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 3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match

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3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match Empty
PostSubject: 3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match   3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 2:00 am

Due: Saturday November 2nd, at 11:59 PM EST

If Dwight Lights wins he gets a million dollar contract.

3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match MJFR42R
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3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match   3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 7:07 pm


Razor and Dwight stand face to face in the middle of the ring. Though Dwight is usually a happy figure, he knows Xtreme all too well. He will not take him lightly and he knows that he can be an evil, conniving man and he must take him very seriously. Razor smiles at his former partner, and then shoves him back disrespectfully. Dwight simply nods off a bit before he leaps forward and drives a big forearm into Razor’s face! Razor backs off quickly as Dwight pushes him into the corner. He begins to swing hard right forearms, catching Xtreme on the sides of his head impactfully. Dwight throws a few more, but then makes a mistake by taking a sort pause. Razor notices this as his opportunity and he leaps forward before driving a stiff sole-kick to the gut of Dwight Lights. “XWA’s Lit Star” backs off as the veteran of XWA quickly grabs him by the back of the head and tosses him against the turnbuckle. Razor instantly begins to deliver quick, hard right hands to the face of Lights. The referee tries to keep control but Razor ignores him as he continues to swing his impactful right hands.

Ted Cedar: “Both of these men are experienced veterans, this match should be nothing short of great!”

Adam Dennis: “Razor’s done much more than Lights ever will. Lights is jealous of him!”

The referee can do nothing as this match is no-disqualification. Razor swings a big kick right to Lights’ gut in the corner as Dwight begins to sit down. Razor yells at Eric Bull outside the ring to give him a ladder. With that short break, Lights leaps forward and swings a big knee to the gut of Razor! The fans are once again cheering as Lights is control! He swings a big Flair-like back chop to the chest of Razor, reddening him up a bit. Dwight then leans Razor against the ropes and tries to whip him across, but Razor uses his size advantage to leap over him instead as he whips him to the ropes. “XWA’s Lit Star” bounces off the ropes as he darts towards Razor. The sinister man jumps up and leaps over Dwight. Dwight bounces off again and runs towards Razor, Razor turns around and is dropped to the mat by Dwight’s Crossbody! Eric Bull stands outside the ring holding a ladder, but he doesn’t bring it in, wary of Dwight’s current advantage.

Ted Cedar: “If Dwight wins this, he could win a one million dollar contract! That is a lot of money, Dennis.”

Adam Dennis: “Please. If he just did his job instead of pandering to the people, he’d be fine.”

Ted Cedar: “Unlike you, Dwight knows that the fans are responsible for his paycheck in the first place, and he respects them!”

Dwight gets up onto his feet as Razor holds his ribs and tries to roll away. Razor grabs the bottom rope and begins to get himself up as Dwight aids him to it. “The Brightest Wrestler Ever” leans The Rated Y2X Superstar against the turnbuckle and quickly tries to whip him again. Razor – once again – uses his weight advantage to counter Light’s whip and toss him instead. The veteran leaps into the turnbuckle as his back makes full impact. Razor is quick on the attack as he runs forward towards Lights, leaps into the air, and nails a beautiful Spinning Wheel Kick! Dwight eats foot as he hits the mat. Razor quickly makes it up to his feet, and for good measure, he leaps up and drops a single leg across the chest of Dwight for a nice Leg Drop! Razor sits up as Lights chokes a bit. Xtreme angrily calls for the ladder once again. Bull complies and he slides the ladder into the ring. Razor picks it up as Dwight gets up on one knee. Razor then raises it up and slams the side of it down onto Dwight’s back, dropping him down to the mat. Razor then looks around, wondering what he can do with it. He eyes the turnbuckle and walks over to it before leaning the ladder against it.

Adam Dennis: “Here we go! Some ladder action! Things were starting to get a bit dull!”

Ted Cedar: “Well, we’ll see how things pick up here.”

