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 Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC)

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Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC) Empty
PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC)   Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC) EmptyTue Mar 04, 2014 5:04 pm

Grand Theft Auto 2
Game Boy Color

Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC) GTA2_GBC_ScreenShot2

Before GTA 3 the games had a top down view, like the old arcade shooters. At times it's a pain in the ass to walk around and even a bigger one to drive, especially at high speeds. There are even jumps to take with your car. And like GTA IV online you'll find weapons and armor laying around all over the place and you can wait for them to respond if you want more ammo.

Unlike all other GTA games you have a reputation system. You do jobs for one gang and that gets you heat with another. Even killing gang members of one gang will get you on the good side of a rival gang. They got gangs like The Loonies, The Rednecks, The Scientists, and the normal ones you see in other games.

The story is funny at points but the problem is most of the missions you are simply a delivery boy. Another problem is that you only have five lives. The attraction in GTA games is the ability to mess around and having a set number of lives really fucks with that. At least every time you finish a mission you get a pass code.

And when too much is going on in the game you'll notice a lot of slow down. This is all kinds of awkward to play on a Game Boy.

If your a fan of GTA games don't waste your time on this. Your time would be better served trying to hunt down the console or PC version of GTA 2.

I give this game a 4/10.

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Poopy Reviews: Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC)

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