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 On A Pole footage

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PostSubject: On A Pole footage   On A Pole footage EmptyThu May 28, 2020 4:21 am

Dean: Ladies and gentlemen there was an incident that The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance’s annual pay per view On A Pole this weekend and at the event they were set to crown a new hardcore champion.

Turd Ferguson: This is despite the fact that The Nugget Man won The Hardcore Championship from Hanako Takeuchi here in TJ’s Wild World of Wrestling.

Dean: Well Turd while RICH claims he is the real hardcore champion the fact is the title belongs to XWA and while the sports commissions do their best to make sure their title matches are fair XWA is claiming they did not sanction a title match between Hanako and The Nugget Man.

Turd Ferguson: That seems pretty shady to me because Bella Quinn promised him a title bout if Dick Rich were able to return the physical belt to her.

Dean: Certainly but they claim that they were working through the process of striping the belt off Hanako while she was walking out of the promotion and on her way back to Japan although at the time that was not discussed yet with any sports commission or the championship committee in XWA. In fact I heard recognizing The Nugget Man as Hardcore Champion came down to a split decision by the committee.

Turd Ferguson: I think it’s clear that Quinn is afraid of someone like The Nugget Man and having someone like him come into their promotion. Now I understand business is business but she also has to understand that a sport is a sport and we all saw The Nugget Man defeat Hanako Takeuchi in a hardcore match that both wrestlers were paid a championship purse to wrestle.

Dean: Well even more controversy was created at XWA’s pay per view event On A Pole when RICH decided to attempt to interfere with the broadcast. While watching the card at home you could probably tell there was some kind of rambling going on you couldn’t see but thanks to fan footage caught on cellular devices we can show you what unfolded.

TJWWoW cuts from the studio to footage of the hoopla that unfolded at On A Pole. Because these videos were recorded with cell phones the aspect ratio is vertical and the quality is poor. The first video shows The Nugget Man with his custom championship belt leading Dick Holiday and Buster Honeycutt down a flight of stairs between all the fans. While The Nugget Man is wearing his custom belt he’s also carrying some type of boom box that is blasting The Champ Is Here by O Fresh. All three men seem to be wearing surgical masks probably to protect them from COVID-19 and Honeycutt yelling at people not to touch him furthers that idea. The crowd reaction is varied as some people are rather annoyed by this interruption to the show they paid for as they yell insults at RICH for having a fake champion to some people going as far as throwing drinks and garbage at them. Some fans on the other hand are supportive of RICH and show it by patting The Nugget Man and refer to him as the champion. Most of the fans are interested in the spectacle of what was happening and paying attention to RICH instead of the match.

We switch between videos caught by different phone until RICH gets near ringside. Then one of the videos show Frank Lawson on the floor probably selling something that just happened to him in the match. He must have heard the commotion happening, taking a look around before jumping up which gets a addible pop from the fans. The video pans along with Lawson until he stops in front of The Nugget Man and his fellow RICH members.

Frank Lawson: What the fuck are doing here!? Get the fuck out of here!

The Nugget Man: Why don’t you make me Frank!

Buster Honeycutt: Yeah come on make him leave! Make him! Come on tough guy!

Dick Holiday: Yeah show us what you’re made of!

Frank Lawson: Man fuck you!

Lawson punches The Nugget Man and this leads both men to start swinging at each other. Ring crew and the referee try to break up the fight before security finally make their way to RICH and grabbing hold of the intruders. That’s the last thing we see of the video before cutting back to The TJWWoW studio.

Dean: Well that was quite something! Now fans we’re joined by the man who leads RICH and currently manages the self-proclaimed Real Hardcore Champion The Nugget Man, here we have Dick Rich Jr.

Dick Rich Jr.: I just want to say how terribly awful this is Dean and I’m sorry that not only the XWA fans had to see that but the fans at home as well. It’s horrible how someone who calls himself a professional athlete can snap and attack a fan like that.

Turd: What?

Dick Rich Jr.: That’s right Nugget. Buster and Dick bought tickets to see the show and very expensive tickets at that. My guys went there to have a good time just like all the other fans there and to see Frank Lawson snap like that and attack The Nugget Man the way he did is just unfathomable.

Dean: While he must have felt The Nugget Man was attempting to create some hoopla ringside and we can’t simply ignore the drama happening between our two promotions. The Nugget Man came parading ringside during the match to crown a new hardcore champion with a title belt that promotion does not recognize.

Dick Rich Jr.: That doesn’t matter Dean! Frank Lawson is a professional athlete and he was there to wrestle his fellow wrestlers not attack fans. While some may claim my men provoked the attack there have been many instances where fans will yell unsavory things at the athletes but we don’t ever see them attack a fan in the crowd like we did the other night. No gentlemen what Frank Lawson perpetrated the other night was a disgrace to the sport of professional wrestling and we’ve reached out to The Xreme Wrestling Alliance but we haven’t heard back from them. And I’m afraid I’m not going to hear back from them so I and my team of lawyers have not only reached out to The State of Illinois Athletic Board but other athletic commissions around the country as well to not only have Lawson’s wrestling license removed but to bar him from professional wrestling all together. Hopefully XWA will do the right thing but I’m sad to say I’m very disappointed by their response so far to this situation.

Dean: Well there you have it fans. It seems like this drama is far from over and this could just be the beginning.

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PostSubject: Re: On A Pole footage   On A Pole footage EmptyThu May 28, 2020 2:15 pm

Already better than TNA


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On A Pole footage

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