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 M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill

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M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill Empty
PostSubject: M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill   M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 1:37 am

Word Limit - 3000 Words
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M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill Empty
PostSubject: Re: M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill   M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill EmptyTue Aug 18, 2015 11:29 pm


Icon and Quill stand face to face in the middle of the ring. Referee Ryu Sanu stands a few feet away ready to enforce the rules at a moments notice.

Cedar: Here we go Icon is coming off a big win last week in that triple threat to open the show.

Michaels: Well he had better not look past Ryan Quill, I know he has Dante in the back of his mind.

Icon and Quill lock up in the center of the ring, it’s a brief standstill before Ryan forced Icon into the corner. Ryu is right there to make the count. Ryan breaks on 2 and backs off with his hands in the air. Icon stands in the corner eyeing his foe. Suddenly Ryan tries throwing a swift gut kick, but Icon grabs Ryans foot.

Cedar: Icon was ready for him!

Michaels: Icon has been around long enough to know every trick in the book. That is one of the oldest ones.

Icon uses his right leg and trips Ryan, taking him from standing to his back, Icon tries to turn him onto his stomach. Ryan pulls Icon in then thrusts his legs out and sends Icon backwards onto his back. He rolls backwards onto his knees as Ryan stands up. Icon gets to his feet as Ryan charges toward him like a runaway train, Icon ducks the clothesline. He steps forward several steps as Ryan grabs the top rope to stop his momentum. As he turns around, Icon comes in and throws several fast and furious strikes to Ryans midsection. Alternating between rights and lefts, he throws a hard knee to the gut, following that up immediately with a uppercut forearm that knocks him loopy against the ropes. Icon then grabs him and irish whips him into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Icon steps forward as Ryan rebounds off the ropes and back to Icon. Icon leaps into the air and hits a perfectly aimed dropkick, nailing his foe in the jaw. Icon flips backwards onto his stomach, Ryan hits his back holding his jaw.

Michaels: How the Hell does Icon hit that dropkick with such precision?

Cedar: It is such a beautiful move with a devastating impact.

Icon pops up to his feet as the XWA Faithful cheers the Hall of Famer. Icon looks over at Ryan who is starting to sit up, Icon steps right behind him, and drops to one knee. He throws a knee into his adversaries spine, a pained look comes across the face as Icon rears back and hits a second one before Icon stands up and flips forward as he holds onto Ryans head, hitting the rolling neck snap. Ryan drops to his side as he holds his neck. Icon quickly goes into a cover and barely gets a one count. Icon stands up then pulls his foe up to his feet. He locks in a front face lock and lifts Ryan into the air. But Ryan drops onto his feet behind Icon. Then he wraps his arms around Icon and heaves him overhead with a German Suples. Icon lands on the back of his head, shoulders and upper back, he was thrown with such force than he rolls under the bottom rope and lands on the floor with a thud on his stomach, he grabs the back of his head with his right hand as he lays there. Ryan sits up as Ryu Sanu starts his count.

Cedar: Icon landed hard on that German

Michaels: He is laying just a few feet from us. I think he got his bell rung pretty good.

Icon starts to push himself up to his feet as Ryan stands up, Icon gets up to one knee as Ryan walks to the ropes, he steps between the top and middle ones and out to the apron. He drops off and clasps his hands together. He drives them into the spot between Icons shoulder blades. Icon falls back to his stomach and Ryan rolls into and back out of the ring. Breaking referee Ryu Sanus count and forcing his to restart it. Ryan grabs Icon by the head and pulls him up to a standing basis, he then leads him over to the announce table and slams Icon face first into it. Icon stands straight up before Ryan lifts him in the air with a millitary press, then drops Icon sternum first across the hard wooden table. Icon collapses onto the floor as Ryan stands over him, admiring his handiwork. He grabs Icon by the head and Irish whips him into the steel ring steps. Icons right shoulder slams hard into it. Ryan rolls under the bottom rope and back out to the floor again. Icon sits against the steps as Ryan stalks him. He backs up a few steps before charging at Icon. At the last second Icon moves out of the way and Ryan slams his knee into the steps he flips over them and onto his back. Icon gets up to his feet and takes a few breaths before rolling back into the ring.