Razor calls over to Eric Bull once again, Bull leaps up onto the ring apron and begins talking to him. Razor informs him to be on the lookout just in case he needs any help. Bull nods his head and as Razor begins to turn back into the ring, Lights leaps into action. He isn’t too damaged and he charges forward at Razor Xtreme! Razor turns around and is hit with Dwight’s signature Step Up Knee Lift as he leans against the ladder! Dwight drops down as Razor stumbles forward. Lights quickly hooks Xtreme around his stomach and throws him towards the center of the ring with a beautiful Gutwrench Suplex! Razor’s back hits the mat as Lights takes a few seconds to shake off any pain. “The Brightest Wrestler Ever” then drops down and rolls out of the ring before going out for a second ladder! He picks it up and folds it. Instead of sliding it into the ring, he climbs up the steel steps and begins to work his way up onto the apron. He walks across the apron as Eric Bull leaps into action for the first time. Bull looks up at Light and begins to scream some obscenities towards him! Lights looks back at him with an angry face as Bull begins to blabber unnecessarily. Dwight is distracted just enough for Xtreme to quickly leap up onto the corner, kick himself off, and drive both feet into the ladder, which kicks right into Dwight’s face, executing a ladder-aided Triangle Dropkick!

Ted Cedar: “That dirty son of a bitch! I knew he’d interfere!”

Adam Dennis: “We all did, Cedar! That’s his JOB! Good for him for actually doing it!”

Dwight hits the ring apron as he lays on it and the ladder hits the outside of the floor. Razor takes a few breaths inside the ring as he slowly gets back up. He walks over to Dwight and slides him into the ring nastily, trying to deal more punishment. Razor walks over to the ladder and drops it down in the center of the ring. He then pulls Dwight up to his feet and scoops him up before slamming him down onto the ladder with a sick Scoop Slam! Dwight feels his back cripple under him as Xtreme takes a short pause. He walks over to the ropes and steps out onto the ring apron. He climbs up and makes his way onto the top rope. He looks down at Dwight as the fans begin to give a huge mixed reaction, with some booing and some actually cheering the top rope stunt! Razor raises both hands up in a “rock-on” pose as he quickly leaps forward for his signature elbow drop! But Dwight moves out of the way at the last second and Razor’s back eats pure ladder! Dwight realizes he just dodged a bullet – almost literally!

Ted Cedar: “…and Xtreme misses the elbow drop! He must be feeling horrible right now!”

Adam Dennis: “Show some compassion, Ted! That looked like it hurt!”

Indeed it did, as Razor immediately tends to his back in pain. Dwight rolls up onto two knees and works his way up to his feet. He realizes Xtreme is down as he quickly leaps up as high as he can into the air and drives his right knee straight into the forehead of Razor Xtreme, hitting him with a sick Knee Drop! Razor grabs a hold of his forehead as Dwight gets back up to his feet. He walks over to the floored ladder and quickly picks it up off the ground. He opens it and hits the metal in between the ladder to keep it open as he has it ready to climb! He begins to work his way up, hoping that Razor is down for the count as he makes it up a few steps. He is mistaken, however, as with Eric Bull’s excessive yelling at Razor to “GET UP!” – Razor begins to regain life. Razor nods his head a few times and notices that Dwight is almost all the way up there! Razor quickly leaps forward and pushes the tall metal ladder, forcing Dwight to try and jump off! But he leaps forward too much and he goes face-first down onto the top turnbuckle! Dwight stumbles around wildly but is quickly floored by a quick Big Boot by the General Manager!

Adam Dennis: “Ohhh, and now it’s Dwight who will be feeling the pain!”

Ted Cedar: “With a fall like that, face-first is the last position you want to find yourself in!”

Razor quickly gasps for a few breaths once again. He stays down on one knee as he slowly works his way back up to his feet. He doesn’t want to go for the briefcase just yet, that wasn’t his goal when he made this match. His goal was to prove that he is not to be messed with, and that’s all he cares about. He folds the ladder up and drops it back down to the middle of the ring. Xtreme then walks over to Dwight again and forces him up onto his feet. Razor hooks his head around his arm and does the same for Dwight as he tries to lift him up for a suplex. However, as soon as he lifts Dwight, the smart veteran wiggles out of the hold and Dwight lands behind Xtreme! Razor is confused as Dwight quickly grabs a hold of his head, turning him over. Lights holds Razor in a bulldog position as he charges towards the ladder to hit exactly that, but Razor is experienced too, and he knows how to counter a bulldog. Razor shoves him forward in mid-air, causing Dwight to land back-first across the ladder! Razor wastes no time as he quickly runs towards the ropes, leaps onto the middle one, does a full backflip, and lands right across Lights with a beautiful but sick XtremeSault! Razor grabs a hold of his gut as he rolls off to the side!

