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 2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson

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2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson Empty
PostSubject: 2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson   2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 2:12 am

Due: Saturday November 9th, at 11:59 PM EST


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2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson   2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson EmptySat Nov 09, 2013 4:20 pm

As we come back from break, We see XWA Ring announcer, Laura Watts standing in the middle of the ring. To be more specific, next to the official as she raises the mic towards her lips and smiles.

Laura: And introducing his opponent, From Bronx New York, weighing in at a Two Hundred and Thirty pounds, Hitman Alex!

Hitman Alex is already in the ring, having made his entrance during the previous commercial break. The crowd Boo's at him while he stands high and tall on the turnbuckle. His expression showing that he doesn't care for what the people in Alberqure New Mexico have to think. He drops down and turns back to face Riley, who is already standing tall and looking directly at Alex. More focused and determine than ever. Before the ref begins to signal for the bell, Riley straight out of the gate charges toward Alex and begins to throw an onslaught of punches onto the man that he lost his RSD Title at Vendetta 55. The Ref tries to break it apart as The Legion member is against the ropes. "GET HIM OFF ME!!" Alex screams at the Ref while the Ref does his job and grabs onto Riley's waist and pulls him off. The Ref pushes Riley into his corner and warns him that if he does this again he will be DQ'ed. Riley nods his head and replies calmly with an "ok." Alex takes his forearm off the rope and looks at him pissed. Not pleased to be attacked. The Ref now signals for the bell as the match now gets officially underway.


Ted: And here we go ladies and gentleman, A Rivalry that has been heated up this past year gets revisited Tonight! Riley Williamson, The current longest reigning RSD Champion in history vs. Hitman Alex, a former XWA World Champion, and XWA Champion.

Adam: We are in for a treat!

Riley and Alex skip around the ring. As both competitors get ready to make a move they jump forward and before you know it they're locking horns in a tie-up. With Alex having the slight height advantage, he pulls Riley in by the arm as Riley staggers along to the side due to the pressure. Alex has Riley tied here as he transitions the move into an armbar! The former New Yorker is not taking it though. He came here for a chance at redemption, and at a chance of a victory. In his mind he is already one step away from greatnest if he could beat Alex. Riley forcefully pulls his arm forwards towards his chest in an effort to escape the hold. Does he do it? Yep, but he doesn't get out of it without feeling the pain. He covers his arm as he feels the burning sensation after any kind of lock to the arm. Alex isn't phased though, With Riley's back to Alex, the man who refers to himself as "The Center of attention" puts his left arm around the stomach of Riley and his right around Alex's arm before pulling back and hitting him with a Half-Nelson. Alex looks at the crowd and the crowd Boo's at him while a sinister grin appears on his face. He turns his attention to Riley who remains on his backside after the half-nelson. The Bronx Native, falls to his knees quickly and goes for a quick cover.



Kickout by Riley.

The Legion member rises to his feet and grabs Riley by the back of the head. He unloads with a hard elbow to the jaw of The Floridan, followed by a second and a third. Alex follows up with an Irish Whip into the ring ropes. Alex  spins around three hundred and sixty degrees, bringing his elbow up but Riley ducks, bounces off the ring ropes behind Alex and connects with a forearm smash of his own. Alex is rocked by the move, which was more powerful because of the momentum Riley had behind him, and Riley uses the opportunity to run at Alex, grabbing his head and spinning around before planting Alex down to the mat head first with a Hurricane DDT. Riley grabs Alex by the head lifting him to his feet and throwing him into the corner. Using the ropes for leverage Riley brings a foot up, planting it clear into The Hitman’s chest. A second kick quickly follows, followed by a third. Riley brings his boot up again, only this time Alex catches it and through brute force, and with the help of The Floridan still being holding onto the top rope, lifts Riley clean off of the mat by just his leg, throwing him over the top rope to the outside. Williamson, keeps hold of the rope and lands with two feet on the ring apron. This may not have been the best idea however as The Bronx Native grabs hold of the ring ropes parallel to Riley, jumps up, brings his leg as high up as he can and connects with his boot to the side of Riley’s skull. The longest regining RSD Champ, is sent face first into the outer part of the turnbuckle, losing his grip on the rope and falling to the outside. Alex drops to his knees in the ring, catching his breath after the boots to his chest. He keeps an eye out, waiting for Riley to get to his feet. On the outside Riley is stirring and as he gets to one knee The Hitman makes his move, running to the opposite ring ropes and bouncing off. Riley is onto his feet now and turns towards the ring to see Alex flying towards him through the top and middle ropes. He hits a Suicide Dive! Alex crashes into Riley and both men are sent flying backwards into the security barricade. With both men down on the outside the referee begins his ten count.

