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 2019 Discord Power Rankings: WEEK 3

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2019 Discord Power Rankings: WEEK 3 Empty
PostSubject: 2019 Discord Power Rankings: WEEK 3   2019 Discord Power Rankings: WEEK 3 EmptyThu Sep 26, 2019 9:04 pm

1st: Squires (Caleb): 2-1
Last Week: 3rd(+2)
Result: W vs. Egypt Eagles (207.60-113.12)
Total Points: 535.06(1st)
Current Streak: W1

-Ohhhh boy. Following a week 2 loss, Squires came back with a vengeance, absolutely dismantling the formerly top-ranked Egypt Eagles by an outrageous 94.48 points. For what it’s worth, Egypt Eagles had an uncharacteristically bad week, but Squires would have man-handled any team this week. Three weeks in, and even with a loss, Squires’ point differential is +59.5. Who made it happen this week? A couple of RBs in Sony Michel(7.10) and Le’Veon Bell(8.30) struggled a bit throughout the match-up, but the rest of the team came out confident and prepared. The whole team combined for 15 touchdowns. Five players crossed the 20-point marker, including the Chicago Bears’ defense(21.00). QB Russell Wilson(41.34) was the unique satire her leader for the week, but was severely helped out by Christian McCaffrey(26.30) and Amari Cooper(23.80). You have to be feeling great after a week like this. Next up, a team not trailing far behind in the standings.
Next Week: vs. 6969 Rock Fucks (-7.0)

2nd: 6969 Rock Fucks(Snoopz): 2-1
Last Week: 4th(+2)
Result: W vs. Ball Fondlers (154.76-148.56)
Total Points: 474.60(3rd)
Current Streak: W1

-The 6969 Rock Fucks suffered a not-so-good loss in week 2, but responded properly just one week later by taking out the previously undefeated Ball Fondlers. Trailing going into the final game, Allen Robinson snatches the lead for good behind a 9.00 point performance. The whole team(aside from that rat bastard Vance McDonald and his 1.5 points), chipped in to help grab a victory. Hell, even the bench seemed to want it more than most of the starters with Greg Olsen and Phillip Lindsay posting the 2nd and 4th highest overall totals. The QB duo of Jameis Winston(25.50) and Patrick Mahomes(27.86) led the way for the starters. Dalvin Cook(22.30) continued making a case for the best running back in the league en route to contributing to the victory as well. It was a wonderful bounce-back win for the 6969 Rock Fucks, who get a chance at taking down the top dogs this upcoming outing.
Next Week: @ Squires (+7.0)

3rd: Egypt Eagles (Abdel): 2-1
Last Week: 1st(-2)
Result: L vs. Squires (113.12-207.60)
Total Points: 480.14(2nd)
Current Streak: L1

-All good things must come to an end. Two weeks into the season, and Egypt Eagles were sitting comfortably at the top of the league, blowing out their first two opponents. Fast forward to this week, and they took the worst thrashing of the season to this point. They had nothing for the Barn Cows and just kept watching it get worse and worse with each timeslot. Points were left on the bench. RB Saquon Barkley(5.70) suffered an injury that could keep him out for more than half of the remaining season. And only QBs Dak Prescott(22.54) and Lamar Jackson(21.28) eclipsed a lark higher than 12.90. Simply put, this was an ugly, ugly crash from the glorious first couple weeks. It’ll be tough to continue forward with Saquon and Tyreek Hill both hurt, but they don’t have any time to rest with an upcoming meeting against the other team who just suffered their first defeat.
Next Week: vs. Rainfakers (-1.0)

4th: Los Cool Arrows (Mexi): 2-1
Last Week: 6th(+2)
Result: W vs. The Arm (159.94-134.14)
Total Points: 431.20(5th)
Current Streak: W2

