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 [CTE] AEW Headquarters

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[CTE] AEW Headquarters Empty
PostSubject: [CTE] AEW Headquarters   [CTE] AEW Headquarters EmptyMon Oct 21, 2019 7:36 pm


[CTE] AEW Headquarters Shane-Mc-Mahon

[CTE] AEW Headquarters Excalibur [CTE] AEW Headquarters Jim-Ross [CTE] AEW Headquarters Tony-Schiavone

Owner: Shane McMahon
Commentary Team: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone


[CTE] AEW Headquarters Aleistar-Black [CTE] AEW Headquarters Alexander-Wolfe [CTE] AEW Headquarters Braun-Strowman [CTE] AEW Headquarters Cody-Rhodes
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Dustin-Rhodes [CTE] AEW Headquarters Epico-Colon [CTE] AEW Headquarters Jake-Hager [CTE] AEW Headquarters Jon-Moxley
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Keith-Lee [CTE] AEW Headquarters Killian-Dain  [CTE] AEW Headquarters Primo-Colon [CTE] AEW Headquarters Ricochet
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Shelton-Benjamin [CTE] AEW Headquarters The-Undertaker

Row 1: Aleistar Black (8), Alexander Wolfe (3), Braun Strowman (9), Cody Rhodes (8)
Row 2: Dustin Rhodes (6), Epico Colon (3), Jake Hager (6 +1), Jon Moxley (9)
Row 3: Keith Lee (6), Killian Dain (5), Primo Colon (4), Ricochet (8)
Row 4: Shelton Benjamin (7), The Undertaker (10)


[CTE] AEW Headquarters Bray-Wyatt [CTE] AEW Headquarters Chris-Jericho [CTE] AEW Headquarters Damien-Sandow [CTE] AEW Headquarters Dash-Wilder
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Erick-Rowan [CTE] AEW Headquarters Johnny-Gargano [CTE] AEW Headquarters Luke-Harper [CTE] AEW Headquarters Pac
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Rusev [CTE] AEW Headquarters Scott-Dawson [CTE] AEW Headquarters Tommaso-Ciampa [CTE] AEW Headquarters Triple-H
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Tyler-Breeze

Row 1: Bray Wyatt (9), Chris Jericho (10), Damien Sandow (4), Dash Wilder (6)
Row 2: Erick Rowan (6), Johnny Gargano (8), Luke Harper (7), Pac (9)
Row 3: Rusev (7), Scott Dawson (6), Tommaso Ciampa (8), Triple H (10)
Row 4: Tyler Breeze (5)


[CTE] AEW Headquarters AJ-Lee [CTE] AEW Headquarters Asuka [CTE] AEW Headquarters Brandi-Rhodes
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Brie-Bella [CTE] AEW Headquarters Candice-Lerea [CTE] AEW Headquarters Rhea-Ripley

Row 1: AJ Lee (10), Asuka (10), Brandi Rhodes (3)
Row 2: Brie Bella (5), Candice LeRae (7), Rhea Ripley (5)


[CTE] AEW Headquarters Alexa-Bliss [CTE] AEW Headquarters Charlotte-Flair [CTE] AEW Headquarters Lana
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Liv-Morgan [CTE] AEW Headquarters Sarah-Logan [CTE] AEW Headquarters Tenille-Dashwood

Row 1: Alexa Bliss (9), Charlotte Flair (10), Lana (1)
Row 2: Liv Morgan (5), Sarah Logan (7), Tenille Dashwood (6)


[CTE] AEW Headquarters Johnny-Gargano [CTE] AEW Headquarters Tommaso-Ciampa
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Alexander-Wolfe [CTE] AEW Headquarters Killian-Dain
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Erick-Rowan [CTE] AEW Headquarters Luke-Harper
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Epico-Colon [CTE] AEW Headquarters Primo-Colon
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Dash-Wilder [CTE] AEW Headquarters Scott-Dawson
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Cody-Rhodes [CTE] AEW Headquarters Dustin-Rhodes [CTE] AEW Headquarters Brandi-Rhodes
[CTE] AEW Headquarters Liv-Morgan [CTE] AEW Headquarters Sarah-Logan

