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 Dolph Ziggler Cuts Another Scathing WWE App Promo

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Dolph Ziggler Cuts Another Scathing WWE App Promo Empty
PostSubject: Dolph Ziggler Cuts Another Scathing WWE App Promo   Dolph Ziggler Cuts Another Scathing WWE App Promo EmptyMon Mar 03, 2014 10:22 am

Dolph Ziggler has cut another "worked shoot" promo for the WWE App, this time revealing several WWE talents have been told there is no room left for them on the WrestleMania 30 card.

Ziggler cut a similar promo about a month ago for the app during which he vented on working harder than anyone in WWE and giving it his all time in and time out, and you can check that out at this link.

The following is his latest promo cut for the WWE App, and as we noted before, Ziggler's open criticism of WWE lately might be leading up to a new gimmick where he and Miz are "disgruntled WWE employees":

"No matter who says you're guaranteed a main event spot at WrestleMania, no matter who says you come back and we'll worship you, and kiss your feet and do everything in our power to make sure you're there, you leave out the WWE Universe. I'm someone who has made my entire career based on the WWE Universe. I wasn't supposed to be anybody, I was supposed to be a punching bag for guys on their way to the top. I was supposed to be someone who got laughed at and kicked in the face and people cheered. Somehow, someway, because of everything I've done, from 5 years old through high school, through college, everything I've ever wanted to be is the best. Whether I was in school standing up for other kids, I did it when I was in college as a captain of my team, I stood up for my team. Here in the WWE, I stand up for this entire roster. I can't make them be the Superstars they want to be but I can make an example and tonight, I made an example of Batista.

Some people have been handed opportunities. Some people are told, 'you're going to WrestleMania, no matter what you do, no matter who you are, we worship you and you're going to WrestleMania.' Some people are told straight to their face that they don't have what it takes, they can't be a headliner at WrestleMania. Tonight, not only do I stand up for myself, I stand up for every single Superstar who was told there's no room for you on WrestleMania. WrestleMania XXX, the biggest WrestleMania of all-time, people were told there's no room. Tonight, I make an example and I make room. Tonight, I become the next man in WrestleMania."
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Dolph Ziggler Cuts Another Scathing WWE App Promo

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