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 Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000

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Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000 Empty
PostSubject: Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000   Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000 EmptyFri May 17, 2019 11:02 am

Meltzer is reporting this in the Observer. And I'm going to be honest I don't like it. If he said all these things while under the employment of WWE that's one thing. But as far as I understand this all happened before he signed with WWE.

I always told myself I wouldn't want to work somewhere that punished me for past social media posts. I'm not going to take my time to delete my old stuff.

I understand wanting to know more about a wrestler and not liking him for his views. So just hurt him by not reacting. That's the way to go if you ask me. Him being fined for his views are screwed up. What if someone back in 2013 said terrible things about Saudi Arabia and someone dug it up and they got finned by WWE $100,000 because that's their bread and butter? That's BS.

Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000 Sig
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Lars Sullivan to be fined $100,000

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