Top to Bottom: DIY (16 +2), Sanity (8 +2), The Bludgeon Brothers (13 +4), The Colons (7 +4), The Revival (12 +4), The Rhodes Family (14 +2), The Squad (12 +2)


[CTE] AEW Headquarters AEW-World-Championship
AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

[CTE] AEW Headquarters AEW-Pure-Championship
AEW Pure Champion: Jake Hager

[CTE] AEW Headquarters AEW-Women-s-World-Championship
AEW Women's World Champion: Vacant

[CTE] AEW Headquarters AEW-World-Tag-Team-Championship
AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Colons

[CTE] AEW Headquarters MJFR42R

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Love Bites
Love Bites

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[CTE] AEW Headquarters Empty
PostSubject: Re: [CTE] AEW Headquarters   [CTE] AEW Headquarters EmptyMon Oct 21, 2019 7:36 pm


Aleistar Black: 0-2-0 - 0.00%
Alexander Wolfe: 0-2-0 - 0.00%
Braun Strowman: 1-1-0 - 50.00%
Bray Wyatt: 0-1-0 - 0.00%
Chris Jericho: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Cody Rhodes: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Damien Sandow: 0-0-0 - 0.00%
Dash Wilder: 0-1-0 - 0.00%
Dustin Rhodes: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Epico Colon: 2-0-0 - 100.00%
Erick Rowan: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Jake Hager: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Johnny Gargano: 2-1-0 - 66.67%
Jon Moxley: 2-0-0 - 100.00%
Keith Lee: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Killian Dain: 0-1-0 - 0.00%
Luke Harper: 1-1-0 - 50.00%
Pac: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Primo Colon: 2-0-0 - 100.00%
Ricochet: 2-1-0 - 66.67%
Rusev: 2-0-0 - 100.00%
Scott Dawson: 0-1-0 - 0.00%
Shelton Benjamin: 0-1-0 - 0.00%
The Undertaker: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Tommaso Ciampa: 1-1-0 - 50.00%
Triple H: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Tyler Breeze: 0-2-0 - 0.00%


AJ Lee: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Alexa Bliss: 1-1-0 - 50.00%
Asuka: 2-0-0 - 100.00%
Brandi Rhodes: 0-0-0 - 0.00%
Brie Bella: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Candice LeRae: 1-1-0 - 50.00%
Charlotte Flair: 0-2-0 - 0.00%
Lana: 0-0-0 - 0.00%
Liv Morgan: 1-0-0 - 100.00%
Rhea Ripley: 0-0-0 - 0.00%
Sarah Logan: 1-2-0 - 33.33%
Tenille Dashwood: 0-2-0 - 0.00%

*Royal Rumble matches are not counted.

[CTE] AEW Headquarters MJFR42R

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Love Bites
Love Bites

Posts : 9562
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Age : 30
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[CTE] AEW Headquarters Empty
PostSubject: Re: [CTE] AEW Headquarters   [CTE] AEW Headquarters EmptyTue Oct 22, 2019 2:26 am

AEW Dynamite #1
January 1st, 2020

Match 1.) Keith Lee vs. Aleistar Black - Men's Royal Rumble Qualifier

Strong opening match. Very back and forth, a few near falls and the crowd is into it. Match goes on for a good length to try to start things off in a big way for the show. Lengthy sequence ends the match with a lot of dodged and reversed moves, leading to a Black Mass attempt from Black that's ducked by Keith, who kicks Black in the stomach and lifts him up for the Spirit Bomb to get the 1-2-3. Keith Lee is the first AEW member to earn a spot in the men's Royal Rumble.

