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 M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley

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M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley   M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley EmptyTue May 26, 2015 11:57 pm

Word Limit: 3,000
Due: Tuesday April 9th, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm EST
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M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: Re: M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley   M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 4:54 am

Both Greg Samuel and Matthew Bradley have made their entrance to the ring and are ready to kick off this match to determine who will go on to the Number One Contendership match next week. Referee Ryu Sanu checks both wrestlers to make sure they aren’t carrying any foreign objects.

Ted Cedar: We are about ready to get this contest under way, of course the winner advancing to next week’s Vendetta to fight for the right to call themselves Number One Contender for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship. With James Best already in the contendership match, and one of these two men going into that match, you have to assume that will can’t miss action next week on Vendetta!

David Michaels: We could also assume that Smoke Xtreme is going to give me a pay raise, but both of those things are downright false.

After checking both men, Sanu signals for the bell and is given three tolls of the bell in return from the time keeper. Without missing a step Matthew Bradley marches to the middle of the ring and demands a test of strength with Samuel. The XWA veteran, unwilling to turn down a challenge, makes his way to the center of the ring. Upon his arrival to the center of the ring, Samuel is greeted with a collar and elbow tie up. “The Maine Attraction” is able to hold his own, only for a brief moment before the taller, heavier, and stronger Bradley overpowers him and sends the former Intercontinental Champion to the mat. Samuel hits on the mat back first before doing a flip and landing on his knees near the corner. The life is taken out of the crowd as they just watched their choice in this match get dominated. A cocky smirk crosses the face of The Rhode Island native as Samuel looks around wide eyed with a knot in his stomach. Samuel adjusts his trunks and messes with the white tape on his left wrist before cautiously getting back to a vertical base. Once back up to a vertical base, Samuel is bombarded by Bradley who is running at full speed. Before he has a chance to even think, Samuel is clobbered with a lariat right across the throat. Samuel falls backwards from the impact, but is caught by the ropes, which propel him forward, shooting him downward onto his face. The thud of the impact is heard throughout the arena and Samuel holds his head and neck while kicking around in agony. Bradley just continues to smile with confidence. Fighting through the agony, “The Maine Attraction” pushes back up to his feet. “MB” is quick on his heels, pushing the veteran superstar into the ropes by the shoulders. As Samuel shoots back at his vein opponent, Bradley reaches down and picks Samuel up by the neck and leg, wielding him up over his head in a full military press. Holding Samuel above his head for a few seconds to show off, before dropping him back down the way he picked him up and sticking a knee out to drop him on. Samuel lands lower spine first on Bradley’s knee, completing the Military Press Inverted Atomic Drop. Samuel yelps in pain as he back pedals into the ropes, looking for anything to keep him on his feet as the pain courses through his spine. Once again, Bradley is back to smiling, knowing he has full control of the match. The crowd boos at the arrogance of the undefeated big man. Samuel catches glimpse of Bradley smiling and that lights a fire in the gut of the veteran. Samuel charges, looking to connect with a clothesline. “MB” ducks the clothesline attempt before turning around and grabbing the veteran around the waist. In one fluid motion, Bradley picks up the former Intercontinental Champion and drops him on the back of his neck with a German Suplex. Samuel grabs the back of his neck and kicks around on the mat in agony. Bradley pulls Samuel’s back down onto the mat and attempts to pin the former Million Dollar Champion. Samuel is able to get the shoulder up right before two.

Ted Cedar: Matthew Bradley absolutely dominating the early portions of this match!

David Michaels: I’m betting Samuel regrets coming back at this point.

