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 M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction

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M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction Empty
PostSubject: M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction   M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction EmptySat Jan 25, 2014 12:06 am

Due: Saturday, February 1st, at 11:59 PM EST

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M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction Empty
PostSubject: Re: M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction   M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction EmptySat Feb 01, 2014 9:28 pm

The second match in our show tonight is between former Champions. It's a fierce contest renewed, between former Intercontinental Champion Drake Dysfunction, and former Rising Star Division Champion E.G. Deal. Both of these superstars have faced each other before, albeit in another company, but tonight they open another chapter in this story. Drake Dysfunction wants to win to get back in contention for his former title, while E.G. Deal wants to get rid of this losing streak chasing him the past weeks. Who will come out on top, The Golden Eagle or The Gatekeeper of XWA?

Both men start circling each other, slowly, looking to exploit any weaknesses to gain the upper hand. It's a matter of who's smarter to weaken his opponent from the get-go, and make this match all the easier for himself. The size difference is sheer, and so E.G. tries to take advantage of it, approaching the center of the ring. Drake does the same, allowing his foe to lunge at him, clinching in a Collar-and-Elbow tie-up. Quite effortlessly, Deal pushes Drake away and towards the corner, showcasing his strength from the early goings. Dysfunction flips backwards, gaining a steady vertical base before approaching Deal again. This time, instead of entering a hold with him, "The Giver of Proper Execution" delivers a swift Low Dropkick targeting Deal's knees. E.G. immediately absorbs the pain, shouting painfully as he tends to his leg. Drake effectively takes advantage of his bent-down foe, lifting his leg and smacking it into Deal's skull with a violent Roundhouse Kick!

*The fans start cheering loudly as Drake takes an unexpected lead in this match*

Joey Miles: "What the fuck is going on? Deal should really do something to fix his knees."

Ted Cedar: "They are the easiest ways to target a giant, Joey. Drake is legally taking advantage!"

Joey Miles: "I will legally smack you in the face…"

E.G. immediately crashes to the floor, holding his cranium in huge pain. The former Intercontinental Champion follows on the assault, starting an ambitious run towards the ropes. His rebound is lined with athleticism and speed, as he leaps up high in the air, crushing his body down that of Deal's as he lands a huge Frog Splash! E.G. shouts monstrously in torment, as Drake stays on him for the pin.


"Tw"- Kickout!

E.G. kicks out at two-and-a-half comfortably, as "The Demolitionist" returns to action right away. Drake goes towards a corner, standing against it as he patiently waits for Deal to stand up. He absolutely craves paining Deal, and it may seem like it's happening soon as the Egyptian native brings himself, slowly, up to a vertical base. He struggles at first, his stomach still aching from the Frog Splash. He overcomes the pain, eventually, pulling himself up mightily. This instantly brings Dysfunction to moving, approaching E.G. as Deal rotates around. The moment E.G. faces his foe, Drake shoots his right leg up in the direction of E.G.'s face, aspiring to hit his Drake Kick! Deal swiftly and intelligently counters, however, stopping Drake's leg on its way by grabbing it! Dysfunction hops on one leg, trying to retain his balance, but Deal gives him no chance as he strongly turns Drake around. "The Giver of Proper Execution" bends down, steadily regaining his balance, but he doesn't stand for much longer, as E.G. smartly locks in a Waist Lock. This is all build-up for his devastating next move, as he forcefully flings Drake to the other side of the ring, performing a demolishing German Suplex, dubbed the Gute Nacht!

Joey Miles: "Fuck Yes Ferret! Deal is bringing the pain to Drake here. This is amusing my balls."

Ted Cedar: "Destruction caused by E.G. as he lands a huge German Suplex!"

Drake awkwardly falls on his neck, causing himself some serious pain from that German Suplex. He flips backwards, to land stomach-down, and massages his neck as he tries to shrug off the woe. Deal quickly gets back to a standing base, slowly approaching his pained opponent, as he bends down promptly and grabs his head. Deal pulls the Californian up painlessly, balling up his fist and sending a quick right hand to soften Dysfunction up. Deal quickly bows down, elevating Drake on his shoulder and letting him fly through the air. Drake screams hysterically, knowing what's coming next as Deal turns himself around, catching his foe square in the jaw with a huge Very Egyptian Uppercut! Deal immediately goes for the pin.




(I ended it soon as I think Drake is no-showing.)
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M2 | EG Deal vs. Drake Dysfunction

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