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 Are former WWE stars being used better in AEW

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Are former WWE stars being used better in AEW Empty
PostSubject: Are former WWE stars being used better in AEW   Are former WWE stars being used better in AEW EmptyWed Dec 23, 2020 10:46 pm

Well people online are crying about how former WWE stars are being used in WWE. While many will just give a straight yes or no things are a lot more nuanced than that. So I'll look at everyone who has done more than jobbed in WWE and see how they're fairing in AEW.

1. Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn was a mutiable time World Tag Team Champion in WWE and was involved in major storylines. In AEW he's the father of Austin Gunn and has some kind of relationship with Cody Rhodes. Billy Gunn being 57 years old doesn't have much else to give in the ring beyond giving some people a rub. AEW isn't using him better and they shouldn't.

Verdict: No because he's too old

2. FTR

I know The Revival won several titles in WWE but whenever I watched them on the main roster they seemed to be a joke. In fact they were so frustrated they asked for their release so they could go to AEW. Well how are they fairing there? I don't know if it's better honestly. If I cared to watch WWE I could have told you. Once again they won The World Tag Team Titles but the build towards their dream match with The Young Bucks was blown and they seem like a complete afterthought now. Instead of building a program or a feud The Young Bucks got their win and moved on.

Verdict: Maybe yes?

3. Chris Jericho

At first Jericho's WWE run was a mixed bag. Yeah he got to beat The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night to unify The WWE and WCW World Titles but he also was forced to walk Triple's dog before losing to him at WrestleMania the next year. After leaving and returning to the company he was on fire for several years, having a fantastic feud with Shawn Michaels. I think he became rather dull though the last several years of his run being able to have a boring match with AJ Styles of all people at WrestleMania.

He was the biggest star in AEW when the promotion started and beat Kenny Omega at their first event. He went onto become their first World Champion and was the highlight of their shows in 2019. Then 2020 happened and Jericho went insane. Matt Hardy came into AEW with his Broken bullshit and it was all downhill from there. Jericho went onto feud with terrible indie comedy act Orange Cassidy in increasingly embarrassing matches and segments. He went onto to even lose his feud with him in a goofy match from hell. He then moved onto doing bad sketch comedy and making movies with MJF.

In pro wrestling Chris Jericho was often a funny guy but AEW just takes that too far. They're not getting what they could be out of the biggest and well known star on their roster because they want to do bad comedy skits.

Verdict: Abosultly not

4. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes seemed like he was going to be a guy was on the trajectory of being a World Champion in WWE. He had some nice IC title reigns and was World Tag Team Champion several times. It just seemed like something was always missing though but there was time to figure it out. I'd say the highlight of his run there was when his father Dusty and brother Dustin helped him fight The Authority and beat them for The World Tag Team Titles. Sadly not long after that it was downhill for Cody as he would be turned into Stardust. He tried hard as Stardust but the gimmick was just stupid and he'd leave WWE.

Cody Rhodes has really been the highlight of AEW since it started, usually being in the match of the night or cutting the best promo. While he hasn't been able to win The World Title yet I feel like it's going to happen. He's been able to win The TNT Championship twice and got something good out of Boring Brodie Lee. While he's still involved in comedy segments nothing has been as bad for him as being Stardust.

Verdict: Heck yeah

5. Dustin Rhodes

Goldust was really a charter that blazed the trail for WWE's Attitude Era. While he wasn't always used the best he wasn't at his best either, becoming addicted to drugs leading to terrible TNA runs before he got clean. The last several years in WWE he was mostly used in comedy matches with R-Truth.

In AEW he was brought in of course as a serious wrestler again. While he's probably not winning The World Title there's certainly more use for him than being in comedy segments. While his AEW run certainly isn't going to be the height of his career there's bigger and better things for him to do in AEW than WWE.

Verdict: It's a lot better than teaming with R-Truth

6. Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian remains undefeated on Velocity. Frankie Kazarian has been defeated on Dynamite... Sad!

Verdict: Sad!

7. Jake Hager

Jake Swagger while being a former World Heavyweight Champion in WWE wasn't used well and was mostly an afterthought during his reign. He wouldn't actually be notable until he was managed by Dutch Mantel during his time as a xenophobe. Sadly he fucked this up by being caught smoking weed and didn't win the title again as was planned.

Jake Hager is just short of around in AEW. There was a lot of hype around him when he debuted at first. The height of his AEW run so far is probably being in the worst AEW World Title match that's ever happened so far.

While WWE didn't use him the best they did push the guy and played to his strengths. AEW is content with paying this guy to do bad sketch comedy with the rest of The Inner Circle.

Verdict: Nah

8. Jon Moxley

Dean Ambrose from the start was involved in big angles in WWE and went onto win The WWE World Championship. The same goes for Jon Moxley in AEW.

Verdict: Same

9. Lance Archer

Vance Archer got to dominate dudes on ECW Scifi. Lance Archer has to have a semi competitive match with Marko Stunt. Why???

Verdict: Go back to playing Guitar Hero with Jimmy Rave

10. Matt Hardy

Hardy was a mutiable time World Tag Team Champion in WWE, held both The ECW and United States Championship. He was involved in in a major feud with Edge. His tag team with his brother really stood out when the tag team division in WWE was on fire.

In AEW Matt Hardy gets brain damage and gets to play with his friends in his backyard.

Verdict: Just retire already

11. Matt Sydal

Evan Borne was a World Tag Team Champion in WWE. Matt Sydal on his AEW debut botched a shooting star press and then Michael Nakazawa made a joke out of that.

Verdict: Should have stayed clean during his tours in Japan

12. Miro

Rusev was a badass Bulgarian brute who would feud with John Cena for The United States Championship.

Miro is a clown who feuds with The Best Friends over a broken arcade machine.

Verdict: Miro!

13. Mr. Brodie Lee

While Luke Harper was World Tag Team Champion several times in WWE he always seem to play second fiddle to Bray Wyatt in batshit storylines.

NOW Brodie Lee gets to lead The Dork Order in his own batshit storylines with the modern day Paul Jones Army.

Verdict: At least he got to wrestle Cody

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Are former WWE stars being used better in AEW

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