-There is currently only one team on a winning streak. Any guesses? If you guessed Los Cool Arrows, congratulations! You can pick up on super obvious cues! Both wins over the last couple weeks have been comfortable; not blowouts, but no real danger of losing either. This week was a rather inconsistent performance. Four players finished with 4.00 or fewer points. Kenny Golladay(2.70) finally came down after a strong first two weeks, and Chris Carson(3.50) didn’t help out very much. Fortunately, six players posted a total of 15.50 or better, led by WR Mike Evans(41.00) who exploded after a slow start. Another WR in Ty Lockett(26.90) has a fantastic day in his own right, and TE Darren Waller(20.60) did about as well as you can ask of a tight end. Overall, Los Cool Arrows scored a lot of points and could still do better. They are in battle with another solid 2-1 team this week.
Next Week: vs. Ball Fondlers (-1.0)

5th: Ball Fondlers (JHalc): 2-1
Last Week: 2nd(-3)
Result: L vs. 6969 Rock Fucks (148.56-154.76)
Total Points: 426.32(6th)
Current Streak: L1

-Previously undefeated, Ball Fondlers lost their first game of the season in tight fashion, forcing 6969 Rock Fucks to pull out a come-from-behind win. It was not a necessarily bad week for the Fondlers of Balls. Marquise Brown(5.90) did okay for the lowest scorer. Alvin Kamara(32.60) bounded back admirably from last week’s performance in an attempt to pull out the win. Unfortunately, the QB play was the downfall. Tom Brady(20.14) did not do too badly, but Jared Goff’s 14.12 points did not help extend the lead going into the final game. Nobody did horrendous and there were additional points left on the bench. Ball Fondlers have a tough match-up next week against a team looking for the first 3-game winning streak of the season.
Next Week: @ Los Cool Arrows (+1.0)

6th: Rainfakers (TJ): 1-2
Last Week: 7th(+1)
Result: W vs. Marlin Olsen Twins (172.06-107.34)
Total Points: 441.18(4th)
Current Streak: W1

-First win of the season? Let’s do this the right way; a blowout, statement victory over a team that can’t find an identity. Rainfakers put up a lot of points in their victory over the hapless Marlin Olsen Twins. It was a great effort from the team as a whole, with all but three coming away with double digit points. Josh Jacobs(4.40) has slowed down immensely after a super debut, and Will Lutz(3.00) wasn’t asked to kick any field goals. But with a monster game from Keenan Allen(37.10), the route was inevitable. Right at the same time Allen was going off, Giants teammates TE Evan Engram(20.30) and WR Sterling Shepherd(23.60) also helped widen the margin. Rainfakers may be turning their season around early. Let’s see if they can keep it rolling against an *actual* team this coming week.
Next Week: @ Egypt Eagles (+1.0)

7th: The Arm (Ian): 1-2
Last Week: 5th(-2)
Result: L vs. Los Cool Arrows (134.14-159.94)
Total Points: 411.14(7th)
Current Streak: L1

-The Arm struggled to come away with a second consecutive victory, dropping a not-super-close last be to Los Cool Arrows. It is painful to see a combined 67.74 points left on the bench between only two players(Daniel Jones and Mark Ingram), but it’s not like they were expected to do THAT. The starters were wildly inconsistent. Stefon Diggs(3.00) is still struggling early on and Todd Gurley(4.30) is sadly not the player he was just a year ago. WR CooperKupp(27.60) really wanted a win, and QB Carson Wentz(21.66) and Julio Jones(22.80) tried their damndest to get it done, but with Ezekiel Elliott’s 14.90 being the only other score to crack double digits, that is painful. If there was ever a time to bounce back, it would be next week against the only winless team in the league.
Next Week: vs. Marlin Olsen Twins (-19.5)

8th: Marlin Olsen Twins (Saintpat): 0-3
Last Week: 8th(EVEN)
Result: L vs. Rainfakers (107.34-172.06)
Total Points: 323.76(8th)
Current Streak: L3

-0-3? An average point differential of -70.23? Brandin Cooks being the highest scorer with only 16.00 points? The two starting QBs are Marcus Mariota and Case Keenum? Nice 21.60 off the bench, Hooper. I hear first overall picks are pretty nice.
Next Week: @ The Arm(+19.5)
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2019 Discord Power Rankings: WEEK 3

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