Winner: Keith Lee


Following the commercial break, Shane McMahon comes out to welcome the crowd to the show. He talks about the opener being so fast paced and then says the fun's just getting started. Shane says he has a slew of announcements he's going to make, now that he's in charge of AEW (and it's in some weird alt universe with wrestlers from different time periods and this is the first show but whatever). First up, he announces that another Royal Rumble qualifier for the men will take place later tonight, when Rusev takes on Ricochet. Likewise, there will be a qualifier for the women's Rumble in the form of a tag team match where both members of the winning team qualify. It'll be Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan - The Squad - taking on the pairing of Tenille Dashwood and Candice LeRae. Next week, a similar qualifier will happen when Charlotte Flair teams up with Alexa Bliss to take on AJ Lee and Asuka. As for championship news, tonight will begin a tournament to decide the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions (of this weird alt reality universe). Tonight's first round match will pit The Colons against The Bludgeon Brothers and the finals will take place BEFORE the Royal Rumble. As for tonight, a champion WILL be crowned. The AEW Pure Championship will be decided in a match between the All-American American Jake Hager and Johnny Wrestling. Shane says he has one more announcement and it's a big one. Four men will definitely not be getting qualifiers for the men's Royal Rumble and the reason for this is because they'll be facing each other AT the Royal Rumble in a no holds barred, no disqualification, no count-out Fatal Fourway for the AEW World Championship. Those men will be Jon Moxley, Triple H, Pac and Braun Strowman. Following the slew of announcements, Shane wishes the fans a fun night and heads to the back.

Match 2.) The Colons vs. The Bludgeon Brothers - AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1

The Bludgeon Brothers dominate for most of this match, though the Colons occasionally show signs of life throughout. Any time they start to get some offense going, however, Harper and Rowan are quick to shut it down. The Colons do get the crowd behind them, but it seems to be of no use as the Bludgeon Brothers try to isolate and beat them down. Eventually, Epico spends such a long time in the ring without getting a tag that the official thinks he may just need to call the match. However, he ducks under a Discus Lariat attempt from Harper and, once Harper gets back to his feet, Epico quickly leaps up behind him and pulls him into a Backstabber. This opening gave him just enough time to make the hot tag to Primo, which results in him absolutely taking it to his opponents but, again, they end up with the upper hand, while Epico isn't fresh enough to help his partner fight. A huge underdog story comes to fruition, though, as as a miscommunication causes Harper and Rowan to collide and allows Primo a chance to roll Erick up for the surprise win to advance in the tournament. He quickly gets his cousin and they hightail it out of there as the Bludgeon Brothers are pissed.

Winners: The Colons

Match 3.) The Squad vs. Tenille Dashwood & Candice LeRae - Women's Royal Rumble Qualifier

One tag match is followed by another. From the get-go, Tenille and Candice have a very hard time working together and the Squad utilize their tag team prowess to take advantage of the far less comfortable team. With general rule bending, constant quick tags and a slew of offense from The Squad, added to the constant miscues from Tenille and Candice, this one looks over before it even began. However, a comeback begins to sizzle as Candice tries singlehandedly taking out both of her opponents, but when Tenille tags herself in amidst LeRae's offense, a shoving match begins between the two, which escalates to a full on brawl. Eventually, Candice drops her partner and kicks her out of the ring, determined to win the match by herself. Her opponents, however, quickly make the numbers game an issue and a flurry of offense ends with Sarah landing the Kentucky Knee on LeRae and pinning her for the win, qualifying both members of The Squad for the women's Rumble.

Winners: The Squad

Match 4.) Pac vs. Tyler Breeze

Three matches in a row without a promo? What is this, a wrestling company? Anyway, this is a fun match where Tyler Breeze gets a surprising amount of offense in against the far-favorite to win but, in the end, it mostly just ends up being a showcase for the talent that Pac brings to the table. There's a near-fall here and there, on both sides, surprisingly enough, but in the end, Pac reverses a Fireman's Carry lift from Breeze into the Brutalizer submission. Tyler lasts a while, trying to pull himself to the ropes. Eventually, he ends up passing out, giving the win to Pac. After the match, Pac heads over to the commentary table where he yells out what sounds like angry gibberish at Tony Schiavone before snatching his commentary headset to tell the people watching at home that he's an angry bastard and he's going to win the World title at the Royal Rumble. He throws the headset back at Tony and stomps off, angrily and bastardly.

