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 2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina

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2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: 2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina   2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 12:52 am

Due: Sunday December 22nd, at 11:59 PM EST


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2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina   2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 3:29 pm

The two divas are stood in the middle of the ring, eyeing each other from head to toe; taking in every little aspect of their physical attributes. It is the long awaited rematch between Kaylenna and Wolverina. Last time these beauties were in the ring Kaylenna was annihilated by The People’s Princess, a brunette who stands five foot and eleven inches, she doesn’t look very intimidating to the naked eye but she had proven herself victorious with a winning streak of three and o. Whereas the Redheaded Beauty Kaylenna Parks usually isn’t easily beaten. No matter who her opponent is XWA’s Hottest and Most Notorious Diva always brings 110% into the ring, Wolverina steps forward as the bell rings three times, signalling that this match is about to start. Kaylenna quickly drops onto her stomach and slides under the bottom rope and out of the ring. She struts over to the commentators desk and grabs a microphone. The referee begins to count Kaylenna out, each second coming closer to disqualification.

“Wolverina, you may have beaten me last time but that was a fluke! I am the best damn diva in this business, there’s no way you’ll be able to beat me again” Kaylenna smirks as the referee’s count gets to four. Kay enters the ring but quickly exits again, restarting his count. “I am better than you, I am hotter than you, my hair is nicer than yours, my boobs are bigger than yours, I get paid more than you. You might as well quit because after tonight your career is pretty much over, and it’ll be over quicker than it began”. And with that said Kaylenna drops the microphone on the floor and a flash of white noise plagues the arena’s speaker system.

Kay throws herself over the top rope and hits Wolverina with a crossbody, flooring her and sending a shooting pain through her back; temporarily immobilizing her, Parks uses this opportunity to get back up to her feet, she brushes her hair out of her face and grimaces. Wolfie sits upright only to be met with a devastating boot to the face, she howls in pain and the back of her head smacks against the unforgiving floor. Kay pants, and her eyes widen, she looks pissed. Pissed that she let this chick beat her last time, and she needs to do something about it. She kicks Wolverina in the chest, a painful place for any woman, even the most powerful, to be struck. Wolfie screams out in pain and grabs her chest, trying to soothe the pain. The crowd boos as Kaylenna plays dirty, Kay pushes Wolverina down to the mat and places her black boot onto the brunette’s throat, this is a highly illegal move so the referee warns Kaylenna, but she only ignores him and pushes down even harder, with all of her weight, choking the poor girl, cutting off all the oxygen to her brain and making her face very quickly turn an unattractive red. The referee pulls Kaylenna off of Wolverina and pushes her into the corner, allowing himself time to check on Wolfie and make sure that she’s okay. Kay lets out a deep sigh and looks out into the crowd, most of whom are booing her. “Shut the fuck up!” She screams out to them but this only makes them boo louder, The Red-Headed Beauty sticks her middle fingers high up in the air to the crowd, showing complete disrespect to those who pay her wages. With her back turned to the grounded Wolverina, Kay can’t see that her opponent is starting to come to her feet, even with the fans changing their boos to cheers. Kaylenna basks in her glory as the Gorgeous Graceling slowly brings her self up and pulls herself over to the corner where Kay is stood. With Kay’s full attention on the thousands in attendance Wolverina decides to seize the moment and goes to kick Miss Parks in the temple, on for it to be dodged! Kay counters it with a kick herself, aiming for the temple of Wolverina. Bullseye! She hits it perfectly and sends the People’s Princess, straight to the floor with a thud. The match official checks on the injured diva, who looks like she is peacefully sleeping, not a single muscle twitches from the pain of the onslaught she has endured. He lifts her arm from the mat only for it to drop back down immediately, he does this two more times only to get the same response. Kaylenna grins from ear to ear as the fans boo her louder than ever before, they know what’s coming and so does she. The bells rings, ending the match and Kaylenna’s arm is raised in the air. By knock out Kay has won. She has shown everyone who’s in charge here and exactly why not to mess with her.

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2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: Kaylenna Parks Vs Wolverina    2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina EmptySun Dec 22, 2013 9:19 pm

*This takes place after Wolverina's defeat at the hands of Kaylenna Parks.*

Brian Johnson stands by in a corridor backstage, his smug face brimming a smile of giddiness as he looks left then right, his microphone at the ready. In a instant he springs to life and approaches a dejected Wolverina fresh off her loss to Kaylenna. The People's Princess hangs her head low and is rubbing at her temple as he approaches and stops her. She looks at him with curiosity, her eyes like the timeless eyes of a statue.

Brian: Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing by here with Wolverina fresh off of her humiliating defeat at the hands of the greatest diva in XWA history, Kaylenna Parks. Wolverina I-

Her brows furrow downward and she looks at him coldly. He had clearly disrespected her, though there was truth in his words, and he picks up on her unpleasant mood quickly. He laughs nervously and gulps down a swallow of fear.

Brian: My apologies, Wolverina. My mouth sometimes gets away from me.

Wolverina takes a deep breath in and out to flush out the anger building.

Wolverina: And if you're not careful your teeth will get away from you also. But you're right about something. It was humiliating, Brian. The fans welcomed me here after my exploits in EVPW and GHW, where I was one of the elite, one of the most dominant, where I had won every title those places had to offer to include the world championship. And tonight I let the fans down. God has seem fit to make me a fine instrument of wrestling. I'm good at my craft. Even so, I have been defeated before. I've had my shoulders pinned to the mat. But I never, ever, ever lost in such a fashion as tonight. One minute and 57 seconds was how long the match lasted. She beat me in under two minutes, Brian!

Wolverina lets out a small groan of anger and disappointment as Brian nods his head yes and fights back the urge to poop in his pants.  

Wolverina: Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is, Brian? It's much worse than the embarrsement your parents have when having to admit you are their son. Not only that, what's even more embarrasing is the fact she didn't even have to pin me or lock on a submission. She knocked me out. One kick. I can't believe this. I guess I deserve it though. I let her words stir my emotions up and I was reckless in my attack.  

Wolverina finally musters enough of herself to look into the camera.

Wolverina: Kaylenna, I know you got jerked around in our first match. They threw you in there with me on short notice, without time for you to prepare, and you lost. Call it a fluke or whatever. But that doesn't give you the right to be a rancid bitch like you were tonight and to disrespect me. The way I see it, tonight was also a fluke in a way. You got under my skin and I wasn't in the right state of mind and I lost. There's only one way to solve this. I'm issuing you a challenge for the next Vendetta. Best out of three falls. Only way to score is by pinfall or making your opponent say I Quit. This way there will be no flukes and no excuses. I'll even make it simple enough that even you can understand it: whoever scores two falls wins. Now do you have any more smart-elleck remarks, Brian?    

She massages her temple and waits for him to say anything else that needs to be said.

TBCB Kaylenna if she wants. If not, end of thread/match.
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2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina   2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina Empty

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2.) Kaylenna Parks vs Wolverina

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