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 THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch

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I am Batman
I am Batman

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THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch Empty
PostSubject: THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch   THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch EmptyFri Oct 18, 2019 1:35 am



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THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch Empty
PostSubject: Re: THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch   THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch EmptyFri Oct 18, 2019 2:09 am

Gaylord is in his corner eating arbys' curly fries as Batman exits the batmobile on the outside of the ring and jumps into the ring like some sort of super hero.


Referee TJ Ioxz calls the bell as superfan Taylor Jericho screams in the crowd for his favorite wrestler Batman. "You're the real big dog, Batman!" Taylor Jericho says. Batman says in response for Taylor to shut his big fucking yapper because he's part bat, not dog.

Booker T: "What do you think about this one?"

Joey Miles: "This is going to be a good one, folks. Gaylord brought me a beef n' cheddar. Oh the match? who cares?"

Gaylord looks on at his one time hero, Batman, and tears crash around him as he is definitely sad. Batman, the hero, doesn't know how to deal with this.

Booker T: "This is a real mind games. I can't wait to see some guys out here with this kind of power brain material."

Joey Miles: "Sorry Book, can't hear you, I'm wearing a towel."

Gaylord comes running toward Batman in a fit of rage and shoulder tackles him! He goes down like a sack of shit. (Aquaman) Gaylord looks out to TJ and all the juggalos in the crowd "The pork says know your meats!" TJ, incredulous, insists that he is well aware of his meat.

Gaylord picks up Batman by the head and hits him with a Scoop Slam! He picks him up by the head and hits him with a suplex! He picks him up by the head and hits him with a slap to the chest! Gaylord is dominating!

Booker T: "What's the last thing that goes through a fly's head before it dies? IT'S ASS! And Gaylord is POUNDING CHEEKS OUT THERE."

Joey Miles: "Booker what the fuck man I'm eating"

Gaylord looks at Batman and screams in his face "I'M ALMOST SATAN HAHAHAHAHA"

Gaylord throws him into the corner and squashes him! BLAHP! He looks at referee TJ Ioxz and says "Count this fucker out!" TJ Ioxz looks confused but realizes he's in danger if he doesn't listen to what Gaylord says. 1! 2! 3!

Gaylord backs away from Batman with his hands up, claiming a pinfall victory! "No I wasn't counting a pin" says referee TJ Ioxz....

The Pork grabs TJ Ioxz by the hair and throws him from the ring into the crowd! "GET ME A NEW FUCKING REFEREE OUT HERE!"

A new referee, Mister Pretzel, comes to the ring as commanded.

Gaylord throws Batman into the corner. He squashes him again! Think of the repetition!

Batman explodes out of the corner! Gaylord falls to the ground and immediately starts crying! Batman comes up and hits the Curbstomp!



Booker T: "This action reminds me of ECW man. It's Total Nonstop!"

Batman grabs his grappling hook from his belt and shoots it to the top of the studio. He pulls himself up 100 feet into the air!

Joey Miles: "This guy is higher than me, and I do fucking crack."

Batman jumps from the platform and comes flying at Gaylord! Gaylord is too busy eating a bucket of fried chicken to notice that Batman is coming right for him! Batman hits him with an unstoppable aerial attack!

Batman hooks the leg!




Batman looks around, confused as to how a 100 foot air bomb attack didn't kill his opponent, let alone knock him down for a 3 count!

Gaylord sits up like the Undertaker and stares at Batman!

"You haven't yet realized your mistake, have you Batman? You challenged the unbeatable foe! I have the power of all the Gaylordamaniacs behind me!"

"Gay lord! Gay lord!" the crowd, and Booker T, chants.

Gay Lord stands up and hits a running clothesline! Batman is down!

Gay Lord goes to the corner and hits a VADER BOMB!

He hooks the leg!





A loud beeping sound goes off.

BOOKER T: "Is that the time limit???"

A delivery driver pulls into the studio and comes sprinting to the ring with a pizza! "Your pizza is ready!" he yells! Gaylord eats the entire pizza in one fucking bite.

His arms explode in size like he's Popeye! He hits Batman with a clothesline! He goes for the Vader Bomb!





Gaylord grabs a microphone

"I've just made the statement of a lifetime. If you fight me, you have a chance. But not if I get an all-meat pizza. I know my meats!"

"MEAT LORD! MEAT LORD! MEAT LORD!" chants the crowd

"And next week on TJWWOW, I am going to make the statement of a death time! I'm going to FUCKING KILL whoever they put against me!"

Joey Miles: I just hope he brings more Arbys

We go to an Arbys commercial as the show roles on.

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THE BATMAN vs Gaylord Gumbernatch

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