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 M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier

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M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier Empty
PostSubject: M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier   M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 1:36 pm

Word Limits: 2k-3.5k
Due: July 21st, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM EST
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M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier Empty
PostSubject: Re: M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier   M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier EmptyTue Jul 21, 2015 6:10 pm

The Million Dollar Championship allows the holder to trade the championship for a XWA World Championship match whenever they please, to win it however, you must endure the Million Dollar Chamber. The toll? A qualifying match, of which the two men standing in the ring are the first to compete for this right. Mark Stretch and Mark Storey stand on opposite sides of the ring, awaiting the three tolls of the bell for the first qualifying match of the Million Dollar Chamber to get underway. Jack Hammer calls for the bell and the match begins. The older superstar, Storey, is the first to move, using his smaller frame and quickness to approach Stretch and immediately duck underneath an attempt at a grapple, ending up behind the 6 foot 6 almost 300 pound machine of a wrestler. Storey wraps his arms around the belly of Stretch, who instantly breaks the hold. Storey steps backward as Stretch turns and flings Storey over his head with a lightning quick belly-to-belly suplex. Crashing back-first into the mat, Storey jolts up in pain, grabbing his lower back as his almost 10 years younger opponent stalks him. Giving “The Natural” zero time to get to his feet of his own accord, Stretch hauls him up and drapes Storey over his shoulder before taking a few quick steps and slamming him down hard onto the canvas once more. Dropping to his knees, Stretch covers Storey, grinding his forearm across Storey’s face as he does so. ONE! TWO-NO! Storey is able to lift his shoulder from the mat, breaking the Canadian’s pin attempt.

TED CEDAR: “This match has been all Stretch so far, this is where size and strength come in.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “That may be true Ted, but Storey will be much quicker and is a much more diverse competitor, perhaps Stretch will be out of his depth here.”

Stretch rises from Storey, but instead of standing he kneels in order to drive his right knee into Storey’s side. Garnering a loud yell from Storey, this isn’t enough for Stretch who repeats the action twice more, causing the Belfast-born superstar to roll out of the way. “The Elite of Elites” continues to roll until he rolls under the bottom rope and drops to the floor below, out of sight from Stretch. We are afforded the luxury of a camera to capture all of Mark’s actions, who breaks his fall, landing on his hands and knees before crawling under the ring apron, the feed cuts to the perpendicular side of the ring as Mark emerges on the other side of the closest corner of the ring and waits. In the ring, Stretch loses his patience and makes his way to the ropes Storey rolled underneath. Exiting and jumping to the floor below he looks to his left then ring, perplexed as to where Storey disappeared to. With Stretch distracted, Mark stands and makes his way towards the entrance ramp. Suddenly he turns and sprints towards the corner he just came from, jumping onto the steel steps then leaping from them, tucking his knees and driving them against Stretch, knocking him over! Storey crashes to the lightly padded floor next to Stretch but his adrenaline allows him to bounce to a stance after the modified Kneeded Assitance. “The Idol” taps the side of his head with his index finger, indicating his intelligence over the bigger superstar, before driving his boot into the side of his head as the referee counts to THREE!, with the crowd split on whether to cheer Storey or not, due to their indifference of Stretch.

DAVID MICHAELS: “There’s exactly where Storey will excel tonight, intelligence. He may not be the most rule-abiding superstar, but his smarts and will to win is rarely matches, certainly not by Stretch.”

TED CEDAR: “You’re correct, Stretch’s game is a game of strength and power, not smarts of quickness. That being said, we have to count out some of Mark’s offence due to the size difference.”

Ted isn’t mistaken and Storey knows this more than anyone, hence the previous attack. With that clearly in mind, he grabs “The Freak of Nature” by his left arm and pulls him to his feet. Eliminating any notion of a counter, Storey drives his knee into the gut of Stretch then uses all of his might to Irish Whip him, sending him crashing hard into the steel steps! Stretch hits the steps with such force that the top half breaks off and flies towards those in the front row, luckily it bounces just off the edge of the barricade and tumbles backwards. The referee reaches his fifth count as Mark plants a flurry of kicks onto any body part he can of Stretch, before grabbing the Canadian by his head, slamming it onto the ring post and then heaving him into the ring apron. “The Imperator of Innovation” enters to ring at the count of SEVEN and gets to his feet. Some of the crowd begin to cheer as Storey bends over, beckoning for Stretch to stand up. Using the ropes for a little aid with his right arm, Stretch holds his left arm close to his body in pain, then uses his right to check his forehead once standing. Satisfied that he is not bleeding, he turns and walks towards the centre of the ring and inadvertently into a three-quarter face lock! Storey jumps into the air with the ace crusher MAS but is thrown away from Stretch at the last second! Saving his skin just in time, Stretch gains a little time to himself as Storey’s back impacts against the canvas once more, forcing him to sit up to absorb the pain!

TED CEDAR: “Storey may not have connected with that MAS, but the damage has been done with that steel onslaught.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Steel is unforgiving on the human body, but Stretch is known as a machine, not ‘The Canadian Stretching Human’.”