Winner: Pac


Jon Moxley is backstage, watching Pac storm up the ramp on a TV that's angled completely unnaturally for a person to watch it because that's just how wrestlers watch TV backstage. An AEW interviewer, let's call her random lady #7, walks up to Moxley and asks him his opinion about what just went down with Pac. Moxley says it got a chuckle out of him and that he especially liked when Pac stole Tony's headset and yelled at him. But then Mox gets serious and talks about how yelling and storming around isn't what he's gonna do at the Royal Rumble. He talks about the World title match having no rules and how much he likes that because with no rules he can just go out there and have a fun time kicking people's asses. Suddenly, Moxley is interrupted as another participant of the title match steps in; Triple H. Triple H grins at Moxley and talks about how he's seen his kind so many times before. So quick to look for a fight and then, before they know it, they're in a hospital because they picked a fight with the wrong person. Triple H says he's the wrong person. He tells Moxley that he can try to fight a crazed Englishman like Pac or a lumbering ogre like Braun, but fighting him won't go well. The two have a stare down that almost looks like it's gonna devolve into a fight but then Moxley grins. He says hospitals are surprisingly fun and then walks off, leaving Triple H behind.

Match 5.) Rusev w/ Lana vs. Ricochet - Men's Royal Rumble Qualifier

Another good back-and-forth match. Ricochet shows off his incredibly athleticism while Rusev tries (and mostly fails) to keep him grounded, but the occasional distraction from Lana continuously costs the fast-paced wrestler. Rusev's power game wears Ricochet down throughout the match, but he manages to keep things fairly fast-paced throughout a lot of it. In the end, Ricochet knocks Rusev down and ascends to the top rope to go for his 630 Senton, but it's another distraction from Lana that gives Rusev just enough time to get back to his feet and hit Ricochet with a Superkick, causing him to flip off of the top rope and down to the mat. Rusev pushes him over onto his stomach and then applies the Accolade. Ricochet has no choice to submit, letting Rusev join Keith Lee as two out of five of AEW's entrants into the men's Royal Rumble.

Winner: Rusev w/ Lana


Chris Jericho comes out to the ring with a microphone in hand. He has a grievance to place. He says he's upset because he wasn't put in the World title match at the Royal Rumble and he, instead, has to qualify like the other worms in this brand. He spends a few minutes roasting the four members of the World title match in classic Jericho fashion (I think he called Pac a wombat at some point, he might think he's Australian). He demands that Shane McMahon come out here now and officially make the match a Fatal FIVEway by adding Jericho in. Chris waits for Shane to come out and, after a moment, gets impatient. He starts yelling about how AEW shouldn't have traded Foley because he's dumb, but even he'd know to make it a fiveway. Suddenly, Chris is cut off as the lights in the arena go out. There's silence for a moment, aside from the chatter of the audience. Suddenly, it's heard. The unmistakable gong that signals that The Undertaker is here; a huge pop from the crowd coming with it. The gong continues to sound as fog rises up through the arena and the lights finally come on to reveal ... Bray Wyatt standing behind Chris Jericho, wearing The Undertaker's famous hat. Jericho slowly turns around, expecting to see Taker and instead seeing Bray smiling devilishly at him. A look of confusion comes across Jericho's face, but before he can say anything, Bray attacks. He lays into Jericho with punches and elbows and kicks, anything he can, really. The beatdown lasts for a good minute before Wyatt finishes it off with his patented Sister Abigail. Taker's hat having fallen off during the beat down, Bray kneels down and picks it up, placing it atop his head once more before the lights go out again and the show cuts to a commercial, abruptly.

