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 4) Dante Cross vs Shade

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4) Dante Cross vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: 4) Dante Cross vs Shade   4) Dante Cross vs Shade EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 11:49 pm

Due October 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST (UTC -4 Hours)


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4) Dante Cross vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4) Dante Cross vs Shade   4) Dante Cross vs Shade EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 11:59 pm

The match begins in an unusual way as Shade is fighting with… well, himself. He begins shouting back and forth in three different directions. It seems as if his internal personas are all fighting on who will be starting the match off. Dante looks at Shade with a cocky smile, thinking he’s better than this freak. He even starts looking out to the crowd in a “can you believe this guy?”-kind of way. Bad move on Dante’s part though, for since he wasn’t paying attention, Shade manages to run at him like a recently released bull during a running-of-the-bulls day and knocks Dante to the sweat-infested canvas with a thunderous spear! Managing to stay on top of his opponent, Shade gets in four quick right-handed punches to Dante’s face before Dante is able to defend himself from the remainder of the onslaught. While letting out a loud scream, “The Terror of Death” pulls Dante up and Irish whips him into the opposite corner while charging right behind him. As Dante’s back collides with the turnbuckles, Shade greets “The Son of Sin” with a powerful body avalanche! Still not letting up from his attack, Shade starts slamming his fists yet again onto Dante. The referee tries to get involved, seemingly forgetting that the match is a Tables Match and is therefore contested under no-disqualification, causing Shade to retaliate by applying a standing wrist lock onto the ref and then placing his foot onto the ref’s face, falling backwards soon after and delivering an inverted stomp facebreaker onto the official! During this whole ordeal, Dante squirms his way out of the ring and begins looking for a weapon…

Ted Cedar: “Now this isn’t fair! He just assaulted an official!”

Adam Dennis: “That ‘official’ clearly forgot that Shade is a fucking lunatic and that there are no-disqualification rules in a Tables Match. So he kind of deserved it.”

Shade looks down at Dante, who now holds a steel chair in his hand. The demented wrestler cracks his neck twice, not ending eye contact with his adversary. He beckons Dante to enter the ring and even backs up, allowing Dante to slide in. Seeing the chance, Dante charges at Shade with the steel chair in hand and swings it, but Shade is too quick and ducks the attack. He turns around instantly as Dante rebounds off the ropes. Not letting go of his momentum, Shade jumps up and kicks forward with both feet in a pedaling motion with the foot that gets lifted second, extending fully to hit Dante square in the face with a nimble bicycle kick! Dante falls to the mat again, dropping the steel chair. With a crazed look in his eye, Shade leaves the steel chair on the mat where it lays and picks Dante up. He hoists his lighter opponent high into the air and delivers a vicious powerbomb directly onto the steel chair! But Shade doesn’t let his grasp on Dante go. He lifts him back up and executes another powerbomb on his unfortunate foe, once again onto the steel chair! Still holding on, Shade does yet ANOTHER powerbomb onto the steel chair, completing his “Samael’s Rage” multiple powerbombs signature maneuver! This time, Shade lets go as he begins marching around the ring, pulling on his own hair.

Ted Cedar: “It seems as if Shade cannot control himself tonight. We’ve seen… pardon my pun… shades of Leon and Samael. And it also seems as if he’s giving Dante quite the beating tonight.”

Adam Dennis: “Do you think it’s because Dante did a shitty job portraying Shade on commentary last week?”

Ted Cedar: “What?”

Adam Dennis: “…What? Just sayin’.”

The fragile referee begins stirring to life as Shade for whatever reason registers the official as another opponent. He begins squaring up the referee, giving Dante the time he needs to recover slightly. Now back onto his feet, Dante grabs the steel chair and kicks Shade’s Achilles’ heel, causing him to fall to one knee. He follows up by smashing the steel chair against Shade’s head, sending him down to the mat. It’s without a doubt that Dante is pissed off, as he locks the steel chair against Shade’s head and stomps on it a few times. As the official stands him, he decides not to say another in fear that Dante will hurt him as well. Dante exits the ring after the seventh stomp and drags Shade out, still with the chair wrapped around his head. Digging underneath the ring, Dante pulls out a table, seeming as if he wants to end this match early. With Shade returning to life, Dante spots this and delivers a running low kick against Shade’s head. The vibrations must be causing a terrible migraine to Shade at the moment, or it can be helping him in deciding which persona he wants to be. Not having set up the table quite just yet, “The Son of Sin” pulls the chair off of the New York-native’s head and sets that up instead. He grabs ahold of his larger adversary and locks in a front facelock, hooking Shade’s pants and lifts him into the air. Dante then falls onto his back, keeping Shade in the vertical position, delivering an absolutely brutal brainbuster to Shade on the steel chair!

Ted Cedar: “There’s the revenge!”

Adam Dennis: “Is that another pun, but this time for XWA’s other company or something?”

