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 3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal

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3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal Empty
PostSubject: 3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal   3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal EmptyMon Oct 07, 2013 3:21 am

Due: Saturday October 12th, at 11:59 PM EST
Contested under "Fans Bring the Weapons" Stipulation


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3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal   3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 8:26 pm

E.G. Deal vs. John Hudson

This is the Semi-Finals of the annual King of Xtreme tornament. Both contestants, E.G. Deal and John Hudson, have come a long way to get here. It was on Vendetta 59, when The Perennial Prince returned from a lengthy hiatus, in a losing effort to JHalc. However, he was inserted in the KoX tourney, beating out Jaggeroth and The Kotzbue Kid in round one, then Rellim Strife in round two. Deal however went through two different opponents, those being Akira and Sean Young. The twist to tonight's semi-finals is that, both of them are contested under Fans Bring The Weapons matches, meaning that the fans provide the weapons to the wrestler. E.G. competed in that match once, beating out Chris Kenyon to win his second ever RSD Title, while Hudson was never in that kind of match. It will be a superb contest, that's for sure, and it's about to commence right now!

Ding, ding, ding

Both men have made their way to the squared circle, prepared to fight, and fight till they get what they want, and that is winning. Immediately after the bell's ringing, John quickly backs away and out of the ring, backtracking before grabbing a Kendo Stick from a nearby fan. Deal stands in the ring still, unmoved and fearless, as John carefully slides back into the ring with the weapon clinched tightly in his hand. "The Perennial Prince" inches closer to the calm and confident opponent, continuing his slow approach. After making his way closer and closer to "The Real Deal", Hudson tightens his grasp over the Kendo Stick, swinging it to the direction of E.G.'s abs. Deal assuredly and smartly denies John, firmly holding the weapon before it can connect.

Deal cracks a smirk upon his face, his confidence boosting by the second, as his rival tries his damnest to pull away the stick but just fails. "The Destiny Holder" effortlessly pulls away the Kendo Stick himself, displaying his strength, before swinging it and viciously connecting with Hudson's stomach! John doubles over and covers his abdomen in unmatchable pain, as Deal immediately turns around and elevates the Kendo Stick high over his body, crashing it down on Hudson's back! John falls down and twists on his back, cringing and cowering in agony as Deal quickly falls to his knees, trying to end this match early by pinning down his opponent.


Even if John was brought down by the cruel hits of a Kendo Stick, they weren't affective to the point of him losing this early, as he kicks out with ease after one. Deal also isn't frustrated, however, as he instantaneously grabs his foe from the wrist and drags him up, with Hudson still hurting. "The Golden Eagle" proceeds to grasp his opponent from his shoulders, lifting him up. By the time John wakes up and realizes the position he's at, he has no time to react as Deal flings him over the top rope and out of the ring, like he's a ragdoll. The toyed John Hudson awkwardly lands on his back, forcing a huge scream out of the Perennial Prince.

E.G. makes his way out of the ring, looking past Hudson and making his way to the barricade, where a front row little child is holding a replica belt of the World Heavyweight Championship. Deal's eyes brighten at the sight of this weapon, as Hudson tries to stir around but has difficulties doing so due to his back problems. E.G., not caring about any feelings, snatches away the belt from the kid, who promptly cries. The parents take their kid, trying to cheer him up as they angrily glare at "The Destiny Holder". E.G. simply laughs, however, his cruel heart preventing him to sympathize with the child. He turns around, holding the belt as he witnesses John kneeling and closing in for a vertical base. E.G. raises the belt over his head in anticipation of the standing up of Hudson. John obliviously gets to a perpendicular base, though his back still in pain, before turning around. Deal launches an attack, trying to strike John in the face, but he narrowly fails as John ducks in the last possible minute. Both men turn around, but John leaps up right away, marking out his leg and brutally kicking E.G. in the side of the head with a beautiful Enziguri!

