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 The War for Number Two

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PostSubject: The War for Number Two   The War for Number Two EmptySun Feb 10, 2019 5:39 pm

This is hurting WWE talet wise because now wrestlers see they don't have to work their to make money and it's been that way for awhile thanks to SBG.

Not having The Elite is hurting ROH but not as much as everyone thought. I think ROH is going to stay number two wit SBG backing them and they just don't get stupid with a wrestling war like TBS did.

I like that AWE is grabbing up a bunch of young guys but do they have the right veterans to steer the promotion in the right direction and are Cody and the Bucks going to listen to them? Khan is interesting and maybe he can get them on a good platform.

Impact is just a TV show now. Their just having their wrestlers show up in other promotions and giving indy promotions a platform. I really don't know how much longer this can last. Impact only makes sense to me as a money mark's vanity project like it was for The Carter Family before they lost too much on it.

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The War for Number Two

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