icons feet with his face groggily stands back up. Icon staying on his opponent kicks him in the gut and goes for the double underhook, Whisper, more out of instinct than anything spins out of it and drives his knee right into Icons midsection, doubling him over then he picks Icon up in the samoan drop position and looks around at the fans, who are booing the hell out of him. He doesn't care, he then drops onto his back, and more importantly Icon onto his.

Outside the ring MAxwell yells "End it!" Whisper obliges, he grabs Icon and pulls him up to his feet then picks him up in a military press but suddenly ICon slips behind the The Rebus Hivemind and locks in a half nelson with his left arm and hisWhispw right placed across the throat he drops to his back and to his side, away from the ropes. Whisper flails his hand around the air, desperately trying to get out of the hold, ICon squeezes tighter and Whisper starst tapping out, the ref calls for teh bell


Dennis: Whisper taps out!

Cedar: It was either that or get chocked out, Icon gets the submission win here tonight.

American Badass hits the arenas sound system. As Icon lets go of the hold, he then rolls out to the floor and to the guard rail, he uses it as a crutch of sorts as he catches his breath. Fans pat Icon on the back as the ref catches up with him, he raises his free arm in victory as teh camera spins from Icons side to his face. Icon stands up and looks right in teh camera and says.

"I hope the Son of a Bitch who ran me down was watching, your sorry ass is next!"

Dennis: Icon making his intentions known.

Cedar: Safe to say whoever the guilty party is has been put on notice.
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1.) Xtreme Icon vs. Whisper

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