Hudson stands up and goes to cheer up the kid, showing his good antics, before turning around and picking up the belt from infront of Deal's body. The Egyptian native tends to his cranium, rolling around the concrete in pain. E.G. quickly starts to get up, though his head still hurting, before reaching a standing base. John swings the belt, but Deal raises his leg and hits John with a big boot! E.G. then places Hudson's head between his thighs and plants him with the Egyptian Pride, the Spinning Powerbomb, for the 1 2 3!

Ding, ding, ding

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3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal   3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 11:53 pm

Ted Cedar: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match will be the most important moment in one of these men's careers thus far. This is their chance and glory.
Adam Dennis: I couldn't care less, I just want to see some weapons. These fans are insane, and I can't wait to see what they have.

E.G Deal and John Hudson are standing outside of the ring, each looking at each other, and each backing into a spot in the barricade. Deal turns away and looks at all the fans, the 6'9 monster is taller than the crowd and has to look down quite a bit to look at the fan directly in front of him. The fan brings his right hand into his pocket, reaches and pulls out a roll of quarters. He reaches his hand out to Deal, who has a look of discouragement on his face, but extends his hand and grabs the money. On the other side of the ring, Hudson stares up at a man is much larger than him both in girth and stature. The fan lifts his shirt up to reveal a knife on his belt, Hudson takes 3 steps back and yells "security"! He then walks over to another section and looks at a fan holding a crutch. Hudson smiles at the fan and reaches out his hand to grab the crutch. The fan complies and gives Hudson the crutch. The Perennial Prince turns around to the ring and starts to walk towards to it, E.G Deal begins to walk into ring accordingly. Both men walk up the steel steps at their corner of the ring. Once both step into the ring, the bell is rung by the time keeper 3 times.


Adam Dennis: A roll of quarters and a crutch, really?
Ted Cedar: I have to agree, what a weird combo.

The two opponents begin to step towards the ring. Each with a look of content, knowing that the first who breaks will lose. They reach each other in the centre of the ring. Deal looks down at Hudson who is much smaller than him. Hudson extends his right hand (which was on his side) to the giant. Deal looks down on the hand and brings his right hand out and slaps Hudson's away. "Okay, its going to be like that bud?" Hudson says. Deal looks at his opposite hand which is holding the roll of quarters. Deal brings his hand up and in one swift motion, forcefully punches Hudson in the face. The blow sends him down. Deal stares at Hudson who is holding his face in excruciating pain. He walks towards The Perennial Prince and brings his right boot up and stomps onto Hudson's stomach. Hudson lets out a yip in pain as the crowd lets out ferocious boos. Deal walks towards the ropes closest to the announcer's booth. Once he reaches the ropes, he brings his left leg over the top rope and then he brings the over. Once he is standing the edge of the ring he jumps off, creating a loud sound.

Ted Cedar: I may have just gone deaf.
Adam Dennis: Get over your self. You're witnessing greatness.

E.G Deal is quickly able to dust himself off as he walks over towards the barricade behind the announcers. As he is walking he looks at Adam Dennis and Ted Cedar, Dennis is closest to Deal brings both hands up and begins to bow to the big man. Dennis is ignored as Deal reaches the barricade and looks at the fans. He says "anyone have a weapon for me to take out this jobber with". A fan around the age of 16 who is wearing an "I'm a Mega Man Guy" holds up a kendo stick. He then tosses it over a few fans to E.G Deal. Deal keeps a straight face like he has all match, but nods at the fan. Deal turns his massive body around and looks inside the ring. Much to his surprise, John Hudson is not in the ring. Deal looks all around the ring but cannot see his opponent. Deal leaves the announcer's booth and walks towards the ring. Deal has the same straight look as reaches the ring. Deal brings his right foot up and places it on the ring apron, and brings both of his hands up onto the second rope. He hoists himself up onto the ring. Deal stands up straight on the ring and begins to look down across the ring. Deal, who still has the kendo stick in his hand spots his opponent who is on the ground.

Ted Cedar: Will you get over yourself?
Adam Dennis: What can I say? E.G Deal is my deal!

