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 Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results

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PostSubject: Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results   Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results EmptyFri Sep 02, 2016 10:45 pm


Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Paddy10Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Mario10Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Sean10Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Phelan12Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Jese10
Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Rosita11Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Roycro10

Deathmatch is the flagship show of CSCW and a standalone competitor in wrestling and fight promotions, as this offers the rare premise of fighting in different locations until means of a knockout. There are no rules in any of the matches and every weapon is legal and CSCW cannot responsible be held responsible for any deaths that may occur because of Deathmatch. There will be three championships being introduced to CSCW: The CSCW Championship, The CSCW Simpson Championship & The CSCW Firm Championship. The CSCW Championship is the main prize of Deathmatch. This championship can be contested in matches in any location and the no-rules policy of CSCW makes this a dangerous belt as the most desperate and destructive compete for the prize. Next the CSCW Simpson Championship, a unique belt in its own right. This belt was dedicated in the name of O.J. Simpson and the premise of this belt is that it can only change hands in intergender fights. This belt cannot change hands in a male/v/male or female/v/female fight. Finally is the CSCW Firm Championship, a belt held by 4 competed for in group/gang fights.

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Posts : 222
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Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results   Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results EmptyTue Jun 27, 2017 1:52 pm

CSCW EPISODE #1: Excezzive Force

Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Rosita11Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Jese10

The camera is rolling and No Way Jesé is backstage with a woman in a pop-up cafe. Jesé is wearing a white shirt, a leather black waistcoat to pair with his black-dyed trousers, whilst his partner is wearing a tight red dress. The little number does well to boast the olive-skinned Latina's bodacious assets, Jesé is a lucky man. The cafe they occupy oddly has no staff members, seldom is an eating or drinking establishment seen without any staff, and the small round table stooled by Jesé and his partner is the only piece of furniture in the room aside from the till and desk. On the table, a deep red bottle of wine with half-empty glasses accompanying it, such an intimate establishment.

No Way Jese: "So. What do you think, senorita? Have I passed?"

The woman laughs awkwardly, the forwardness of an expectant Jesé speaks volumes of the part-time footballer's confidence. Overconfidence.

Woman: "This isn't the best place for a date. I would have preferred, maybe a bar with actual lights?"

Her unwittingly blunt reply damages Jesé's bravado. His voice becomes stern as the woman's lack of enthusiasm strikes a nerve.

No Way Jese: "Listen here, Rosa-"

Woman: "It's Rosita."

No Way Jese: "Rosita. I didn't pay you to have a meal or a glass of wine with me. Do you know who I am? I am sport royalty, I am a part-time musician, I have gorgeous looks. You are lucky to be having my attention when millions would be paying to see ME."

Rosita: "You haven't paid me yet."

No Way Jese: "I'll pay AFTER your services."

Rosita: "The escorting policy says you have to pay up front, or no service."

Jese sighs bemusedly. He finds himself in the thankless task of bartering with an escort. One would think a wealthy celebrity like himself would be able to throw money like loose change, but that does not seem to be the case.

No Way Jese: "I promise you. I will pay afterwards, can I have a kiss now? Ronaldo said you were the best when it comes to foreplay. Or was he lying to promote your.. business?"

Rosita: "Ronaldo paid me in advance. Ronaldo was a paying customer. I haven't seen a single peso from you. No money, no manners, no respect. This is a waste of my time."

Rosita stands up, her curvaceous thighs knocking the table aback by inches before turning around to storm off. Her time had been wasted. Jesé too rises and calls out, amazingly without needing to raise his voice:

No Way Jese: "I promised to pay afterwards, I gave you my word. It's such a shame, you're so pretty too."

Rosita stops in her tracks, hearing the backhanded compliment intrigues her curious nature, it is common nature for somebody like her to recognise when the scenario is about to change. Remaining unimpressed despite Jesé's reserved praise,she indulges in the Spaniard's smalltalk.

Rosita: "Look, I'm sorry. It's just, this is my job."

No Way Jese: "I'm sorry too."

The surprises continue. Rosita is perplexed by Jesé's sudden apologetic nature. She feels as if Jesé has softened up and the Las Palmas forward is ready to reason. Rosita once more turns around, knowing Jesé has stood up and has mellowed down, open for discussion. However, she turns around and sees an unexpected scowl. Jesé is enraged that Rosita had the gall to even walk away from him. She keeps her distance.

No Way Jese: "I'm sorry it had to end this way bitch. Mario! O, Mario!"

Jese gleefully calls out, raising his voice for the first time. Rosita becomes alarmed with her eyes almost gouging from their sockets, letting off a shocked grasp following Jesé's outburst. Why? Is Jesé that vulgar that he sets off the worst in everyone he meets? Probably not. However, somebody else is an entirely different proposition. Rosita is captured from behind as The Evil Plumber tugs his arms around the prostitute's chest, reinforced by the tough grip of his gloves.

Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results Mario10

The Evil Plumber: "Hehehehehehe hey hey Mister Hessey, you called? It's a-me Mario!"

Whilst his counterparts are foreign in their own right, The Evil Plumber's overbearing Italian accent is so offensive that he makes a mockery of his own speech. Jese grins as Rosita's ample breasts are constricted by The Plumber's thick gloves, 'Mario's' eyes light up indicating his own pleasure at the situation, his smile masked by the paintbrush moustache. Rosita squirms in the grip of The Evil Plumber as No Way Jesé walks up to the exit, with the women fearful for the unforeseeable.

The Evil Plumber: "This one's a-pretty Hessey, when do we get to rape her?"

Rosita: "Wait- WHAT!!?"

Slight struggle becomes frantic ferrying, Rosita's eyes shoot once more, outraged by Mario's casual question. The question 'can we rape her?' would be a frightening one alone, but The Plumber's tone of voice indicates that Rosita is far from safe. Jese looks unmoved, continuing to approach Rosita with a contented grin as he watches The Evil Plumber beginning to get excited with his grasp on Rosita.

No Way Jese: "Mario, you are so rude (!) Fortunately, I thought ahead and got a drink already for our guest."

Rosita: "Please, please please! Don't rape me!"

Rosita's pleading is almost incoherent, her whimsical begging comes across difficult to understand, such is the speed of her tongue. She has almost forgotten about the burly freelance plumber groping her, focusing only on the menacing Jesé as he stares uninvitingly at her.

No Way Jese: "This isn't rape. I am going to pay afterwards. Just consider this, a bit of self-service."


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Official CSCW Deathmatch Roster & Results

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