Thinking he has this match won, Dante begins setting the table up in between the ring and the barricade. After it’s set up, Dante lifts Shade to his feet and drags him over to the steel chair. Yet Shade retaliates with a cheap eye rake. The camera zooms in on Shade, blood dripping from his ear and nose, yet with pure rage in his eyes as well. He wraps his hands around Dante’s head and shoulder, flipping him onto the table, but not enough to break it. With a closed fist, Shade punches Dante square on his nose, causing a nose bleed. He then jumps onto the ring’s side and jumps right off, soaring into the sky as he executes a diving double foot stomp onto Dante, sending him through the wooden table thanks to the force and weight!


Adam Dennis: “Well that was a short match.”

Ted Cedar: “Do you think it was maybe rushed?”

Adam Dennis: “Who knows?”
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4) Dante Cross vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4) Dante Cross vs Shade   4) Dante Cross vs Shade EmptySun Oct 06, 2013 12:00 am


Dante snubs his nose and the two begin to circle each other, both with their arms out and trying to grasp the other. Shade reaches his right hand out, waiting for Dante to take it to begin the grappling but Dante stands back up straight and slaps the hand away. This gets a fresh round of boos from the fans and the spotty, mixed chant of “Shade”. For his part, Shade glances to the crowd, disgruntled that he is being pegged as the lesser of two evils. He turns to the crowd, walks to the ropes and begins yelling insults to the audience. Dante runs to the opposing ropes and slams into Shade from behind. Shade falls to the ropes and Dante grabs is legs, throwing him to the outside.

Dante gets out of the ring and sends a hard kick to the gut of Shade, keeping him on the ground. A group of fans nearby begin heckling Dante, to which he goes over and gets in their face. Shade in the meantime, gets back in the ring and has his hands on his on his knees, bent forward, not tired at all, just waiting for the right moment to pull the move off. Dante is standing a few feet away from the steel railing as the fan and he exchange words. Shade runs forward, Springboards off the ropes and corkscrews midair in what looks like a Fosbury Dive (AJ Style’s diving move) and comes around and hits a Hurricanrana on Dante who is whipped to the guard railing. Shade gets to his feet and grabs Dante’s arm, he Irish whips him to the ring but Dante holds on and throws Shade into the side of the ring. Shade stops himself from hitting the ring post and instead, runs up onto the apron and back into the ring. He runs to the opposite ropes and rebounds back as Dante is running to get on the ring apron. Shade hits a Rolling Senton through the ropes and Dante spins around and catches him with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the face of Shade. Shade hits the floor and holds his head. Dante frowns and goes to look under the ring for a table. Shade gets back to his feet, stays low so that Dante may think he is still on the floor as Dante is on a different side of the ring. Dante is under the ring pulling out a table while Shade climbs back into the ring, goes to the side where Dante is, and Dante looks up. Shade grabs the ropes and feints a dive over the top and Dante brings the table over his head, but Shade instead goes for a Baseline Dropkick that catches Dante in the gut. The table clatters to the floor and Dante hits the guard rail. Dante holds his back for a moment as Shade comes over to him. Shade begins to give Dante 1-2-3-4-5-6 punches to his head as Dante has both hands on the railing on either side of him, he is in a sort of near sitting position though he is using the railing to keep him up. Shade gets into the ring, rebounds off the ropes and clears the top rope with a Springboard Shooting Star to the outside. He hits Dante and keeps going as the angle of his decent sends him over into the crowd. Dante falls to his knees and then onto his face, the wind knocked out of him. Shade is helped up by the fans and they open the guard rail. Furious at this, Shade pushes the nearest fan to the floor and yells.

“I am the bad guy here! I’m not your buddy or your friend!”.

He slams the railing back in place and jumps over instead. Dante is on his hands on knees, getting to his feet, Shade waits until he is on one knee and runs forward, hitting Dante with a devastating Shining Wizard! Dante’s head cocks back from that one. Shade picks up the table and goes to set it up in the ring. Dante is on the outside, eyes closed, massaging his jaw. Shade sets up the table in the center of the ring as Dante goes over to the announce table and grabs a chair. He slides back into the ring with the chair. Shade runs forward and Dante falls to the mat, ducking Shade’s charge, Shade rebounds off the ropes and Dante bends forward, so that Shade may jump over his head, but Shade jumps onto his shoulders and falls down and backwards, pulling off a Frankensteiner from a precarious position. Dante’s head plants flat on the chair that he put on the mat. He stands straight up, upside down for a few seconds before slowly falling to the mat. He holds his head and checks for blood.

“That was a unique move by one Josh Halcomb!” Sandy Ravage said, “Wow, this guy is good!”

“I agree, maybe Dante Cross is in for more than he bargained for here.” J.L commented

Dante gets up slowly, still holding his head, Shade comes from behind and Dante spins around, throwing the chair at Shade! He follows up with a Sobat Kick to the chair and Shade falls face forward, onto the chair, onto the mat. As he falls, Dante himself falls to the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope with his right arm while the rest of his body lay on the mat. Dante rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from below. He sets the table up on the outside and Shade uses this time to compose himself, thinking of his next move. Dante stands on the table, calling for Shade to get to his feet. A fan throws something at Dante and takes his attention away from Shade, who sets up the chair in the center of the ring, runs from the opposite ropes, jumps onto the chair, jumps onto the ropes. He is teetering, and jumps down onto Dante Cross on the table! Shade hits a Springboard DDT--Dante jerks his head back, freeing himself from Shade’s grasp.

