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 Corino Speaks on Winning ECW Title

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Corino Speaks on Winning ECW Title Empty
PostSubject: Corino Speaks on Winning ECW Title   Corino Speaks on Winning ECW Title EmptyFri Feb 21, 2014 6:48 pm

Steven Muehlhausen of BetweenTheRopes.com recently talked to Steve Corino from Ring Honor to preview the 12th Anniversary Show that talks place tonight. The following is an interview highlight:

Corino On Why Winning ECW Title Wasn't His Biggest Moment Of His Career:

"Yea, you know it sounds weird because when I was the ECW champion there were so many different circumstances. I was 27 years old, I was scared, I didn't know I was going to win the championship. If you had asked me if I would have booked it that way, I would have no said no, but I also understand that necessity to get it done real quick. I definitely think there was a longer chase to the title I could have had that would've made it so much better. I hated the face that Jerry Lynn worked so long and only got to hold it for one month. That going in as much of honor as it was, it truly was. Its something no can ever take away from me. I'm talking to you over Skype right now in my little mancave here and I have a replica of the ECW belt literally right in front of me. I look at it and smile, but being the supporting cast with Kevin (Steen) and (El) Generico was so much fun because one I wasn't the focus, so the emphasis wasn't on me. I was there to get beat when we needed to get beat. (Colt) Cabana was there to get beat when they needed to get beat and to get up that big match at (Ring of Honor) Final Battle 2010 between Kevin and Generico. But also at that time, now I'm 37 years old at that time and I'm relaxed. I'm comfortable in my skin and I can sit back and just enjoy the whole process, the whole angle. It was one of those things that like, I look back on that too and go WOW, we did great business and that's the fun part."

Corino also discusses who the biggest star in the history of Ring of Honor, the transition into broadcasting, how he would handle the CM Punk situation and more.

The link to the interview is: http://www.betweentheropes.com/2014/02/21/steve-corino-talks-tonights-ring-honors-12th-anniversary-show-winning-ecw-title-wasnt-biggest-moment/.
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Corino Speaks on Winning ECW Title

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