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 "Frank Lawson you really are a coward"

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"Frank Lawson you really are a coward" Empty
PostSubject: "Frank Lawson you really are a coward"   "Frank Lawson you really are a coward" EmptyWed Apr 07, 2021 5:37 pm

TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling returns from commercial break with announcer Douglas Walker Wambles in the ring interviewing the CEO of Raking In Cash Hourly, the son of a billionaire executive Richard Rich Jr.

Douglas Walker Wambles: Richard last week you laid out a challenge to Frank Lawson to face someone new you’re bringing into your organization. Would you care to explain who you’re new client is and why Lawson would want to come here to wrestle him?

Dick Rich: That's right I have a new talent I'm bringing into Raking In Cash Hourly, and I'm doing that because Frank Lawson and The XWA are too chicken to deal with The Nugget Man. When The Nugget Man became The Real Hardcore Champion XWA wouldn’t allow him to go into the very company that purported itself the owner of that championship. But Frank Lawson is another thing! When The Nugget Man became The Real Hardcore Champion a certain Frank Lawson had very nasty things to say about The Nugget Man. Lawson called him a joke champion, said he didn’t belong in XWA and used his influence to make sure we never got to defend that title there. Well if Frank Lawson really wants to go around calling people jokes he should be man enough to fight the person he's insulting. The problem is Frank Lawson wants nothing to do with me! I went to an XWA show and they kicked me out! I came here onto television to challenge him to a match. I paid good money to get his phone number, I call the guy and he has the nerve to hang up on me! Let’s face the fact that Lawson is dodging me because he's too chicken to face The Nugget Man! It must be real nice being able to criticize people, throw insults and tantrums and to never be called out for it!

Douglas Walker Wambles: What does this have to do with this new talent you’re bringing in?

Dick Rich: Like I just said Frank Lawson is too chicken to face The Nugget Man so because he’s such a coward I'll let him face someone different. I was trying to sign Danny Diamond but he was being far too greedy and asking for far too much than what he’s worth. And besides I had a revelation that Lawson doesn’t want to face World class talent like that because there’s too much of a chance he'll lose. Frank Lawson is too scared to face someone experienced in the ring and get embarrassed by losing to them. That’s when I was doing my scouting all over The World I was looking for new raw talent. I went to cards in Philadelphia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Japan and many other places looking for a rookie that can beat Frank Lawson.

Douglas Walker Wambles: Okay who did you find?

Dick Rich: While in Asia I made a stop in Mongolia and took the chance to witness how they do wrestling there. It’s not pretty like a lot of the professional wrestling you see on TV today. The rules are different, all you have to do to win is to get your opponent on the ground onto their back. At the events there was one beast of a man who was undefeated and he could not be taken down. After seeing him dominate the competition I took the man and convinced him to follow me to America to become a professional wrestler. We are nearly done with all the paperwork and by next week's show he will be a licensed wrestler and he'll have his first match. TJ and fans at home I hope you’re ready for my new acquisition The Mongolian Mangler! And one more thing if you’re afraid to face someone who hasn’t even had their first pro wrestling match yet, Frank Lawson you really are a coward.

Douglas Walker Wambles: Well fans Richard Rich Jr. certainly never turns down an opportunity to try and stir up some trouble. We'll be after a commercial break with some exciting action!
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"Frank Lawson you really are a coward"

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