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 The Playoff Race

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Sam I Am

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PostSubject: The Playoff Race   Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:23 am

We're now heading into Week 13 with a lot of ties and a couple playoff positions left to be decided. Here's how teams can make the playoffs, what's their best and worst possible finish, and what the current playoff picture looks like as of Week 12.

Week 12 Playoff Picture:

1. 50 Shades of Red (CB) (9-3)
2. Huh's Drunk Redskins (Huh) (9-3)
3. The Freakin' Ricans (Pops) (7-5)
4. Pretty Ponies (Drachen) (5-6-1)
5. MexiHawks (Mexi) (7-5)
6. Red Sox's Team (Red Sox) (7-5)
7. The Romie Revolution (TJ) (6-5-1)
8. Baltimore Bandits (Dead) (6-5-1)
In the hunt:
Black & White Fight (Ian) (5-6-1) (wildcard)
JAY's Team (JAY) (5-6-1) (wildcard)
Smurfville Bliggas (Burdur) (5-7) (division)

All of these except Ian & JAY are in a "Win & you're in" situation heading into Week 13. CB, Huh, Pops, Mexi & Red Sox are the only 5 teams to clinch a playoff spot so far. The last 3 spots are up for grabs.



- CB holds the tie-breaker over Huh by 71 points scored. So just a win or a Huh loss almost definitely clinches him the #1 seed. Guaranteed a top 2 seed.
- Huh needs a win & a CB loss for the #1 seed. Guaranteed a top 2 seed.
- Pops is 100% going to be the #3 seed.
- Drachen will be the #4 seed with a win or knocked out of the playoffs with a loss.

The current 5th to 8th seeds can land anywhere from 5th to 8th after Week 13. TJ & Dead also have a possibility of missing the playoffs.
- Mexi holds the tie-breaker for the 5th seed. At best, a win (+ outscoring Red Sox by 48 points if Red Sox also wins) gives him the #5 seed. At worst, a loss & a win by the 6, 7 & 8th seeds would put him at the #8 slot.
- Red Sox needs a win or losses from TJ & Dead to clinch the 6th seed or better. Needs a loss by Mexi or needs to outscore him by 48 (if they both win) to get the #5 seed.
- TJ & Dead are in with a win, and have a chance to go as high as the #5 seed with losses from the other playoff teams. They miss the playoffs with a loss and wins from either/both Ian & JAY (plus they need to lose the tie-breaker to them if that happens). Ian holds a big lead in the tie-breaker for points scored while the other 3 are very, very close.

- Ian & JAY's highest possible seed is #7 if they make it. Burdur's (my Thirsty Mofos) only possible chance is the #4 seed for the East division with a win over Drachen.

So it could really come down to the wire next week. nervous Who's ready? YO

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Sam I Am

Posts : 15581
Join date : 2013-07-23
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PostSubject: Re: The Playoff Race   Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:26 am

Oh and the matchups for Week 13:

Every game can effect the playoff seeding except the Pops vs. Mack matchup.

Smurfville Bliggas (5-7) vs. Pretty Ponies (5-6-1) [Battle for East division]
MexiHawks (7-5) vs. The Romie Revolution (6-5-1) [Potential 5th seed battle]
Red Sox's Team (7-5) vs. Merlin Olsen Twins (4-8)
The Chosen Ones (4-8) vs. Black & White Fight (5-6-1)
Moose Nuggets (4-7-1) vs. Huh's Drunk Redskins (9-3)
47 Rurouni (5-7) vs. JAY's Team (5-6-1)
Baltimore Bandits (6-5-1) vs. 50 Shades of Red (9-3) [Current 1st round matchup]
StrawHatMack (5-7) vs. The Freakin' Ricans (7-5)

First 2 games are guaranteed to have some kind of pretty major playoff implications no matter which way it goes. Same with Dead vs. CB. nervous

Oh the DRAMA

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The Playoff Race

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