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 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE

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Best in the World
Best in the World

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PostSubject: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:41 am

Cracked.com has posted a new article offering 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE, and you can check it out at this link.

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PostSubject: Re: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:53 am

I gave up on WWE, I read results and I don't watch.
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Sam I Am

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PostSubject: Re: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:43 pm

It's a good article. #5 is especially true. There's maybe been like 5-10 actual good, creative storylines since like 2008 that aren't just "I want to beat you" or "I want to become champion"

The main thing really is that the product has been declining for a while so at some point fans hit a breaking point. His reasons for it are good, though, and apply to what the WWE's been doing for many years now.

The one main thing I don't agree with is complaining about the Divas division now in 2015/2016 when it's much more legitimate than it's ever been since really pretty much the Trish & Lita days. However, I do agree that when the Divas aren't being used in a program they should be used as managers or something like that to keep them on the TV screen. Keep them relevant. They might have had a sorry attempt with that for Summer Rae but that was just sad and Summer Rae was never a contender in the divas division to begin with.

And they should let the WWE superstars be more free. I remember AW (Abraham Washington) got fired due to something he said on mic while Linda McMahon was running for something; whatever she was running for that I can't remember right now. That dude was gold on the mic. An excellent talker for the Prime Time Players and ever since WWE got rid of him the PTP's turned to shit. Luckily they thought of the "New Day" gimmick/team because the tag division was turning to complete shit as well before that.

The biggest thing is WWE stopped caring about what the majority of the fans wanted since they decided to push John Cena to the moon. And it worked, at least for Cena & their sales. But since then their product has declined with this way of thinking. And since then, it's their way or the highway because regardless they know that they will still make money off the kids. It just matters what the kids think and they are easy for management/creative to influence.

I still like their product from time to time though, lately more often than I did a few years ago, but there is plenty to criticize as well. They have been lazy for years now more than anything, or maybe just running out of quality ideas when so much has been done and rehashed already.

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PostSubject: Re: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:29 pm

Didn't read all that shit Bruh......

My reason for not watching, it just got boring. Same shit happening all the time, nothing had any meaning to it anymore.
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Learn Maturity
Learn Maturity

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PostSubject: Re: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:59 am

I shared the article on Facebook when it came out, and said this:

This is a good article, and I agree with their reasons. Although I would add another one that was a big part of why I gave up: talented wrestlers being overlooked. You guys know I like Cena, and Reigns (although not really how they're used), so it's not like a "he can't do 500 different suplexes so he sucks) thing, but it's how guys like Cesaro, or Owens, or Harper are just there.

I don't expect them all to be undefeated champions, but it should matter somewhat when they show up. The issue I have with WWE is that they have their select handful of guys that "matter" and then everyone else is just sort of there, only occasionally mattering when they need somebody to feed to the chosen few.

Looking back to, say, 2000/2001 or thereabouts, yeah you had the guys who hardly ever won, like Kaientai, but they actually had some form of character, and showed up regularly, and sometimes you had moments like Taka actually putting up a fight against Triple H. Or, going up the card, you had somebody like Rob Van Dam, who was never going to be the champion back then, but you could believe that he'd put up a good fight against The Rock or Stone Cold, and even that he might beat them. Today, you can put the intercontinental champion (I have no idea who that is) up against Cena, or Reigns, and there's no way they're going to win (outside of cheating). Sure, you had Owens beating Cena, but where is Owens now?

I've actually stopped watching completely, not just WWE, but one thing I liked about CHIKARA was the sense that most guys could beat most other guys. Eddie Kingston vs. anybody, chances were Eddie was going to win, but it wasn't a given. John Cena vs. anybody whose name doesn't end in "ock" - 99/100 it's not happening.

I miss the days when you had your main event, but you also had the likes of Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, Mysterio etc. in the lower-card, boosting things with fantastic matches.

I suppose I've been burned too many times by what's happened to guys like Neville, or Owens, and I don't want to watch it again with Finn Balor, or Sami Zayn, or Uhaa Nation (I can't remember his WWE name)
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PostSubject: Re: 5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE   

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5 reasons why fans are giving up on WWE

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