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 Dynamite #111

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PostSubject: Dynamite #111   Dynamite #111 EmptyFri Nov 19, 2021 8:24 pm

This show was a mixed bag for me. I've always liked Adam Page and Bryan Danielson but I despise The Dark Order and I don't understand why they need to be involved in the main event program. Talking about The Dark Order I don't like how much offense Evil Uno got on Danielson, Uno isn't a good wrestler and should have just be squashed by Danielson. I never thought I'd see Orange Cassidy team with Tomohiro Ishii but he's part of CHAOS now and I don't understand why New Japan is allowing this nonsense. MJF did two promos on this show and both times he was great. CM Punk interrupted MJF's second promo and I have to say I'm looking forward to that matchup. I didn't like the first half of this card but things picked up in the second hour with the women's match being decent. The tag match was fun and the main event was good. Hopefully Tony Khan will let some of the weaker wrestlers contracts end because I think there's enough good wrestlers on the roster for a stronger show.

I rated the show a 6/10 on Cagematch

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Dynamite #111

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