Ted:What an almost, un-character like, move from the former World Champion!

Adam:These men may know each other so well, They know each other's move sets. I think that is why we are seeing some of these new moves from these men.

Neither men are stirring. Riley's back having crashed into the barricade while Alex having smacked his shoulder and arm right into it.
both men start stirring.
Alex is pulling himself up with the assistance of the barricade while Riley is doing the same with the ring steps. The former XWA World Champion is on his feet first and he charges at Williamson but Riley turns, sees the move and makes a split second decision. It turns out to be the right one as he ducks out of the way of Alex who goes ribs first into the steel steps. Riley grabs him by the back of the head and sends him face first into the steps. Riley then places a groggy Alex chest first onto the steps before stepping onto the ring apron. Riley's eyes glare over to Alex's head as a blank look appears on his face. Half of the crowd remains silent, not knowing whether or not to cheer for the move that may happen and other half cheer, The Ref tells him to get into the ring but Riley ignores this and intends to go through this. Running along the apron Williamson jumps, bringing both legs out but it’s a second too late. Alex has pushed himself off of the steel steps and where his neck once was is now just the unforgiving steel that The Floridan crashes down onto. His left leg takes most of the blow, smashing hard into the steel. Williamson hits the ground hard, gripping onto his leg in pain.

Ted: Thank god Alex moved!

Adam: Alex was almost toasted there, this man is insane.

Ted: I thought you liked the New Riley Williamson Adam?

Adam: I do. it's just that I don't like seeing him doing it to a friend of mine.

Ted: Alex is your friend?

Alex is pissed off at how low Riley was willing to go and as The former New Yorker writhes around in agony Alex grabs hold of the leg and delivers a kick to it.

Adam: Yeah. We talk to each other everynight. Right before I go to bed.


Ted: Oh stop it already with the Bullshit!

Riley holds his leg in pain while Alex Turns him over and grabs hold of the injured leg and locks it into an Ankle Lock. Yet another move Alex steels from Riley's book! Riley bites his lower lip and raises his hand up into the air trying not to tap. but it wouldn’t matter because there’s no tap outs unless they are inside the ring.

Riley finds the strength to reverse the move, rolling through and sending Alex face first into the steel steps.
Riley enters the ring while Alex remains on the outside.
The Bronx Native claws at the ring apron and uses it to pull himself into the ring, breaking the referee’s count just on time. Despite that he’s still pretty out of it from his head smashing against the ring steps. Riley has pulled himself to his feet and has a limp as he painfully makes his way over to Alex. Riley pulls Alex up and wraps his arm around the neck of Alex, applying a Headlock. Alex struggles to break the sleeper hold but the more he struggles the tighter Riley’s arms get around his throat. Riley isn’t willing to take any chances however, lifting his legs up and wrapping them around the body of Alex, fortifying his sleeper hold with the body scissors. Alex continues to struggle, but seems to be fading fast. With one impressive display of strength however he manages to push himself onto one knee, then the other, until finally he is on his feet with the 6’2, 250lbs Riley Williamson on his back.

Ted: It looks like Alex may be fading here...

Adam: Alex gotta find a way to break out of this hold that Riley has on him.

