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 Remembering EG Deal with George Brooks

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Remembering EG Deal with George Brooks Empty
PostSubject: Remembering EG Deal with George Brooks   Remembering EG Deal with George Brooks EmptyMon Mar 29, 2021 12:03 am

TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling comes back from commercial break with company owner George Brooks making a rare television appearance backstage at Studio 69.

George Brooks: Hello wrestling fans my name is George Brooks, founder and owner of TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling. Unlike most professional wrestling promoters I try to keep off the screen because I truly feel the emphasis should be on the in ring action. But I am making an appearance today because I want to thank everyone involved in the production of this television show, the fans at home and our fan in the crowd. It’s no secret 2020 and The Coronavirus Pandemic has hit everyone hard especially independent wrestling promotions. I’m happy to say I feel we here at TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling has been able to continue on and produce this show responsibly and safely unlike some of our competitors. Last year we all lost many friends and family members and we here have not been immune from the tragedies as we lost pro wrestling superstar EG Deal. Deal was a very good wrestler who held championship gold and will be missed by his fellow athletes, the staff who produce this show and the fans. We’re going to do something different on this program right now as we celebrate the life and career of…

Promoter George Brooks is stopped abruptly as manager Dick Rich comes onto the screen.

George Brooks: Richard please this isn’t your interview time.

Dick Rich: Georgie I’m here to save your program because I’ll tell you what, nobody watching at home cares who EG Deal was if they even remember his name.

George Brooks: Richard please!

Dick Rich: No! Nobody cared about EG Deal! What did he ever do? I think he held that Rising Bread Diversion belt two or three times which is ridiculous when you think about it.

George Brooks: Come on Richard!

Dick Rich: No I’m here to talk about a pressing issue that people should really care about and that’s Frank Lawson! Back when my man, The Nugget Man, was The Real Hardcore Champion he went to an XWA event to watch a match, as a fan and he was attacked by that ingrate Lawson.

George Brooks: Come on Richard the fans know, and you were made to know that you and your crew are not only unwelcomed at XWA events but are also permanently barred from attending their events.

Dick Rich: Let me finish! We really should thank Lawson and XWA security because that four way match was a farce and those men were killing each other over a fake championship! Everyone knew The Nugget Man was The Real Hardcore Champion and poor old Bella Quinn was too sensitive to handle that. Unfortunately she was replaced by your old announcer Dean Richardson and we know he doesn’t have a pair of balls either.

George Brooks: Richard what’s your big scheme this time?

Dick Rich: I’m getting to that! You see we could have easily gotten my father’s lawyers and sued Frank Lawson and XWA for a ton of money. But the problem there is Lawson is a big time wrestling superstar and XWA probably pisses away more money on pyro than we probably would have gotten out of them with a lawsuit. No George I’m looking to get even! Yeah I could sue that maniac Lawson but I want to hurt him for trying to embarrass us. So all I want is a match! That shouldn’t be so hard to do seeing how he’s this big pro wrestling star and that’s all he does for a living, and probably the only thing he knows how to do anyway. I want him to face one of my clients in the ring man to man. Now we all know XWA isn’t going to let The Nugget Man into their promotion, that’s never going to happen. Heck they barred Anvil and Honeycutt from XWA events just because they’re his friend!

George Brooks: Okay Richard what’s your plan?

Dick Rich: Well George the obvious answer is I need to find a new client… and guess what? I have one! I have been doing scouting at wrestling events all over The World and I found a guy that isn’t barred from XWA, and would tear Lawson limb from limb! And I’m debuting him here next week on TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling and we’ll issue our challenge to Lawson and see if he’s man enough to accept it!

Richard Rich Jr. storms off leaving promoter George Brooks alone on the television screen.

George Brooks: I highly doubt anything is going to come of this. I have a great relationship with Dean Richardson and if Frank Lawson really wanted to come here to wrestle Richard Rich Jr.’s mystery man he’d be more than welcome, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I’m sorry fans but we’re simply out of time. Join us next week for more exciting pro wrestling action from TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling.

The screen cuts away to the outro for the television program.

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Remembering EG Deal with George Brooks

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