Main Event | Jake Hager vs. Johnny Gargano - Pure Match for the AEW Pure Championship

The match is a showcase of Jake and Johnny's technical ability in the early going, before things pick up heavily in the second half. Both men go all out with many near falls and a lot of big spots down the stretch. The unique Pure Match rules are followed closely by both men, although Jake does receive a warning once for using a closed fist. The audience started the match off firmly behind the babyface Johnny Gargano but they ended up cheering both guys on by the end. A sequence of reversals at the end leads to Hager managing to apply the Ankle Lock. Due to Gargano getting three rope breaks earlier in the match, his rope break count was depleted, meaning he couldn't get out of this one that way. He put up a fight, trying to find various ways to reverse out of it, but Jake stayed on him and eventually it was too much for Gargano, who submitted, making Jake Hager the first ever AEW Pure Champion.

Winner: Jake Hager

After the match, Gargano offers a handshake to Hager, who hesitates. Despite his heelish nature, he decides to give Gargano props for the performance he put on and for taking him to the limit, so he accepts the handshake. Afterwards, Johnny heads to the corner to let Jake celebrate, but that's when Tommaso Ciampa's music hits. He runs down the ramp with a steel chair in hand and, as soon as he slides into the ring, he brushes straight past Jake and holds the chair up, ready to attack, at his former partner, Gargano. Gargano and Ciampa stare down as Tommaso can hit him at any moment, while Jake looks on from behind them, unsure what to make of this. Without warning, Ciampa spins around and drills Jake over the head with the chair. He looks at the downed and quickly bloody Jake and then he looks back over at Gargano, who appears shocked ... at first. Johnny's expression changes leisurely, as he begins to smirk. He walks over to Tommaso and hugs him before taking the chair from him and beating Jake over his legs with it, hurting his ankle just as Hager had tried to do to him with the Ankle Lock. Ciampa joins in and the two beat down on Hager's leg, trying to damage it as much as possible before they finally exit the ring. The two head up the ramp and stop on the stage where Ciampa raises Gargano's hand; DIY has officially been reunited while the show closes on a shocked crowd.

[CTE] AEW Headquarters MJFR42R

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Love Bites

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[CTE] AEW Headquarters Empty
PostSubject: Re: [CTE] AEW Headquarters   [CTE] AEW Headquarters EmptyWed Oct 23, 2019 10:36 pm

AEW Dynamite #2
January 8th, 2020

Match 1.) The Rhodes Family vs. The Revival - AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1

Big tag match to start the show. Very back and forth, lots of big spots and near falls. Cody pins Dash with the Cross Rhodes.

Winner: The Rhodes Family


Backstage segment where AJ Lee and Asuka discuss their upcoming tag match to qualify for the Women's Rumble. Segues into a similar segment between Charlotte and Alexa Bliss. Both teams seem comfortable with the match.

Match 2.) Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Erick Rowan vs. Johnny Gargano - Men's Royal Rumble Qualifier

Very hectic, fast-paced match. There's a lot of double and triple teaming on Erick Rowan, but he still dominates a decent chunk of it. Pins are broken up frequently. Gargano wins via submission by making Shelton Benjamin tap to the Gargano Escape. After the match, Ciampa meets Gargano on the stage and they celebrate together.

Winners: Johnny Gargano

Match 3.) Sarah Logan w/ Liv Morgan vs. Brie Bella

Fairly short match, with Sarah dominating for the majority of it. Candice LeRae eventually runs out and gets into a fight with Liv, causing a distraction that allows Brie to win via roll-up. After the match, Sarah immediately runs out of the ring and her and Liv chance Candice to the backstage.

Winners: Brie Bella


Jericho, backstage, finds Shane McMahon and demands something be done about what happened last week. Shane agrees and decides to make tonight's main event a match between Jericho and Bray; a qualifier for the Men's Royal Rumble. Chris isn't happy about his qualifier being against Bray but he storms off, regardless. After this, a doctor approaches Shane and tells him that, following the attack last week at the hands of the reunited DIY, Jake won't be able to compete for a few weeks, due to a leg injury. Shane asks if he'll be ready by the Rumble and the doctor says it's unlikely. DIY burst in with grins on their faces and says it's a shame about Jake, but then brags about Gargano making it in. To rain on their parade, Shane informs them that Ciampa is going to get his qualifying match next week; and it'll be against The Undertaker. At first, they're upset about this but then Ciampa says he's fine with it. He says he'll be more than glad to be the guy who earns his Rumble spot by defeating the Deadman.