With Riley on his back still having the sleeper hold locked in Hitman grabs hold of Riley’s legs, which are wrapped around his waist, and forces them apart before grabbing Riley by the back of the head, pulling hard and yanking Riley straight off of Alex’s back, sending him flying over Alex's head and crashing to the mat in front of Alex. Riley hits the mat hard but rolls over and pushes himself up onto his feet. Alex is there waiting for him. Riley charges towards him, but Alex ducks out of the way causing Riley's body to collide onto the corner! The Crowd Ohh's in disapproval as they thought Riley had him there. "Mr.COA" proceeds to stay on Riley as he starts to unleash with a series of vicious punches to the head of Riley Williamson. But he has something bigger planned. Alex backs up and charges at The former New Yorker but finds that giving him just a second to gain his bearings is a second too much. Riley ducks, grabbing Alex’s leg and using it to lift Alex. Riley places his free hand on the back of Alex and brings him down face first onto the turnbuckle. Before anyone can see what damage this has caused Riley spins Alex around, lifts him once again and plants him to the mat with a Spinebuster! Right into the center of the ring! The Floridian, quickly goes for the cover.

Kickout by Alex.

Riley gets up and limps towards the corner of the ring. He takes a moment to take a deep breath before climbing up top. Alex still lays on the mat motionless, Whilst Riley with his back turned on him, he does a Backflip and connects with a Moonsault! The Crowd cheers as Riley again goes for the cover.

2 3/4...
Kickout by Alex!

Ted: Oh my god that was close!!

Adam: Where in the hell is Dante and Drake?!

Riley is both furious and frustrated. He’s given it everything and still Alex will not stay down. Pulling him to his feet before delivering a knee to the ribs. Riley places Alex's head in between his legs and lifts him up. As Riley has him up in the air, "Mr. Center Of Attention" tries to fight back. With a series of closed fists being hit on his forehead, Riley collapses with Alex on top of him! Alex, reaches for one of Riley's legs and goes for a pin.

Kickout by Riley.

Alex pushes himself up onto his feet while Riley is down on the canvas. The Hitman grabs Riley by his hair and pulls him up to his feet where he proceeds to deliver a big kick to Riley’s gut before setting him up for a belly to belly suplex. Riley delivers a right hand to the side of Alex’s skull, aiming to break the hold. A second blow soon follows but Hitman isn’t breaking the hold. Riley refuses to allow the suplex to go through and drives his head into the forehead of Alex. Hitman breaks the hold and Riley uses the chance, running towards the ropes and springing back off of them towards Hitman Alex. Hitman is ready however and stops Riley dead with a kick to the gut, followed by once again setting Williamson up for the belly to belly suplex. This time the move connects and Riley is sent flying across the ring, crashing hard on the opposite side.

Ted: Both of these men are giving it there all Tonight. Neither man, want to give up and they are giving it there all.

Adam: Alex wants to show why he should at the Main Event of XtremeMania, and Riley wants to show that the last two wins that Alex has on him are a fluke.

Hitman takes a few seconds to catch his breath but doesn’t take his eyes of Riley, who is starting to move around on the mat. The Floridan places his hands face down on the mat, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees but Hitman isn’t going to let that happen as he charges at Riley and drives a foot into his ribs. Riley stays on his hands and knees however, his face a mix of a grin and pain. Another kick to the ribs later and The Floridan is sent rolling across the ring, coming to stop by the ring ropes. Pulling himself up to a sitting position Williamson breathes heavily as Alex grasps him by the throat and pulls him up. With his hands still around Riley’s throat Alex Irish Whips Riley across the ring and as he comes back he is met with a Dropkick, Alex’s feet colliding with Riley’s jaw. Riley’s momentum carries him into the move and he is sent a few feet off of the floor before coming down upon his back. Alex like the viper that he is, slithers into the cover.

Kickout by Riley.

Hitman rises to his feet and in a moment of frustration starts to stomp on The former New Yorker as he delivers a vicious kick to Riley’s ribs which garners a less than pleased reaction from the fans in attendance. Alex simply sneers and another vicious kick is sent into the ribs of Williamson. A third kick is driven into Riley’s side and the crowd are now in uproar. Riley stares at Alex on the floor and prepares to deliver another kick, this time aiming for the skull of Joe but the referee jumps in, pushing Alex back and giving Riley time to recover. The Crowd begins to chant "Let's go Riley!" Several times as they try to wheel there favorite star back into the match up. The Ref berates Alex, warning him for his conduct, but "Mr.COA" just grins and leans against the ring ropes while he waits for Riley to make it to his feet.

