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 4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina

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4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: 4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina   4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina EmptyWed Jan 08, 2014 1:31 am

Due: Sunday January 12th, at 11:59 PM EST

4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina MJFR42R
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4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina   4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina EmptySun Jan 12, 2014 10:22 pm

The two winsome warriors meet at the centre of the ring, Wolverina has ten pounds and two inches on her opposition, but standing this close there isn’t all that much to distinguish them save for the toned physique of the People’s Princess.  They stare at one another just a beat longer when Jill takes a step back and offers her hand in a token of respect; one combatant saluting her enemy.  Wolfie looks to the crowd as to how to proceed and they offer no doubt that the handshake is likely laden with subterfuge.  Jill’s hand hangs in the air a moment longer before Haven obliges, her good nature showing through.  A few shakes and the Nebraskan pulls her Canadian counterpart in close in order to inform her that good nature isn’t weakness.  The lady logger knows this all too well and replies by immediately biting Wolfie’s face.  The ref breaks in to separate them, but as the People's Princess inspects her masticated visage for blood, Jill is right there with series of forearm shots that send Ms. Cassady to the buckle.  Not wasting any time, and no doubt testifying to how deadly an adversary Wolverina can be, the Nor’West Nymph charges with a mind toward the Cedar Butt.  The Modern Day Wonder Woman is too old a cat to get bested by a kitten like Jill and manages to duck the blow, leaving the Canadian hung up.

Jill getting a little anxious, trying to rush toward a finish.

I’ll bet being from Nebraska, Wolverina has had that happen to her plenty of times…if you follow me.

With vengeance on her mind for the cheap shots endured this far, Wolfie plants both of her hands round Jill's head while jumping up to place both her knees against her exposed back.  As both wrestlers fall backward to the ground, the knees of the virtuous vixen push up into the back of her opponent.  The back-cracker leaves birling belle squirming and squealing like a wounded animal.  No pity is forthcoming from the Cutie Pie Cornhusker however, as she mounts the ropes and swan drives, scoring a headbutt that has the flashes firing and the British Columbia crowd on their feet.  A cover produces only a two count for the Women’s Title aspirant and a frustrated sigh from the assembled masses.  Yet, Wolverina’s eye has not dimmed and she sets to work once more. Gathering up the legs of her challenger, she aims to apply a figure four.  As she goes turns, synching in the step-over toe hold that begins the move, Jill kicks with her free leg against the shapely posterior of the gorgeous graceling.  As Wolfie is propelled into the ropes, she stumbles backward, unable to stand up.  The Tomogonops Terror spreads her legs wide and clasps them around the body of her foe. As Haven cries out at being trapped in the body scissors, Jill rears back and lifts Cassady high into the air. She brings her down hard with a hot seat, then quickly rolls, and turns the manoeuvre into pinning combination. 

That’s hot Ted, I would not mind having those legs around me.

Keep it in your pants Joey.

It’s hard Ted…so hard…see what I did there?

Both women back on their feet after the two count, Wolfie runs toward Jill, but is caught with a hip lock. The spruce siren then hooks in an arm bar to slow her larger opponent down. As she pulls back on the arm, Wolverina spins quickly and kicks her off.  Jill hits the ropes, but staggers and becomes entangled. Wolfie approaches, a somewhat taunting look on her face, which seems to indicate that karma has enacted it’s punishment on the balsam babe.  However, Jill is playing possum. She spins around and rings a left hand off of Wolfie’s skull. With her opponent bowed low, Jill grabs her by their hair and whips her through the air in an impressive show of strength.  Surveying the supine form of the People’s Princess, Jill’s face twists into a devilish smirk.  She grabs hold of both Wolverina’s arms and, standing on her hair, lifts her up; screams mixing with the referee’s disqualification count.  Wolfie rolls onto her stomach, but there is no respite as Jill now fish-hooks her and plants a knee in the small of her back.  Rearing back, the maple mistress demands the official ask the Nebraskan if she’ll knuckle under, but the arbiter’s only reply is another count, which reaches four before Jill disengages to converse with the man in stripes.  

Geez, this Canadian chick is fuckin’ nuts!

That’s putting it mildly.

I mean are all Canadian women like that?  Cuz I heard this one story about this girl at Club Super Sex in Montreal…

Does this have anything to do with this match?

Not per se.

Jill berates Ryu Sanu with vulgarities every bit the equal of her burly compatriots, Cletus & Big Jim.  His mother is called everything but a woman, his sisters are said to prostitute themselves for negligible sums of money, Sanu himself is compared unfavourably with all manner of bodily waste and are purported to have engaged in all sorts of demeaning sexual actions, so base that his aforementioned sisters would refuse it vehemently, regardless of the amount of cash offered. Of course, colourful though her comments might be, she’s taken her eyes from the task at hand, and Haven is quick to remind her opponent of the third person in the ring when she rolls her up in a schoolgirl for a two count.  Jill springs to her feet, but is a half step behind the Cutie Pie Cornhusker who throws her body up into the air, making a shearing movement with her legs, to get one leg in front of the other, and connects with Jill’s cranium causing her to crumble to the mat.  Wolfie takes the opportunity to approach her opponent from behind and hook a leg over the Jill's opposite leg. The Gorgeous Graceling then forces the lady logger to one side, traps one of Jill's arms with her own, and drapes the free leg over the neck, forcing it downward. All of Wolfie’s 155 pounds bear down on her opponent, trapped in the octopus hold.