With Storey in a seated position Stretch makes his way over to him and applies a reverse headlock, wrenching Storey’s head backwards, his arm wrapped around Storey’s neck. In addition to this, Stretch places his knee right in the centre of Storey’s back, forcing it forward as he pulls Mark backward, whether or not Storey prefers this, than being stretched the opposite way to ‘suck his own cock’ as Stretch puts it, remains to be seen. Changing the manoeuvre, Stretch stands up, with the headlock intact and then drags Storey into the air and over his head with a huge inverted suplex! Storey kneels and grasps his chest in pain while Stretch gets to a stance. Running, Stretch extends his boot and clobbers Storey right across the face, knocking the former XWA Lionheart Champion flat to the mat once again. “The Freak of Nature” then lifts Mark by his leg and hooks it around his neck in the painful submission asking him without speaking, I’m Sorry, Do You Need Some Help To The Back? The Brock Lock-esque move has Storey yelling out, swaying from the neck of his opponent trying to look for some way out as some of the crowd boo Stretch. Living up to his name, the Canadian literally stretches Storey knee-first, trying to weaken Storey’s knee-based offensive, which makes up a fair amount of his arsenal. Jack Hammer gets close to Storey, determined not to miss a submission. The large superstar pulls on Storey’s lower leg, inflicting as much pain as he can leaving Storey to try and swing himself, potentially doing more damage than not, to see if he can reach the ropes.

TED CEDAR: “Mark will undoubtedly damage his ligaments if he continues with this escape route.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Storey is in quite a precarious situation here, it’s no wonder this guy is called Stretch.”

Realising swinging for the ropes is futile, Storey begins to use his free leg and frantically starts to kick out in the direction of Stretch’s face and head, hoping that one strike will connect, and soon. Without warning, Storey manages to connect with one kick causing Stretch to drop him. Stretch takes a step back, and he holds his nose and between his eyes, clearly enduring that feeling of numbness and dizziness when smacked with something clean in the middle of the face. Due to being what must’ve been seconds from tapping, Storey is unable to stand or escape the ring, choosing only to hold his knee and lower leg in agony. Shaking the hit off somewhat, Stretch turns his attention back to Storey, bending over to pick him up. Upon grabbing Storey, “The Natural” pulls Stretch, ala a roll up, but forces Stretch through the middle and top rope, tumbling to the floor below! The official begins the ring out count on Stretch, who can be seen trying to prop himself up whilst Storey grabs the nearby ropes and pulls himself up. Reaching a stance, Mark half-hops, half-hobbles to the corner and begins to stretch his leg out, bending it every so often to alleviate the pain and get blood circulating once again. Avoiding any high-risk manoeuvres, Storey keeps an eye on the roadblock of a man between him and the Million Dollar Chamber, while tending to his leg. Stretch, on all fours, gets to his feet and grabs the ring apron. Storey tries to jog on the spot as best he can, making some progress in the recuperation time, which is cut short by Stretch and he slides back into the ring at a count of FIVE! Interrupted, Storey abandons the idea of recovery and immediately starts to stomp on Stretch as he gets into the ring, with his good leg, almost losing balance every now and again.  

DAVID MICHAELS: “Every move is crucial here. One big move could win you the match, or it could cost you it.”

Forcing his way to all fours and eventually a stance, Stretch stays doubled over and turns to find Storey before rushing towards him and planting his shoulder into the stomach of “The Elite of Elites” before driving him into the corner! Storey bends over rubbing his stomach where he had essentially been spiked. Stretch then grabs Storey and lifts him into the top turnbuckle. He then tries to grasp Storey’s legs but receives two well-placed right foot kicks to his shoulder. Staggering backward, Stretch leaves a little room between himself and Storey which proves to be disastrous for him as Storey uses the height of the second rope to lunge forward and place his knees firmly against Stretch’s face, clutching the back of Stretch’s head before falling backwards connecting with a massive Escapologist double knee facebreaker! The impact causes Stretch to flip over onto his back and hold his face with both hands as Storey instantly grips his injured knee, having taken Stretch’s weight on it. He scrunches his face in pain as some of the crowd start to will him on, helping him pull himself to his feet using each rope. Getting to a stance isn’t enough for “The Destined Diety” as he believes he is destined for the Million Dollar Chamber, clambering backwards up the turnbuckles, reaching that fated second rope once again. He stops, unable to waste any more time and jumps from the second rope once more, and thrusts his legs and feet down as hard as he can on Stretch’s chest with his double stomp finisher, Descended Upon Thee! The connection of the move takes its toll on Mark who collapses on the spot, his back laden across Stretch’s chest as Jack Hammer dives to the mat. ONE! TWO! THREE!

LAURA WATTS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and the first person to qualify for the Million Dollar Chamber, MARK STOREYYY!”

Jack raises Mark’s arm as he lays, his leg in utter pain, winning the match just moments before Stretch got his shoulder from the mat.

DAVID MICHAELS: “Congratulations Storey, but let’s not take anything away from Mark Stretch, he had an impressive showing tonight and is he was any sooner kicking out, I’m not sure Storey had much left to continue.”

TED CEDAR: “It’s like you said David, every move was crucial there. Had Storey not got the pin just then, I am unsure he had another move he could attempt with that injured knee and leg. Alas, Stretch came up short and Mark Storey is your first confirmed competitor in the Million Dollar Chamber match!”
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M2) Mark Stretch vs. Mark Storey - MDC Qualifier

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