TED Cedar: Springboard DDT through the—

Adam Dennis: No! Shade kicked the table away at the last second!

Shade hits the canvas hard, laid out from the Sitdown Powerbomb, his arms out on the floor on either side. He is breathing heavily now from his mouth; his eyes are wide open. Dante is in a sitting position, his legs onto Shade; he scoots out from under him and gets to his feet. He rolls to the outside and looks under the ring once more and pulls out a bag of thumbtacks. He rolls into the ring, Dante pours the tacks out onto the table, and moves to table closer to the corner. Shade comes to the outside only to receive a straight kick to the face from Cross. That done, Dante rolls into the ring and rushes to the other end to wait. He looks down at Shade, beaconing him to get to his feet. Shade crawls over and grabs a chair himself from the stands, Dante, impatient for Shade to get to his feet, does not see this and runs forward, hitting a Suicide Dive to the outside…Shade spins around and hits Dante with the chair midair! Dante turns in the air, and falls to the floor. Shade looks down at Dante and takes the chair, getting back into the ring. He lifts the chair onto the corner and positions it on top of the top rope. He climbs into the chair and sits down on it, looking down at Dante. Dante, holding his neck, one eye closed as he winces, goes to get another table. He takes another table and sets it up on the outside once more. Shade looks down at this and gets down from the top rope and the chair. Dante is in front of the announcer’s table and Shade, runs full speed, and goes through the ropes with a Rolling Senton. Dante at the last second rolls out of the way and Shade hits, back first into the edge of the announce table. He holds his back and rolls onto his front. Shade is rolling around on the floor, as Dante gets onto the top rope, behind Shade. Dante is perched on the top of the turnbuckle, waiting for Shade to get to his feet, as Shade slowly recovers, Dante dives down in a Swanton form, and he falls in front of Shade and at the same time, grabs his head with his legs, and rolls into the move by pushing off of Shade’s legs once and swinging back down and the position switches as Dante flips them both over and ends with Dante in a sitting position and Shade being driven headfirst into the floor with a sort of Inverted Destroyer type variation.

“What the hell was that?!!” exclaims J.L, getting from his seat

The crowd is in a sort of uproar of different noises now. Some of the fans cheering Shade earlier have now turned to Dante, who is amazing them thus far. Dante falls back, exhausted, as Shade pops back up on his head and slumps sideways between Dante’s legs. Dante holds his face in his hands and tries to bring life back into his body. He rolls backwards from Shade and into the ring. Dante picks Shade up by his hair, and pulls him up and into the ring. He sets the chair in the center of the ring, beside Shade, Dante runs and jumps over Shade, steps onto the chair, jumps up and steps onto the ropes, he tries to keep his balance, and hits a Moonsault. Shade, having played possum, quickly moves the chair into Dante’s way and Dante lands stomach first onto the chair. He pops back up and falls beside the chair. His mouth open in an “O” form and he is holding his stomach. He is lying on his side and Shade uses the chair, to help himself get to his feet. Shade grabs Dante, picks him up in the Fireman’s Carry, he strains to hold him as he feels sharp pains in his back. He lifts Dante up, and drops him down behind him, follows up with a Flipsault onto Dante’s back, rolls forward and jumps onto the ropes, Springboards and hits a Moonsault onto Dante again. Shade is holding his chest; the attacks can take a toll on the giver as well as the one who receives it. Dante slowly gets to his feet; Shade runs forward and hits a Dropkick to Dante’s gut that puts Shade horizontal and Dante flying through the ropes and out of the ring. Shade follows Dante out of the ring and sets him up on the table. Shade gets onto the ring apron, and Dante quickly gets to his feet, seeing that Shade is about to put him through the table. He comes from behind Shade. Shade waits until Dante was right behind him and he reached back, grabs Dante’s head and put it on his shoulder, and ran on the ring apron, up the ring post and came down in a---NO! Dante reverses the move and hits a Clothesline Downward Lariat sending Shade headfirst through the table!



“And your winner…Dante…CRRROOOSSS!”

Dante hops to the outside and grabs the microphone from the announcer. He slides back into the ring and begins to pace back and forth. Shade is still lain out in the ring, so Dante goes over, places his foot on the fallen wrestler’s chest, and rests his left arm on the raised leg as he holds the microphone with the other hand. He looks into the camera, a serious look on his face.

“It won’t be long now.”

With that, he dropped the mic and rolled out of the ring.

Ted Cedar: What was all that about Dennis?

Adam Dennis: I’ve got no idea Ted. He’s been saying it for weeks but I’ve got no idea.

The camera followed Dante as he walked to the back. The angles changed and caught sight of a smirk playing across Dante’s lips.
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4) Dante Cross vs Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4) Dante Cross vs Shade   4) Dante Cross vs Shade Empty

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4) Dante Cross vs Shade

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