Cedar: Icon ducked out of the way and avoided disaster there.

Michaels: Those steps hurt, and I think Ryan is realizing that right now.

Icon looks at his foe on the outside, who is up to one knee, Icon runs to the ropes, rebounds off charges at Ryan who is standing up and hits a baseball slide dropkick knocking him backwards into the guard rail. Icon stands up and grabs the top rope with both hands, his right hand over and his left under. He leans back and slingshots himself over the ropes and corkscrews 360 degrees before landing on top of Ryan with the crossbody.

Cedar: Icon taking to the air!

Michaels: Just like that, the 2011 King of Xtreme Tournament winner is in full control.

Icon gets up to his hands and knees then onto his feet a few moments later. He grabs Ryan and rolls him back into the ring, he does the same and stands up. Icon grabs Ryans legs, one under each arm, turns around to where he has his back to the ropes, then falls backwards catapulting Ryan into the ropes, he bounces off and lands right across Icons knees. Icon rolls to his side and turns that into a boston crab, and starts cranking back on it. Ryan yells in pain as Icon yells “TAP!”

Michaels: Submission hold! Simple, but effective!

Cedar: Right out of the catapult backbreaker as well. Icon is one of the best at stringing moves like that together

Icon has the hold in tight, but Ryan is too close to the ropes, he manages to scramble to the bottom rope and forces the ref to call for the break. Icon lets go of the hold immediately, and steps away as Ryan uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Ryan gets to a standing basis and Icon steps behind him and wraps his arms around Ryans waist. Ryan holds onto the ropes trying to avoid the german suplex. Sanu is to the side of Icon and Ryan, completely out of position, and Ryan swings his right leg up into Icons groin. In that instant, Icon lets go of Ryan and drops to his knees and his side, a clear as day pained look on his face.

Cedar: What a blatant ass cheap shot! Ryan Quill went down south on the Hall of Famer!

Michaels: Hey it’s not cheating when the ref doesn’t see it!

Icon crawls away as he holds his groin, in obvious pain as Ryu looks at Ryan, who ignores the official and focuses instead on Icon, who he has in a bad spot. He grabs Icon by the head and pulls him up, he lifts him off the ground then steps forward a few steps and launches him backwards with a fall away slam. Icon hits the mat hard and rolls to the ropes. Ryan sits up with a smirk on his face and stays on Icon. He rolls him onto his stomach and pulls his head off the mat and drapes Icons throat on the bottom rope. Ryan then steps on Icons upperback and grabs the top rope with both hands and pulls up on it choking the life out of the XWA Veteran.

Referee Ryu Sanu starts his 5 count immediately and gets to 4 before Ryan gets off Icon, who starts gasping for breath. Ryan glares art Ryu and yells “I have a 5 count!” Before turning back to Icon and he backs up to the corner and climbs up to the top one. As Icon regains his breath he gets to his feet, as he stands up fully he turns to Ryan who comes flying in with a missile dropkick, nailing Icon in the chest, and sending him flying towards the corner. As he comes to a stop, Ryan gets to his feet he smiles as he yells at Icon to get to his feet. Icon slowly gets to his feet and Ryan readies himself. Icon stands up and stumbles towards Ryan holding his ribs. Ryan swiftly goes for his roundhouse kick finisher and Icon ducks it, slips behind Ryan and slaps on the Tazmission. Fans are cheering big time as Icon wraps his legs around his foes midsection, as soon as they hit the mat Ryan starst frantically tapping out. Ryu Sanu calls for the bell as it rings Icon lets go and starts to stand up. American Badass hits the sound system as Icon stays on one knee and Ryan rolls out of the ring. Ryu checks on Icon who starts to stand up, he raises his hand above his head in victory.

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M2) Xtreme Icon vs. Ryan Quill

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