Match 4.) Alexa Bliss & Charlotte Flair vs. AJ Lee & Asuka - Women's Royal Rumble Qualifier

A lot of near falls, some kicked out of, some interrupted by partners. The match starts off fairly slow but the pace picks up quickly. Finish comes when all four break out into a brawl and it eventually leads to AJ Lee applying the Black Widow on Charlotte while Asuka applies the Asuka Lock on Alexa and they submit simultaneously (though it was Alexa and Asuka who were legal so, technically, only Alexa submitted).

Winner: AJ Lee & Asuka


Braun Strowman gets interviewed backstage. He asks what he thinks about his upcoming World title shot and the back-and-forth Triple H and Jon Moxley had last week. He says he doesn't care about their little pissing contest. He's a monster among men. It doesn't matter how many people they put in the ring with him, he's gonna win. He says it doesn't matter that he's skipping the Rumble match and going straight for the gold, because he'd have thrown all 29 men out anyway. A snicker is heard from off screen and in pops Pac. Pac says Braun probably could get through all the men in the Rumble, but he can't get through him. Neither can Triple H, neither can Jon Moxley. Braun makes a hobbit joke and tells Pac to go play. Pac tells the big man to watch his tongue before it gets cut out. The two stare each other down for a bit, before Pac walks off.

Match 5.) Keith Lee vs. Triple H

Keith Lee held his own against Triple H and came out of this one looking strong, but Triple H ends up winning off a Pedigree for the pin. After the match, as Triple H is celebrating, he's attacked by a kendo stick-wielding Jon Moxley. Moxley lays a beat down on Triple H, following their interaction from last week, until H finally retreats to the back.

Winner: Triple H


Not-so-much a segment, but prior to the main event, the commentators announce that next week will feature two 'last chance' matches to decide AEW's final two entrants in the women's Royal Rumble. It'll be the four women who lost their qualifiers in singles matches, going against the person they teamed up with in their losing efforts. That means Tenille Dashwood vs. Candice LeRae and Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss.

Match 6.) Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho - Men's Royal Rumble Qualifier

This match ends up being more a fight than a wrestling contest. The official is very lenient with the rules, to avoid a dissatisfying finish, and that results in the two brawling all around the ringside area. In the end, the official ends up knocked down by Jericho, when Bray dodges an oncoming attack. Bray then goes for a Sister Abigail, but as he has Jericho held for the move, the lights go out and the Undertaker's gong is heard, much-like it was last week. This time, however, the light comes back on and it's actually Taker standing in the ring. Taker and Bray stare each other down before they break out into a brawl. While Wyatt holds his own at first, eventually Taker gains the upper hand and drops him with a Chokeslam. He follows this up with a Tombstone Piledriver. Jericho looks at Taker warily and then starts to try to wake the referee up. After the referee begins stirring, Jericho turns back around and he's grabbed by the throat by Taker. Taker Chokeslams him directly on top of Bray and then leaves. Once the referee has fully come to, he sees Jericho laying on Bray and counts the pin, giving Chris the win, though both men are out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

[CTE] AEW Headquarters MJFR42R
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[CTE] AEW Headquarters Empty
PostSubject: Re: [CTE] AEW Headquarters   [CTE] AEW Headquarters EmptyThu Oct 24, 2019 12:09 pm

AEW Dynamite #3
January 15th, 2020

Match 1.) Pac vs. Ricochet

Very fast-paced opener, full of big spots left and right. The match is fairly even for the most part, though Pac does seem to be getting the better of Ricochet overall. In the end, Braun Strowman's theme hits and he comes out, standing on the stage to distract Pac. This distraction allows Ricochet to take Pac down and then follow up with the 630 Senton for the win. After the match ends, Braun laughs from the stage and Pac is furious.