A powerful hold by a powerful lady, Jill had best watch out or Wolverina will dislocate her arm.

You think if I asked a couple of the girls down at the No. 5 Orange they’d do that?

Depends how much you’re willing to pay partner.

Damn straight.

I can’t believe I said that….

The screams from Jill are almost feral sounding, but she shakes her head violently when asked if she wants to call it quits.  In the midst of the strain there is some comfort to the Tomogonops Terror, the hurt lets her know she’s still alive and gets the adrenaline flowing. As she wriggles, her eyes betray a purpose, and all at once there is a sickening pop and Jill wails like a trapped animal; her shoulder has dislocated. Where others would have no pity on account of the injury and surely smell blood in the water, Wolfie isn’t the Paragon of Virtue for no reason.  She loses her focus and releases the hold, certain sure that she’s done something wrong. The momentary lapse in judgement is enough for the Nor’West Nymph to get to her feet, and deliver a sloppy DDT. Another fierce howl reverberates off the arena walls and Jill rolls to the outside and slams her shoulder into the cold steel of the ring post; pushing her limb back into place.

Ooooo!  Bat shit crazy!  What sort of a broad does that sort of thing?

One who cares more about the W than her own body.

But look at that body…both those bodies…

The weary limb, hanging slack for the moment by her side is a target for the opposition, so Jill gets into the ring as quickly as she’s able, in order that she might seize upon the still dazed Wolverina.  Placing her boot on the inside of Wolfie’s knee, she stamps down with as much force at her disposal, aiming to make the People’s Princess slightly less mobile in time to come.  Snatching up the same leg, Jill opts for a half crab, wrenching her foe’s back, and trying to give her arm and chance to numb up.  Yet the fire within the modern day Wonder Woman is not to be denied and with a triumphant bellow, and a mighty thrashing of her lower body, she casts off the loathsome lumberwoman.  Jill falls through the ropes to the outside, while Wolfie gingerly gets to a vertical base and makes her way to the concrete.  Back into the ring goes the lady logger, courtesy of Haven.  The Women’s title contender charges towards her rising opponent, then jumps up and raises her knee so that it hits into the side of Jill’s head.  With the Canadian laid out, Wolfie goes top side, the roar of the fans urging her onward.  She jumps forward, follows by executing a backflip in mid-air, but, before landing her patented elbow, Jill rolls clear, and Ms. Cassady crashes.

Crash and burn by Wolverina, she’s got to be hurting.

Hey, I’ll volunteer to rub her down after the match.

You make me sick when you speak.

Hey, the way I feel about these girls, most natural thing in the world.  Christ Ted, I bet you’re one of those guys who screws his wife through a hole in the sheet.

The Nor’West Nymph staggers to her feet and hits the ropes upon gazing at the sight before her.  She jumps forward and lands stomach-first across her opponent. Hooking a leg, she still only manages to get a two count.  She quickly sits Wolverina up, and pulls her by the hair, over her shoulder, before slamming her to the mat.  The snapmare is only a precursor to Jill’s own ventures from the high rent district, namely the Widow-Maker.  Sadly for her, like Wolverina’s wish, the Widow Maker fails as well, as the gorgeous graceling gets out of the way and Jill’s legdrop hits nothing but canvas.  The Paragon of Virtue surveys the situation in an instant and signals to all her faithful in Vancouver that the end is near.  She prepares to deliver a superkick, urging the Tomogonops Terror to get her feet under her.  Yet finishers have had a nasty way of backfiring in this contest and this time is no different.  Ever conscious of her place in the ring, as well as the places of those closest to her, Jill, with a movement equal parts desperation and cunning, drags Ryu Sanu into the path of the buffet.

Ref bump!  Now things get interesting! 

Jill rolls to the outside, as Wolfie diligently checks on the downed official.  She’s clearly a little angry at this latest development, but determined to ensure that the referee is alright.  She seems a sitting duck when Jill unseats the timekeeper and brings his chair into the ring.  The birch bitch raises the chair over her head, but Wolverina catches it on the way down, staring threateningly into the eyes of her challenger.  Unfazed, Jill plants a kick to the nether regions of the People’s Princess and slams the steel across her back.  The Nebraskan falls to a knee, looks up and has only an instant before a home run swing turns her lights out.  As boos and jeers shower down upon her, Jill wraps the chair around Wolfie’s leg and jumps upon it over and over.  She then jams the folded metal into the back of her foe’s knee.  Finally, she casts the chair aside and pushes the limp form of the modern day Wonder Woman beyond the boundary of the ring and to the floor.  She then sets about rousing Ryu Sanu.

As the cobwebs clear, Jill urges the count to begin and the still dazed official begins, almost on instinct. 

Wolverina begins to stir.
She rolls over onto her stomach
She starts to rise
The fans begin to cheer triumphantly
Jill’s face slackens and the first sign of genuine fear appears
Wolverina’s leg buckles and she falls.
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4.) Lumber Jill vs. Wolverina

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