After an unsuccessful pin attempt, Bradley gets up to his feet, bringing Samuel with him. Bradley balls up his right fist before driving it into the forehead of Samuel. The smaller superstar takes a step back after the punch, but steps right back at the big man, refusing to back down. Bradley delivers another punch right on the button to Samuel’s forehead, and gets the same reaction out of Samuel. Bradley drives one more punch into the head, and after getting the same reaction from Samuel, Bradley grabs the veteran’s wrist and sends him into the ropes. Samuel comes running back toward Bradley and is able to turn the tides a little as he jumps up and spins, driving his calf into the neck of Bradley with a calf kick. Bradley takes a few steps back as Samuel stumbles back to a vertical base, visually favoring his spine. Samuel takes a running step towards Bradley before spinning and sticking out his elbow and driving it straight into the face of his opponent. “MB” takes a few steps back into the ropes, showing signs of grogginess for the first time in this match. “The Maine Attraction” looks to stay on offense approaching Bradley. Much to the chagrin of the audience, Bradley snaps up off the ropes and drives a knee into the midsection of the veteran. Samuel doubles over in front of Bradley. The undefeated superstar grabs the back of Samuel’s neck and with the other arm slams his forearm down on his back. Samuel arches his back in pain. The sly smile crosses the face of “MB” again before winding up and slapping Samuel across the face. The slap receives a chorus of boos from the Kansas City crowd, and sends “The Maine Attraction” backwards and into the ropes. Sanu gets right in “MB’s” face about the slap, but is pushed aside by the arrogant big man. Bradley charges at Samuel, looking to clothesline him over the top rope, but Samuel has the wherewithal to duck down and pull down the top rope, sending the big man to the floor outside. Bradley hits the outside very hard with a loud thump resonating throughout the arena. Samuel drops to a knee in the middle of the ring for a second, holding the side of his face. He stands back up to a vertical base and glares down at Bradley before kicking the ropes, obviously feeling insulted by the slap. Right before Bradley is back to a vertical base, Samuel bounces off the ropes on the adjacent side of the ring and charges full speed toward the side the big man is on. Once reaching the edge of the ring, Samuel jumps and does a 180 degree turn while floating over the top rope. Samuel then does a moonsault while landing on Bradley on the outside. The crowd chants “That was awesome!” as Samuel lands on his feet above the downed Bradley who is cringing in pain. Samuel holds his midriff, obviously feeling the effects of the move as well.


David Michaels: That was incredible, no mistakes there. He pulled off a huge move there!

Samuel turns over to the commentary table, after hearing what David Michaels says, and sarcastically winks at the hall of famer. After taking a second to flirt with the Heartbreaker, Samuel drops down to his knees and begins rapidly driving fists into the forehead of Bradley, obviously getting some anger off his check from the slap. Sanu’s count in the ring reaches 3 as Samuel finishes up his flurry of punches. Noticing Sanu’s count and not willing to take the chance of this match ending with a countout of any sort, Samuel assists Bradley to his feet and takes him over to the ring. Just to get another little bit of offense in before getting back into the ring, Samuel grabs the back of the undefeated superstar’s head and drives it down on the ring apron. Samuel rolls the big man back into the ring, before hopping up onto the ring apron, and then onto the top rope. The crowd is excited, ready to see some Samuel take flight. Bradley, who has made it back to his hands and knees, is fighting off the cobwebs after what was a huge onslaught by Samuel. “MB” slowly makes it to his feet, facing back to Samuel. Bradley looks around, finding that his opponent is not in front of him. The undefeated big man turns around, at which point Samuel leaps off the top rope and before Bradley has time to react, Samuel drops him with a Missile Dropkick. The crowd cheers as both men hit the mat. Samuel groggily crawls over to pin the big man, but only gets a near two count. Samuel gets back to a vertical base and refuses to back off of Bradley for a second now that he has the big man down. Samuel slams a boot down on “MB’s” left arm. Bradley pulls his arm into his chest, trying to aid it. “The Maine Attraction” lifts his leg up to drive another boot down on Bradley, this time going for the chest instead of the arm. The undefeated superstar is able to grab Samuel’s leg, cutting off his stomp attempt. Bradley then pulls Samuel’s leg, sending Samuel to the mat with a leg drag like maneuver. Both combatants battle their aches and get back to their feet. Bradley is up to his feet a split second quicker than Samuel. The undefeated superstar approaches Samuel and grabs him by the arm before whipping him into the corner. Bradley then charges in after “The Maine Attraction” and squeezes him in the corner with a clothesline. All of air leaves Samuel’s lungs as he is caught between the corner and the 288 pound combatant. Bradley keeps his arm around the neck of Samuel, pulling him out of the corner and into the center of the ring. The devious smirk again crosses Bradley’s face who then lifts Samuel up off the mat before falling back to the mat, driving Samuel’s face into the mat, hitting Greg with his old finisher, the Inverted STO. The crowd boos, knowing exactly what Bradley just did. The impact of the move bounces Samuel’s face off the mat and he ends up flipping and landing on his back. He kicks around after being hit with his own former finisher. Bradley hooks a leg, looking to get the victory. Samuel kicks out at two, keeping his hopes of ending the streak.