Winner: Ricochet

Match 2.) Tenille Dashwood vs. Candice LeRae - Women's Royal Rumble Last Chance Qualifier

Good back and forth match. Somewhat short, but overall entertaining. Candice wins with La Quebrada.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Match 3.) Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Undertaker - Men's Royal Rumble Qualifier

This ends up being mostly a squash. Ciampa does have his moments where he catches Taker off guard and he puts up a fight, but the Deadman ends up putting him away before long with the Tombstone Piledriver. After the match, the lights go out and come back on to show Bray Wyatt standing across the ring from Taker. Someone really needs to fix the lighting in this place. Bray is wearing the same hat that Taker wears, like he was when he attacked Chris Jericho in the first show. Instead of attacking, however, Bray simply smiles at Taker. The lights go out again and come back to reveal Bray is nowhere to be seen.

Winner: The Undertaker


AJ Lee and Asuka are backstage, celebrating their win from last week that earned them spots in the rumble. The Squad interrupts and tells them that qualifying means nothing when they don't win the Royal Rumble. They say that AJ and Asuka aren't friends, they just happened to work well together in one match. At the Rumble, it'll be every women for herself, except for the Squad. They say they plan to win it together and then become co-Women's Champions at WrestleMania. Asuka laughs in Japanese, which is just like an American laugh, but more threatening. She walks off after the laugh. AJ just looks at the Squad and smirks before leaving, as well.

Match 4.) Braun Strowman vs. Alexander Wolfe

Absolute squash. Wolfe gets no offense. Braun wins with a Powerslam. After the match, Pac runs out and attacks Braun as revenge for his earlier distraction. The two end up brawling all around the ringside area until Braun goes to Spear Pac through the barricade but Pac dodges and Braun goes crashing through it himself. Pac stands tall as the show goes to commercial.

Winner: Braun Strowman


Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage. He asks his thoughts on The Undertaker's interference in last week's match and what went down between him and Bray earlier in the night. Jericho says he doesn't care what's going on in that freak show. Despite being Chokeslammed by Taker last week, he still won his qualifier and now he's gonna win the Rumble. The interviewer points out that Taker also attacked Bray and even Tombstoned him before Chokeslamming Jericho on top of him. Chris calls her a stupid idiot and tells her that it still doesn't matter. He won and he's going to the Rumble. As for what's going on between Bray and Taker, he couldn't care less, as long as they stay away from him.

Match 5.) Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair - Women's Royal Rumble Last Chance Qualifier

Great, even match. They went all out against each other, resulting in quite a few big spots and a lot of near falls. Alexa even managed to get to the ropes on a Figure Eight attempt. Alexa eventually wins with Twisted Bliss to secure AEW's final spot in the women's Rumble.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


In an abrupt cut to backstage, Jon Moxley is found unconscious, in a pool of his own blood. Staff and medics are all around him. Shane McMahon is there, demanding to know who did it. Triple H walks up to him with a smile on his face. He looks down at Moxley and sarcastically proclaims what a shame it is, before patting Shane on his shoulder and walking off, whistling.

Match 6.) The Colons vs. The Rhodes Family w/ Brandi Rhodes - AEW Tag Team Championships

This match gets going right away and doesn't stop until the end. Very high octane offense and a lot of near falls. In the end, after all four competitors got into it, Cody sets up for a Moonsault on Epico but Epico quickly gets up and runs up the ropes. He pulls Cody off with a huge Backstabber that causes him to flip backwards over Epico and onto his feet. He was about to fall right down but Primo runs up behind him before he can and hits him with another Backstabber. Quickly, Epico goes for the cover while Primo keeps Dustin from interfering and they win the titles. After the match, the two teams shake hands and hug to applause.

Winners: The Colons

While the four exhausted men are shaking hands and hugging one another, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan - who were eliminated in the tag title tournament in round one by the Colons - hit the ring and attack. Despite it being two on four, the four who just wrestled were all very worn out and it was easy for Rowan and Harper to beat them down. Looking to send a message, the Bludgeon Brothers spend several minutes beating the Colons and the Rhodes Family down before they eventually put Epico through the announce table with an assisted Powerbomb, to end the night.

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[CTE] AEW Headquarters

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