E.G Deal steps over the top rope with his left foot first and his right foot second. Now that Deal is in ring, he begins to walk in the direction in which Hudson is huddled on the ground. Deal takes his time as the crowd boos. Deal continues to walk and lifts his right foot over the top rope, his left foot follows as Deal once again jumps off the ring apron. Now that Deal is on the ground, he walks over to Hudson is still holding his head in pain. Deal's massive left hand begins to go down on to John Hudson face. But before it can reach him, Hudson raises his right hand which has brass knuckles on it. Hudson brings his hand to Deal's and knocks it away. Deal immediately holds the kendo stick up and then slams it down to the ground, missing Hudson as he rolls out, closer to the barricade. Deal lifts his left boot and is about to step on Hudson, however he avoids it again.

Adam Dennis: Just take it like a man!
Ted Cedar: How would you handle your self? Take it?
Adam Dennis: I'm not worthy enough to be in a match with E.G Deal, neither is John Hudson though.

The slippery John Hudson continues to roll as E.G Deal slowly paces towards him. Due to Deal's size and slowness, Hudson realizes it's his one chance to get something done. Hudson plants both of his hands down in the ground and gets to his knees. In one clean motion, John Hudson is able to pull himself to his feet. E.G Deal is finally able to reach Hudson (who is turned around). Deal then brings the kendo stick up and swiftly slams it into the back of his opponent who let's out a yell of pain. Hudson is able to stay on his feet as he runs straight ahead, trying to escape. Deal begins to run for the first time in the match after Hudson. Deal holds the kendo stick at the side of his body in a spear position. Deal reaches Hudson, fully expecting Hudson to go down. However, Hudson ducks down, avoiding bring speared by the stick as Deal continues to run to do his massive momentum. Hudson is behind Deal now and he runs towards the monster and leaps up on to his back. Hudson then takes his right hand which has the brass knuckles on and painfully punches Deal in the skull.

Adam Dennis: Oh my lord? How does this idiot keep coming back in every match?
Ted Cedar: He's royalty. What do you expect?

Deal falls to his knees, which makes John Hudson fall off. Now that Deal is on the ground, he drops the kendo stick. Hudson stands tall over E.G Deal as he turns his attention towards the kendo stick. Hudson brings down his left hand and reaches the stick. Hudson grasps it and holds it up for the fans. He yells "anyone have a light?" An older man throws a lighter up past the security guards and to John Hudson, which he catches. Hudson with the lighter, kendo stick and brass knuckles walks to the ring. Hudson then rolls into the ring and places the kendo stick and lighter on the ground as he uses the ropes to get to his feet. The dazed E.G Deal rises to his feet as he walks towards the ring. Deal, for the first time shows a sign of weakness as he rolls into the ring. Hudson now has the kendo stick and lighter in his hands. With his left hand, he flicks the bic and then brings it towards the kendo stick. In one motion, the kendo stick goes up in flames. Hudson looks at Deal who is still on the ground and then slaps his shoulders with the flaming stick. Deal yells out in pain, like nobody has ever heard before. Hudson once again slaps Deal with the stick, this time on the legs. Hudson then slaps the kendo stick against the ring to put it out. Hudson walks towards E.G Deal and brings his hands out on to his head and rolls Deal over to his back. Hudson then drops onto E.G Deal as the referee counts.

Adam Dennis: NO NO NO NO NO


Laura Watt: Here is your winner, and King of Xtreme Finalist a John Hudson!!

Confetti falls from the ring as Hudson rolls out of the ring. Hudson looks at Watt and puts his hand out and motions for a microphone. Watt tosses him one.

John Hudson: I did the impossible. I have made it to the finals of the King of Xtreme. Nothing can stop me now in my quest to become World a Champion. Ever since I joined XWA, I vowed to become World Heavyweight Champion, and now I have my chance and I can't be stopped. This Sunday, a Prince becomes a King.
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3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal   3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal Empty

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3.) King of Xtreme - John Hudson vs EG Deal

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