Ted Cedar: The lifting Inverted STO, that was the finishing move of Greg Samuel’s for many years.

David Michaels: If it used to be Greg’s finisher, then why didn’t it finish the match? Pretty crappy finisher, I’d say.

Ted Cedar: Hundreds of wrestlers do the superkick, why does no one kick out of your finisher?

David Michaels: Because I’ve taken years to hone it and make it absolutely perfect.

Ted Cedar: I rest my case.

In spite of the pain shooting through his body, Bradley pushes back to his feet, ready to continue dominating this match. No one in Kansas City could’ve anticipated the match they are currently witnessing. They all knew “MB” was a dominant competitor, but they had hope that Samuel could mount more offense then he has gotten in so far. Bradley backs into the ropes to gain momentum to charge at Samuel before leaping and driving the point of his knee into the forehead of Samuel. Greg rolls around on the matt, grunting in agony as the pain rushes through his skull. Yet again, the cocky nature of the undefeated brute shines through as he smirks. Bradley is feeling the effects of Samuel’s onslaught, but it’s nothing compared to the pain that is rushing all through the former Intercontinental Champion’s body. Pain has never kept Samuel down before in his career, and he’s not about to let it start now. Samuel slowly fights back to his feet, unwilling to let Bradley have the satisfaction of adding him to a list of wins. “MB” charges at Samuel, looking to down him yet again, but Samuel is able to maneuver around the big man. Bradley turns around to face Samuel, who leaps up and swiftly brings his right boot through the back of Bradley’s head. The Rhode Island native stumbles backwards into the corner, trying to avoid falling to his back. Samuel gets back to a vertical base as fast as he can to capitalize on the momentum swing. Greg charges into the corner opposite of Bradley before charging with all his might toward the undefeated big man. Greg leaps up, attempting a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Bradley takes a step out and catches him, holding him in a bear hug like position. Using his ring awareness, Bradley simply falls to his back, driving Samuel’s head into the top turnbuckle. Samuel lands on his feet with his head snapped back. “The Maine Attraction” takes a few groggy steps before being unable to keep a vertical base and falling flat on his back. Bradley gets back to his feet and immediately goes over to the corner closest to the timekeeper’s area. “MB” then begins taking the turnbuckle padding off the top turnbuckle. Ryu Sanu steps in, trying to stop the big man from revealing the metal turnbuckle. “MB” dismisses the smaller ref and successful takes the padding off before throwing it three rows deep into the audience, giving Sanu no chance to put the padding back on. At this point, Samuel has made it back to his feet, and Bradley approaches the very beaten up superstar. “MB” boots the former Intercontinental Champion in the abdomen before pulling Samuel’s head between his legs and lifting him up into the powerbomb position. Bradley then walks over to the turnbuckle he revealed. The air leaves the arena as Sanu is doing anything within his power to stop Bradley. With the sly smirk that has been seen numerous times on his face throughout the match, Bradley uses all his might to slam Samuel down on the exposed turnbuckle, causes a universal cringe to break out in the arena. Samuel yells in agony as his spine is driven into the metal turnbuckle. Bradley bolts for the other corner, looking to complete the set of moves he called Combination #1. The undefeated big man charges right back at Samuel before spearing him into the turnbuckles. The crowd is speechless after witnessing what they saw, believing that Greg is history. Samuel lies lifeless on the mat.

Ted Cedar: MAH GOD! He is a heartless, cheating bastard! Samuel’s dead now!

David Michaels: Do you know what it’s like to have something like an undefeated streak? You’ll do anything to keep it, and Samuel talked a big game. Quite frankly, I don’t think he was ready to jump into the deep end yet.