Ted Cedar: “And the General Manager takes out both himself and his opponent with that nicely executed move!”

Adam Dennis: “That looked very painful! Props to the GM for hitting a move like that!”

Razor kicks his feet around on the mat as he holds his gut in pain. Dwight lays across the ladder on his side, having turned from impact. Razor reaches out and finds the nearby bottom rope. He begins to work his way up to his feet slowly as the fans are on the edge of their seats after that nice move! Razor gets up onto his feet as Dwight rolls off the ladder, slowly trying to recover. Razor grabs the ladder off the ground as he decides it’s time to end this match. Razor opens it slowly, giving Dwight time to slowly recover. He gets it completely open as he begins to transcend up the ladder. Dwight is on his feet, though, and he quickly leaps up to the attack as Razor is around halfway up the ladder! Razor turns around and notices Dwight behind him, so he turns his body on the ladder, making his back lean against it! Dwight leaps up and bashes Razor in the stomach with a big right hand! Razor bends over a bit as Dwight reaches up and grabs his head. He pulls Razor downwards and keeps his legs stuck between the ladder steps. He looks around as he hooks Razor in a front facelock, the fans know what’s coming as they begin to cheer!

Adam Dennis: “Oh no! It’s his signature move, that rope hung DDT!”

Ted Cedar: “Except this time, off the ladder instead!”

Dwight quickly leaps back and drives Razor’s face into the mat with his signature move, Welcome to Electricity! The rope hung DDT but instead he used the ladder this time, as Bull shakes his head outside the ring. Dwight lays on the ground, trying to recover the damage he took earlier. The fans begin to clap for Dwight, as he rolls onto his side slowly. He’s half conscious, half dead. He isn’t in this business for the money, but he knows how well he would do with those one million dollars! He could pay off his debts, pay for his family, and he would never have to worry about losing his house again. He needs this. He works his way up to his feet, not paying attention to anything aside from that briefcase. Razor struggles around on the mat, trying to find some sort of life inside himself. Dwight groggily limps over to the ladder and just as a pre-caution, he centers it. He then slowly but surely begins to climb up. He steps onto the first two steps of the ladder and he takes a short break. He knows he has to do this, but he needs the energy to do so, and he’s completely beat! He takes a short pause as he works his way further up the ladder. He manages to get almost to the top, but Razor has somewhat recovered on the ground! Xtreme is on his feet but he is groggy! He slowly turns towards Dwight on top of the ladder and he limps towards it! Dwight is on top now!

Ted Cedar: “Dwight is at the top! Dwight is at the top! If he grabs that briefcase, he is set for life!”

Adam Dennis: “But look at the General Manager! He is on his feet as well! Dwight isn’t going to be winning this one so easily!”

And now Razor begins to climb the ladder as well! Dwight is already up as he notices the General Manager working his way up there! Dwight yells at him to bring it on as Razor is near the top, groggily! Razor works his way up and Dwight instantly hits him with a hard forearm shot to the face! Razor responds by swinging a brutal and quick right fist! Dwight swings a forearm, Razor a fist. Neither man wants to give up now! Dwight has the momentum, however, as he swings a big right elbow and Razor gives out a bit. Dwight knows he’s about to win this exchange, but suddenly, his leg is tugged away! He looks down and notices Eric Bull! Bull pulls down on Dwight’s leg as Dwight angrily shakes him off by using his leg muscles. He kicks down, stomping right on Bull’s face! Bull falls to the mat and releases his leg, but as soon as Dwight turns back towards his opponent, he is whacked in the face with a big Roundhouse Kick by the elevated Razor Xtreme! Dwight gives out a bit as Xtreme uses the rest of his energy to shove him to the side, dropping him a few feet down and right onto the mat! The fans begin to boo excessively as they know that this match is over! Razor looks up at the briefcase that is right in his face as he quickly unhooks his prize, winning the match!



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3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match   3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 10:26 pm

Reserved.  Just kidding, I may not have time to complete my stuff this week, got caught up in quality time with the family.  But I'll do what I can... if not, I tried!

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3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match   3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match Empty

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3.) Razor Xtreme vs Dwight Lights - Ladder Match

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