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 NFL 2K5: What could've been

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Damn Sam
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NFL 2K5: What could've been Empty
PostSubject: NFL 2K5: What could've been   NFL 2K5: What could've been EmptySun Jun 02, 2019 11:38 pm

Let's talk about it. This franchise could've been 10,000x better than what we have from Madden right now. In many ways it was so much better than Madden is today even BACK THEN: 15 years ago! For those who didn't know, watch the video and it says a bunch of the reasons why. Those halftime shows and realistic / real life looking stat breakdowns etc. The way the game played. Shit, at one point they show a close-up of Drew Brees and he kinda looks more legit than Drew Brees does in Madden 19 Bruh...... They were ahead of their time and if you look at the differences between 2K's NBA 2K19 and EA's NBA Live 19, it's night and day and shows what they could be doing for a football game in present day. Sad

Let's reminisce and grieve now #FeelTheBern

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NFL 2K5: What could've been

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