Matthew Bradley grabs Samuel’s leg and arm and drags his lifeless body to the center of the ring. Bradley then drops down to his knees and hooks the leg, confident that he is about to get the win. The ref’s hand is on the way down for the third time when Samuel is able to get a shoulder up, leaving every single person in the Sprint Center astonished. “MB” is shocked, and his face tells the entire story as he is unsure of what it is going to take to keep Samuel down. Bradley grabs Samuel by the head and pulls him back to his feet, while also getting back to a vertical base himself. The undefeated superstar proceeds to drive a fist into the forehead of his adversary, sending him backwards. With separation between the two, Bradley charges forward, looking to connect with a big boot. Samuel, unwilling to give up yet, sees the charging big man coming and sidesteps, saving himself from travesty. Bradley turns around, and is met by a boot to the gut by a groggy Samuel, doubling him over. “The Maine Attraction” proceeds to wrap his arm around the neck of Bradley, before leaping off the ground and falling to his back, driving “MB’s” head into the mat with an Even Flow DDT. The impact of the move flips Bradley over on to his back. Samuel rolls around on the mat, despite being the deliverer of the DDT. Despite the agony he is in, Samuel battles back to a vertical base as quickly as his body will allow. Samuel then faces away from Bradley, looking out at the audience. Looking to capitalize on the momentum, Samuel leaps into the air before doing a backflip and landing on Bradley, injuring the big man’s ribs. Bradley’s leg’s shoot up in the air and Samuel looks to capitalize by hooking the leg. The former Intercontinental Champion only get a two-and-a-half count as Bradley is able to power the shoulder up. Samuel sighs, knowing he has to pick Bradley up to capitalize. That is exactly what he does, fighting to get the big man back to a vertical base. Samuel then whips Bradley into the corner and quickly follows him in, leaping into the air and landing on the big man with a Stinger Splash. All of Bradley’s air is pushed out of his lungs. Samuel ducks out onto the ring apron as “MB” staggers out of the corner. Samuel climbs up to the top rope, before utilizing a few seconds to recover. Bradley turns around to face “The Maine Attraction” who then leaps out at him and grabs the big man by the head before flipping and driving Bradley neck first on the mat. Bradley grabs the back of his neck and kicks around in agony.

Ted Cedar: Huge move from Samuel, how does he keep going?

David Michaels: To his credit, the guy is no coward. He’s always up for a fight.

Both men are equally worn from this match at this point, which causes both men to slowly fight back to their feet. Bradley is only slightly up to his feet before Samuel, but that is all the time he needs to capitalize. As soon as Samuel is back to a vertical base, Bradley charges at him, again looking for a big boot, this time connecting and sending “The Maine Attraction” down to his back. Bradley is down to a knee, feeling the effects of this match. For the first time, he isn’t looking cocky, he is looking determined to finish off Samuel. Bradley gets back to his feet and uses all this remaining strength to pick Samuel back up. Bradley then spins the veteran around and wraps his arms around his waist. Wasting no time, “MB” lifts Samuel up and throws him back looking to his The MB-Seal of Approval, but Samuel pushes Bradley by the shoulders, messing with Bradley’s momentum. “MB” takes a couple of steps forward as Samuel miraculously lands on his feet with the aid of the ropes. Bradley turns around to face his opposition, and is met with a huge superkick square to the jaw out of nowhere. Samuel drops to a knee as Bradley bounces off the ropes. Samuel, running on instinct, gets back to his feet and takes a few steps to meet Bradley. “MB” swings wildly at Samuel, who ducks, then picks Bradley up, spins him while also doing a quarter of a turn himself before dropping Bradley on the mat with the powerbomb he calls the Rinse Cycle. Pain rushes through Samuel’s body, but he sees that Bradley is down and knows that it is now or never. Samuel claws his way to the edge of the ring, using the crowd as motivation. Once out on the ring apron, Samuel uses the ropes to get back vertical, and then climbs to the top rope. Samuel stands tall and looks out at the crowd before leaping and doing a backflip, landing on his opposition with a Shooting Star Press. The crowd goes insane as Samuel hooks both legs, looking to end the streak. Ryu slaps the mat one, twice and then a third time!



David Michaels: I have to say it, I was wrong. Greg Samuel just accomplished something absolutely astonishing here tonight!

Laura Watts: Here is your winner, “THE MAINE ATTRACTION” GREG SAMUEL!

Greg lays draped over Bradley as he has just ended the undefeated streak of the big man. The crowd is going out of their minds as Samuel has done what other men had failed to do 8 times. His music is blasting and no one is quite sure is Samuel is even conscious to hear it. Ryu Sanu checks on both men, and symbolically raises Samuel’s hand by pointing down at him and holding a fist in the air. Vendetta sends to break with the shot of Samuel draped over Bradley as neither man has moved since the ending of the match.

(OOC: The ending is rushed because I ran out of words. I'm 59 words over limit, so if you want to throw this match out for being over limit, I understand. But I wrote the match I wanted to write!)
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M3) Greg Samuel vs. Matthew Bradley

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