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 Idea for Okada/Omega IV at KoPW

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Idea for Okada/Omega IV at KoPW Empty
PostSubject: Idea for Okada/Omega IV at KoPW   Idea for Okada/Omega IV at KoPW EmptyWed Aug 16, 2017 12:00 pm

Ok, so this is SUPER Sports-Entertainment-y, and Gedo would never go for it, but I think it'd be hype, plus it sets up a bunch of cool matches for the future, and I want to share.

The night is prefaced by the fact that Cody, Marty, and Hangman are NOT flown out to Japan for the show.

Match goes 39 Minutes, significantly less than everyone expects. Okada wins decisively. As he and Gedo celebrate, the rest of the Bullet Club come out, seemingly to collect Omega. Kenny, however, lingers in the ring, even as the Bucks try to pull him out. Omega brushes them off and approaches Okada, offering him a respectful handshake, finally accepting defeat. The champ, rightfully suspicious, eventually reluctantly accepts. Omega smiles and turns around, directly into a Gun Stun from Tama Tonga. The Young Bucks, in shock, are then blindsided by the combined force of Yujiro, Owens, Tanga Loa, and Fale. The Elite are being kicked out.

As both Bucks are getting foot-choked in opposite corners, Fale hits a big splash on Omega. Gedo pulls Okada out of the mayhem, but the champ refuses to leave, and after watching in horror for several seconds, finally decides to help arguably his greatest rival. The champ slides back into the ring and blindsides Tama, attempting to fight off the entire Bullet Club by himself. However, after suffering through a 40-minute match, there's no way he can do that, as Fale quickly overpowers him. Okada is restrained by Tanga Loa and Tama gives him several chops. Fale is about to give Kenny another big splash. All hope seems lost.

...Then Kota Ibushi's music hits...

The place erupts. Ibushi storms the ring. He levels Yujiro with a missile dropkick. Owens eats a stiff chest kick and gets dumped out. Okada starts to fight back in the confusion, while Ibushi starts kicking Tanga Loa repeatedly. The Bucks come back to and take Tama off of Okada's hands, allowing the champ to help Omega deal with Fale, and the two of them, tired but combined, finally seem to fend him off. Even Gedo gets into it, stomping Yujiro on the outside. Ibushi drops Loa and joins Kenny and Okada against Fale and they're finally able to overpower him. Ibushi hits a dropkick. Okada hits a dropkick. Omega hits a dropkick. And finally Fale goes over the top rope and to the floor. Tanga Loa eats a double superkick and gets dumped, and Tama Tonga finds himself alone and surrounded. He tries to flee, but is grabbed by the Bucks and flung toward Kenny, who feeds him a hard V-Trigger.

As Okada dumps Tama, Omega and Ibushi finally lock eyes. They stare daggers through each other. You could cut the tension with a knife. Finally, they embrace, reunited after so many years, and the place explodes again. The babyfaces stand tall to end the show while Okada cuts his promo.

Obviously this sets up BC vs Elite, and GoD vs Golden Lovers. You could even work it into Kenny/Cody due to the fact that the RoH guys weren't there that night. It may reignite the CHAOS/BC feud as well, or maybe some CHAOS members get upset at Okada for helping Omega like he did. Maybe it leads to Okada getting kicked out down the line.
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Idea for Okada/Omega IV at KoPW

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