Ted: The end may be near for Riley here Tonight.

Adam: Alex got him right where he wants him!

Riley grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself up slowly as he writhes in pain. grasping his ribs in agony, he grabs onto the ropes with one hand and successfully pulls himself up. Alex sees this as he gets off the ring ropes and walks up to Riley and grabs onto his arm. He pulls him off the ropes and Irish Whips him but midway Riley counters with a Whip of his own, As Alex rebounds off the ropes and back towards Riley, The Floridan connects with a Clothesline. Alex gets up again and as he turns around he is met with another one! Alex gets up a Third time, and Riley drops him with a Standing Dropkick!

Ted: it looks like Alex is the one in trouble now!

Adam: Unbelievable.

The impact of the move can be seen as a thin trickle of blood can be seen coming from Alex’s mouth. A slight cut actually. While Alex lays there motionless Riley climbs up to the corner of the ring and signals for his Signature move, The Blading drop! (Elbow drop) Riley points down towards Alex and a grin could be seen across Riley's face as he knows he got him right where he wants him. He jumps off the top rope and hits his move as his elbow strikes onto the center of Alex's chest!

As Dante's theme hits the arena, Dante comes out. Wearing his usual Entrance attire, The Son pf Sin begins to walk down the ramp. Riley gets up to his feet and looks confused as to why Dante is out here. The Crowd Boo's...But not for long as they begin to cheer loudly as they see Riley's partner, Crow standing on top of the ramp with a Chair in hand! Dante turns around to see what the buzz is all about and is surprised to see Crow there! Crow begins to walk down the ramp quickly and Dante is quick to squirm as he runs towards the barricade and jumps over it. Crow follows him as both men run through the crowd and out of the arena. The action now focuses back into the middle of the ring whilst, Riley looks at Crow chasing Dante Alex is already up to his feet. he wipes the blood that is coming from his lip off his hand and wipes his hand on his trunks as a Sinister grin appears on his face. Riley turns around and Alex tries to hit him with the HKO! (RKO) but Riley counters the move into a Roll Up!


Laura: Here is your winner, Riley Williamson!

Ted: Oh my god! What an Upset! Riley has just beaten The Former World Champion!

Adam: What?! NO?!?! This is fu.... *Takes off his Headset*

Riley rolls out of the ring quickly and raises both his hands in the air as he looks at Alex, Whom is unpleased with his loss. While Riley walks up the ramp and high fives some of the fans, Alex gets back up to his feet. He rubs the back of his head as he looks down at the mat pissed. Several cheers begin to erupt as a guy wearing a Black Hoodie comes out of the crowd.

Ted:Who 's that?

Adam: Is that, Dwight Lights?

He quickly jumps over the barricade and sprints into the ring, Alex feels the ring moving and as he turns around he is met with a Spinning Kick! Causing him to fall down into the middle of the ring. Dwight who is now looking down at Hitman then proceeds to exit the ring and looks under it as he rips the cover off of it and takes out a Sledge Hammer! Dwight looks down at the Hammer and then looks up at the unconscious Hitman Alex. Dwight then walks over toward the steel steps and climbs up, re entering the ring. He begins to level Alex up, watching him very closely. Alex starts to move. Grabbing onto the middle and top rope he pulls himself up. Dwight has his hand firmly over the top of the sledge hammer as he gets it ready. Alex tries to shake it off but just as he turns around He gets hit with the Sledge Hammer! Alex drops down onto the mat as his eyes are closed Blood begins to drip off of his fore head. Dwight crouches down and looks at Alex and smiles. He then gets up to a vertical base and walks over towards the ropes and exits the ring. The Crowd remains silent, not know whether to Cheer or Boo this evil act. The Screen fades to black.

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2) Hitman Alex vs Riley Williamson

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